Day of Rest – Before we meet the creator of it all: Stephenie… not God

Note to self: Don't bite the Stephenie... unless she likes that sorta thing

Dear LTT-ers,

Instead of our usual post today we will be taking a self imposed day of rest from blogging, which we’ve pretty much never done. We’ve blogged consistently for the past year and a half… ok so maybe what I’m typing right now is considered blogging but let’s not get technical!

ANYWAY! Tomorrow UC and I will be fulfilling our dream (wow, that’s weird to say) and a year old New Year’s Resolution, since we first read the books and started this blog of MEETING STEPHENIE MEYER. I know we’ve talked a lot about it but wouldn’t you? We’re going to finally meet the woman who created all this, the women who conjured up Edward in her dreams one night, the women whom we owe this blog and all the people we’ve met or come to love because of to her.

So for that reason and to get our heads together because UC and I will be reunited like Peaches and Herb we’re taking the day off to contemplate meeting Stephenie and trying furiously to figure out how to hide Depends undergarments under our skinny jeans to prevent any nightmares from happening!

With that in mind what would be your nightmares when meeting Stephenie Meyer?

We’ll start you off…

01. What if the only thing I manage to squeak out to Stephenie on Friday is “Will you sign my copy of “The Host?”” #nightmares

02. Do you and Pancho play “Edward and Bella” at home? #nightmares

Add your nightmares to the comments! We’re also still looking for great (NON MIDNIGHT SUN related) questions to ask Stephenie so feel free to add those as well. We’ll be checking in regularly to approve comments but it may take a little longer!

Trying not to pee my pants!

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  • 02.2. Do you and Nacho play “Edward and Bella” at home? #evenworse

  • I’m so excited for this! Good luck ladies! Please let us know as soon as humanly possible what goes down! x x x

  • Bea

    Nightmare: Not being able to stop myself from begging for Midnight Sun.
    I’ve sent my questions already and can’t wait to hear how it goes tomorrow. Break a leg!

  • SarahG

    What if all you can stammer out is something like, “OmagahyursocoolnwerHUGEfansncanusignmashirt?!!” I’ve always had nightmares that I wouldn’t be able to stay cool in front of my fav celeb (if the unlikely moment of me running into them in the local Fresh Market (cause celes don’t buy real groceries) ever occured which it would not because I live in AL but I can dream, right?) and I would just end up word-vomiting all over them!

    Has it already been asked/answered about how she chose each character’s name? I’m always intereted to hear the long, drawn out (or in some
    cases short) novel of that helped them come to a naming decision.

  • Danyspike

    I’m so excited for you! I can’t wait!

    As for nightmares, the only one that comes up is you not being able to stop giggling and that after 8 minutes you only manage to say: ‘Taylor is so hot!’ LOL
    If something like that does happen to you, remember, the key name is Rob…or Ron, whatever.

  • Carrie Jo

    My biggest nightmare would be to shriek like the closeted fangirl I am….and then not to remember a single intelligent question to ask her.

    Good luck, ladies. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  • Candy

    My nightmare would be to cry uncontrollably. Never met a real celebrity, but fear of crying like an utter idiot if I met a fav. I did see Mario Lopez once at the lake, but he was like 50 yards away and we didn’t speak, so that doesn’t count.

    You guys are going to do fab! Can’t wait to read all about it.

    Question: Any chance of a Leah story? She has said she’s tired of vampires for now, but what about wolves?
    What is she working on now???

  • tuesdaymidnight

    I’m so excited for you!! I have no filter between my brain and my mouth, so I’m pretty sure I’d offend Stephenie in some way in less than a minute. I have no doubt you’ll handle yourselves coolly and confidently.

    I have a ton of questions about her vampires’ anatomy that would probably be grossly inappropriate. However, I would really like to know what she thinks of the movies. Does she think they should try to keep them close to the books? Or, should they have more leeway, because they have to cut out so much? Is she as bitter as I am that they cut the bit about Bella calling Edward out for saying “Carlisle was right”? Would she do anything differently? What does she think about having a different director for each one?

    I’ll stop now. You get the idea.

  • chochang

    sooo stephenie, what’s your favorite twilight fan fic? #nightmares

  • kat

    YOu could ask her if looking back, she would change any part of the Saga. Would she tweak anything or change a story arch at all.

    I don’t know, right now I’m focusing on trying not to vomit for you.

    • Good question – besides keeping Bree alive, what would she change?

  • Carrie Jo

    I just thought of a few movie questions, but you may have similar questions already. But just in case…

    1. She said that there were a few little things in both previous movie versions that she wishes she had thought to put in the novels (i.e. Bella waking up in Twilight and seeing Edward there). Was there anything like that she particularly liked in the Eclipse movie?

