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bunnynorrenDear LTTers,

I’m going to escort you into the private conversations of the real UC & Moon. Yes! Today you can listen in on the girls behind UnintendedChoice and theMoonisDown. But you need to know our real names. That’s right. We’re going to tell you our actual, in real-life, what our parents gave us, what our birth certificates say, names: theMoonisDown is Noreen. And I, UnintendedChoice, am really called Bunny (It’s a nickname. My real name is much more embarrassing) Okay, onto eavesdropping on the REAL UC & Moon:

Moon: So I have this blogger retreat idea where we can get together with our blogger friends and bitch and complain about the hard life of a blogger and then not blog for a whole weekend. We can watch some twi crap, get happy, read some books and play Twilight FanFiction “Scene-It” It will take place in the back room of Sprinkles Cupcakes.
UC: yes! An amazing idea. OMG! I just saw your latest tweet. You’re ON IT today!
Moon: I feel like I have to “BE ON” at all times if you’re away. I feel that way when I’m at an “event” with commenters. Do you feel that?! I feel this pressure to “BE FUNNY”
UC: yes! I feel like a character though, ya know? Do you feel that way? Like Moon is an alter-ego?
Moon: Yea, of course
UC: just totally crazy version of yourself
Moon: I just turn on Moon
UC: right. I have my UC self… (ps I know what else can turn on Moon (ahem))
Moon: Moon is just a way amped version of myself (you mean like running into the father’s of attractive under-age actors in the drive thru line at Mickey-D’s?)
UC: and I feel like when I come out the week of the premiere, we’ll need to be Moon & UC for an entire week. Can we handle it? Bunny doesn’t read fan fic, but UC does. UC dresses hotter than Bunny. She wears Marc Jacobs. She’s richer
Moon: MOON knows EVERYTHING all the videos, all the pics, whats hot. Noreen has not seen HALF the news in weeks
UC: UC would totes do Rob behind a dumpster. Bunny would get too embarrassed to say hi
Moon: AMEN Moon would hump him AT an event WHILE Sam Bradley was singing. Noreen would probably cry in the bathroom stall
UC: UC talks twi & rob all the time with her friends. Bunny’s friends don’t know she runs a mildly successful blog
Moon: Noreen really does talk about it in her ‘real’ life.
UC: I turn UC off on the weekends. She’s gone
Moon: Half of Noreen’s friends now ask HER about Twilight because word got out
UC: Bunny is not funny.. not creative.. and also doesn’t care about the Twilight saga or a 23 year old boy!
Moon: My friends approach me like I’m a drug dealer and use super cryptic terms
UC: UGH- they just asked (no FORCED) me to come into work on Saturday. How effed up is that? (that was UC saying ‘eff” Bunny would’ve said “Fuck”)
Moon: I just a sickening sweet email to someone I can’t stand. Just because she could potentially donate something for a give away. But that was Moon. Moon just uses people for the benefit of the blog.
UC: Moon is mean. Noreen would never do that. UC is a bitch too.

Read more after the hop (I called it a “hop” since now you know my name is Bunny)

Bunny loves to eat cupcakes while driving

Bunny loves to eat cupcakes while driving

I know, I know. You feel cheated. You feel like we’re scams. UC & Moon aren’t really who we are, and we are a bigger hoax than the BalloonBoy and the contest I entered last week to win “ONE NIGHT ONLY” with Taylor Lautner combined (I’m still not ready to talk about how that contest was fake. But Chris Hansen will probably tell you about it soon. On his new TV special…) Over the past few months you’ve felt like we’ve become friends. Don’t worry. We feel the same way! And Noreen & Bunny really aren’t that different. We just keep our snarky comments inside (mostly), never talk Twi or Rob (except when Noreen is approached with friends with cryptic messages), discuss politics, listen to NPR and have rad fucking shoes (oops, that was Bunny coming out, remember UC never says f*ck (she just does it, often, with random boys in a Marc Jacobs dress she doesn’t even have to remove. Yeah. She’s that good))

There really is a point to sharing this today, and that’s to discuss our alter-egos because I think most of us have them. I say most because I know some of you don’t really. I’ve seen your facebook pages- either through our LTT account or because you’ve been allowed into the world of Bunny and I’ve befriended you from my REAL facebook account. You talk about Rob. You post news items and, heck, you even link to us from time to time! UC talks of nothing but Rob or Twi on her facebook page, Bunny doesn’t ever utter a word. Besides my flair. Which rules (currently I have  button that says “Wait, there’s no such thing as Unicorns?”) However, I run a Twilight blog, so I’m uber-sensitive that in my real life people will think I’m too obsessed. If I’m honest, if it weren’t for being saturated in the Twi-world because of this blog, Bunny would probably dress up as a Twi-character with all the tweens on opening night of New Moon. And she wouldn’t care. UC would take pictures of Bunny & post them on her blog to make fun of her. Which is kinda awkward. Cuz we’re the same person….

Moon will kill you with her bitch face

Noreen will kill you with her bitch face

Some people have hardcore alter egos (like the girls of  the League at Twilight-headed) and many of you change your names when you comment to stay anonymous. Then there are those of you who don’t. Let’s talk this out. How willing are you to “out” yourself and admit that when you utter the phrase “Twilight’s cool” after someone asks if you’ve seen that vampire movie everyone is talking about, what you REALLY mean is, “I read the books in 4 hours, spend every waking moment living, breathing Twilight, hating Robsten/Loving Robsten/not giving a crapsten but still kinda giving a crapsten and commenting on blogs- heck I’ve even have had letters to celebrities PUBLISHED on a blog. Oh, and I’d get it on with Rob behind a dumpster. Or in a fort.” How far will you go? Are you okay to “out” yourself fully in real life? Or are you more comfortable with only being full-out Twi-obsessed via your alter ego online?

Twilosophy class now in session,
Bunny & UnintendedChoice (who are currently in a fight because UC told Bunny she’d make fun of her if she dressed up for New Moon)

I also wanna know, if you have an alter ego,  how YOU differ from HER or HIM!

No. Those aren’t our real, real names. But wouldn’t it be awesome if they were? Or when you heard them did you judge as are lame because our names aren’t the hip like you assume our real selves to be?

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