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Alice & Jasper – Missed opportunity?

Oh swoon

Dear Jackson and Ashley (and sorta to Jasper and Alice by proxy),

Romeo and Juliet, Ozzy and Harriet, Jay Z and Beyonce, Burt and Ernie, Peanut Butter and Jelly, UC and Moon, Ebony and Ivory. All great couples in history, right? They are M.F.E.O. (made for each other, duh!) as Jessica from Sleepless in Seattle would say. And I feel like it might be time to add Jasper and Alice to that list.

In Eclipse you stole every scene you were in. The banter and sly looks, the half smiles, the eyes, the “ma’m’s.” It was all so golden. As we saw the flashbacks from Rosalie’s life and then Jasper’s, I was holding my breath and saying a prayer to my impromptu alter of David Slade I had erected in our aisle of the movie theater, hoping that he loved us enough to give me what I hadn’t even dreamt of hoping for: The Jasper and Alice meeting in the diner. As Jasper tells Bella about his human life, we see it play out in front of us: riding horses, lion’s mane hair under a cowboy hat, confederate army and then trickery from Maria. Then Alice approaches and Jasper relays how he walked into the diner and met Alice who told him she had been waiting for him. I just knew it would be the perfect moment to drop in a quick glimpse of what that looked life. Sadly, my hopes were too high because we got no such flashback.

So not feeling the hope in this wig

We did, however, get one of the best moments of the movie between you two as Alice tells Jasper he kept her waiting and Jasper with that (at times questionable) drawl replies “sorry to have kept you waiting, ma’m” and then the little kiss. I just melted into the seat. I loved that is panned to Bella who was looking on and then glanced away and smiled to herself. I thought that was a great little moment from Kristen that capped one of my favorite scenes.

But I’m still sad we didn’t get the catch a glimpse of the epic first meeting of Jasper and Alice. It’s no secret I’m a big Jasper/Alice fan and want nothing more than for Stephenie Meyer to take a break and write me the untold Jasper/Alice story before they met the Cullens. Who needs that crap, Midnight Sun, that NO ONE wants finished when we could have Jasper/Alice radness to read? DO IT STEPHENIE!! Or DON’T DO IT STEPHENIE if that helps you out more.

Such a missed opportunity to make this movie even better and to give us Jashley whores a little something to salivate over. Every time Jasper and Alice were on screen everyone in the audience sighed and oh-ed and aw-ed over them, so I KNOW I’m not the only would who would have jumped out of their seat for this moment to happen. BUUUTTT this just means more opportunity for it to be included in Breaking Dawn (1 or 2)!!! And with that, as Jasper said “I felt hope.”

Don’t keep me waiting,

Did you feel the same way? Did everyone around you sigh and die everytime Jasper and Alice had a moment? Died. So great. What other moments do you wish would have made the final cut?

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  • superhumanmoron

    So glad they included Jasper and Alice sparring in the fight training. I love when she jumps on his back! All hail Slade!!

    • JodieO

      Me too! I was going to get really annoyed if they didn’t at least show that wee little second. I was so died after that I’m not sure I could have handled their diner scene.

      • CalientePocket

        Me three! The little kiss at the end was so sweet!

    • died for sure. the diner scene would have made me run a victory lap around the theater and then maybe just leave cause i dont know how much more awesome it could get after that

    • allryans

      Agreed. Jasper was actually *gasp* hot in that scene – and it played out very much like it is in the book. It was a nice little Eclipse bonus.

  • crazy_blonde

    OMG Jasper’s accent (although at times a little strange) was H O T! I was disappointed we didn’t get the whole back story but they were the cutest!

  • I effing LOVE me some Jasper and him and Alice are totally my second-fave couple. All of their little scenes had me squeeeee-ing internally and grinning like and idiot externally (thank eff for dark cinemas!). I, too, would’ve liked to have seen them meeting at the diner in Philly. That teeny little bit in Eclipse is one of my all-time favourite moments of all the books. So yes, that did make me sad, but I’m just glad they included stuff about it at all. And a Jasper/Alice story? HALE yes. <3

    • crazy_blonde

      Oh HALE YES to a Jasper/Alice story! Who needs that stupid Midnight Sun thing anyway… 😛

      • tuesdaymidnight

        YES! I mean, ew, why would anyone want to read THAT? *bats eyelashes at Stephenie*

        • IKR? Blurgh. 😉

      • rpisthenewps

        by the time she gets around to finishing MS, everyone she knows will be dead anyway, problem solved. So don’t bother, Stephanie!

    • one of my favorite scenes in all the books too. obvi! 😉

    • TEAMALICEFTW eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
      hahahaha, so basically I agree

  • Carrie Jo

    I felt like I never really got a handle on Jasper in the books, but I really liked him in this movie. I’ve always kinda felt like it was necessary for Alice to be with someone (otherwise you would have questioned why Edward and Alice hadn’t hooked up and that’s kind of a “no, let’s not go there” type of thought), but always felt like Jasper was a bit side-lined. I’m glad Eclipse the movie straightened that out for me!