    2. Was there any scene from the book left out of the movie that she misses?

    And a book question:

    We found out in the Bree book and in Breaking Dawn that Edward had a lot more information on the Volturi agenda than he shared with Bella. Did he share it w/Carlisle or any of the other Cullens and try to shield Bella from it or did he keep it to himself. If he kept it to himself, why wouldn’t he warn Alice how much Aro wanted the two of them or that he was jealous of the power of the Cullen clan?

    • Bea

      This is very much like the question I left in the comments to the Bree post, and is definately at the top of my (non-MS) list. As to Alice, though, I’m guessing her visions let her know. But I really want to know how that conversation with Carlisle went.

    • Alice_NaA

      I just notice I have the exact same question about BD as you have!

  • Renie

    Stephenie wrote the first version of “Twilight” and gave it to her sister. It was reportedly a more mature version….will we ever get to read that “Twilight”?

    • Obava

      Oooooooo! “Mature” is code for “sexytimes,” right?!
      Yeah I wanna read THAT version of Twilight!

    • The Old One

      That was also my question: Stephenie has said she writes longer or alternate versions of scenes and then edits–is that true for the love scenes? Did she write more *ahem* detailed scenes with Edward and Bella that were” streamlined” for publication?

  • Stacey

    You girls will do fantastic! I already have a feeling that you’ll have the most interesting (and funny) questions, that will leave Stephenie not only impressed, but laughing! Think about it this way, Moon has already had a one-on-one with Rob’s Daddy. If you can do that without getting nervous, you can do anything.

    I, on the other hand, would be literally speechless, then blather on like an idiot. She would probably wonder who the stammering idiot is. Which is exactly what happened the only other two times I met celebrities.

    I also have a question, I just thought of that has nothing to do with Midnight Sun. It is actually about why she didn’t actually put Leah and Jacob together? I thought their antagonistic attitude toward each other that would become love could be an interesting contrast to the Bella and Edward’s I love you (almost immediately) and want to eat you story. Instead he fell in love with a blood eating baby.

    Sorry for the long post!

    • Luludee

      Yeah, great question! Did she ever consider a Jacob/Leah love story?

      • thischickrunswithvampires

        Most of my fantasies revolve around Bella & Edward, but I still hold out hope that if there’s ever a 5th Twilight, or a spinoff, that Jacob’s relationship with Renes-whatever will become a friendship or brotherly/sisterly kind of imprinting, and he and Leah will finally hook-up!!

        Seriously – that was the much more intriguing, less icky way to go.

    • MariaCecilia

      Yes! While I was reading BD I was sure that the irritation between Jacob and Leah heralded a later love relationship, and I flipped at the part when Jacob imprints on a baby girl..(still find it unsettling to think about). But I guess Stephenie had her perfect symmetry mapped out from the beginning, giving Jacob a surrogate Bella..? Was that the idea of the whole pregnancy thing, or couldn’t she bear the thought of a childless Bella, I wonder?

      You ladies will do fine! I would be sweating copiously and holding my little notebook tightly, sticking to my script for fear of braying silly laughter or word vomit. I am sure you will be sarcastic and sweet and to your own selves true!

    • Stacey

      How did I get a thumbs down on that one? I think I am going to start getting a complex here and start crying into my coffee. Still a wee bit hormonal…

      Was it about the blood eating baby? Because, she does. Which I found interesting, due to watching a movie on Showtime late night. (nursing the baby again @2) It was about a blood eating baby which was disturbing due to just finishing reading Breaking Dawn and nursing a baby at the same time. I really shouldn’t watch scary things! It was a newer movie, so I couldn’t help wondering if the screenwriter read Breaking Dawn and wanted to make a scary version or just had disturbing nursing experiences. Wow just rereading this makes me realize that I need some sleep!

  • MrsKowski

    Wow! This new site is amazing – I can even comment from my bb!!!

    You girls will be amazing & own that interview, I know this. Your going to have Stephenie laughing her ass off just like she does from home every morning when she reads LTT.

    My question, even though I doubt she’d answer it honestly, would be if she regrets agreeing to make the movies. I mean Twilight was huge before the movies but was nearly was main stream and didn’t have nearly the following as it received once the movies started. Then with that came all the negetivity and commercialization & twi-crap – does she regret allowing that to happen to her story?

    Good luck! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  • Xylem108

    Oh, Yay! The day is finally here! I am so happy for you guys! It is truly deserved.

