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Monday Funnies: A Twilight Engagement

Dear Couple who got engaged at a screening of Eclipse,

Thanks for totally stealing my idea. This is always how I imagined it: my boyfriend in shorts and Airwalks, me in a Team Edward shirt and sweatpants. Him dropping to one knee in front of the concessions girls from the local AMC to declare his undying ETERNAL love for me. Then reciting something like this…

Moon (yes, he would call me by my blogging name, of course). My life was like a starless night until I met you (and he would quote Twilight of course) would you be the Bella to my Edward and forgo all Jacobs.

And then he would pull out a replica Bella’s engagement ring. I would feast my eyes on it’s epicness and of course say yes. Then after some “fade to black” he would turn me into a vampire cause that was part of the deal. Oh wait, I didn’t tell you he was a vampire? Obviously!

Or maybe it would just happen like this…

And then when she saw the replica Bella’s engagement ring inside that box she threw that shiz back at him and said ‘I may be a fan but my finger better be covered in Tiffany, not Hot Topic if you’re going to propose to me at a Twilight movie.’ DUH!

You KNOW this dude felt like a tool once he saw how Edward proposed to Bella and this chick suddenly rethought the whole thing. I mean, how can you even compete with a vampire like Edward Cullen? He has the hair, the Alice approved outfits, the gold brocade bedding, a wrought iron bed of awesomeness, and lines like “stolen kisses after I ask your father for your hand in marriage.” For realz dude, I’m sorry you even tried to compete with the likes of Edward Cullen on a 50 foot screen. But obviously you get points for even doing this and a big mazel to you and your lady. But next time bring your A game and rent an Edward Cullen costume if you want to get legit about his.

Mazel Tov kids!

What would you do if your boyfriend proposed to you before a Twilight movie? Whats the best and worst proposal idea? What did you think of Edward’s proposal in Eclipse?

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  • I think it’s sweet but definitely not for me.
    A public proposal is not something I’d like, I wouldn’t even want to be proposed to in front of family in friends!
    How many fangirls do you reckon bitchfaced their BFs for not doing that?

    • I totally agree, Jayde.
      Cute(ish), but so not for me.
      Anyone who would propose to me in public clearly doesn’t know me. That would be the end of that.

      • We are friends for a reason.
        Completely agree.

      • Both of you are my people – I am in total agreement with this!

    • lindsaylee

      my proposal was in private, not like dirty, but my friends were no where near, nor did current husband tell them he was going to do it… and you know what, it was the best.

      I just showed this to my husband and said “you should have done this” he laughed and said “you would have said no and then fussed at me because you couldn’t concentrate on rob anymore”

      and this is why i married him

    • (agreeg) It is cute but not for me.

      I would love a public proposal around my friends and family in a public location, not in front of a room of complete strangers… & Specially not before my “special” time with Rob during an Edward moment and my now fiancee is sitting next to me…

      I really don’t think he thought that one through….

  • Ish

    Oi now cut it out you two and post some more from your stephenie Meyer interview. You dont want me to come over there!!!

    • natashadushi

      It was just a dream. That Stephenie interview never happend. It was a fanficblog from UC and Moon about them meeting SM

      • Sj

        Maybe it was all a total misunderstanding, and if so, Moon & UC better get ready for some collective virtual face punching.

        • Umm… Hi.

          “Pew, pew!! Punch his face in”

          -Eric Yorkie

    • JodieO

      Yeah! What she said! Before long we’ll all have gathered with torches and pitchforks to demand the rest of the story!

      • Sj

        Oh yeah! My unused pitchfork. JK, yeah.

        • Jennred

          Well of COURSE they interviewed SM. They learned awesome cockblocking techniques. But honestly, when you said you had 7 YEARS worth of posts, I didn’t really think you MEANT it. IF you keep this up, I can see how you will.
          OH WAIT, now I know, you CAN’T post it well, so why bother… πŸ˜‰ Just like Stephenie can’t POSSIBLY finish MS. I GET IT. lol

    • Stacey

      Maybe, just maybe, if we all keep our fingers crossed that the stars aligned since Moon, UC, The Font and White Yorkie were all in the same place that maybe a podcast about SM could have happened. And… maybe Mr. Choice makes an appearance. That, my friends, would be fantastic.

  • Ish

    methinks too that anyone who has to propose in public is a bit scared of a no so is trying to force the issue, but also have SERIOUS case of PM today so ask me tomorrow πŸ™‚

  • chochang

    β€œstolen kisses after I ask your father for your hand in marriage.”