  • TeamJacobEdward

    My sadness of missing out on a cafe flashback scene of Jasper and Alice meeting was short-lived. Their ninety was so sweet with that little kiss. I definitely agree.

    And did anyone else love Alice’s hair as much as I did at the grad party? I thought she looked super cute.

    (the only hair I remember really bothering me was Bella’s, which was good)

    • TeamJacobEdward

      “Their ninety was so sweet with that little kiss.”

      WTH? I meant “moment” not “ninety”.

      I love that my phone recognizes made up terms I have like, “craptastic” but guesses completely off when I swype real words.

    • Sue G.

      I miss Alice’s spiky hair. I thought it was really cute at the grad party too!

      • TeamJacobEdward

        IKR? I too miss spiky-haired Alice… Spikelice?

    • Pinky

      I thought her graduation hair was adorable.

    • her hair at the grad party was the best of the whole movie. The rest of the time she looked like a mom who was victim to a new stylist at super cuts. SAD.

      • TeamJacobEdward

        YES! THAT right there is why Alice’s New Moon & Eclipse (minus grad party) hair bothered me sooo much. I just couldn’t put my finger on why. Thank you!!

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  • tuesdaymidnight

    Jasper stole this movie for me. (Well, and Charlie, cause y’all know I still love me some Charlie.) The training (the smirking), the battle, the Civil War flashback (the drawl), Bella’s dream. I was also really hoping for Alice in the asylum and then waiting in the diner, but I am glad they at least mentioned it.

    I’m also glad I finally realized why Jackson always had Jasper standing stiff-straight with his hands behind his back. Good soldier’s posture, that one.

    • crazy_blonde

      Jasper totally stole the show! Oh the accent *swoons*
      And Charlie ALWAYS makes me laugh with those terribly awesome Dad jokes… And don’t get me started on the hotness of the coptache 😛

    • Um, I love you.
      Ditto everything.
      Jasper = <3
      Charlie = <3

    • StotheP

      Yay! I have to admit at several points during the movie, I thought, “DAMN. Tuesday’s gonna LOVE that!”

      I loved it, too. So, so much.

      MOON – YES, to everything you said. I knew Eclipse would include more Jasper, including backstory and training instruction, but I didn’t expect the wonderful moments with Alice or the swagger a li’l screentime would give Jackson! It’s like Slade gave us all a birthday present we’d asked for, and then went ahead and added “a li’l somethin’ extra.”

      Siiiigh. I could rhapsodize, I really could. I’m having a harder time managing my satisfaction than I ever did with my expectations. I can’t even HEAR the haters.

      You hear THAT, haters? I can’t HEAR you. Lalalalalalalalalalala.

      • “I’m having a harder time managing my satisfaction than I ever did with my expectations. I can’t even HEAR the haters.”

        LOVE IT!!! all i can think about it going back to see it. dying sorta. really need to. but doesnt look like it will happen at least till saturday… UGH!

    • “straight with his hands behind his back. Good soldier’s posture, that one”

      good call tuesday, GOOD CALL!

  • Stacey

    Even more reasons for me to see this movie!!! I think a Jasper & Alice book would be a GREAT idea. The fashion forwardness of Alice itself, would be a great contrast to Bella. Well maybe not movie New Moon Alice. I’m still trying to figure out those smock jackets. Was she late for her art class? Art class in the 50’s when they wore such things? Sorry, New Moon flashbacks.

    • snowwhitedrifted

      Alice’s Eclipse wardrobe packs New Moon Alice’s clothes off to Good Will.

      • Stacey

        Thank goodness! Alice just has to dress better then Bella! And those New Moon outfits weren’t cutting it!

    • lilmisscan’tbewrong

      I actaully thought the first one, it was blue, was kinda cute and quirky. It suited her. The later horse blanket one, not so much.

  • lieutenant.twilight

    Well I will be watching all said greatness for the first time in about 12 hours from now!! Since Im a little more than infatuated with Jackson, I look forward to allll of this! Except my slight jealousy of Ashley!

    soooooo excited…!

  • JaziceLives

    Hopefully Breaking Dawn might follow the Alice Jasper breakaway story a bit more than in the books. They made up/assumed the whole newborn action for this movie, why not do it again for this gorgeous twosome. Get on it M.R.

    • lilmisscan’tbewrong

      Oooo, good idea! I missed them so much in BD when they leave. Would be great to see their journey, searching for whats-his-name, the other half-vamp like Renesmee. (fanfail, and I’m too lazy to look it up!)

  • Bea

    This is why fanfic was invented. SM’s take would be better, but I read a pretty good tale of Jasper and Alice’s meeting and settling in with the Cullens last week…

    • crazy_blonde

      Care to point me in the direction of said fanfic? 🙂

    • StotheP

      I’m positive the number of Jashley fanfic will increase exponentially in the next few months. I’m also sure that 95% of them will include the ‘Sorry to have kept you waiting, ma’am” line.