    I think it would be interesting to know if she has had any more dreams about these characters since the initial one…. And if so, was it the fade to black in Isle Esme? Was it too graphic in her mind? Was there gliiter lube involved? (ok, maybe not so much).

    I know she won’t comment on future projects, but I want to know if the scale and expectation of this fandom has scared her off writing about these characters in the future.

    I want to know if she has read Dark Side of the Moon and which is her favorite Twilight fanfic?

    Lastly, I would want her to know that her books have chipped away at least one person’ cynicism in a most favorable way. It makes no sense,
    but it’s absolutely true.

    Ok, ladies… Go show those newbie twibloggers how it’s done!

    • Sj

      I’d like to know if Steph’s dreams actually do fade to black. I’ve even had RL moments when I wanted everything to fade to black.

      • I faded to black once in real life. I woke up on the floor of a Sam’s. Not a good thing, trust.

        I did get free pizza though…

        • Sam’s? Fangbanger, where are you from?

          • I’m from Oklahoma! Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain… 😉

        • For some reason, I couldn’t reply to your last comment. Anyway, I live in Maine and thought you might live here, too, as we have a small pizza chain called Sam’s. Too bad you don’t live here, too, b/c then I could have used my line about how “we shouldn’t be friends” – I have appearances to keep up regarding my closeted Twi-ness. 🙂

  • Vi

    Did you end up wanting Bella to be with Jacob? Because it seems like Edward loses a bit of his charm/funny/awesome/balls etc in the second half of the series. #actualquestion

    Do you dream of Rob now instead of Edward? #nightmare

  • Nelle

    Good luck and enjoy! You two deserve this. You have provided so much entertainment to us and have the best blog and the best contributors.

    After reading the Bree story I came away feeling that Bree and Edward had much more of a conversation than it appeared to be in Eclipse. In fact, in Eclipse, when they knew that the Volturri were going to kill Bree, Bella says that Edward whispered to her “don’t watch.” At the end of Bree’s book, Bree says Edward said “don’t watch” and Bree’s last line is “I closed my eyes.” So I wonder if Edward meant his words for Bree as well as Bella.

    • frightenedflips

      Oooohh good question Nelle!!!
      I’d wanna know that.

  • Goodgirl goneplaid

    Dun dun dun…say NO to nightmares. You two will rock it! Enjoy the day ladies! You should ask her to ask you two ANY question she likes. She must be curious about some stuff in this world she created right?!
    I’m sure it’ll be memorable for all the right reasons. I can’t wait to hear all about it!!

  • JodieO

    Do not ask Steph if she is really chagrined as much as she says.

    Do ask Steph wtf is up with Edward thinking 80s music is superior to 60s music.

    • JodieO

      Also, ask how she feels about the fandom being split into teams. Teams which, for some reason, often get rather nasty towards each other.

    • Sj

      This could be one thing I agree with Edward on, maybe.

    • MariaCecilia

      Yes JodieO – that is the ONLY part of the book where I felt I might fall out of love with Edward on the spot. Hating all music from the 60’s and 70’s?? WTF? What about The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Genesis, -and all the other good stuff? Pale men with long hair and narrow, naked chests getting lots of attention from screaming women – jealous much?

      • AJ

        If Edward hates David Bowie then I might have to hate edward.

        • Slapping The Beaver (a Unicorn)

          +1 AJ, i’m with you there

  • superhumanmoron

    Is that Seth Green biting her neck in that picture? Anywhoozle, ask her if she has a thing for Michael J. Fox. I have my reasons. Sending you an email about it!

    • Stacey

      I thought it was my husband at first, which creeped me out. But, in closer examination, he is not cheating on me with Stephenie, it is in fact Seth Green. (Seth dresses way better than my man)

      • snowwhitedrifted

        wait a minute.. your hubs looks like Seth Green? His name isn’t craig is it? I dated a Seth type many many years ago.

        …if so, our twinness is getting weird!

        • Stacey

          He is actually a Jarrod, who hates Seth Green. (I used to make him watch Buffy with me when we were dating. It was fun.)

          But the fact that you did date a Seth Green look alike, contributes to our twinness.

          Do you think if we were to meet that it would be like looking in a mirror?

          • snowwhitedrifted

            Ooooooh, like when Joey met his identical hand twin in Caesar’s Palace.

            my hubs is Jeremy- a J name as well.

          • Stacey

            Yay Friends reference!

            This is getting eerie and fun!

    • Vi

      lmao michael j fox, handsdown best question ever

  • If I were standing in front of Stephenie, I would probably be overcome with so much emotion that I would burst into tears #embarassing

    WHICH IS WHY it’s a good thing you guys were chosen for this, not me 😉

    Remember, you are the chosen one(s).