    ..and “chaperoned strolls” and “iced tea on the porch”..

    • Obava

      Iced Teaward is my fave πŸ˜›

      • ChillinWithCullens

        AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! IceTeaward!!!

    • Stacey

      My god, I need to see this movie! 6 more days! Of course, 6 more days for my husband to find reasons for me not to leave him alone with the baby.

    • SWOON!

  • natashadushi

    I can’t watch the video at work (will see it later at home)
    WTH? I will be soooo 2ndhand embarrassment for that proposal. I feel I need to drink some iced tea after Robward steals a kiss or two from me……

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  • Somebodyelse

    Love the guy eating popcorn in the background of the video, lol.

  • tuesdaymidnight

    I’m too 2nd-hand embarrassed to watch the video, but this letter cracked me up! I don’t want to get married, but I have now decided that the only way I would, would be if my future fiance dressed up in an Edward Cullen costume. I don’t mean just to propose in, I mean all the time. Why settle for less?

    • Bea

      Also can’t make myself watch… not quite as embarassing as Kellan and his mom talking about breast exams, but still.

      • eatmyjorts

        That’s 3 of us! Literally can’t make myself click on it…like a forcefield or something…weird.

        • LoveSpelledBackwards

          Same here. Can’t watch, it will hurt too much.

        • Bea

          I clicked, but only made it about 12 seconds before I just couldn’t take it.

  • Yeah, I haven’t given much thought about getting married, but I definitely wouldn’t want someone to do that while we were in public. And certainly not in a theatre where a Twilight movie was being played. *shudder*

    I have very little idea about what a perfect proposal would be like because where I’m from 50% of marriages are actually fixed by parents. Yeah, you must be thinking I’m from some sort of ancient-minded community or something. Although now, number of love marriages are rising, arrange marriages are still not uncommon.

    That being said, I thought Edward’s proposal was sweet. It very much like him. I am glade David Slade added the lines about “virtue”, “chaperoned strolls” and “iced tea.”

    • tuesdaymidnight

      Yes! I was surprised at how much I loved the proposal in the film. It was important to include the lines about virtue, but the addition of “chaperoned strolls” and “iced tea on the porch” helped movie Edward seem more like… well, Edward. πŸ™‚

      And, I don’t think arranged marriages sound ancient-minded. I know parents who would certainly prefer to choose their child’s spouse…

      • Rob’s flaming dashboard

        Yeah, with my experiences and as a mother of three I’m definitely coming around to the idea that input from the senior generation can be valuable. I am so glad I didn’t marry the first guy I was desperately in love with. Or #2, #3… If you could only see the parade of losers my eldest has brought over for dinner. So many meals ruined by biting my tongue.

        It’s hard to reconcile my stance with the Twilight Saga’s eagerness for teen marriage and rapid motherhood, even though I realise it’s set up as Bella’s making a free choice. But then, Charlie would have had her hitched to the hound. And have I mentioned once or a thousand times how I detest the imprinting?

    • Obava

      I got my degrees in Family Science and learned a bit about arranged marriages- they have a much higher success rate than love matches. I think it’s the attitude BOTH members of the couple goes into the marriage with- like they will try their hardest to be the best spouse they can be, instead of worrying about what the other person will do for them.

      I think arranged marriages are a great idea πŸ™‚

    • Stacey

      Why do the words “chaperones”, “stolen kisses”, and “iced tea” remind me of my grandma in South Carolina? Now I am imagining Edward becoming my Grandmother. Eww.

  • Sj

    Poor guy did not think this through. Every anniversary will be spent reliving proposal by watching DVD Eclipse followed by Twilight, New Moon and BD I & II.

    I’ve been thinking (now that Eclipse is done & dusted) about what they will title BD part I and BD part II. As the Condom has explicitly stated they will not be musicals all my ideas have been wiped out.

    PS I loved Proposing Edward and for 1 sec he conned me into loving that ring.

    • eatmyjorts

      There is no better way to demonstrate your love than to give someone a spangly armadillo. I feel cheated.

      • Umm… Hi.

        I wish I could ‘like’ this comment more than once. πŸ˜€

  • JodieO

    Well, I’d like to make fun, but I’m a crazy cat lady, so what do I know from romance? Except that I would totally die of embarrassment if my boyfriend proposed to me in front of a movie theater. And I’d think he was a total tool if he quoted Edward. Because only someone who actually IS 109 years old could get away with it.

