A year's worth of Twilight and Rob shenanigans caught on video!

Dear LTT/LTR’ers,

Since we began planning this anniversary week I knew I wanted to make a video to help capture a little bit of the magic from this past year. I wanted to show all the people who met, all the concerts we went to, the cast members we met, all the 2nd hand embarrassing crap we did and all the stuff that we’ve written about that’s become folklore on the blog. And I even knew the song I wanted to use during the video… as it turns out we did SO much of that stuff, met so many people and had way too many good times I had to loop the song three times (it’s a short song) to fit it all in and I didn’t even scratch the surface of all the people who have met on here so I hope you’ve forgive me because I don’t have pictures of everyone but I hope you enjoy a little look back at the first year of Letters to Twilight and Letters to Rob.


We love and appreciate you all so much! Words, videos and letters can’t come close to expressing it. Just know this is the place where we always hope you’ll come whether it’s a good day or a bad day, whether we’re funny or not, we love this little community!

Have a rad weekend!

This was my very first attempt at making a video with “moving parts!” Pat me on the back people! HA, I kid, but it is super fun! Since we don’t all live in Boston near “Cheers” what bar would you take us to if we came to visit? Share it with us in the comments!

One Year later and our internet game is still ridiculous: The Forum, LTR, Twitter

  • *Wipes away tear*

    • Doffie

      Awww Moon that was so sweet! πŸ™‚ I love it

    • themoonisdown

      *hand you a tissue*

  • Midnight_Cyn

    Morning everyone! πŸ™‚ It’s Friday! Already laughing loud enough to wake the neighbors!

    • Midnight_Cyn

      Truth = so obviously I haven’t even read what Moon wrote yet, I was just so proud of myself for being able to see this early in the morning and had a real chance at being the first to post ! Cause it always takes me forever to read and I don’t get to post till like noon, figures its the ONE morning that she decides to be serious (only found this out after reading THE FIRST comment (which I was not and wonder why that bothers me so much, so NOT normal)! Gotta go read….

      • JodieO

        Naw! The video totally had some funny parts. I was laughing through lots of it. =)

        Hope your today is better than yesterday! *HUGS*

        Or that you can at least laugh at yesterday now that it’s over..

    • ambushed by twilight

      i hafta reply to what you wrote in your long post yesterday (i read it this morning) I’M SO SORRRY! stupid tree, crazy animals. you sounded like you really needed a huge hug… my face got all contorted as i read your post… consider yourself TOTALLY hugged *raps Blanked Rob about your shoulders*
      i hope that today is a 180 to yesterday. truth.

      • Midnight_Cyn

        Aww Ambushed…how I luv ya…yes it was one of those days..in truth..that is a typical day which is why I love coming here so very much…no matter how bad it gets..everything is put back together here, b/c of people like you! (Also if I am on the couch/computer I am apt to NOT get in to trouble) !!
        Today the sun is shiny, the bird is still covered and I am here! All is right with the world!
        Loves ya but ya know that!

  • First of all, O-M-G, that vid was hilar!
    Second: ya’ll look so cute!! There was many-a-outfit in that vid that I thought “Oh my gosh, bitchin’ outfit!”
    Seriously, I heart you all so bad!


    • themoonisdown

      awwwww we heart you! come visit, or we’ll come down there!

  • robsten4life

    Awe, loved the video!!

    And I DO live in Boston, so Cheers it is, because you want to be where everybody knows your name.

    • ambushed by twilight

      …and they’re alway glad you ca-a-ame.

      you wanna be where you can see
      troubles are all the same (LTT).
      you wanna go where everybody knows your name.
      (or recognizes your avatar!)

      • “Glad you came”
        Ehehehhe I totally giggled.

        • AJ

          “that’s what she said”

        • ambushed by twilight

          dang girl, i totally missed the TWSS…

        • TeamSeth

          I giggled too. yay for immaturity being encouraged every day.

    • Katie S

      Ooooh, we’re neighbors! And not just in the “We are the Rob” kind of way either.

  • tuesdaymidnight

    Moon, that was just about perfect! The Tuck, Manbangs, Uncle Eddie, Buttcrack Santa, excessive blinking, Jacksper’s bat… and of course, the man we all know and love (and by “love,” I mean look around shifty-eyed for every time we catch ourselves looking at Taylor for a little *too* long) – Chris Hansen!

    Really, the only thing missing was Billy Burke, but that’s okay, I have enough Billy love to share. πŸ˜‰

    (Incidentally, there is a full-length version of the Cheers theme. It has other verses! You can google it.)

    • tuesdaymidnight

      P.S.- If you came to Memphis, I’d take you to the Lamplighter, it’s like drinking in your Grandma’s basement.

      • themoonisdown

        ohhh if my grandma had a basement id defs wanna drink there!! that sounds like GOOD times!