      I may or may not be welcoming links to future links. *coughMaycough*

      • StotheP

        OR links to future fics. Gah.

        • fangbanger

          I seriously thought that said, “link to future fucks”.

          *goes away now*

          • …Is it possible to link to that? Or predict “future fucks”? Hmm…

          • StotheP

            Works, too. Wouldn’t lemons just be implied in a fic focusing on horsey skills and bayonettes?

  • Sassysmart

    I do have to agree. The Alice Jasper moments were fantastic. I was dissappointed that Jacksons Texas drawl wasn’t better (since he’s actually from Texas and all) but the simple ma’am was perfect.

    And I would actually purchase the Alice Jasper story for certain. And I probably wouldn’t sell it to the used book store when I was done. Like I did the others.

    • superhumanmoron

      Ooo, burn, thumbs down. Someone is NOT happy about you selling your books.

      • allryans

        I hear “ooooo, burn” –> Embry

    • i would LINE UP for this book.

    • Xylem108.9

      Mon Dieu! Your comment makes me want to open up my home Brangelina style to all the abandoned Twilight books in the world. Would IRS see it as a charitable organization… would SM?

  • kat

    All of the Jasper/Alice scenes were so amazing. You could just feel their love and admiration for one another. I know things are supposed to be easier for them since they have been together for forever and there is no question of their love but Kristen and Rob (no , not Bella and Edward) could take some acting lessons from them and how to look devoted to another person.

    I loved their sparing session and his amused and indulgent “ma’am”. Le sigh.

  • blackgirltwihard

    Yes, yes, yes, Moon!!! !I have to agree. A&J were timeless, My fave was when they were doing the practice fighting and she jumps his back and then they kiss… sooo sweeet! Loved it!!! DS really translated the whole feeling of soulmate love and her “rescuing” him from “the vampire army making J-Lo”(even though she was kinda hot – wonder where I can find those civil war-era style gold hoops???)

  • Xylem108.9

    I loved them and I’m so glad their story was told. I just wish there a bit more of the Bella/Alice BFFdom. It was totally different for Alice to just throw a party as oppose to throwing Bella a graduation party.

    But, Jackson really delivered more than his share of fierceness and sexiness. He
    Must have made friends with Slade, because he was lit beautifully in every scene. Kellan must have made one short joke too many because this movie did not like him.

    • Michelle

      I think Kellan tried to get lil’ man to read “The Purpose Driven Life” one too many times…

    • poor kellan also made the hair stylists mad at him because he had a full on ceasar cut

      • superhumanmoron

        But Pacey also had the Caesar cut, so I’ll forgive it.

      • Twi-Mom (not like on “O”)

        Ok I have not seen Eclipse yet but looking back at the other movies he has gotten a raw deal in those too. I mean come on his only line I can remember from NM is “Older chick HAWT” he sounded like such a d-bag. Did he even have lines in Twilight? I hope in BD they show his and Jaspers bets those parts always crack me up.

        • Pinky

          I love your name! Those ladies were terrifying.

          • Twi-Mom (not like on “O”)

            Thank you!! God I was so ticked off while watching those women. They give “Normal” fans like us a bad name. I am so sad, I have been so busy at work that I have not even got to keep up with the comments much this week :(.

  • Oooh, I finally saw it last night. I loved Jasper and Alice. In fact, I loved it all. Perfection.

    The only thing I wanted to see more of was Rosalie covered in blood while wearing that wedding dress.

    Oh well, at least she had a moment to shine.

    • StotheP

      I agree! I would have LOVED to see more of her vengeance.

      Perhaps the director’s cut will reveal epic badassery. I’m hoping it resembles this:


      • This!!! YES!

      • fangbanger

        CARRIE! Yes, like that, just more gorgeous. *golf claps*

      • snowwhitedrifted

        Can that be my new Avi?

    • delilah439

      I agree! I went with a friend who has not read the books and she was a little confused by that backstory. They never actually say that she was engaged to him, so its kinda weird if you dont already know that. I wish they would have expanded that scene a bit.


    LOVED the movie… And yes, HUGE missed opportunity for A&J the Diner seen would have been made Eclipse even more wonderful. DS NAILED IT!

    The Action Scenes were incredible, kstew FINALLY! stopped seeming in pain/twitching/sttutering… and have to give credit where credit is due, she did a good job.. JACOB oh boy what can I say about him…except that I almost ALMOST became team Jacob specially when he seemed so hurt after the battle… BUT Edward prevailed 🙂

    Would have been an awesome experience if all the 13 yr olds would have stopped screaming, and yelling every single momet Jacon was on screen… def many MANY 2ND hand embarrasements…

    loved it.. can’t wait to see it again- minus the 13 yr olds 🙂

  • AJ

    I thought Jackson was terrific and the chemistry between them very believeable.

