Twilight Eats the month of June Part 2

Dear Month of June,

Last week I started talking about where you went and while I wrote about it, another month passed by- or so it seemed. Turns out the month was SO big that I had to split it into Two parts. This is part 2! Make sure you check out part 1 if you haven’t yet!

We last left off when Jackson when eye f*cking me, the Twilight SUPERFAN (Oh, did I fail to mention the eye F*cking. It was ON bigtime. AND I was all for it cause he was hot. 5’8″ tall, but hot) Don’t worry if you feel like you’re in the 60s during these pictures. This was actually in 2010…

Before I left for LA, I got my first UPS delivery at my new apartment. It was a Box of Crap from Stephenie. Stephenie sent us home with a duffel bag full of crap from the interview, but this was a BOX of crap. And it was filled with amazingness: Twi-Shirts from Nordstrom, make-up, books, an Edward DUVET cover, lap top skins, iPhone covers, New Moon Scene-it. You name it, we got it (No, Rob wasn’t in there).


Finally! It was here! First thing on the agenda, a meeting of the “Espilce Accountability Partners”

I sat there for about 30 minutes before I had the balls to ask someone what in the hell that meant. I’ll wait until you figure it out: Got it!? Thank Obird & Janetrigs for that brilliance!

Then, it was time for CARNE ASADAS and our LTT House-Party! Yes we went deep into the lair & invited everyone from #LEGHITCH2010 plus anyone in the LA area to Moon’s house for a big Mexican-food themed party. It wouldn’t have happened with KrazyKidd and her KRAZY skills at getting us a deal on bags of meat at Mexican markets!! We featured a vodka concoction made by Mr. Choice that he somehow turned red & named, “Bella’s Blood,” 6 pitchers of Sangria brought by a girl who doesn’t even drink, an LTT cake brought by Brookelockart:

Custom cookies brought by @lonestarkendall

(Why, yes those are jorts, Ranier beer, a peacoat & a bed with gold brocade bedding)

THEN WE MET JORDAN THE UNICORN (who hugs better than anyone EVER- psst for you newbies- Jordan is our first Unicorn EVER)

We made EVERYONE wear Name tags

We rule

There was also a cake that said OLE- you know.. it was Mexican night! Plus we featured some LTT Trivia and gave away prizes (holla big bags/boxes of crap from Stephenie Meyer!) where Jordan the Unicorn got the question correct that we thought to be the hardest of the evening (The Date LTT started: 12/8/08!)

So very much more after the jump!

Moon & UC do CBS

The next morning I awoke bright and early (9 am) because my body thought it was 12 pm and had 3 frantic emails from a journalist at the local Philly CBS station. She wanted me to come in for an interview about the Twilight fandom online. I wrote her back explaining unfortunately I was with my blog partner in the west coast and couldn’t make it in. She told me, “Oh don’t you WORRY- we can do it on Skype! Bring your partner!”
So the next morning, Moon & I woke up at 5:15 am to do our hair & make-up. Then like true journalists we put on nice shirts & PJ bottoms and sat on Moon’s bed in front of a curtain like we were reporters from the ghetto. And made this movie where Moon is a mute & I take up all the screen time:

(Uh… you’re gonna see names other than UC & moon. And you’ll be confused. Ignore those- they made a mistake, obviously!)

(This will open a new window- BOO CBS)

We were actually interviewed for much longer & Moon did actually get a chance to speak, they just cut her parts. SAD


Have you ever been to a Sam Bradley show? you know how he eye f*cks you the whole time? It’s like Jackson looking at me on Twilight Night but with singing. And a foot taller. Plus a hoop earring. And it’s creepy. Like- Moon & I couldn’t stop laughing. Which is maybe why he kept looking our way. Or maybe he was just feeling the vibes coming from our LTT-heavy corner. Or maybe he heard @Veddersgirl yell “Can you play the skin flute” to his drummer. Either way:

Apparently all that eye sex we were having really did a number on Sam… cuz he made this face.. and we all know what that means:

It's like Edward in Biology class..