    • Sparklecakes

      I have heard enough about the copstache to last me decades, thank you very much. Excuse me, I need to continue the brain bleaching process and attempt to remove myself from the fetal position today. Bwahahahaha!

      • Gah! Effery! and other assorted swears…Thanks Sparkle LOL….that is all

      • tuesdaymidnight

        Hahahahaha! Well, if you’re at the brain bleaching step, then that means you’ve gotten out from under the covers?

        • Sparklecakes

          Yes, I am no longer wearing my protective fleece blanky burka.

        • TeamSeth

          You girls are soooo weak. Imma buy you all slashfic purity rings for xmas (except tuesday, HIGH FIVE PARTNER IN CRIME!)

          • tuesdaymidnight

            *HIGH FIVE* I <3 your dirty mind! (Even though it wasn't THAT dirty, but I have all the faith in the world that you could have gone further into its pervy depths… hehe, pervy depths.)

          • TeamSeth

            It really wasn’t that dirty! They just think slashfic is “ew”. Their loss! Honestly, I bet that they’d totes be fine with a Burke/Bewley threesome.

  • ambushed by twilight

    i think we have a mutual appreciation club goingon here…

    but in answer to you question about a “Cheers” type place i’d take you to Winslows Tavern. It’s absolutely awesome and not too expensive and the front is like a bar/pub and the back is restaurant/wine/coffee-bar. it used to be an OLD hardware store downtown and it has the rafters and wood floors, but they’s been stripped so the wood is a blond color instead of dark. they have like 80 beers on tap (a plus) and the food is very good. it has a small loft overlooking the bar for small groups/parties (that’s where we’d go) and i love it there. if i hadn’t moved to another town i’d go there every week.

    • Where is this magical place?!

      • ambushed by twilight

        Greenville NC (USA)

        and from the back side of the same building is an adorable boutique named Dulcinea (not named after the Toad the Wet Sprocket album) and it is super awesome. the lady that runs it did the decor for the tavern owners and they are both loves of mine. she makes glass jewlery (and has other indi artists there too) and she makes some of the glass stuff to look like tiny sweets. (i have a tiny glass frosted cupcake on a necklace and a tiny slice of cake and a life size glass strawberry on a necklace, also a square ring that the center looks like a petit four http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petit_four )

        i don’t have Facebook but if you do you can check out the place on there. LOVE it.

        • tuesdaymidnight

          Toad the Wet Sprocket! That takes me back…

          • ambushed by twilight

            totally…. i love “fly from heaven”, “stupid”, “windmills” and most of all “crowing” – imma listen to it RIGHT NOW! *sigh*

            hey, i just realized “crowing” totally fits bella and jake, or Edward (depends on which part you apply it to) – HA! real-life meets Twilight AGAIN!

  • JenE

    Love, love it! Ah the memories. I got a tad nervous when Mr. Hansen appeared, though.

    • themoonisdown

      he was there to keep us all in check! ha to join the fun

  • Midnight_Cyn

    Moon, LOVE LOVE LOVE the video, makes me feel like I really know you guys now although I had to use the last of my precious Edward tissues! I think you did such an awesome job!! You should do video’s from now on (for the reading challenged..ummm ME) Made me so want to really hang with you all…”Please come to Boston…”singing in my bad morning voice, don’t worry it doesn’t get better as the day progresses…and we will have an East Coast LTT convention…,I grew up in Boston and I had a memory back then…oh the places we could go and the things we could do..would make weaker women quiver!!!
    Thanks for making me cry/laugh at the same time.
    IT IS YOU AND UC that deserve all the love for giving us a 2nd home and family! Loves you lots…xoxox

    • ambushed by twilight

      *ships 2 virtual crates of Edward tissues to Cyndi*

      *blows kiss*

    • Katie S

      Cyndi! There is going to be a Twilight Convention next year at the Boston Convention Center! I’m going to bring you with me. No asking. It’s just going to happen.

      And yeah. A Twilight Convention. I am that much of a dork.

      • Midnight_Cyn

        NO WAY!! Are you serious!! In Boston!!! OMELE!!! I am so going to that…(so I say right now..lol) Oh you made my day!!! BTW if your a dork…what does that make me???
        I can’t believe there is really a twi-convention in BOSTON! When is it..so I can start worrying about it now…lol…..you do realize it may require kidnapping to get me there right???

        • Katie S

          July 10, 2010! And yes, I realize kidnapping may be involved. If your husband will not press charges, that is acceptable.

          • Midnight_Cyn

            Shitz he’ll probably pay u 2 take me!!

    • themoonisdown

      awwww cyndi you used the last of the edward tissues on us! im honored!

  • Jess


    • Jess

      PS. Does anyone know how to make my thing NOT a green alien?