    Still kills me that we couldn’t get ONE measly little flash of Bella’s potential future with Jacob, with Charlie and the Tribe and their children all together…

    • Alice_NaA

      “Still kills me that we couldn’t get ONE measly little flash of Bella’s potential future with Jacob, with Charlie and the Tribe and their children all together…”

      Ohh I strongly agree with you on this! This is the only thing which made the kiss in the book necessary for me. Even though it makes absolutely no sense why she has to CHEAT on Edward (and she totally does and it’s NOT OK just because we feel sorry for Jacob) to finally think about her future that way. This was the most important aspect of her choice between Edward and Jacob.

      Having said that, the kiss should have taken place in New Moon. And she should NOT have kissed Jacob after:

      1. trying to seduce E
      2. swooning over his courting speech
      3. Agreeing to marry him

      I already hated Bella for it the book and I hated it even ten times more in the movie, having to see E’s heartbroken face.

      • fangbanger

        Edward’s sad face made me cry. The tears started rollin’ during the “pity kiss” and didn’t stop… for awhile. Does that make me insane? Probably.

        I also wanted the brown little Indian babies. I bet they would’ve been adorable.

        • Alice_NaA

          That’s normal. I’d have cried too if it wasn’t for Bella_NaA totally swooning over the kiss right next to me.

      • Lovintherain

        I agree. At least when Bella kissed Jacob in the book, she started off not kissing back, but then her emotions overtook her and she started thinking about what she was giving up. I was still pissed at her for cheating on Edward. But at least she seemed remorseful and just plain emotionally overwhelmed.
        I was furious when she kissed him in the movie, even knowing full well that everything would work out in the end. But the look on Edward’s face put me over the top. Don’t make Edward sad!!

    • TeamJorts

      I was incredibly dissapointed they cut the scene with their possible future out as well. That whole little scene is one of my favorites in the book, so it made me sad they cut most of it.

      • Stacey

        They probably left it out to get Team Jacob people ready for Breaking Dawn. Trying to get them ready to become Team Imprint. Eek!

        • TeamJorts

          Probably! Which makes me even more sad. Plus they took out when she leaves and is driving and crying and Edward comes and “rescues” her and what not. Boo! That whole sequence is really touching. Darn Team Imprint.

  • LE SIGH! I can’t get into Eclipse yet. I’m still digesting to epicness. I loved it to death. I #leghitch David Slade every night in my dreams now. Normal?

    Alice and Jasper were so charming. I honestly didn’t care about Jasper’s background until this scene. I appreciated it, but it was one of those moments in the book that I read a tad faster than other parts (i.e. tent scene, which I may or may not have memorized). Fabulous job, but seeing those two finally meeting for the first time would have just been icing on the cupcake.

    I also LOVED the creepy Jasper dream. So, so good.

    • operarose

      “I #leghitch David Slade every night in my dreams now. Normal?”

      Of COURSE it is Normal! And any director who does this well with a Twilight movie deserves some #leghitch action from hot LTT gals for a little while. Maybe if we #leghitch him enough he’ll remake Twilight for us.

      • You think???

        Dear David Slade’s Fiance,

        Please don’t be offended if I want to #leghitch your man. It’s for a very good cause. Help a sister out.

        Lots of Love,

  • I loved all their scenes, and especially the training scene where Alice ducks his swings and jumps on his back and they share a little kiss. I wasn’t especially keen on the flashbacks – maybe us European gals don’t really get the appeal of the Southern drawl…

  • CalientePocket

    I know this is a little off topic but I’m dying to know what lipstick they used on Xavier. It’s such a cute natural pink.

    • Maybe he’s born with it.

      • Obava

        Dear Katie S-


        Thanks for the belly laughs 🙂

        xo obava

  • DarkMuse30

    I freaking adore Jasper & Alice. They were so cute together with all the glances and smiles and playfulness during fight training. But it’s killing me…it kills me (I had to, sorry) that the ‘I felt hope’ line was left out and we didn’t get the flashback of them meeting at the diner. That would have been so awesome. If Jackson really did pay Melissa to write in that kiss, that was he best money he ever spent and I am completely jealous of Ashley. Lol. Oh and I wouldn’t be interested in a Jasper & Alice story at all. DON’T DO IT STEPHENIE! Wow. Reverse psychology is hard.

  • teresa

    I just got to the Twilight party in May and have devoured everything I can get my mitts on. I have joked from day one that I could watch Jasper play vampire baseball ALL DAY long. Dude can swing a bat. 🙂 I have love Jasper and Alice.

    Loved their scenes in the movie and was thinking that the diner scene was coming while we were watching his flashback…even moved to the edge of my seat just a smidge.

    The scenes I wish I had…um, seen….

    Alice kidnapping Bella while Edward hunted–then Jacob kidnapping her from school with Alice “frozen at the edge of the cafeteria, eyes sparked with fury….” as they made their escape.

    Edward being calm, cool and collected when Bella informs him of the Jacob-kiss and then telling Bella she would feel bad in the morning if he hurt him. The speech about bringing her back in the perfect condition he left her in.

    It seemed like the scenes that called for Edward to be calm and murmuring, like when he was taunting Victoria in the final fight scene in the book, he was actually yelling and not calm in the movie. But, oh well. I just always found those parts to be kinda hot in the book, maybe it didn’t translate on the screen.