    • Sj

      I don’t think I would die there in the theatre, but when i realised it had been youtubed into every home in the world…..

  • Cam

    Umm…embarassment all around. Poor guy. Poor girl. And I’m too embarassed to watch the video…does he really give her a Bella replica ring? Awful.

    Finally, finally, finally going to see Eclipse tonight! Going with 2 great friends…but they are not the closet fan that I am so I’m really nervous about having to contain my fangirl squeals. Especially during the Leg Hitch. What if I have to explain the importance of the Leg Hitch to them?

    Is it wrong that I’m most excited about seeing Taycob? So many awesome things have been said about him that that’s all I can think about. What has happened to me?

    And I totally agree with Ish — more SMeyer, please!!

    • TeamJacobEdward

      Yes! SMeyer!

      Wait… Does reverse psychology work best on Moon and UC too? If so, psht, we don’t care two straws about the interview! Don’t care.

      • AJ

        Exactly, that whole Steph Meyer interview is so yesterday. I hope UC and Moon NEVER tell us anything more about it. Just like I hope Step Meyer never writes

        1) Midnight Sun
        2) Story of Jasper and Alice
        3) a total rewriting where Bella picks Jake (just for kicks!)

      • operarose

        I definitely was NOT expecting Moon or UC to ever give us a blow-by-blow, 50-part detailed account of their Epic Interview. (…Hoping the reverse psychology works because this pains me…)

        Honestly though can you really blame them? Moon and UC spent four hours with The Empress of Restraint and – for lack of better term – C–kblocking. They learned from the best, and this is what they are doing to us now. It’s their little joke on us.

        But Moon, UC. Unless you relent a little and just give us a little leghitch action—I mean, some of the interview to read as we lounge on our golden duvets— we’re going to have to run off and find a website with a body temperature of 108 to snuggle up with in a tent and kiss passionately to relieve some of our. tension.

        • ChillinWithCullens


  • Obava

    I can’t watch this- too 2nd hand embarrassed.

    I am saving myself for Rob, so nobody but HHH better ever propose to me or I will throw them over the couch for real.

    xo obava

    • natashadushi

      Get in the line! It’s starts after ME! (hahahahahaha)

  • linneaforever

    i would be totally happy with a dude that asked me to marry him just like that… think of it! he probably hates all things twi, but he loves her enough to put it all aside and be mushy in front of 200 people that are just thinking ‘…START THE DAMN MOVIE ALREADY…!’ and for that, i give him some ali g respect.

    proposal scene in the movie made me scream “YES!” at the drive in theater i was at, and i had to hide my face because for some reason, this movie has just destroyed me.

    i’m embarrassing myself, really. and i want that ring. i can’t explain it, but it will be mine.. oh yes… it will be mine.

    • I’m pretty sure that ring can be yours after a trip to Hot Topic.

      (I love how this blog makes me make jokes that aren’t even relavent to me – we don’t even HAVE Hot Topic here – but BOY do I wish we did!)

      • linneaforever

        no hot topic in canada! which is good, because the merch they carry is awfully embarrassing, and i really can’t imagine buying anything from them. except for that hideous yet necessary ring.

        on another note, getting a thumbs down is really hurtful, and i’d like to facepunch that person.

  • claire’s mommy

    Admitting my dorkiness…I thought it was really cute. But then my husband proposed to me in front of my whole family on Christmas morning.

    I was totally loving Edward’s proposal..then I saw the ring. Yuck. Just so much fail for Edward.

    • forks4eva

      cute? definitely, but that girl seemed WAY out of his league.

  • Robjunkie

    I may or may not have sighed and dramatically clasped my hands to my breast like some kind of Edwardian damsel during the proposal scene in Eclipse.

    • I thought I was going to die because it made me forget how to breathe! I hope the real thing is like that, except a much better ring at the end of it!

      • Robjunkie

        Me too! I nearly passed out from holding my breath the entire time. For realz.