      • Midnight_Cyn

        I think your avatar is kinda cute! Although it does kinda make me want to offer you a tissue..ewww…sorry… πŸ™‚
        I just went and looked and if you go to Gravatar.com you can open an account and change it! Hope that helps!!

      • tuesdaymidnight

        I think you have to sign up for a wordpress account. (Someone correct me on this?) Then you can go to your account, edit profile and change your “gravatar.”

        • wileykitkat

          I signed up and got a gravatar but it still doesn’t show up here. Does it take a long time or something?

          • tuesdaymidnight

            Yeah, there’s an undetermined delay period, but I see yours now!

      • ambushed by twilight

        aww… i used to feel that way too until i remembered that purple’s cool.

        so don’t fret b/c it may grow on you.
        remember: green is good.

        • Jess

          you may or may not have just convinced me to keep my little green alien.

          • ambushed by twilight

            thank you! πŸ˜‰

        • StotheP

          you’re hilar. purple and green avatars are awesomesauce.

          • ambushed by twilight

            thank you too! πŸ˜€

      • sign up at gravatar.com or wordpress.com for an account (don’t’ have to start a blog) and upload one! it’ll take a little bit, but it will work!)

  • Awww … that was such a rollercoaster of feelings (yea, I’m THAT original)! I’ve LOL-ed and Awwwww-ed and my eyes are wet. Thank you for all the shenanigans.

  • Tigerkitten36

    What a great video of your adventures. I so totes want to be there too..maybe for Eclipse (at IMAX!!!! 50 ft rob? Squeeee).

    A girl can dream.

    • fangbanger06

      I love your name!

      Just had to say it. πŸ˜€

    • StotheP

      Also loving your name. And wondering if you have tattoos given to you by a certain hawt, fictional character.

    • ambushed by twilight

      regarding the name: CUTE! wish i had thought to use that… that was my nick-name… from a certain guy… my unicorn. but i like that you’re using it!

    • Katie S

      Ugh. That fanfic will be the death of me.

  • abcoolie

    Too funny! Thanks for everything!

  • therealrobzilla

    Oh. Em. Gee. That was absolutely FABULOUS!


    You people are so much fun and I really appreciate this little video to remind me of that fact and make me laugh. So much fun over the last year.

    Thanks a million (laughs)

    <3 you "ladies"

    • themoonisdown

      lubs you too!

  • That was so sweet!

    Fav part was pot bikini followed by the stew flipping everyone off.

    *wipes away tear*

    I wouldn’t take anyone to a bar because I’m a freak who doesn’t drink and hates loud music.

    We could totally go to my moms house and play guitar hero and rock band though. My house isn’t big enough.

    I know, I’m lame. I never said I was any different.

    • tuesdaymidnight

      You’re not lame, Fang! Though I do love a good beer or two, I live in Memphis and I hate Beale Street… all the noise and drunken fools. Not for me. At all. I’d much rather play Guitar Hero with you.

    • Sparklecakes

      Rock out! I will have you know that I have scored a 93% on the expert level playing Free Bird. I am a Guitar Hero goddess. This is sad.

      • ambushed by twilight

        rofl πŸ˜€

      • StotheP

        This is not sad. I bow down before your awesomeness. After you hand me my ass at Guitar Hero, though, I will expect you to play me at Mario Kart.

        Fear the Toad, Sparky. Epic pwnage.

      • TeamSeth

        My BF played DJ Hero last night. Waiting to hear about the amazingness of it. He’s an actual DJ in RL, so…he may have found the game to be cheesy.

    • FREAK! you’re LAME

      just kidding

    • StotheP

      Imma come to your mom’s house. I’ll do all the drinking beforehand, then use that as an excuse for any suckage I have at Guitar Hero.

      Don’t worry, I’m a polite guest. I’ll bring a snack and throw up in the toilet like a good little lush.

      • TeamSeth

        INHALES DEEPLY. You brought a snack.

        • ambushed by twilight

          ZING! (u so sharp)

          • TeamSeth

            I just love me a good Twilight: The Original reference.

    • I still love you fang! Small house and lack of drunk rambles aside.

  • That vid was hilarious!!!! and Hansen was so well-timed…Bravo Moon Bravo!

    In case Rob and Hugh Does come to NZ next year…my apartment is always open…to them as well as you…

    Happy cookie!
    Morning everybody!!!!

    • Grammar and caps lock fail…”Does” pffftttt..sorry

      • Midnight_Cyn

        Morning ILWL..sorry I bailed last night…but I knew you would stay up just to keep me company and I so heart you for that, but you needed to sleep…so I went back to online shopping..I don’t think I found anything though…hope you rested..I am in need of the Trifecta full force!! xoxo

        • i missed u yesterday! but as u predicted i crashed on the couch and had to be relocated by fiance so that i dont develop spine problems…teehee…I’ll be in a little late cause I have work as usual (mutter mutter)…but i shouldnt be later than when we usually meet…LOL..
          Did u get the mail that I/robward sent? you should totes say yes…muah!

