And even MORE Imma contest entries!

Dear Imma contest entrants and LTT-ers,

I know what you’re thinking “Wow, UC & Moon are SO lazy. They took advantage of the “Imma enter a Twilight contest contest” entries & have now posted them THREE days in a row as an excuse for a break from blogging.” And you would be right. We did this. Because bloggers are people too. And sometimes we get busy & need a break. Plus we’re lazy.

Since there were SO many good entries and since only two special folks could win AND since  we just happened to create fake categories that just happen to fit perfectly with some of the entries we’ve created fake prizes to show you just how much we love you. Cause we care. Sometimes.

Time for the funny…

Best entry featuring an American more popular in Germany than his home country

Kendall – You win the complete series of Baywatch on DVD and a private performance of “Hooked on a Feeling” by the Hoff himself! Lucky.

Best entry featuring an infomercial host who’s now in jail

JodieO – you win a free palm reading session with Jackson. He may not really be able to read palms but he definitely see’s a 100 Monkeys concert in your future

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Best use of random dialogue that Mel-Mel threw into the Twilight script that wasn’t really necessary

Egregarious_gurl- You win an customized copy of the Twilight DVD. The entire movie is tinted, what else? PURPLE

Best entry featuring the pubic hair of a man we don’t know

You're welcome. I censored. Click for the real thing

You're welcome. I censored. Click for the real thing

Cledbo – You win “tuck” lessons from Salvador Dali’s ghost

Best entry featuring an inanimate object as the main character

Egregarious_Gurl – You win a rare opportunity inside Rob’s hotel room to dig through his trash. Find us something good to blog about!

Best reference to LTT “character” who isn’t actually in the Twilight movies or books

Calliope– You win a date with Big Daddy AND KFed. To McDonalds of course. Congratulations!

Best Reference to that poor chap Solomon Trimble. Who?

LeeLou– You win a small role in a major motion picture. It’s going to MAKE your career. All your hard work and yearning for stardom will FINALLY come to fruition. Oh wait. Never mind. We take it back.

Best plea to Stephenie to finish Midnight Sun

Alice- You win a copy of the DVD “Midnight Fun” (which may or may not be pornographic)

Best entry mentioning Kimbra, the hand model, who does interviews. Which is weird. She’s a hand model:

Team Seth- You win one day as the LTT hand model. We’ll use your hand for our “STOP the nonsense. Bring back Buttcrack Santa” campaign.  PS: We don’t pay royalties either

UnintendedChoice & theMoonisDown

Okay, we really ARE done posting these, but haven’t even shared ALL of the funny ones! Check out ALL the entries (minus 3-4 which didn’t make it up do to technical fail) here: Twitter set, Text only and Email set

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