  • eatmyjorts

    Goodest of luck ladies!

    Please ask her about how she feels about re-invigorating the appeal of jorts, & making them the garment of choice for some very hot men.

    Also, & I know she has the clout to do this, can she please get the wolf pack to call them Jorts in Breaking Dawn? It would be the ultimate affirmation of all our deep sarcastic love for her work. XXXX

    • Sj

      Oh the power this woman wields, imagine her turning up on set declaring ‘But they have to be naked for this scene, I insist upon it’. Oh yeah, it’s Steph, not CathyCougar *sigh*.

    • Stacey

      Calling them jorts in the movie! What a great idea!

    • The Old One


  • I’m confused. Aren’t they meeting her tomorrow? Not that I wouldn’t take the whole week before such an event off… just want to get my facts straight.

    • Sj

      I think it depends were you are. As far as I know, from my place in the world, they will be meeting her yesterday ie Thursday.

    • Luludee

      They are meeting her on June 18, which for the USA, at least, is Friday.

  • Nightmares: Being unable to speak. Actually throwing myself in a large crater hole to avoid it all. Getting an upset stomach and staying in the bathroom the entire time. Asking if she really thinks Jesus came to America. Asking if she thinks Arsenio Hall accompanied him. Throwing self in giant crater hole.

    These are the things that would REALLY happen to me. Thank God you two are much cooler and composed than I am. GOOD LUCK.

    • Sj

      Fang, all this talk of crater holes is freaking me out! I insist that you avoid all construction sites, earthquake prone areas and backyards dug up by dogs until UC & Moon return.

      • I live in an area notorious for falling in randomly. YAY!

        Just kidding, I stay far away from giant crater holes. No worries.

  • MyNieceIsaFanRIGHT

    Here are some Questions for The Goddess of Twilight (You know you have made it big when you get a Capitalized The before your name mid-sentence, so you go girls since you are interviewing a “The” worthy person!):

    Are there any other characters other then Bree that you wish you could of changed or just tweaked their story line somewhat in hindsight?

    We hear hints of what happened to Billy to be in a wheel chair and Jacob’s absent Mom (car accident???, harder for sisters being hm, and Jacob remembering his Mom w/his interaction w/mothering Esme in Breaking Dawn, etc.) but did you always intend for that to be just background wonder or did you ever plan to bring more of that story out? or am I totally kicked out of the twilight club since I should know this answer?

    Who was your FAVORITE casting choice that you were just like YESSSSSSSS they nailed it (hard since they are all amazing!)? And did anyone surprise you that you were like ok but then proved to be amazing?

    And what one thing (luxury or pampering item) that you can afford now to buy yourself that always puts a smile on your face?

    Sorry, got on a roll . . . questions keep popping up in my mind . . . yes, it is a scary place to be . . . a little like ricochet rabbit on red bull at times and as in HS, always running last minute in handing in that darn paper assignment (no, you can not know how long it has been since HS because it might be a higher number than how old you are right now so ssshhhhhh!)

    And PLEASE let her know how COOL beyond belief she is for doing this for her fans . . . I was always disappointed after interviews for ex: Oprah that I was looking forward to that were like “we already knew that” and you wanted to offer to brief the interviewer before they asked the same questions once again. I guess they don’t take advantage of all the old youtube interviews like us NORMAL people do . . . that is normal, right?

    Good luck girls and hope YOUR nightmare isn’t wearing those really cute but amazingly high shoes even though you forget how to walk in them the minute you actually have to get up and move across the room (visualize graceful, no Bella trips please since there won’t be ice to blame it on). Make us proud! Wow, I really did type a lot, so sorry . .

  • KinkyKiss

    I’m nervous, excited, trying not to pee my pants too!
    I feel like I’m meeting her too!!

    I know you girls will be fabulous!
    I can’t wait to read about it
    Break some legs
    Breathe like you’re giving birth
    Just in case you forgot
    Take lots of pictures

    • Obava



  • Alice_NaA

    I actually haven’t read any S.M. interview so I have no idea what people asked her before.

    Apart from Midnight Sun I think everyone is curious about whether there’ll be any other twi-related future projects, and I mean other than “a lifelong lusting after a teen boy” from the perspective of Mrs Cope. We’re talking Jasper and Alice.

    I would also like to know what she would have done differently, had she had the opportunities (aka money) she has now. E.g. consulting a stylist before giving B and E matching khaki outfits and having the readership picture the most epic moment of the series on brocade bedding. Would she have travelled to Italy and maybe have picked out a different city instead of Volterra?