    • ambushed by twilight


      i saw something online the other day that made me think of you and i wanted to make sure that you’d see it.


      when i saw it you popped into my head, no lie.
      hope you like. (it’s SOOOOOO adorable)

      • AAAAAAWWWWWWWW!!!!!…..U eated it? *bottom lip sticks out due to overwhelming cuteness*…
        <3 's and muahs!!! also chocolate caramel pecan cookie…juuuust for u…*hugs*

        p.s. must practice those eyes…they will be very useful..for things…in June….teehee

        • ambushed by twilight

          YAY! i’m tickled pink (twss) that you like it! really does make me think of you… that’s weird, i know… don’t even “know” you… ah-well, i’m a visual person…


          • teehee…Ur not the first LTT buddy to send me Twi-cookie stuff so its NOT weird at all…. πŸ˜€
            I’ve been called “cookie” since I was a baby…so I always love a good namesake…muah! for the smiles…

            I think we “know” each other…just not in a biblical or i’ve-met-you-in-RL way..and as of June…that might change..(not biblically though…I wish…but I’m saving meself for Tay) bahahahahaha

      • TeamSeth

        That’s soooo cute. I eated it. hehehe

    • StotheP

      Meeting you . . . meeting you AND Rob AND Hugh . . . meeting you AND Rob AND Hugh in NZ? I’m going to climb in someone’s suitcase because I can’t be left out of this.

      • You be left out of an Illegal Hugh Rob reunion? NEVER!!!

        May pics of Swiftner making out (fur realz) come out before that happens…(ok typing that made my heart hurt and squee at the same time) so weird….

  • I live in Philly & if you guys came to visit we would deff go to Apothocary bar…the best bar in Philly (in my opinion!). Not just UC & Moon but anyone on here!!!!!

    I was telling someone a story and I used the word unicorn. They looked confused so I said “oh thats what my friends call guys who like Twilight” wait. what? My friends? So now you people who I dont know and I mostly just read your comments and dont comment back…you are my friends…and thats normal!!!!

    My blog: (just started writing again)

    • TheColdWoman

      If I knew all you ladies in RL, I’m sure we’d be friends so yes, That’s Normal!!

    • ambushed by twilight

      cool name for a place! maybe i should climb in TS’s suitcase when she comes for a visit and we could hit that (TWSS)

      • totes!!!!!

        there is a link to that bar on my blog…they have really interesting drinks and they change their menu with the seasons!


        • UC and I have both been to that bar a few times. Excellent drinks, but very pricy!

          • Yes!!! Its so yummy though….I have to bring people there when they come visit! And your $10 drink is strong so it goes a long way…

            Just was looking at your blog- I, too, moved up here from Florida! weird.

          • ah yes- love it there!!!

        • ambushed by twilight

          ohhhhhhh…. me wanna goooooooooo…… my hubby has family in Lancaster County… is that really far?

          i do. wanna go. fur’reals.

          me likeie. a lot.

          • Midnight_Cyn

            I came from Florida too..Port Charlotte…SOOOO miss it!

          • Lancaster is prob about….and hour or hour and half depending on where you live over there!

          • Lindelle

            !!! I lived there (Lancaster) for many many years. Shout out to Amish Country! And since everyone there is related … I’m going to guess that we are family. πŸ™‚

          • ambushed by twilight

            @ Griff – thanks for the info… i will try to remember that if i get to visit… it’s looks totally cool.

            @ Lindelle – aww, cute… but it’s my hubby’s fam and they are not”from”from there, they’re from Switzerland (hubby’s G-father moved there when he was a baby, i think) he has an aunt and cousins still there… we’ve been to visit a few times… it’s beautiful there.

          • Lindelle

            @ambushed Oh I see! Yes it’s really lovely there, I still visit often. Lots of people in that area’s families originally came from Switzerland or Germany … so does that mean your husband knows what shoofly pie is? πŸ™‚

          • ambushed by twilight

            it’s got molasses in it right? i think i’ve had it before…

          • Lindelle

            Yup! I have no idea if posting this link to a picture will work but just in case … http://whatscookingamerica.net/History/PieHistory/ShooflyPie2.jpg
            Anyways, I love it and no one knows what it is so that makes me happy that you do!

      • Midnight_Cyn

        @ambushed…what is TWSS?

        • (thats what she said)

        • ambushed by twilight

          yup, like Griff wrote… it’s just a short way of typing “that’s what she said”… i have rushed-lazy-fingers, hence the abreviations and typos…

    • Lindelle

      Apothecary? Yes please!! There should be some sort of Christmas-time meet-up!