And after that we made THIS happen. Oh yes we did:

ECLIPSE- Let’s DO THIS. Oh wait. Wrong Movie

And then after THAT it was time for ECLIPSE! And the midnight showing. We grabbed the 39 tickets that were still taped to Moon’s bust & filed into the theater MUCH nicer than we did last year- we had assigned seats so there wasn’t any running or trampling over the little kids to grab the best spot.

White Yorkie & Mr. Choice WERE there as well, however asking them to “smile” at 12 am, 5 minutes before they’re about to see a young adult movie about a teenage vampire love story doesn’t produce the best results.

Looking hot at 3 am:

At some point we had time to participate in a little video for our friends at TheFabLife at vh1. The video hasn’t been put up online yet, but here’s a little teaser:

And you know, it’s just a day in the life when the NY Post comes looking for quotes:

And I’m not sure it gets much cooler than when all is said & done and you’re home from #LEGHITCH2010 you open your mailbox and find yourself smiling on the pages of a teen magazine from New Zealand:

Oh I almost forgot- some of my favorite pictures from #LegHitch2010 came from the last day:

This is my favorite picture of the week- I wish we could have fit everyone who joined us for LegHitch2010 on that bed, unfortunately this is all who was left (besides Jordan the Unicorn & Mr. Choice):

I’m exhausted! Are you!???

I have to say I was getting quite nostalgic working on this letter… The night of the LTT party, Moon & I were up in her room, working on trivia & we were just overwhelmed with the amount of people downstairs… and how we didn’t know ANY of you a year and 1/2 ago, and while there were 40+ people at her house, there are so many more we’ve never met…. I think it’s safe to say we have a “friend” almost anywhere we go (We also have frenemies everywhere we go like TammyO & the creator of Gaybert & Kristoner, but that’s just a bonus) We appreciate you. And love you. All. XOXO

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTR, The Forum, Twitter, The Store

  • Wow.
    This all looks so, so amazing!!!!
    It sounds like you all had eff loads of fun, too!!
    And, duh, you all look f*cking GORGEOUS!
    Like, woah. We all seem to be rather genetically-blessed around here!
    Gah. I am SO flying over for BD 2011/2012.
    I don’t give a toss about uni. I WILL be there!
    I’ve even been researching flights to LA; it’s actually pretty damn reasonable for a return ticket. Squeee!
    Thanks so much for sharing these pics!!! 😀


    • Ish

      OMG you have SOOOOOOOOOOOOo given me an idea. What can I sell…..children is probably illegal so maybe I could start selling muffins at the market…..I shall check out prices from Germany. LETS DO IT. It will be last chance to really

      • Doffie

        HELL yes! And I’m flying in from Denmark for #pillowbite2011

        And by the way, I love you guys, too! Is it weird to say that when I haven’t met you? I don’t know. But I do 🙂 <3

  • Ish

    I am so green I am emrald! It´s all what you deserve you guys work so hard – we will never know how hard (TWSS) so hope you have many more months like June and enjoy and thanks for the hilarity at 2pm every afternoon – I structure my whole day around 2pm now – Is that really sad?

    • Nope, that’s normal. My workdays are divided into pre-LTT and post-LTT. 🙂

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  • Aw, the recap sounds and looks just GREAT! Wish we could’ve been there! Believe us we’ll do our very best to join for #pillowbite2011!

  • purplescool

    I wish I’d known you’d be on CBS – I live in the Philly area and would’ve been able to watch it live! But thanks for putting it up here so I can see it now.

  • I love this. Getting nostalgic, as well. And finally! The bed pic! 🙂 I’ve been wanting it & it was nowhere to be found. Thanks honeys!

    • I know i’m the worst. you have to BUG me for things- haven’t you realized this yet? I forget!

  • natashadushi

    This is EPIC!!!!! I wish I was there too! I must ask Moon and UC to sign my Breaking dawn book. You are famous now LOLZ (Jenna will sign my Eclipse book full of 7 of course)
    I love you guys and I hope and pray that maybe with Breaking dawn part deux I will be there with the #bitingpillow 2012/No to oral sesserian group.
    And if I meet pattinsonpantsgirl there I will die happy……….

