My perfect New Moon premiere outfit – Contest

Dear New Moon cast members,

We are 34 days from the premiere of New Moon and to be honest I’m started to freak out a little bit.That’s 34 days till every Twihard descends on Los Angeles to hunt you like dogs in the street. Ok, maybe it won’t be that intense. 34 days till UC and I are reunited again. 34 days till I get to meet tons of our awesome readers turned pals! 34 days till we make out with Chris Weitz to how our gratitude. But mostly there’s only 34 days for me to pick out the perfect outfit to wear when I see New Moon. You can imagine how much I’ve been thinking about this. UC has already pulled her perfect outfit together so I’m under the gun and I need to find the hottest, sexiest outfit that will make Rob stop dead in his tracks.

So I got to thinking that I should probably wear something comfortable since I’ll have to be able to punch and kick easily and the outfit needs to be able to last several days out in the elements as I’ll be sleeping on the sidewalk in front of the theater next to a hobo. Because of these prerequisites I’ve decided I should role with a tshirt and here are the options I’ve found…

I’m just a werewolf… not a mummy or a zombie or even a cookie monster. Sorry to let you down

Follow the cut to see my NM outfit and to learn about our CONTEST!

What else says romance and excitement of a new movie like “I Drink Your Blood?” That’s just poety. And Rob will be drawn to his face since it’ll be like looking in a mirror

Or there’s the stalker option. Letting you all know I will NEVER go away. EVER. Never. ever.

Now this one just confused me… should I wear this one in hopes a cast member gets confused and walks towards me thinking I’m a bathroom attendant? And what’s with the Roswell symbol in the middle?

You can’t see the back of the shirt but it says “WEAR this shirt like an idiot”

I was starting to get discouraged… would I ever find the perfect outfit to wear to the New Moon premiere? And then the clouds parted and

Beauty and elegance personified! Rob will see me from across the red carpet and RUN to me because he knows that anyone in a purple tutu with his faces between their boobs is his soulmate. Clearly.

And then I picked these awesome shoes because I’m going to need to be able to run. It’s not easy chasing after your favorite stars in stilettos. What better solution than New Moon themed Converse?

Now I need some jewelry to accentuate the look

Who doesn’t want to wear KStew’s craft project instead of diamonds? Give me string and poptops any day! It’s like giving a sign to Kristen that I’m one of her people!

And to keep all my goodies in…

With this  Edward Cullen basket purse on my arm I’ll be able to smuggle in not only my flask but my little dog Toto.

I had my entire outfit ordered and then I saw this…

Yup, a Vampire Pimp Cup! I immiately ordered this because what outfit is complete without a Pimp Cup? Of course I’ll probably need to add a few rhinestones to dress it up for the occasions but if you see a girl at the premiere in a tutu with a wicker basket for a purse and a Vampire Pimp Cup you’ll know it’s me! Please say hi and don’t alert security!

I Drink Your Blood,


And guess what in honor of finding my perfect New Moon outfit we’re hosting a contest!! Yup, that’s right another contest to give the best readers in the world the cool merch they deserve! You know how we talked about the CafePress contest a few weeks ago, well guess what! They are going to give our lucky winner a tshirt of their choice. And seriously, there are TONS of awesome one’s to choose from.

So you want the details?
Simply leave us a comment putting together the links to YOUR idea of the best/craziest/funniest/weird New Moon Premiere outfit using a CafePress shirt as part of the outfit. You can choose anything else you want from all over the interwebs (try Etsy, Google Image search) to go with it (purses, earrings, shoes, whatever!) and we will choose the best one! Now this is a ONE DAY ONLY CONTEST! You have till TONIGHT (Thursday) MIDNIGHT PST to comment your outfit/entry on this post.

What will you win?
Your choice of ONE shirt from CafePress’s Twilight store!! YEA!!

Now head over to CafePress to get started!

Share you favorite outfits over at The Forum
Laugh it up at LTR

*thanks to Etsy and Google image search for these fun treats*

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