      • I am totally down for a Christmas time meet up! Ummmm as long as your not a 60 year old man….

        • TeamSeth

          I love you, Griffs.

          And I wanna go to that bar for sure. I will take you to Vault when you come visit me. It’s soooo good. mmmm.

          Also, your blog link didn’t post. πŸ™
          So I posted it for you! πŸ™‚

          • ambushed by twilight

            *in my sing-song voice* i went to the blo-o-o-og! ( and commented. FUNny TS sister… what’s Griff stand for anyways?

          • ambushed by twilight

            what was your blog link TS?

          • TeamSeth

            @ambushed, Gryffindor.

            I don’t have a blog, too tedious. I mean I do, but I’m so lazy about it, it’s not worth posting.

        • Lindelle

          What, are you saying you don’t want to be boozing it up with a Buttcrack Santa look-alike? Guess I better not show up then …

          • GriffsSayWhat

            Lindelle didnt see your comment until today… procrastonating by reading comments from several days ago!

            I guess if you look like Buttcrack Santa its ok…but you must sing to me about cats and such…meeeoooow

  • Sarita Pagita

    That video is great! While somewhat of a fringe member, I feel like this community of ladies is one of the funnest and best out there.

    If I do ever meet you ladies someday, be prepared because I have my own maryjane bikini and I’m not too shy to wear it to a red carpet event. Mine has detachable roach clip feather accessories, tho.

    • ambushed by twilight

      OMG i used to have a white detachable roach clip feather accessory (i think i used to put it on the back of my baseball cap of my purse)… it was in the early 90’s for jorts sake, does that make me lame? oh-dear…

      • tuesdaymidnight

        For jorts sake! FTW!

        • ambushed by twilight


      • ambushed by twilight

        (i can’t believe i admitted that…) *face/paw*

    • themoonisdown

      HAHAHHA amazing please let me know your bikini designer so i can get a matching one

  • krazykidd

    OMG Moonie Pie the video was AMAZEBALLS!! Thanks a lot for letting join in on the craziness and bringing a bunch of us together! We love you guys and thank you for the good times and the memories!!

    • krazykidd

      BTW I would definitely take you guys to The Londoner, Sherlock’s, or The Big Apple if you came to my side of town! πŸ˜€ Love you girls! XO πŸ˜‰

      • themoonisdown

        i hear a brit packer (heh, packer) has been seen with a londoner shirt…. hmmm….

  • Proselyte3

    Crying…LOL….one loud unattractive, guffaw…..crying….spewing coffee…..crying…….LOL………raw, unbridled jealously tinged with hate…..crying…..

    The last picture…. <3

    Here's to a fabulous year of, 'taking advantage of time I was already wasting.' (as per UC.)

    Love you all.

    • the last picture. i KNOW.. i cried

      one of these days we’ll get You in a picture hot mama!

    • themoonisdown

      speaking of…. xmas???? will you be in the homeland??!!!

  • I was doing just fine till the pic of Kristen in her pot bikini. And then I may have cried.

    Precious, tender, holy memories.

    That’s just good programming right there.

    • awww! you should write that in a fan letter to her “the picture of you in your pot bikini brings tears to my eyes!”

  • Seeing The Tuck in the montage was like watching one of those videos of a peaceful countryside where suddenly a zombie pops up.

    It is my 2010 New Year’s Resolution to appear in your 2nd Anniversary video. I’m willing to partake in all of the cast stalking, jorts wearing and Heineken drinking necessary to make this happen.

    • krazykidd

      I know exactly what you mean tiff…I saw “The Tuck” and was like…holy shiz…did I really just see that?!?! LMAO and then like the true masochists that I am I went back to that part just to “double check”…LOL πŸ˜‰

    • We should have taken pics of our nights with Sam. Opps.

    • um… Moon should have included those pictures of you I have yet to share… i WILl share them.. they are too brill not to share…!

    • cedvanhalen

      I agree on the whole thing about The Tuck picture. I may or may not have shouted when that flashed on the screen.

  • The karaoke part just slayed me for some reason! [nice editing btw – fan-girl shrieking-into-singing – lol] You’re too cute! Having a Twi-bff/partner-in-crime is the best. thing. ever.

    maybe i am just a big sap (ok i am definitely a big sap) but that made me feel all warm and fuzzy. except for the photoshopped pics, anyway. Um, those made me feel icky. jortsy-mullet Rob = {{{shudder}}}

    : )

    • Have to agree with everything in your second paragraph. Seriously.

    • themoonisdown

      you gotta have the shudders (nascar) with the good times!! karaoke rules! come sing w/ us next time!