    I would have loved to have seen more of Rosalie’s wedding dress revenge.

    Oh, AND I would have LOVED to have seen the final meadow scene when Edward says the deal is off and goes all “eyes black and smoldering, I want you NOW”


    What were we talking about? 🙂

  • Alice_NaA

    I hope they didn’t include the Alice flashback scene because of one of the following reasons:

    1. It’s still to come in breaking down.

    2. SM is still going to write their background story and they plan on turning it into a movie as well.

    P.S. That blond girl in Maria’s gang is SO the Heidi-girl from Eclipse. She was at all premieres and stuff, and was in the movie for like 1 sec.

    • Xylem108.9

      If SM can do what she did with the brief life of BT… can you imagine what she could do with Alice and Jasper all those months that were gone looking for Nahuel. They were Brazil after all… It could be hot!

  • operarose

    I’m still trying to process Eclipse. I am in shock as to how…for lack of a better term, freaking good it was. And I am feeling a little lost, because I’m not sure this really was a Twilight movie: no silly lines, or embarrassing slo-mo, or even crazy faces from Mike Newton?! I mean, no one in the theatre laughed once at a moment that was not supposed to be laughed at! That has never happened in a Twilight movie before. It couldn’t really be a part of the Twilight series, was it? …It was? I feel like I have to go back and see it to believe it.

    Last night I had one of the best night sleeps ever…dreaming of Edward and Jacob and gold brocade and tents…(and alpacas)

    Right. Back to Alice and Jasper. This was a really well done story. I have to admit I never really connected too much with Alice or Jasper in the books. Not because they weren’t enjoyable characters but because I was so hung up on Bella and Edward and Jacob, of course. But seeing Jasper on screen…and he did a really, really perfect job of making an edgy and gritty character also truly empathetic and loving. I loved his strength, his seriousness, his (hot) gentlemanly nature, and his friendliness with Bella, and the very convincing (and “awwww”-worthy) love story he wove with Alice.

    This was truly a movie of gentlemen vs. not. Carlisle, Edward, and Jasper the gentlemen (swoonswoonswoon), Jacob a bit rougher around the edges who wears his heart on his sleeves (swoonswoonswoon) and then the rough and tumble (yet hot) non-gentlemen: Riley, the Volturi.

    I really love Eclipse. (And I know you love me too, Eclipse).

    • I honestly wasn’t sure it was a Twilight movie when it began. We were sitting there chatting a bit through the previews and then this lovely rainy sequence began and it was like, “Wait… Is that Riley? Wait… Is this it?? He’s amazing! This looks legit!!” *breaths huge sigh of mega-Twilight relief*

      • MyNieceIsaFanRIGHT

        Your letter nailed it about Jasper and Alice. Totally left wanting some diner scene . . . now if I go through my loose change, maybe I won’t be so short of money that I can go again today instead of next week . . . That’s normal, right ?

    • Stacey

      No crazy Mike Newton faces?!? What am I going to look for during this movie! Now I’m sad. Not going to see it. Just joking! I’m definately going to see it!

    • Xylem108.9

      “Last night I had one of the best night sleeps ever…dreaming of Edward and Jacob and gold brocade and tents…(and alpacas)”

      Bwahahahah! Oh, and they were wolves. Just thought you should know. 🙂

  • TeamJorts

    It was nice to see the characters branch out in this movie. I have to say that I did enjoy Jasper and Alice’s little scenes, but they were insanely over the top cheesy. I felt like Endless Love was going to start playing at any moment they were on screen. BUT you learned more about them and I enjoyed that.

    Although I am not a huge Rosalie person I really LOVED her flashback, but I felt they didn’t touch enough on her human life want to have a baby.

    That said, the movie was still great.

  • Obava

    I have never liked movie Jasper, and even spent most of Eclipse putting my hand over his face/wig (why does he have to talk like he’s got lockjaw? Why the butt fugly wigs?). However, I fell in love with him during the flashback. I thought Jackson did a great job now that he finally got a chance to say more than 1 line at a time (same with Nikki, BTW). The part where Jasper had to kill the little black haired boy was done especially well, and I’m glad they included the little bit about how Jasper could feel everything that his victims felt.

    What did I think was missing? Let me count the ways:

    -Definately needed more of Rosalie’s backstory. The part about Vera and Henry and Rosalie’s desire for children is very important to what hapens in BD. I also wanted to see her get some blood on that wedding dress 🙂

    -Bella & Jacob’s little brown babies running around. I was afraid that scene would end up being cheezy (like Bella’s vamp romp thru the woods in NM), but it really deepens the choice Bella is faced with. She never thought she really wanted kids, but once she saw them she realised what she would actually be giving up if she chose Edward. And that vision included Charlie, of course.