    A few things about breaking dawn which I still don’t understand. (But maybe the people here can already enlighten me.)
    1) During the big (anticlimax) Volturi confrontation Edward is really upset about Aro’s thoughts and there is the issue of the ring Aro gave to Bella. Bella kinda downplayed the whole thing based on Edward’s explanations, but I still got the feeling SM hinted more was going on. I still don’t understand the full meaning behind all that.
    2) In Eclipse we got to appreciate Roselie and understand her bitchiness. I disliked how this had to be completely undone in breaking dawn by portraying her as incredibly selfish (only concerned about the baby and rather seeing Bella dead than the baby). Did she intend to have Rose come across as that selfish? Why didn’t any of the Cullens SRSLY Tsssskkkk-ed Rosalie for her behaviour. I got the feeling all of them were just standing there, doing nothing. (Apart from Jacob, God bless him in that situation). Rosalie could have helped Bella keep the baby in a different non-selfish way I think. A bond between the two would have made more sense then and would be a ‘healthier’ type of friendshipm instead of “I wanted you dead to save your baby and look after it myself, but now that you survived, let’s be friends! (so you will still let me babysit everytime) “

    • Alice_NaA


      JUST HAVE AN AMAZING TIME! you deserve this!

    • Stacey

      I thought the same thing about Rosalie and the baby. I particularly enjoyed the scene with Jacob hitting her in the head with the “dog food bowl”. That was a good Jacob scene.

    • Carrie Jo

      I don’t know if Rosalie would have gone so far as to actually WANT Bella to die. I think she just thought that it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world (for her) if she did. I think if she had actually be as selfish to hope that Bella would die that Edward actually would have ripped her to shreds

    • Vera

      I think Rosalie did an excellent job in helping Bella. Rosalie had no selfish feelings, just had some motherly feelings satisfied.

      Also was the one who told Jacob, that bitch, the truth about himself, and Rosalie was the voice that expressed our frustration with that boring character that appeared on every page of the last three books.

  • O.M.E.

    I am so excited for you both! And a bit (A lot) jealous ☺ I really can’t wait to see your blog after S.M. answers all of your well prepared and delivered questions. You are both totally entertaining bloggers here so just be yourselves and you will rock…

    I also have lots of questions for S.M. but my most recent ones are
    1. In “The Bree Book”, how much Edward knows about The Volturi’s plan of action against The Cullen Family and if he told his family about it all.

    2. I am currently re re re reading Breaking Dawn and wonder (since she’s writing spin offs now) if Stephenie would consider writing about The Denali Clan, especially the mother and those immortal children. Maybe Edward could make an appearence in that book too since Tanya crushed on him. I wouldn’t want The Cullens left out (ever). They were still the highlight of “The Bree Book” for me even though I really did like her and felt sad that she had to die, even though I knew she would.

    Good luck ladies! O.M.E

  • MyNieceIsaFanRIGHT

    Ok, thought of one more . . . .

    Did she ever think her stories of the relationship between three virgins would be such a hit in todays world? (It will at least get her to smile!)

    Could not resist! The off shoots of this one keeps me entertained and chuckling like you would not believe!

  • You know my question for her:

    (If not, does she have a countdown widget to August 24th on her laptop like the rest of us normal people?)

    I mean…that’s what’s important to me.
    Oh, and what music she’s listening to now? Of course.

    • Oh no no no no.

      Don’t ask her if she has read Mockingjay. If she says yes, I’ll be forced to hate her forever. Or at least until August 24. 😉

      • StotheP

        Ooooooo – great question, Lula! I don’t wanna know either, though! I already resent her enough for the whole tent scene.

        @%#!@ you very much for THAT, Steph. Also, <3 you!

      • lindsaylee

        Wow, I knew my Ltt buddy (teamjacobedward) and I loved the series, but I’m thrilled to see y’all do to! Cannot wait for august!

  • Sj

    Just finished the Bree book and I really enjoyed the characters. But now I’m all worried for Freaky Fred out there by himself, maybe trying to buy a drink at a bar and no one serving him.

    #actual questions
    1.Please ask Steph if Freaky does OK out there.
    2.Is Kristie maybe a cousin of Lauren?

    #nightmare All those hot teenager vamps holed up in a basement day after day & noooooo hint of sex?

    • MariaCecilia

      Yes, since Stephenie has already painted sex between vampires as about the best and most intense thing possible to experience, and since Bree and Diego definitely felt an attraction, why weren’t they going at each other like mad? I know Bella and Edward did..
      *face paw*
      Oh, right, AFTER they were married! I forgot how important that small detail is for vampires. No sex in the basement, then…

  • StotheP

    Hmmmm. Ask her to sign a Vamp!