  • Katie S

    Awww, I am sad I can’t watch this at work. πŸ™ THIS is why I hate my job! (ok, not really, but still)

    Aaaaand, I live near Boston and the Cheers bar. No one there knows my name. Only here. YAY!

    • TeamSeth

      aww. If we all drink while we read, then it’s a virtual bar, no? Sapphire Tonics on the house!

      • themoonisdown

        bottoms up!

  • Wow, pretty sure there isn’t one pic of me in there where I wasn’t highly under the influence.

    Good times…wouldn’t trade them for the world.

    Moonie, I can’t wait to get home and listen to this with sound!!

    PS, almost spit out my coffee when the tuck came strolling by. JFC, warn a sister. mmmkay?

    • haha i agree.. it was WAY early on in the vid too! i shrieked and covered it w/ my hand!

      • themoonisdown

        then my job here is done!

  • That made me miss Brookie and Marta (HAPPY BIRTHDAY again) even more than regular. And miss Ms. Kristy, even though I just saw her, and Carter (who I could possibly see soon if she comes “home” for Xmas), and UC (for a yum yum brunch), and Moon, who I haven’t met, and all the crazies from #bobbypoloza. That gave me tears and I hardly ever tear up in front of people….

    #LegHitch2010, next year BITCHES!

  • Erica

    Of course, the irony with choosing that song is that few people here know your actual names…

    • haha. i didn’t even think of that! i bet Moon did though!

    • themoonisdown

      sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your FAAAKKEEE name!!!

  • dazzledtodeath

    Omg that video is the best. I laughed at some parts but I also had goosebumps. I’m such a dork.

    I love you guys-you make my day, every day. I hope someday I’ll be able able to meet some of the hilarious women from this community-maybe even UC or Moon. How about an East Coast LTR/LTT get-together, UC?

    • yes.. yes.. we need to. Moon is the party-planning one. I am NOT.. but calliopeblabs was in a sorority.. so you know what that means… amazing skills at planning parties… so I’ve commissioned her to help me (with brookie & some others) plan something for this winter. after the holidays!

      • I wasn’t in a sorority, was a GDI…however, i have left over wedding planning skills. O_o

  • ALundquist

    Awww Good times πŸ˜€
    And no ribbons….

    • i know. shocking huh!?

      • themoonisdown

        thats what my face looks like?!!!!

  • wileykitkat

    Just got laid off from work and right before Christmas! Anyway, had to come here today (as I do everyday) for some smiles and laughter. Thanks ladies!

    • BIG Hugs from someone who knows what that’s like.. πŸ™ (not me.. but the husband..) Glad we could cheer you up today

      • wileykitkat

        Yeah, my hubby just got a GREAT Christmas bonus and I got laid off…………….strange times we live in. Anyhoo, is it normal that this is the first place I wanted to come to cheer me up? HALE yeah, that’s normal! πŸ™‚

        • wileykitkat

          And once again my gravatar doesn’t show up though someone told me it was there. I give up on that silly little picture!

    • southernbelle

      I’m so sorry, you’re not alone. I hope you will still have a very Merry Christmas despite of that. My DH was laid off 3 yrs ago and I got pregnant right after that. It was very hard.

      Big hugs.

      • ambushed by twilight

        so the comfort sex you provided for him turned out to be a bit expensive huh? πŸ˜‰

        • southernbelle

          LOL on comfort sex! Yes I guess so! He was depressed and it was one way for me to show him that I love him.

    • ambushed by twilight

      i’m SO sorry about the job… that is a major stinker-roo. i hope things improve for you quickly and that you’ll get a replacement job quickly. buck-up and try to keep a stiff-upper-lip and all that… *offers a comforting hug*

    • TeamSeth

      Sorry about the job! At least DH got a bonus though, right?

      For your avatar issues, make sure you put in the right email addy that corresponds to your wordpress acct.

  • Athena

    Moon, I LOVE IT!!!

    The “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” picture made me snort my coffee through my nose, omg…

    As I mentioned on an earlier post – man, I wish I had some Twi-friends to experience these types of shenanigans with…

    When I get home I’ll have to listen to the movie with sound, lol. I can’t use speakers here at work..


  • impossibletoreconcile

    So reminds me of the videos I get from the preschool each year. Makes me wanna sing “Best friends, always together. Best friends, never apart.” *tear*

  • Kristin

    ahahahaha, The Tuck made me choke on my Honeycomb. Hilarious, video completely with a bunch of people I want to meet, and one I have. haha πŸ™‚


    I really like that slogan – “taking advantage of time I was already wasting!”…

  • That last picture of you two is beautiful. Totally sismance-worthy. (Is there such a word as sismance? There should be, anyway, and it would totally apply to you).

    The vid is like “a bluffer’s pocket guide to LTT: everything you need to know if you’ve been too lazy (and crazy, for that matter) to read their laugh lines every day for the past year”. Bril!