    -The line about Jake competing with an “eclipse” should have been included in the movie. They did the scene, really they couldn’t have taken a few extra seconds to include that line? It also highlights my next missing piece:

    -The competition between Jacob and Edward was not made explicit enough. In the movie, Edward lies to Bella, manipulates her, controls her, and he’s portrayed as a dick. Movie Jake is honest with Bella, earnest with her, and comes off as a good guy who is just so in love. He was even ashamed at kissing Bella without her permission! Book Jake was cocky and proud about that. I thought the lines about fighting fair and playing games and stuff should have been in the movie, because it didn’t show the whole scope of J&E’s rivalry.

    • blackgirltwihard

      *Co signing here on all the above* yep the whole baby thing with Rosalie needs to be clarified, why is else would she be so maternal and pivotal in BD?

    • Moonbun

      Yeah, I was SO waiting for that line, I was almost praying it made the movie… There was a perfect moment (when Jacob was so covered in baby oil that he may have slipped off the bed…) that the line came “it would have been so easy with me, like breathing”. I had read the blue draft of the script, but I still hoped it would make it 🙁

      P.S.: If the line “My son” makes it into BD I’m gonna barf…

  • snowwhitedrifted

    Ahhh, I loved Jalice /Jashley! Totally convert to Team Jasper.

    I lucked out. Saw the movie @ 1 PM, there were about 10 of us in the ginormous theater. I had my own row! There were even a sprinkling of unicorns, even a solo (rather attractive) one.
    The girl (okay, she was about my age so the word “girl” isn’t appropriate) behind me and I were talking a little before the movie. We giggled at the same parts that wouldn’t necessarily be funny to the Normal fan (all the purple, even purple plaid shirts!) I think she “knew too much” also.

  • DJTanner&TheFullHouse

    I may or may not have walked out of the theater at the end of the first showing to go buy tickets for the immediately following showing, seeing it twice in 4 hours…..AND LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!!

    Majorly died with the Jasper/Alice for sure.

    Also loved the time with Renee…

    And the TENT SCENE!!!! Oh the tent scene was perfect! In my theater, I think the line that got the most laughs/clap/cat calls was Jacob “I AM hotter than you…” Melted, I did.

    Thing I missed was Bella crying over her decision re: Jacob….the whole “Edward will never see me shed another tear for Jacob Black” and then she does.

    Also, is it just me, or is the wolf pack getting sexier with every movie?!?!?!?!?

    • blackgirltwihard

      Nope, not just you …Paul could get it …. Any dayum day of the week…(even though there was not nearly enough face time with him)

      • DJTanner&theFullHouse

        Uh, totally. Paul is gorgeous – and you know who else is growing on me? Embry and Jared!!!!!!!! And possibly Leah….

    • MichaelSheenisaDILF

      Big ups to the jorts pack, ESPECIALLY Paul and Leah. More please!

    • superhumanmoron

      Cept I think Jared could lay off the chicken wings…

      • blackgirltwihard

        I fell in love with Paul in NM when he came back from fighting Jacob and turns to Bella and goes “sorry” and uh yeah Leah is ubber hot, Re: Jared, I wanted to BE that chicken wing!

        • DJTanner&theFullHouse

          You are speaking my language!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nelle

      So sorry! Rogue thumb. I meant to give a thumbs up!

    • allryans

      Sorry to be contrary, but I definitely did not miss the “Bella weeps in Edward’s arms over losing Jacob” scene. I think Edward’s heartbreak was acute enough on the mountain. I don’t need to see selfish Bella break him completely. No thanks.

      Also, the wolfpack is anti-sexy.

    • vampiremebaby

      oh, yeah, those rez boyz are getting hotter. Our rez boyz could give them a serious run for their vampire chew-toyz. , however.

      Did ya’ll catch when Jake turned and carried Bella up the hill? Check out his back!!!! Yeeeeoooooow!

      Oh, to have Bella’s problems…

  • Michelle

    I thought their scenes were perfect and left me wanting more. I, too was geeked for a diner flashback…


    Ashley has left a bad taste in my mouth lately…I’m having SUCH a hard time loving Alice…all I can see is Ashley and it’s TICKING ME OFF dang it!!!


    • StotheP

      Can’t . . . control . . . myseeeeeellllffff . . !!!


      (I’m not pointing it out. That would . . eww.)


  • vampiremebaby

    That should be the next book… all about gorgeous Jasper and his expoits and his coming to terms with his depression over chomping people and the relationship with Alice and their hot Jaliceness and how she ‘sees’ him and how he ‘moods’ her.
    Ya’know… all that.

  • eatmyjorts

    Hell yeah! Go Jalice (or Alsper)!!

  • MichaelSheenisaDILF

    So, upon second viewing (NORMAL), Jasper’s accent did not bother me AT ALL. And I really dug his flashback, cried a little when he had to kill a young-looking newborn and said he felt everything they felt, thought he was a bad-ass MF’er on the battlefield, and I loved LOVED the creepy dream. And I also love that Maria was speaking Spanish in it. And I have to hand it to Ashley. Despite all of her real life sluttiness (not hatin’) she portrays Alice’s devotion to Jasper, and really everything about Alice, perfectly. Couple of the year!

