Best New Moon review EVER! LOL cats, 3 wolf moon, it has it all!

Dear LTT-ers,

Remember how we said we were going to stop beating a dead horse by reviewing the crap out of New Moon?! Well, JUST KIDDING! Actually this is a review done entirely in LOL cats so that alone means it’s the best review ever…

A Preview…

Just wait till they get to the Volturi cats! And the Wolfpack. DIED! Enjoy the rest of the New Moon review here at Microsuede

Enjoy your Saturday!

Love LOL cats? Hate LOL cats? Do you can has cheezburger?

Thanks Katelin for sharing and to Microsuede for making us LOL!

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  • Duuuude.

  • quitesimplyepic

    Haha, I saw that the other day. Love it.

  • egregiousgirl

    hillarious. best part = i forgot. i don’t need a shirt no moar.

    • Athena

      haha, that really was the best one! i busted out laughed!!!

  • Hello lovely LTT ladies (and Unicorns) from my desk… at work…. on a Saturday… yeah that’s right – THIS SUCKS.

    But thank you for the LOLZ. 😉

  • “I fordet no need shirt no mores”
    Well said Wolf boy….well said…..
    That was hilarious…I have a sudden need to take pics of cat with New Moon quotes “can haz cheezeburger” style…

    “I be da laydeez mans”
    “I donf wants u to comez”
    “age be juft a numbaaah baybeee”
    ” ohai my kung fu iz strongz”

    Speaking of…my cat has turned into Edward…2 nights now I have woken to find him brushing/untangling my hair with his claws while sniffing it…It feels really nice but creepy as Hale once u realise

    a) Its not Fiance/Tay/Rob/any hot Twi guy…sigh…and u thought things were finally going somewhere…

    b) Your cat thinks u have no idea about proper hair care so has to moonlight as a psychotic, fluffy, hair stylist so that u wake up looking as awesome as Bella after the scary nanna dream…

    sigh…he still has his Jacob warmth…*hugs cat* I luff him soooo much…now work it kitty! or Imma schedule a play date with Paulex…and one of us ain’t gonna make it till morning…With his betting its me…

    Swoon cookie..
    Morning everybody!!!
    The ranting random hamster is baaaaack! <3

    • Maybe it’s a cat thing.
      My cat Edward (yes, really. But NOT after Ed C. That would be creeeeepy) likes to smooch up to me in the morning and he walks behind my head, headbutts me then rubs his head in my hair and tries to groom my hair.

    • tuesdaymidnight

      “psychotic, fluffy hair stylist” You crack me up, IWL! Glad the random is back. 😉

  • anne

    i love the edward cat’s eyebrows! haha. and the bella cat really does blank face well! it’s hilarious =)

  • tuesdaymidnight

    That was hysterical! I choked on my coffee when I go to the Volturi. Though I loved the way Chris did the months in the movie, I think I’m forever going to picture the Peanuts gang out the window now…

  • dude, i fursploded

    Seed dis da ofer dai en I stell bee laftin mai azzes ouf.

  • I thought the horse was dead BUT that was worth it.

    Me gusta, lolz gatos.

    • TeamSeth

      Loca 😉

  • TeamSeth

    I loved that whenever it was posted in the comments. LOLZ cats are awesome.

    I love the “ohai” ‘cuz my friend does a bit where he makes fun of mark wahlberg doing that, it’s amazing and cannot be translated to typing.

  • BrookeLockart

    I went to the site and read the whole review…

    I lost my shit at the volturi. Seriously, cracking up.

    Happy Saturday!

  • Luludee

    Possibly the best use of lolz catz ever.

  • lapushbaby


    omg, total coffee snort moment!

  • smnlamb

    OMG, I can’t see, tears streaming and 11 year old looking at me like I’m stupid.

  • JodieO

    BAHAHAHAHAHAA! I love that Edward cat is as weird looking as NM Edward.

  • Hilarious and generally made of WIN!

  • Hilarious! I’ve never seen LOL Cats before. Love Edward’s eyes.:)

  • Irrevocably

    Just when I thought a nice, lazy Saturday couldn’t get any better! I’m allergic to cats, but I totally want a weird looking gray one now, with golden eyes. Just to mope around my house.


  • Midnight_Cyn


    • JodieO


  • Alejandra

    “sted I jes go way for evar…..k thx bye”


    “dems my buddies. we ated all the vampiors. um, also das a big secrit. oh btw, I luvs you.”

    “you can make me vampior?”
    “don’t wanna”

    I laughed so hard with these! My mom kept looking at me as if I were demented. I tried to explain but she doesn’t get my fangirliness. Thanks for the link, Moon!

  • Sianna

    Totally off topic, but i cant find any of the Entertainment Weekly issues anywhere, and I was wondering if someone can tell me where to buy them online, or to read the scans online. Especially the one with all three of them on the cover. please & thank you. 🙂

  • Athena

    that was the perfect nightcap of lolz. thks moon!

  • lolz awesome twilight new moon reviews! & awwwwwww~ thats such a cute cat!*


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