  • Stacey

    So I have started working on my cover story to get over to LA for Breaking Dawn, but being that I’ve never left the east coast, it might be a difficult sell. What will the official name be? Something with teeth baby?

    Those pictures of the party @ Moon’s looked like a great time! I am so glad that you all had a wonderful time! Actually, your whole month of June looked fantastic. Oh…I think Jackson was actually making sweet love to you with his eyes. He leaves the eye f**ks for 100 Monkey groupies.

  • JellyBeanRainbow


  • Sassysmart

    Dear sweet baby Jesus lying in your manger chillin with your Manny Dimitri, we come to you today to thank you for the gloriousness that is OLE cake. And Tias that sell makeup on the side. Thank for 3twos (in paper bags) and Ouiser.


    • i wish more than ANYTHING I could share those pictures….

      • veddersgirl

        I’m glad you aren’t posting those pics. I might not ever be able to show my face in public.

    • “and tias that sell makeup on the side”

      awww….don’t hate on Krazy_Kidd’s familia. 😉

  • Best. Week. EVER!

    I miss you girls! I was unaware my face would be all over your blog today. And thanks for not mentioning my drunk shenanigans!

    Cholas por Vida!

    • veddersgirl

      Amber, Don’t forget! It’s Jason Segal’s Fault!

      My comment about the skin flute and showing Sam his picture of his Dopplegnager Otto only made him love me more. We are totally BFF! (

      Miss all the Leghitchbithces! Ole!

      • i TOTES forgot to mention that!!!!
        and Amber sorry about no heads up- it’s how I roll these days when I blog until 1 am:)

        • Oh, I don’t need a heads up. It was a pleasant surprise! I LOVE reliving all those fun times!

      • Damn you Jason Segal!! All your fault. LiLi banned me from ever pre-gaming a Sam show with Jason. Sucks…

        And tell me, TELL ME you saw the video of you showing Sam his doppleganger?!?

        Cause that right there… that is WIN!

        • veddersgirl

          *face palm* Soooo didn’t know there was a video. OMG! That is EPIC!

          • i may or may not watch that vid daily.

        • yes. yes i did ban you from pre-gaming.

      • sassysmart

        You realize that is my twitpic account right?

  • Brooke Lockart

    I wanna gooooooo baaaaaaaaaack!!! Funny, i’m wearing that purple shirt today.

    Someday I hope we get to tell the full story of the ole cake, but for now i’ll just laugh to myself quietly.

    Great recap of the events although you’re missing our private tour of the le brea tar pits. Loved it Ash!

    Wonder if Sam will yell, “foiled by those LTT girls again!!” when he reads his google alerts later.

    • I know.. I wanted to post a picture of us hugging a sloth but did you READ how long this post got!?

      So everyone Ashley @paleochicksdigs gave us a tour of the tar pits- and it was awesome!

      • Stacey

        You got to visit tar pits too! What a fantastic California adventure, UC! My happiness/jealousy (mostly, happiness) has increased ten folds for you! If you could possibly come up a plan for me, when Breaking Dawn comes around let me know. I now want to meet all the LTT/LTR girls even more. What a fun group!

  • dionrenee

    Could you guys ever have imagined how a little Youth Novel could change your lives??? This is so awesome, looks like you guys had a blast, I wish I had a huge bunch of Twihards here to hang with, but I live through you all….

    • I wish everyone got themselves a group of twihards!
      and no.. i never imagined it would turn into THIS!

  • imnoddin

    That is all SO awesome!

    The party looks like so much fun! It would be great to be able to have fun like that around others who understand (instead of having to hide our obsession like so many of us do). And you are all so gorgeous!

    Meeting Stephanie, interviewing Jackson, getting interviewed for t.v., then coming home to find your picture in a magazine! Amazing!

    Thanks for all the work sharing this with the rest of us! It’s nice to be able to live vicariously through you.

    Also, love the unicorn!

  • ChillinWithCullens

    Looks like a kickass party, ladies! Wish I could’ve gone – oh, and how cool is that, your photo taking up a full page in a teen magazine? (New Zealand or otherwise, that’s just plain awesome) You guys are such rockstars!

  • Stacey

    Those cookies look great! Very nice, lonestarkendall!

  • Edible Art ?