    Seriously? Ask her thoughts on the online Twilight community. If she’s aware of its size, the part it’s played in furthering the madness, the connectivity via forums, Twitter, etc.

    OH! OHHHHH! Ask her if she’s read any fanfic! Hell, ask her if she secretly WRITES it! I just KNOW somewhere there’s an unedited version that doesn’t skip from fade to feathers!

  • Deb

    Question Suggestions:

    1.) In Personal Correspondence 9 on the Twilight Lexicon Website- Stephenie stated, “…there is at least one chapter in New Moon that I WILL write in Edward’s POV, and then post on my site or whatnot.)” It would be nice to know what chapter this might be & when she plans to do it.

    Also, I read on Stephenie’s Website that she does plan to post some Extras & Outtakes for “Eclipse” & Breaking Dawn”, as she did for “Twilight” & ” New Moon”. When will she complete & post those?

    Good Luck Ladies! Enjoy! I will be anxiously awaiting your report.

  • 1) Do you own any glitter lube? #worstnightmare

    2) Seriously, WHAT does Edward do when Bella has her period? This I actually really want to know. I know Twilight is make-believe, but I like my vampire stories nice and consistent.

    • And have a FABTASTIC time, ladies!

    • Bea

      Sadly, I’d guess that the only answer we’re getting to #2 is the fairly lame explanation found in Personal Correspondance #2 at Twilight Lexicon of it being “dead blood”. Not terribly interesting, but would otherwise make high school totally impossible for Jasper and make the story too darn complicated.

  • Vera

    Dear UC and Moon,

    Please understand that we need more Edward, we simply need to know what happens in that beautiful red head, what happens in that heart of stone. We need MIDNIGHT SUN, a lot . Ms. Meyer can not ignore it. It’s almost criminal.

    I hope you have fun, tomorrow.

  • operarose

    Using the word “chagrin” 5 times in a row…and totally NOT intending it as a joke. #nightmares

    Tweedy serious question suggestions for you:

    a. If she was forced to, tomorrow, write a sequel to the series, whose POV would she write it from and why?

    b. Is there anything she wished she’d included in any of the Twilight books and why? Or is there anything she wished she’d left out or could rewrite?

    c. What are 5 things on her writing desk at home right now?

    d. The downfalls are obvious but what is the major plus to having written these massively popular books?

    e. I think that reading about Bella and Edward takes a lot of adult readers back to a time when not only were they falling in love for the first time but perhaps gives readers a “second chance” at that first love vicariously through Bella and Edward. Was Steph perhaps tapping into some of her past memories about taking “the road not taken” when developing the relationship between Bella and Edward? (I hope that’s not confusing. Basically my theory is that the attraction to Twilight is not just about remembering “falling in love” but also having a 2nd chance at that first love because as wild and crazy as it might seem for Bella and Edward to end up together, they do, unlike many of us who don’t end up with that first big love. Or is that just me? *blushes*)

    And finally, I’m sure you already have this one, what is she working on right now? 🙂

    Good luck, can’t wait to hear all about it!!!

    • operarose

      Oh! And what’s she reading right now? I’ve enjoyed her book suggestions in the past but haven’t seen any lately.

  • sassysmart

    I would be the worst journalist (good thing I changed my major) cause I have nothing that I REALLY want to know.

    But it would be nice to read stories (even if they are short novellas) about the other major characters. Cullens, backstory on Billy Black…what does Charlie REALLY think of all the weirdness going on after she turns (cause comeon, he’s not stupid and for him to blindly accept it is ludicris), how did Renee meet a young hot minor league baseball player? is Bull Durham her inspiration on that?

    I don’t care about Edward, Bella or Jacob…I want to know about everyone else.

  • LUCK!!! Loves.

  • frightenedflips

    Ask her to re-write fade to sad scene as a fanfic anonymously (and only let us know her nom de plume – we promise not to tell) *claps hands frantically*

  • sjaantje

    I am so excited for you guys and can’t wait to hear all about it. Good luck figuring out the Depends and skinny jeans situation 🙂

    Okay, my questions are:

    1) Stephenie is going to be Executive Producer on Breaking Dawn. What is she hoping to be able to “protect” by being in this position?

    2) I know it isn’t possible, but if “Twilight” could be remade with the budgets that “New Moon” and “Eclipse” have had would that be something she would want to see happen.

    3) We all know that when Stephenie was writing the books she saw them as movies. While the movies are great, is she curious as to why “Twilight” wasn’t made more like the book? What is her feeling about what was different from the books and the movies? It has been said many times that her and Melissa talk to each other alot while Melissa is writting the screen plays. So what gives.

