Imma give you a Cullen smile this weekend!

Dear LTT-ers and Imma Contest Participants-

Yesterday we presented you with the winners of the Imma Contest and promised that all weekend we’d be bringing you the rest of the best from the entries we received. Since there were SO many good entries and since only two special folks could win AND since  we just happened to create fake categories that just happen to fit perfectly with some of the entries and since (this is a lot of since’s)  we don’t have real prizes for all these lovely ladies, we’ve created fake ones to celebrate your amazing-ness. Cause that’s what we do here.

So here we go…

Best entry sucking up to the judges

Team Seth you win one day in fake lesbianship with us. A threesome, if you will. Rob is gonna be jealous. So is Stephenie.

Best entry featuring a dead artist from Sun Records – It’s a TIE!!!

Alice and Bella from Not an Addikt – You win a tube of ointment for that burning ring of yours. Ouch.


@Chelseaheptig you win a lifetime’s supply of Dippity Doo hair gel and a peanut butter banana sandwich made by Edward Cullen himself

Follow the cut to see more Imma entries!

Best KStew Stutters Entry (and there were many!)

Andrea – you win speech classes with Dr. Carlisle Cullen in a dark intimate place that lasts for hours

Best Entry featuring the creator of Yo Mama from MTV

Bella from Not an Addikt – you win a chance to be the middle in a Fez/Edward Cullen disco sandwich on the dance floor. Now do the hustle!

Best entry that reminds us “to shut your mouth you’re catching flies”

Beth – you win a Kristen Stewart brand fly swatter. Trust us, she has one

Best entry referencing an 80s cult classic movie about a hairy teenager

Megan @ Twinerds – you will electrolysis sessions and a the chance to “surf” on top of a van with Taylor to “Surfin’ USA

Most disturbing entry featuring an older member of the cast

Jamie – you win a gallon of brain bleach and a bucket of UC and Moon’s tears

Best entry that reminded us to take Birth Control even if our boyfriend is a vampire

Just Erin – you win a trip to your happy place with Edward Cullen for an hour. No blood, no Renesmee’s, no chewing through your spouses abdomen to deliver your child.

Best entry that makes us want to repent and read the Purpose Driven Life again

Freya – you win a package of Breast Petals and a Victoria’s Secret Ipex bra. Perfect for hiding those “high beam” moments… unless that’s your thing. If that’s the case send them to Kellan.

Yup, those are just some of the other awesome entries we received for the Imma contest. Give these entrants a round of applause and the stink eye in some cases.

Love your faces and happy Saturday!

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PPS Check back here ALL weekend for more of the best runners up in the Imma Contest!

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*EDIT: if we did not post your entry YET please don’t post it in the comments, we will be featuring entries ALL weekend! THX!*

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