    OMG I know your real names – it feels kinda weird don’t worry I’m no stalker.

    Can’t believe all the stuff you have done – and then tell us about so cool – don’t stop, don’t ever stop or else !!

    • TeamJacobEdward

      I don’t know what you’re talking about. The CBS clip I watched the reporter said, “Undecided Choice,” and “The Moon is Down.”



      • TeamJacobEdward

        …Or did she say, “Bunny” and, “Bambi.” maybe that was it.

  • che



  • Alice_NaA

    Ohh it looks amazing! I think this is what LTT is really about!

    • me too!!!!

      LTT- no longer stands for “lotsa Trash Talk”

      it’s now “Love the Tacos”

  • Oh my, you girls sure had a lot of fun! Wish I could gather with all my fellow LTT girls too 🙁 Anyhoo, I can’t tell you how loudly I squeed when I saw that picture of you two on the New Zealand magazine…I’m so proud!

    P.S That pic of Sam reminds me of Gil Birmingham’s o-face picture, just saying.

  • Midnight_Cyn

    Its like your yelling through my computer…”YOU have NO LIFE sucker” and I am truly jealous…back to hatin on you…but THRILLED for you…but hatin on you still…
    BTW still could have sent me A BRISTLE from the brush of blush that Stephanie sent you…yup hatin on you…but luv you always…maybe…. 🙂

    • Robjunkie

      I know, right? Bitches.

    • Ok, Cyn (and JodieO and whoever else): Let’s do it up Maine-style for Breaking Dawn!!! Maybe even Northern New England-style, invite all the LTT peeps from NH and Mass. Except instead of tacos and sangria (so West Coast) we have a bean suppah and top it off with Maine’s favorite drink, coffee brandy (even though I don’t drink…). Or maybe class it up and do a lobster bake.

      Cyn YOU COULD DO THIS!!! With us LTT-ers you would be among friends and we would be with you every step of the way. Come onnnnnnnnn!!!!

      • JodieO

        Say what? If we are going to do this thing we are going to do it right. With red hot dogs and Moxie.

        • But the red hot dogs will already BE at the bean suppah. You can drink my Moxie. It tastes like medicine and makes me want to barf.

      • Stacey

        No love for us lower New Englanders? Connecticut should definitely represent! :0)

        • Sheesh, CT is practically NY, but I GUESS you technically qualify as a New Englander. 🙂 J/K. OF COURSE you can come! And you could probably even sneak up here without the hubs knowing it was a Twi-event…just tell him you are going for a girl’s weekend and leave it at that.

      • Midnight_Cyn

        I would LOVE to think that getting together was a possibility as I have come to care so much for everyone here and with all my heart I wish I could do such a fun, exciting thing but the reality is that I don’t think this broken body & mind would allow it 🙁

        • Ok, so maybe we couldn’t pull off all the shennenigans of Team West Coast, like pub crawls, zooming down the freeway and midnight showings, but there must be SOMETHING we could do! Three movie marathon at your place and a low-key showing of Breaking Dawn at the local movie house? We’ve got some time to think about this. Busted Headboard 2011, here we come!!

  • purplescool

    If we buy enough “I love British boys” garments will you two be able to quit your day jobs and just do LTT/LTR for a living?

    And something that’s been gnawing at me: will there be enough material to keep us all occupied until ‘fade-to-black-2011’ (AKA Breaking Dawn) comes around?

    • yes- please fund our hobby:)

      and let’s hope so! I don’t want to stop- but I also don’t want to write about NOTHING!

  • Lately it’s been like Christmas on LTT with all the videos and pics. Loved loved reading about #leghitch2010 and seeing you all! Also happy you’re out of the closet and give us the awsomeness of red mullet and other epicness to come, I’m sure.

  • Proselyte3

    *sniff* Beeches!

    Is it normal that I ‘know’ most of you in these photos? Yes. M’alright.

    I SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE! Ah well…perhaps ‘Pillowbiters?’


  • chochang

    now that y’all are out there, i expect you’ll have more than 40,000 readers in a month. 😀

    this is just so brilliant. slow claps and jazz hands all around.