  • Twirishlady

    Dude! I think it is AWESOME! What could make a midnight showing of Eclipse even more amazing?! πŸ™‚

  • chope

    I am so 2nd hand embarrassed for this dude! Was he aware that the best proposal in movie history was just a short hr away. And did he realize that everyone in that theater was thinking ‘hey dude who thinks its cool to propose in public,now THATS how you propose’ We need to see the video of after when he realizes that he could not compete with Robwards silk voice and throwback quotes.
    So with that being said I just have to give a fangirl squeel to that proposal, I mean I almost screamed yes (out loud) in the theater.
    My second viewing was interupted by my husband’s laughing as he saw the ring. And he looks and me and mouths ‘really?’ and I said ‘hey give the dude some credit the ring is ancient he didn’t pick it out’ but on the inside I was thinking the same thing. *shakes head*

  • TeamJacobEdward

    Damn it! I want my husband to re-do his proposal now and have it go a little something like this:

    “TJE, I know my name is Jake, but I want to forever be your Edward. If you do me the incredible honor of marrying me, I will promise to prove how undying my love is by going by my middle name and literally be Edward from this day forward.”

    Or include something along the lines of:

    “In marrying me you will never have to make a choice between Edward and Jacob. With me you’ll be able to have both.”

    • WakeUpDead25

      OMG plz tell me ur joking, his name is Jacob Edward? If it is, he must be hating the whole Twilight thing on another level.

      • TeamJacobEdward

        Joking about wanting him to actually re-propose like that. Yes.

        Joking about his name. No

        I’m sure the girls around here are sick of my being a little too proud of that fact. (Sorry girls.) But yes, his name is Jacob Edward much to my satisfaction. And yes, I think that made him hate Twilight all the more.

        A funny thing I have to share. My husband’s parents recently watched New Moon for the first time (haven’t seen Twi). We happened to stop over that day. His dad, thee first thing he does is says “Jacob! Jacob the wolf! Ooowww!”
        His mom says to his dad, “and Edward the vampire.”
        His dad asks her, “the vampire was named Edward?” She confirms and his dad turns to Jake, “hahaha! Edward! Oh Edward! Hahaha!”
        His mom knowing I liked the movies and books turns to me, “bet you’re glad we named him that huh?”
        I thought it was hilarious. My husband looked a little peeved and like he wanted to just leave.

        • WakeUpDead25

          Sorry you had to re-tell the tale of Jacob Edward, I’ve been lurking here forever, but starting commenting recently. I didn’t remember you talking about it until I read your comment.

        • Stacey

          I love that story! You husband probably not so much!

          • TeamJacobEdward

            Yeah, I know he sounds like a prickish ass, but he’s only completely annoyed like that with Twilight related things because I quite literally ignored him and the kids for like a month while I read through the series twice and did nothing but try to find out more about the books and the movie they were working on (twi). I admit was temporarily crazed (and nearly as glad as he was I returned to normal). lol It left a bad taste in his mouth, so-to-speak about anything related to Twi because of it. As much as it bugs me that he had such a bad attitude about it, because he’s not like that with anything else and we talk and joke about everything else either of us love, I honestly can’t say I really blame him. I’d be a bit salty about something that made him a temporary crazy too. (Again thank goodness I came to my senses and found normal.)

  • LoveSpelledBackwards

    I really like the Little Mermaid…but when I was given a Little Mermaid themed Birthday cake years ago – I was PO’d. I think the same would be true here. I would be so embarrassed and would really have to consider saying no. Luckily my husband proposed in private … asked my father for my hand before (it was perfect!). I was spared from such a scene. But that is just me. To each his own.

    • TeamJacobEdward

      My husband asked my dad first too. He said he was far more nervous asking my dad than me since we’d already talked about it, he knew where I wanted the relationship to go. And what wa my dad’s reply to my now husband you ask? “That’s up to her, not me.” lol

  • Stacey

    First, if my husband did propose to me that way, I have a feeling a “face punch” would be in order. Then if he gave me the Hot Topic “Bella Ring” (That thing can cause temporary blindness, due to it’s sparkly ugly), then another “face punch”. Luckily, he decided to be private, romantic and bring the Tiffany’s sparkle. Good boy! (I wouldn’t have actually punched him, just imagined it in my head)

  • Nikra

    I hope there’s an epilogue to this oh-so-romantic story. Epilogue like Twilight inspired wedding.

    Excuse me now, head-desk time.

    • Bea

      I reallyreallyreally want someone to do a full on Twi-wedding so we can all mock it. Bwahahaha!

      • theC

        Just wait until BD1 comes out…..twiweds galore!!!!

      • cledbo

        Oh sweet Bea, haven’t you heard? The horror that is the Twilight wedding already exists.
        In fact, the post that UC and Moon did about “How to have a Twilight wedding” was how I found this glorious place.