  • Gabi G

    I have always said that Alice and Jasper are the best couple ever!!! and last night as I watch that glorious kiss between them, it proved me right… (my BF of course said i need to get a life) when my eyes got all watery after that moment it was the best!!!! and he made me miss the leg hitch!!!!! i didnt see it X.X

  • Robjunkie

    I’ve just come back from seeing Eclipse, on such a high right now. Well, we challenged David Slade to bring it, and oh, IT WAS BROUGHTEN!! The only major downside for me was the godawful hair and make-up situation. WTF Summit? Please look into that for Breaking Dawn. Other than that, it was fucking uhmayzing. Acting was loads better all round – Rob killed it, KILLED IT in the tent scene. The Edward and Bella love was so so good, even though the leg-hitch was blink and you’ll miss it. And Kristen’s chiclet teeth was kinda distracting throughout. Jealous, possessive, old-fashioned, virtuous Edward pwns me. Jacob annoyed me. Alice and Jasper was all kinds of cute. The one scene I wish had made it from the book was after Edwards kills Victoria, when he’s showed his murderous, dangerous side, he approaches Bella warily. I kinda feel that Edward wasn’t bad-ass enough in the fight with Victoria. It looked too much like his ass was being handed to him. But overall, the tone and pace was much better than New Moon, which I only saw once in the movie theatre cause it didn’t really blow me away. But I will definitely go see Eclipse multiple times on the big screen. This one just brought it on so many levels, the romance, the action, the danger. David Slade FTW!

    • Nelle

      I agree. The part where Rob almost got his head ripped off and Bella had to save HIM by cutting herself was just wrong. He was in total control in the book, without even mussing his hair and he truly saved Bella. And then when he approaches Bella warily and says “I just killed and dismembered a sentient being…aren’t you afraid of me?” Well, I wanted to see that!

      • Nelle

        That said, I Loved Loved Loved it and can’t wait to see it again and again and again. Normal?

        • Robjunkie

          TOTES NORMAL! I can’t wait to go see it again.

      • Xylem108.9

        “The part where Rob almost got his head ripped off and Bella had to save HIM by cutting herself was just wrong.” LOLz!

        Sentences like these make me want to start an “Overheard in LTT” site.



  • Luludee

    Moon, you hit the nail on the head! I’ve long been a big Jasper/Alice fan as well. I was quite bummed that they didn’t give us that flashback. I would have loved to see the look on Jasper’s face as Alice came up to him in the diner…probably with awe and adoration. I love it!
    But you are so right that they stole every single scene they were in, and I was thrilled with how much screen time Jasper got. I had been looking forward to seeing his back story.

    On a different note, the two pictures you posted not only show how Jasper’s wig improved in this film, albeit not by much, it also illustrates how Alice’s wig devolved. I hadn’t realized it until I saw this post, how much better I liked her hair in New Moon. It was too flat and skull-cap like in Eclipse.

    • DJTanner&theFullHouse

      Skull cap like! Totally!

      Or a hair-beanie.

      • Luludee

        Haha, exactly!

  • MichaelSheenisaDILF

    Also, I have to say that the biggest impression Eclipse has left on me is that is was a, dare I say it, VAMPIRE movie! And a good one at that! Better than the last 5 vampire movies I’ve seen (30 Days of Night included, and don’t get me started on that Daybreakers travesty). Ok, maybe not including Rise of the Lycans, but you know Michael Sheen can act better than every single member of the Twilight cast (minus himself) put together!

    Damn, I just came off as a serious vamp movie lover. Uh, what was my point? Oh yeah, I’m proud of Eclipse for being an at times scary and suspenseful, action-packed, period-costumed summer blockbuster VAMPIRE movie!

  • same

    Well, clearly SM won’t be writing any Jasper/Alice backstory, because who’d’be interested. And I mean, really, what more could the characters have to say? The met in a diner, the end. Just like with that other midnight one, the characters don’t have much of a voice, boring little histories and their story is told, right?
    Wink&nudge. Damn right, reverse psychology is hard!

    • blackgirltwihard

      starting to REALLY like A& J specially after thinking about how he “moods her up” yeah (this totally went to an R-rated place for me), but I agree she should NOT waste her time…Nope not at all!!!!!!!!!

      Also, I don’t care about Charlie’s perspective either (ur wife ups and dips with a 4 year-old /you start banging your boy’s wife after he dies and your best friend is catching feelings over it( we think)/ you smile at Alice a little tooo much — there is a lot more to Charlie than meets the eye, not that I care)

      Oh yeah I also don’t wanna know about “Days of our Quilute lives” (screaming: who is the Daddy????)

      And no I PERSONALLY do not give one IOTA about those tragic rantings of Edward in MS!

      @ Same: it ‘s not hard for me — if that’s what it takes, I will “hook her up.” ( SMILE)

  • lilmisscan’tbewrong

    LOVE Alice and Jasper! Sure, the diner scene would have been great, but I’m trying not to be greedy. I’m just appreciating what we’ve got! Nothin’s gonna harsh my buzz!