    • Ish

      Imagine if one day we got 40000 comments! (note the “we” I am soooooooooooo part of this hee hee)

  • JennB

    Ha, I just got the Eclipse/espilce thing…. and, nice post! It was fun chatting with you last night. Gah, so now you’ve met Ma & Pa and Sam Bradley AND Stephanie Meyer. So… you know it’s only a matter of time before you hit the jackpot.

    Wish I lived in SoCal so that I could have joined you guys…. looks fun!

    • Ish

      OK well I am a dork coz I still don’t get it.

      • Luludee

        It’s Eclipse spelled backwards 🙂

        • Ish

          oooooooooooooooooooooh major fail I totally accept all thumbs down pertaining

          • Janetrigs

            Thumbs down for not looking hard enough!

            Ya’ll know the Accountability Partnership part, right?

            PS When Obird and I created the EAP, we couldn’t stop laughing for weeks and couldn’t tell anybody else.

  • StotheP

    Awww – fun times! Looks like you all had a blast! I hope you don’t mind, but due to the sepia tint of all these great photos I’m going to also assume you all drank pina coladas, got caught in the rain, and made love at midnight in the dunes on the Cape. Kickass.

    I’ve been to a Twi-party before, but I’d LOVE to meet up with some LTTers! Either I’m coming out to visit my sister in CA “conveniently” around the next premiere, or the Mid-Southern US contingent is about to start a roll call!

    • Texas Bottle Blonde

      I’m slowly coming out of the closet on here. Drats! Anyway, where is the Mid-South sign up? Anyone here from the Dallas area? I’m a transplanted (from LA.) Texan who loves Twilight and feel at home on this site for some damn crazy reason.

      Thanks ladies,


  • TheColdWoman

    Confirming what we all knew already: LTT Girls are HOT! Love the pictures, wish I was there. #Leghitch 2010 looked like a blast!

  • Freya

    Best vacation EVER! I miss my girls so much! The LTT girls are amazing, as if there was ever any doubt. UC and Moon are incredible, of course. Seeing the pictures and reliving the experiences has been a great way to start the morning. I have to say, this post was filled with OLE’! Love you girls!

  • lieutenant.twilight

    Y’all look like tooo much fun! I hope I can be a part of a contingent that gets to go to BD #fadetosad2011!!

    Keep up all the great work!!

  • Bandmum

    I can’t believe #LEGHITCH2010 is over! Seems like just yesterday you started planning it.

    #PillowBite2011 I’m not so sure about, but maybe for 2012.

  • obird

    I love all the pics!!! It really was a BLAST and I miss you ladies SO VERY MUCH!!! Now I want some Ole cake….where is the closest Ralphs?? Janetrigs fire up bitchface we are going on a road trip in the wind-up! xo

    ps. UC/Moon we will be going over your Teen Magazine spread at our next EAP meeting. 🙂

    Espilce Accountability Partners Co-Founder,


    • Janetrigs

      Better get some extra coins for the wind up. She is getting pissed off more and more. OLE

      Co-founder EAP – Janetrigs

  • Pinky

    Looks like a great time. Everyone is so stinkin’ cute! I wish I had a group of Twi-friends, but all I get is friggin’ attitude and questions about why I’ve seen the movie so many times.

    Screw it…I’m moving to LA. You guys know how to party.

  • operarose

    Whoa, with all of this press attention, you are definitely celebs in your own right. Now you both can start smoking, driving nosy reporters around in your minis and make them run in to pick up lunch for you, and complain about how you hate being popular, you may or may not be dating your co-star, being famous is like being raped…etc. Congratulations!

    All jokes aside it looks like you have had an amazing summer so thank you for sharing (almost) everything! I am trying to figure out how I could possibly join in on #Pillow Bite 2011 but I don’t even think it’s a possibility. Ah well. At least you will recap the fun so those of us who are far away can live vicariously!

    As a side note Jordan the unicorn looks a lot like my brother. Trying to imagine my brother as a Twi-fan now…it’s having a hard time computing.