        That’s Normal! And hilarious πŸ˜‰

        • Rob’s flaming dashboard

          Yes, people! There’s gold, pure comedy gold, in the archives! It’s the perfect way to spend a rainy or stinking hot day.

  • TeamJorts

    Oh goodness. I’m way too second hand embarssed for these people to watch this, but I can’t imagine witnessing that in the theater before the movie. I would have been laughing really hard. That sounds sorta cruel, but when I see second hand embarassing things I can’t control my laughing. Good for them though! I hope they went home to a four poster bed with golden bedding to lay upon.

  • operarose

    First of all, I feel kind of sorry for the guy because there was SUCH a perfect proposal in the movie. I mean, gold brocade, Edward, Bella, plaid (ok maybe not the plaid), stolen kisses, one of the most amazing songs ever playing with perfect timing throughout the scene, gentlemanly hot Edward talking about courting her and lemonade and porches… *spontaneously combusts with excitement*

    Wait what am I talking about again? Right, proposals. So, let’s just say that Edward’s proposal to Bella in the movie was perfect and no, no guy will ever live up to that.

    On the other hand, ultimately I think it’s kind of sweet. Maybe because a similar thing happened to me. I never wanted to be proposed to in public either, until it happened to me…my fiance came to my workplace (a place I hated ironically enough!) wearing a suit and carrying a (very attractive) ring. He proposed in front of coworkers and it was really quite something. Not exactly my ideal proposal, but because he came up with the idea and went for it, and the reason he did it there was because he wanted to surprise me – he knew that if he took me somewhere for dinner or someplace fancy I would know what was going on – he was successful in the shock factor! Was it as romantic as Edward’s proposal to Bella? Maybe not (we only had a soundtrack of keyboard clicks and phone rings, after all,) but it was very original and memorable. I think the guy who proposed to the girl in the theatre definitely accomplished that too. She’s never going to forget it, it’s a good story (although ultimately they may want to omit what movie it was before).

    I can just see Martha Stewart weddings covering this wedding in a few months…Twilight themed, of course.

    • TeamJacobEdward

      Um… O.R.? Did you work in Minnesota at a fortune 500 company? Is your name Tiffany? And did your honey have a bouquet of flowers too?….

      • operarose

        awww that’s so sweet!

        No I worked for a company in Quebec at that time…in a pretty little town in the countryside between Montreal and Vermont. They manufacture office furniture. I have worked with F-500 companies in Minnesota though and now I am curious to know where this other public workplace proposal happened! Do you work near Owatonna MN? I used to work with a company there which I loved.

        • TeamJacobEdward

          I just was checking because I know said you live in Canada, but were from the US. And awhile back a fellow HR chick at the company I work for (Tiffany) had a very similar proposal. With our security her had to involve one of our co-workers to authorize him into the buildings and escort him over to her and help make sure she’d not be in a meeting. It was super sweet.

          The f-500 company I work for is in one of the Twin Cities suburbs.

          Owatona, huh? I live (kind of) between there and the twin cities. πŸ™‚

  • Midnight_Cyn


    • eatmyjorts




      • Midnight_Cyn


      • JodieO

        EMJ, Are you on the forum? If you are PM me and I can send you Cyndi’s email address!

        • eatmyjorts

          What is this forum of which you speak?

  • Ang

    I actually had a moment of fear when viewing Eclipse last night for the (number too high for me to admit out loud) time. As the proposal scene was unfolding, dude in front of us started to lean in to his woman and almost looked to me like he was about to drop on one knee. I was thinking: “NO, do not do it!” But then he sat back up. So either my mind control worked or he was just picking something up off the floor.

    • Rob’s flaming dashboard

      Totally your mind control. Your kung fu is strong, just like Harry Clearwater’s (RiP).

  • Gabi G

    This is wayyyy better than the way my ex proposed to me… Right after a huge argument, because i had found out that he had been cheating. He thought that was the best moment to call me and proposed to me and the next day not even a ring!!!!…. so I give that guy a lot of credit for you know doing it right… OF COURSE there is no comparison with Papasote Pattinson, in the book was soooo good but in the movie was AMAZING!!!

  • Bandmum

    My 1st husband proposed to me in the LOBBY of the movie theater I worked in, directly in front of the concession stand, right before a movie. Don’t even remember which it was, but might have been Breakfast Club.

    2nd husband proposed on New Year’s Eve at midnight, under the fireworks, with just my kids around. Much better!