    I hope my questions make sense. I am so excited I feel like I am rambling. Which would be my worse nightmare. When I am nervous and around people I’ve never meet before, the dumbest things come tumbling out of my mouth!

    Good luck ladies!

    • aleisha

      Really good questions!

      • Carrie Jo

        I agree!

    • sjaantje

      I just thought of another one!

      In the book it is obvious that Bella has a scar on her hand and we see that in the movie too.
      Why is it you don’t see any of the scars on the vampires? Bella doesn’t even notice Jasper’s until they are pointed out to her. Why is that?

  • Michelle

    REMEMBER UC AND MOONY you were going to find out about how the heck Irina knew that the wolves killed damn Laurent which had a mega impact on the Eclipse and BD story arcs!

    Please ask Irina was supposed to know this when Laurent was alone when he died (except for the wolves themselves of course) so why the HALE was she holding a grudge for something she couldn’t have known anything about? It wasn’t like Laurent could fill her in! Even Victoria could not have known, even though he was there on her errand.

    • Michelle

      Oh and GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKK! I know you won’t fangirl – I trust you both immensely to do us all so proud.

    • Stacey

      You are right about that! I never thought about Laurent, the wolves and Irina until you brought it up!

    • sjaantje

      Good question! Maybe Bella told Edward one day about what happened that day and this news got back to the clan in Alaska. That would be my guess. I would be curious as to what Stephenie’s answer would be.

  • frightenedflips

    Ooooiohhh!!! Ask what her most memorable laughs were from LTT or LTR. ( And if she’s ever left any comments……..)
    Would love to know that!!!!!
    Good luck ladies – I think Stephs gonna be the one asking the questions and I’m betting she is completely NORMAL and looking so forward to your very normal company.

    • unlikelyfangirl

      I was just going to suggest the same thing. I think Stephenie has a really good sense of humor (obviously to be able to accept the craziness that has become her life). I feel such a kindred spirit to anyone who “gets” Twilight the LTT way and it just makes me so happy to think that even Stephenie laughs the LTT way.

  • lapushbaby

    You will be fabulous, and Depends have come a long way. They are much thinner now….

    I would ask did you REALLY approve the screenplays? Really? Did you not think they could be slightly, I don’t know, better?

    (dont ask that)

  • aleisha

    My worst nightmare — two words: nervous toots.

    Bree questions: Why didn’t the Volturi notice Bree/Diego outside Victoria’s cottage? Did Riley feel any remorse when he killed Diego?

    You girls will be great and even if you go crazy fangirl on us, the write-up will be so funny, we’ll all forgive you. Enjoy the moment!

    • “Nervous toots” – hah! This made me laugh out loud enough for my kids to demand to know what was so funny. They didn’t get it.

      • sjaantje

        That would be a fear of mine too! LOL!
        Good thing my girls are upstairs playing right now, I laughed outloud too and would have to explain. Although they are getting use to me having outbursts like that when I am on LTT/LTR.

    • raven4mi

      OMG, “nervous toots” had my laughing out loud while visiting client offices. (Yes, I AM working – just waiting for a software upgrade to complete. Why do you ask?)

  • NotWutheringHeights

    Seriously, I’d like to know how this lady keeps it real at home with the kids. To the outside world she’s a phenomenon and riding high on the crest of the Twi Tsunami, but what about at home, behind closed doors… does she pack the kids’ lunches?, make their beds (or scream at them to do it themselves, then give up and slam the doors so she doesn’t have to witness the mess when they blatantly ignore her?). How does she squeeze in the writing between batches of cookies and pots of mac ‘n’ cheese? Does she even get time to write (c’mon, the Bree book could’ve been punched out over a few beers watching Idol on TV).

    How do you do it SM? Is SM also acronym for Super Mum? Or Sloppy Messmaker?

    Make the rest of us feel better… tell me what a disaster your house is!

    • Kadie

      Does she have a Mom’s stare of death that rival’s Jane’s? =)

  • Carrie Jo

    Ok, I need to stop think about Twilight today, but I thought of another couple questions:

    1. The Volturi wives are barely mentioned in the series. I assume Aro and Marcus love them (or they wouldn’t still be around, right?) But do they have any other role or are they just the type of political wives that enjoy the benefits of the ruling class and are basically arm candy?

    2. Does Jane have some sort of romantic thing for Aro or is Chelsea’s power that strong?

    3. How does Aro keep Chelsea loyal to him for all these millennia?

    • Carrie Jo

      Umm, that would be stop *thinking* (not think). I think I need more sleep.