  • snowwhitedrifted

    Cracking up since Doug Kammerer (the weatherman from that clip) is good friends with my bro-in law. The guys were all playing poker during a New Years Eve party when my husband beat Doug. As he scooped up the pot, he said, “when it rains it pours, eh there weatherman.” It was funny. Ah Philly, good times.
    Sorry totally off topic.

  • There should be an east coast party for BD! I’ll host it in Ohio if someone else plans it for me! My plans would consist of only watching the movies and playing truth or dare. lol


    Help. Because I’m poor and couldn’t get to LA. lol

    • PS- I’m sure flights to Ohio are probably pretty cheap. I mean, who comes here? 🙂

    • Stacey

      I would have to beg to go to California, but my husband’s best friend lives in Ohio. Hmm… Only problem is that I would have to bring him & the kids!

      Of course, UC, if you want to do an east coast Pennsylvania edition, that would be MUCH easier! All I have to say is that I want to go to my college reunion and visit the Amish. I’ll then add in visiting my parents and he will happily let me go by myself!

      • Ish

        NO No come to Germany zen ve can eat za sauerkraut and drink ze gut German schnapps 🙂

      • Robsessedgirl

        PLEASE UC & Moon, do a PA edition? Like others have said in the comments, I only wish I had a group of Twifriends. I’ve resorted to seeing the movies with my parents because I don’t know anyone who shares my HUGE obsession. It’s sad. So a PA partay? I’ll help plan.

      • O.M.E.

        PA party please! We Eascoasters get screwed with all the West coast activity. Boo hoo. BDPA pillowbite party. Come on now!

  • snowwhitedrifted

    Awe, the LTT gathering @ Moon’s house. That was a fun night! I can’t believe how many awesome ladies I met. Funny, about those pics, they definitely have the same weathered film quality that my childhood (in the 70’s cough cough) pics have. It’s nice we all look so tan, though!
    Props (again) to KrazyKidd for that insanely delicious spicy guacamole.

    What a month for our famous lil’ bloggers!!

    • I LOVE our tans!

    • Stacey

      You all did look very tan. Until my sleepy, blurry eyes adjusted and I noticed the all over sepia color, I thought I am way to pasty, pale & a dork to hang with such a bunch of cool girls! Now I realize that I’m just a dork!

    • elosie

      I am so glad that you cleared up the tan thing for me! I was sad thinking that I had lost that amazing glow. BTW, SWD when I see that pic of us together at moons all I can think about is how cold I was at that moment. That concrete was the only thing keeping me warm!

  • Kendall

    Awww, I love these photos. I had such a blast meeting, hugging and laughing with each one of y’all! So many great memories.

    Thank you to SMeyer and her sparkly vampire for bringing us together!

  • MrsKowski

    Awe, you’re making me all teary. I had such a great time & love each and every one of you!

    Thank you so much for making it a trip I will never forget & continue to laugh about for years to come.

    And UC, without you & Moon, I wouldn’t have met these people who have made such an impact on my life – thank you!

    *sniff sniff*

  • And what they said about Jordan giving the BEST hugs ever is so true! You’ve not been hugged till you get a Jordan hug! #truth

    • veddersgirl

      Double true! Best.Hugger.Evah! I think I was lifted off the ground at least once. 😀

      • He makes me feel so tiny, which is pretty amazing when I’m 5’9″ and half the time I’m wearing heels.

  • You need to take this shizz INTERNATIONAL! I hate feeling like I missed something so fun!

    Love it/everyone here, you were right UC, if your not coming here for your daily Twi fix you are totally missing out!

  • PinkFluff

    Of course..I didn’t get a ribbon. I WANTED A RIBBON. I should have flashed the camera…maybe then I woulda gotten a ribbon! >fake pouts<

    I miss LA.
    I miss that at least 7 people at any given time were able to help me pick out and outfit and do my hair.
    Electric blue margaritas.
    Unbelievably EARLY last calls.
    Bull riding.
    Being an "aggressive" driver in LA.
    Saying "aggressive" and hearing the cheer start in my car. (LonestarKendall claps, y'all!)
    Telling Veddersgirl to go to her HOLE and not pass out on the floor of our room.
    Being called a big black man in a tiny white girl's body.
    Dancing at the Abbey with hot girls and Mr. Choice. (Who by the way, is extremely SHORT in that movie theater picture. He'll be pleased I said that. ;o))
    Climbin' the Unicorn. And NO that is NOT a euphemism. He's TALL, people. Fluff is short. I had NO CHOICE.
    BUTTERMILK!!!!! (And Hello Kitty)
    The "oh shit" bar in the car being VERY useful.
    Bedazzled COOZIES!