    The flashback scenes were terrific, esp. Jasper. It was so great to really delve more into his past and personality, and I thought Jackson nailed it. Very believable, despite the bad wig. Now that’s acting! ; ) I also got a big kick out of the quick shot of Rose in the wedding gown! Would have liked to see more. But why are people saying it should have been covered in blood? She said she was careful not to spill their blood because she didn’t want to be tempted to drink them.

    • Gabi G

      I agree with you!! the scene where Rosalie was in the wedding gown would have been cool to be a little bit longer!! and the scene when ella has the dream of Jasper, Maria-Victoria was really something too.. idk why i liked it sooo much but kudos to David S.

  • I wish the diner scene would have been in there too! What I was upset about was little mans representation of Galveston. There are no mountains like that there!

    • Luludee

      For realz, dude. Anytime someone is in Texas in a movie or on a tv show, there are mountains. Like in Heroes, Claire the Cheerleader was from Odessa…and there were mountains. It’s freaking flat as a pancake there!!
      Soooo annoying when you know a place and the depictions you see are no where near what it actually looks like.
      There aren’t many actual mountains in Texas. And what little there are, are located in the southwestern part of the state.

  • struhar2009

    is it too hopeful to say that i really want it to be a deleted scene on the dvd??

  • Nelle

    Did anyone notice that at least a couple of scenes in the movie were not the cuts that were used in the trailers? I guess that’s normal. The one where Bella is outside of school talking to Edward and Jacob and says “Alice’s vision? In the trailer she almost chokes on the word “vision”- but I don’t think it was the same in the movie. And there was another scene also but I can’t remember it now. Darn. I guess I’ll have to see it again.

  • FacePunch

    Just got back from seeing Eclipse. I LOVED IT!

    I would love to see a backstory book/novella(s) get published about all of the Cullens. Definitely would read a Jasper/Alice novella.

    I really loved the movie! 🙂 I love how these movies all have their own visual style and mood and feel to them… and their own soul. Thought that DSlade took the perfect approach to this story.



  • Michelle

    I MISS READING YOU GUYS! I can’t read your posts at the moment because I haven’t seen the damn movie and I’ve still got a firm hold on my purity ring (TWSS!).

    I can’t even book my damn tickets because it’s school holidays for the next two weeks and I don’t want to see it during the school holidays, I want a teenage-scream-free experience!

    I’m thinking it’ll be at least another fortnight :`(

    But I miss you allllllllllllllllll


  • rpisthenewps

    I really think Eclipse should have been two movies, and BD one. There was just soooo many details that were left out. I didn’t expect to enjoy the fight scenes so much!

  • MsLiss

    YES – i so agree! They are so cute and ‘show the love’ very well! i also loved the fight scene between these two as its done just like the book where it finishes with Alice landing on Jaspers back and planting a kiss! adorable! THE BEST!! these two have great chemistry!

    (btw i not normally a AxJ shipper! so no bias!)

  • DumpsterDivingwRob

    I wasn’t a huge Jasper fan before this movie, but now I want to pull out my Team Jasper flag and wave it proudly.

  • LollyS

    My favorite scene too! More Alice yes! Please lose that wig. Her hair in Twilight was much, much better!

    • JustGoWithIt

      A.G. must have too much hair to fit into a wig and look nice at this point. I think she looks better with the shorter hair. Her facial features are so small and sharp, with all the hair she has and her muscular shoulders, I think it throws things off balance in the facial area.

      I don’t know what Bella’s excuse for having two inches of puff on the top of her head with her wig, she had a shortish mullet at the time, right? Maybe Bella develops a Bumpit habit we don’t know about in Eclipse?

  • cledbo

    OK I’ve read through ALLL the other comments to see if anyone else mentioned it

    The only line for J+A that I missed SO BAD was when she jumps on his back during fight training, and he says:

    “You are one frightening monster”

    …and then kisses her. So cute, and it would have fit so perfectly too! Bitches. Was disappointed.

    Also would have loved diner scene, bloodied Rosalie, Jacob+Bella babies, and for them to have book-blocked SM on the ring because damn woman that thing is ugly. It looks like costume jewellery, even Mr Cledbo (who refuses to buy ME jewellery) said “WTF is that, it’s huge and ugly!”
    I laughed until I stopped.

    Loved it though. DSLADE FTW

    • JustGoWithIt

      Yes, I expected them to make a nicer ring too. Could be the same description, but nicer looking. I was hoping for a Jacob and Bella happy with rugrats visual too.

    • vampiremebaby

      yeah that ring was heinous. no wonder Bell couldn’t bring herself to wear it around.

      C’mon! Edward has better taste than that! And if not, Alice would nave had the damned thing re-set for sure.

      They better do a LOT better on the wedding dress Or I am going to …
      see the movie way too many times just like always!

  • Cat

    holy crap! I thought I was the only person wanting the diner scene too! Looks like I was wrong, I’m so glad to not be alone.

    I love Jashley 4ever

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