    • haha you’re right!!!!!! it’s seriously just a recap of our entire year!

  • poochimama

    What a sweet video!
    I’m sure I’m not the first to say it – but you gals are freakin’ HAWT! Go You!

  • undercoverlover

    Looks like you gals have so much fun!!
    I would take you all to our local brewery/pub, but watch out….we call our state the “Land of EnTRAPment” and you might not beable to get home!

  • OnlyaLittleObsessed

    Ah…makes me wish I could meet some of you (all of you!) in person!!

    speaking of *ahem* … so, there’s apparently a Twilight Convention in Arlington, VA in April and I really want to go, but there’s no one in my RL who shares my level of commitment/passion/frightening obsession to all things Twilight. But a girl cant go alone, right?? So…if anyone is in the greater DC area and is thinking about going and needs a partner-in-crime/enabler, let me know! Apparently Kellan and Peter and some worlfpack and volturi will be there, so yay!!

  • Libby

    Oh my God! You are all such beautiful ladies!
    Dany!! I can see you there!!!! eso chica!!!

    Thank you for a year of laughs and happiness


  • That video was great. You ladies have certainly had a lot of fun over the last year!!!

  • alongicame


    He would laugh his @ss off, have a beer and ask himself what’s he doing with the mullet when he could be with the awesomeness that is you. Then he would put on his plaid shirt and go find a dumpster.

  • Itsallhappenning

    I love this – you ladies know how to rock it.
    If any of the LTT/LTR posse is heading to Aspen,CO I would love to take you out..anytime any where..I would be thrilled to have you!

    • ASPEN? (I just said that like they do in Dumb & Dumber) it’s my dream to go there!

      • Itsallhappenning

        Where the beer flows like wine and the women instinctively flock to the tune of Capistrano?? yes…that’s the place…ha

        You should come visit!!! I would totally host a big LTT/LTR ladies trip to the mountains..summer or winter….I have lived here all my life so I can get screaming deals on lodging..tickets all the goods…

        You know how to find me…like I said…anytime!

        • okay. when I convince my husband that running the $3.27 we make every month from Fandango is enough for me to quit my job, I’m gonna do some major traveling- ASPEN here I come!

          *just kidding about the $3.27. We’ve never made that much from Fandango

          • Itsallhappenning

            Details..$3.27 will get you super far in Aspen..or not.
            Anyhoo, I am working hard on winning the lottery so I will keep you posted.

          • themoonisdown

            high five!!! 3.27!!!!!! retirement here we come!

        • TeamSeth

          Winter please. I snowboard.

  • StotheP

    I have to post before reading the comments, because this is just TOO MUCH!

    That video is made of win! Uhmazing! No Twilight movie marathon will be complete now without it!

    You’ve really outdone yourselves. And exposed yourselves to us . . hehe. Don’t worry, if any of us loyal subjects ever find you behind a dumpster, we’ll just pet your heads . . .

    • TeamSeth

      Which head?

      • ambushed by twilight

        GIR-R-R-R-R-R-RLLLLL… shame-shame *stiffles giggle*

  • I remember when you first started and am so glad for your incredible successes over this year… and for bringing us all such good laughs. I am totally outing myself as a wuss but your video made me cry. This “fandom” has brought so much to me personally — solid relationships that I never would have had if not for a young girl and her sparkly vampire and the women like you who also have the guts to both love it and make fun of it….

    And may I personally thank you for 2:05 in your video. It made me jizz in my pants. xoxo

  • Awwwwwww!!! Love you girls!!

    Side note: I’ve kinda been wondering where that forest photo shoot took place. And who did the photography! Hehe. πŸ˜›

    • haha… yeah.. we haven’t mentioned that yet… maybe we’ll do an EPIC post with our EPIC pictures…. we had a photoshoot….


      (and i”m sad you weren’t in those pictures- the one pic I have with you I don’t think Moon has ever seen… It’s on my facebook though. She was probably too lazy to find it. Lazy Moon. Staying up till 3:30 am to make a video, forgetting to include you!)

      • Thank you (for the bday wishes)!! How was dinner w/sis?

        πŸ™ I was almost forgotten?! S’ok. I figured that would be the pic you used if you remembered. What about that one of all of us at brunch?! Surprised that’s not in there. Sad.

        • themoonisdown

          you’re in there marta!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    Loved the video! I really has been an amazing year in the fandom. Thanks for letting us experience it all with you through your blog every day. All the ladies of LTR/LTT are so funny, witty and snarky πŸ™‚

    • Sarah

      edit….It has been an amazing year….not I….lol

  • TJB

    First, thank you for providing me with definite proof, to show to my so-called friends that there are women of color over the age of 20 who like “Twilight.”