    And since this sounds like a Yearbook entry, I'll stop with this one:
    Laughing EVERY SINGLE DAY so hard that we all would be crying. It only sucked when I was trying to DRIVE…drivin' and cryin' are just not meant to go together.


    • Freya

      I love this. So much of this.

      I’ll just add:

      Ding dong…whaaaaaa?
      Hey girl, heyyyyyy!

      Love you, Fluffers!

    • obird

      Fluffer….you are presh! I love your yearbook entry….I only wish you would have signed my crack. Yep, I said it. AND next trip we are RIDING THE BULL….b/c that is KLASSY ya’ll.



    • BrOoKe LoCkArT

      You forgot running from the Po-Po, or at least that’s my excuse for sliding off that car seat like a hot dog out of a bun.

      Those were some good times!

  • TeamJacobEdward

    I’m sooo jealous. I’m like ten shades of jade right about now.

    Immediately after seeing Eclipse with my best Twi friend (who reads LTT all the time but remains full lurker status) that we should save up money and beg UC and Moon to let us fly in to join PillowBite2011. I think I put the bug in her ear early enough that we just might do it. We keep taking that we need a vacation from the husbands and kidlets. That would be the perfect excuse.


    • Ish

      I love that you say kidlets I thought I was the only person in the world who did!

      • Ish

        are you me? sorry am really overtired. had nightmares and the scary movies last night – too scared to get up to pee because I am reading The Historian (I know such a geek after hearing SM say she read it I am so lame) and anyway giving me the heebies and so very tired and very bad silly humor today

        • Luludee

          The Historian is soooooooo good!! I loved how subtly creepy it was, but I don’t think it gave me any nightmares.

          • Ish

            It’s me I am a big girls blouse. I got nightmares from the goblet of fire and watching pirates of the carribean. Am loving the historian though

          • Janetrigs

            The Historian is goo, but wait until the end when you want to stab your eyes out. TRUST

          • Luludee

            Thumbs down for the ending, which did not live up to the rest of the book at all 🙁

      • TeamJacobEdward

        LOL! I’m the only one I know who uses that term. I don’t know how I came up with the word combining kid with piglet. Most people laugh and ask me what I said. I too thought I was the only one who used that term. I guess it’s like that saying: great minds think alike.


  • TeamSeth

    Love it!

    It looks like Jordan is holding a harmonica in one of the pics…

  • natalie_MKH

    It’s so great to see all that you gals have accomplished with this blog!! I hope you continue to be recognized for the brilliance and realism you bring to this craziness!!

    • Lovespelledbackwards


  • frightenedflips

    Skin flute – Waaaaaaaaaahhahahahhah!!!!!!

  • Chanel Kilian

    Wow! Looks like you guys had SO much fun! Wish all of us could have been there, Imagine THAT party!
    Congrats on being in the Mag!

  • Luludee

    Just when I thought I couldn’t be any more jealous, you release pictures of the awesomeness of #leghitch2010!

    I’m glad you gals had such a blast together!

    Do you really get 40,000 hits (was that daily or weekly)? Too cool!

  • Lovespelledbackwards

    Bull riding? Custom Cookies? Vodka? Looks like I majorly missed out. So fun. Great pics. Makes me want to have a slumber party. Thanks for sharing!

  • Robjunkie

    Clearly I need to move to Amerkuh so that I can also attend awesome parties like this. You guys are so hooked up. It’s nauseatingly good. Nothing this epic happens down here in deepest darkest Africa. Okay, maybe cause that’s I’m a lazy twihard who has to keep her crazy, and by crazy I mean awesome, in the closet. So fucking jealous right now.

    • TeamSeth

      Yeah, but you get little handouts when you go to the movies! They gave me a little Eclipse key chain. We don’t get that in the US! :'(

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