    • Luludee

      I thought that Aro killed Marcus’s true love, who was also his (Aro’s) sister? And Marcus has just been a big blah since then. I didn’t think there were wives other than her.

      I vaguely remember Chelsea…what’s her power again? To make everyone else love/respect Aro?

      • Carrie Jo

        Aro did kill Didyme (Marcus’ wife and his sister) but according to a few lines in Breaking Dawn and the list in the back of the book, Aro and Caius had wives too.

        And yes, Chelsea’s power was to influence the relationships between vampires/people. She kept the guard loyal to the Volturi.

        • Luludee

          Ok, that all does sound familiar now. Thanks!

          I forgot there was an index in the back of the book, but since I don’t own BD anyway, it would have done me no good!

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  • YeahIguessIam

    First of all, how exciting! Have a wonderful time. I’m sure you’ll both do great. I have only been reading this blog for a few weeks now, but I can already tell you both are obviously intelligent and know your Twilight inside and out.

    Two questions that maybe have already been answered. I’m kinda new here, so I’m sorry if I am repeating things.

    1. Did Stephenie always know that she was writing a fairy tale, i.e., the ‘happily ever after’? Did she plan from the start that Bella was going to end up being a vampire, or did she ever consider making the story about Bella growing up and moving on from Edward (& Jacob too)? For most of the first three books I really thought it was going to be a story about growing up; having that first love feeling and then moving on.
    2. Is she worried about how the climactic confrontation scene from Breaking Dawn w/ the Volturi will translate to the screen, since there is no real fighting and really is just two big groups standing around and looking at each other while Bella essentially does the “Care Bear Stare”? It was suspenseful in the book, but I think it could make for some seriously boring screen time w/out adding some actual fighting.

    • Kadie

      “Care Bear Stare” FTW!!!

    • Bea

      Good questions!

  • Kadie

    Good luck! You’ll rock this interview. Make sure that all of your questions aren’t tweed serious (or how would it possibly reflect this site?!).

    That being said, here are some tweed serious questions that I just suggested not to ask. =)

    1.) How do they keep Jasper away from all of those stored bags of donated blood they are storing in the house in BD?

    2.) In Midnight Sun Edward talks about how venom always pools in his mouth because she is so appealing. He also (somewhere) talks about how the venom is to paralyze the victim although it is completely unnecessary. Why they doesn’t Bella experience some form of paralysis when they swag spit all of the time is Edward’s mouth is watering so much?

    3.) In Midnight Sun, Edward talks about that he can’t really understand Charlie’s thoughts as far as content, but more just the mood of them. How then does he know that Charlie is nervous about a sex talk with Bella rather than nervous about something else? It was a fun part of the story but doesn’t make sense with Charlie’s “hazy” thoughts.

    4.) How do all of the hospital patients possibly endure Carlisle’s cold touch? Latex gloves offer no warmth. Additionally, how in the world did Carlisle get through his OBGYN rotation in med school with hands like that?! BRRRR!

    5.) Which of the movie characters are most like the people she envisioned (appearance, personalities, etc)?

    6.) If the wolves can stop phasing and continue aging once the threat of vampires disappears, will it just go back to having 4 or 5 once it is only the Cullens remaining? If so, which 4 or 5? I mean…will Sam stay a wolf because he is the Alpha and the younger ones need to grow up more, or is it more of a first in, first out thing?

    Okay, I’m beginning to scare myself with these! I will stop now.

  • snowwhitedrifted

    I’d be afraid I’d ask something like:

    Stephanie, who do you think would win in an MMA fight, you or Anne Rice?

    Why does Carlisle wear the scarves? Why was he my first thought when I saw this:

    The Cullens house is supposed to be immaculate, do they do there own cleaning? Isle Esme had a cleaning service, what about the forks chateau? I can’t see Rosalie pusing a Dyson.

    • Stacey

      I heard an interview with PFach and he took all the credit for the scarves. He thought they looked classy.

      I have a feeling that Esme spends the day cleaning up after the “kids”. The mess of Emmitt alone…

      • Owning It

        It was totally PFach’s idea- I also heard him say that wearing the scarf was from his thought that Carlisle would be very self-conscious of his ‘vampire-bite-scars’, and that would be a way to cover them up, so to speak.

        I realize now that I know way too many details about Carlisle’s scarves… -face palm-

    • Bea

      Esme’s gotta do all the fake housewife stuff… she shops for groceries and then throws them away 🙂

      • NotWutheringHeights

        Surely the Cullens would donate all that food to a soup kitchen in a neighbouring town/state/country… just a quick zoom with a trunk full of groceries. It was mentioned that they donate all the clothes that Alice only lets them wear once (certainly not true of the pea coat!).

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