    Second, it looks like you had a blast over the past year and I hope you have 3 times as much fun over the next 200 days to “Eclipse.”

    • TeamSeth

      Got the countdown running… exxxcelleeent.

  • ambushed by twilight

    aww i wanna see the shenanigans and the Tuck. *pout* i’ve been waiting all morning but it won’t come up on my computer. major fail… i think i need a tissue. this is awful. *sniffle* i can click and double click and refresh and wait and nothing appears.

    sad panda.

    • ambushed by twilight

      3 hours… UC… Moon… i give up. major sad panda….

      (confession: i say “sad panda” but i have no clue the true meaning of the reference… what it includes… anyone care to fill me in?) i say it b/c i like the way it sounds (twss?) ha-ha.

      • tuesdaymidnight

        I don’t know if this is the right origin, but I say it because of an episode of South Park. You see, Sexual Harassment Panda got fired and was sent to the Island of Misfit Mascots, making him one sad panda.

        • ambushed by twilight

          THANk you! Tuesday, you’re my hero!

      • TeamSeth
        • ambushed by twilight

          AWW! i love those pictures! that type of thing is what i always had in mind… thx 4 sharing TS….

    • ambushed by twilight


      it took, get this… 47 minutes to load.

      but it was totally worth every second! (twss!)

      Thank you Moon & UC… thank you for giving me a peek into your lives.

      [you MUST watch Julie & Julia, MUST!]

  • So when Moon said “I hope you’re okay with your face showing for a second or two here and there” and I said “okay. just for a second” I didn’t realize she REALLY MEANT it would show for the whole entire video PLUS she’d include a clip of me singing Bon Jovi’s finest (ps.. i haven’t seen that vid- i need to see that vid!)
    but I guess that’s what I deserve for saying yesterday that she reads fan fic at church… (totally untrue. but would be awesome if she did)

    I cried. I laughed. I shrieked at the sight of The Tuck. I wished EastFriend & WestFriend were in there. I missed my (2) LA trips to see you (and all the others). I wanted bbq tacos. I totally didn’t care that our faces showed because I love that last picture so much. I realize HOW many pictures we haven’t’ posted on the blog yet (The pic of us in front of the dumpster banner? How could we forget!?) I missed lilcrazycow when I saw the pic of the 3 of us in the theater drinking diet cokes (Moon’s cousin- she was there when I visited and dealt with our late-night blogging & snickering while she tried to sleep) I.Loved.IT!

    • themoonisdown

      yup thats what you (and i) get for saying i read fanfic in church! hahahahaha

  • lapushbaby

    Awesome. I cracked up at Animal Attack, and the little bottles, then I DIED at Eddie’s van!!! Great video, I LOVED it. You ladies totally rule, it’s true. AND there was a pic of Rob in the LB hat, thank you for that.

    If you ever come to Seattle, I am putting you in my hot car, getting on a ferry and we are driving our asses out to Forks. We will find that bar where they serve Bella Burgers and Vitamin R. I know you are vegetarians so we will just eat the buns….or just drink the beer. πŸ™‚

    Oh, are you not up for a road trip? then we will go where ever is close to your hotel with Vitamin R on tap..

    Loves and hugs.

    • StotheP

      Again, green with envy when I saw the hat. Are you really willing to share? I only need seven minutes . . .

      • lapushbaby

        Sharing seems…..hot.

    • themoonisdown

      i cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!

    • TeamSeth

      I’m so excited about that, LPB. Maybe just the Rainier beer part.

  • ZOMG!! I am crying…tears of joy, laughter…and just freakin’ good times!! I had totally forgotten about some of those pics/events. How I almost pee’d my pants when we “thought” we saw “him” at Sam’s show FakerPattz, that was so funny!
    Come to think of it…I have been with you all when all this cool stuff happens. I mean we were together at ComiCon when we saw PPLady, that in itself is enough to give thanks. Myth…Busted! I had ALMOST forgotten the baseballscene (jorts on the brain) but you just reminded me how hot Jasper was and then instantly cringed at the hideousness of the new wig. *fail*. Then….the Pot Brownie. Took me right back to my Spring Break visits to Panama City Beach where there are Corona Bikinis and Pot Leaf Bikinis a plenty. Goo Times….Goo Times! The last picture was so full of win. The only way it could have been better is if UC would have been on Moons shoulders and we heard a “hold on tight spider monkey”…just sayin’

    I <3 you all so much!!!
    Looking forward to another year!!

    • themoonisdown

      HAHAHAHAH spider monkey! omg never thought of that!

  • Lica

    The video is funny. IΒ΄m kinda “new” to the Twilight universe but IΒ΄m always lurking around. Rob and his priceless (and gorgeous) presence, the interesting cast of Twilight.
    LMAO from 2:15 until the end of the video …hysterical.
    You guys are hilarious!

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