    Still, no one does it quite like Edward! Just wish Old Mr. Masen had better taste in jewelry – poor Mrs. Masen had to sport that monstrosity, too.

    • WakeUpDead25

      At least you got a proposal… I never did. The Hubs and I just agreed to get married and then did it. No down on one knee, not tears, no sweet corny words, no nothing. The hard-core feminist in me tells me not to care, but sometimes I wish I could have experienced the more traditional side of it. At least the marriage is great. Gotta look for the silver lining.

  • frightenedflips

    at 0.10 I was like “sh*t this is soooo blind” and at 1.30 a little tear may or may not have welled up a little. I did cry at least 4 times in Lion King though……..and almost a little bit when Bella was hugging her mom.
    Sucker for Sappy sh*t.

  • Dood. No. Just no. I mean, sheesh…I had to lie to my family and friends about why I was going to LA (hello bio-engineering conference/book club/accountability partners meet-up) can you imagine the web I would have to weave to hide how I got engaged?? And it will always be there. Lurking. Cause peeps always want to know the story. Yeah. Hey, I got engaged at a midnight showing of a tween movie that I may or may not be obsessed with. Uh- no thanks. I would rather the guy just formspring me the proposal.

  • Leha

    I though it was cute

  • frightenedflips

    ” I’m sorry you even tried to compete with the likes of Edward Cullen on a 50 foot screen”


  • sonata

    this kinda reminds me of how, when everyone found out I liked Twilight, I have gotten for every birthday or holiday for the past 2 years:

    *”Only a Vampire can love you forever” T-shirt
    *numerous boxes of Neco New Moon conversation hearts (NASTY!)
    *miscellaneous dollar-store vampire fangs
    *clearance-rack Twilight/New Moon clothing from Wal-Mart that has Edward’s big ‘ole face staring at me
    *plenty of clothing and jewelry saying “bite me”

    When boyfriend above found out she lurved her some Edward, he thought, “Well, there’s an easy one! I’ll let Edward set the stage for my romantic proposal and pop the question by the nacho cheese machine. She’ll love it.”

    This is why I have renounced all things Twilight publically and lurk here instead. πŸ™‚

    • TeamJacobEdward

      My closest friends whom know i loved the books (and love them too), make me regret letting them know I love them with giving me twi related cards and candies at any occasion possible.

      I shutter to think what would have happened if I would have divulged how much I love it all…

      • lindsaylee

        my un twi friends do the same thing too! Id rather just have the money

        • sonata

          ooh–true story!

          If I had the cashola from all of the first-hand embarrasing shirts I’d been given as gifts, I could put it all together and order a rockin’ LTT t-shirt that I would be able to wear proudly!

          • sonata

            why does my avatar look like a pregnant bat-alien hybrid?

          • TeamJacobEdward

            LOL! I don’t know why your bug looks like that (but it REALLY does)…. Why does my bug/avi look more like a rat than a bug? It’s like “how many licks does out take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?” The world may never know…

            But I really hope its not trying to be indicative of our personalities or something because if so, I’m super offended.

  • Wait was she wearing a Team Jacob or Team Edward shirt? Hehe. Either way Team not my new Fiance. JK

    That was defiantly better than the douche-bag that was selling tickets at our theater getting up in front of the whole room telling us that there were two versions of the movie made-One with the wolf-pack not wearing shirts and one with the wolf-pack wearing shirts. He said that they got the one with the wolf-pack wearing shirts. I said fuck off rather loudly. Don’t mess with a drunk mildly stoned girl.

  • This is a pretty ironic post for me considering my bf popped the question today and twilight was involved although not to the extent of this guy’s but never the less….


    • Rob’s flaming dashboard

      Awwww that’s classy and I love your beautiful ring!

    • LoveSpelledBackwards

      Now THAT is very sweet. What a gorgeous ring. Congratulations and best wishes!

    • Stacey

      Congratulations! What a beautiful ring and a beautiful proposal! That’s how a Twilight themed proposal should be done!

    • eatmyjorts

      He cut your book up? And you’re still marrying him?


      That is an incredibly gorgeous ring, & a classy twi-tale to go with it. Sigh. Massive congratulations.

  • agusap

    Oh God, no, nuh-uh, that is definitely not my kind of proposal. I’m glad it worked out for the guy, but if it would have been me I’d said no. Sorry, but if I paid the entrance I wanna be able to ogle Rob without distractions, I don’t wanna be thinking that my boyfriend proposed or that I just got engaged.

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