Twilight Eats the month of June Part 2

Dear Month of June,

Last week I started talking about where you went and while I wrote about it, another month passed by- or so it seemed. Turns out the month was SO big that I had to split it into Two parts. This is part 2! Make sure you check out part 1 if you haven’t yet!

We last left off when Jackson when eye f*cking me, the Twilight SUPERFAN (Oh, did I fail to mention the eye F*cking. It was ON bigtime. AND I was all for it cause he was hot. 5’8″ tall, but hot) Don’t worry if you feel like you’re in the 60s during these pictures. This was actually in 2010…

Before I left for LA, I got my first UPS delivery at my new apartment. It was a Box of Crap from Stephenie. Stephenie sent us home with a duffel bag full of crap from the interview, but this was a BOX of crap. And it was filled with amazingness: Twi-Shirts from Nordstrom, make-up, books, an Edward DUVET cover, lap top skins, iPhone covers, New Moon Scene-it. You name it, we got it (No, Rob wasn’t in there).


Finally! It was here! First thing on the agenda, a meeting of the “Espilce Accountability Partners”

I sat there for about 30 minutes before I had the balls to ask someone what in the hell that meant. I’ll wait until you figure it out: Got it!? Thank Obird & Janetrigs for that brilliance!

Then, it was time for CARNE ASADAS and our LTT House-Party! Yes we went deep into the lair & invited everyone from #LEGHITCH2010 plus anyone in the LA area to Moon’s house for a big Mexican-food themed party. It wouldn’t have happened with KrazyKidd and her KRAZY skills at getting us a deal on bags of meat at Mexican markets!! We featured a vodka concoction made by Mr. Choice that he somehow turned red & named, “Bella’s Blood,” 6 pitchers of Sangria brought by a girl who doesn’t even drink, an LTT cake brought by Brookelockart:

Custom cookies brought by @lonestarkendall

(Why, yes those are jorts, Ranier beer, a peacoat & a bed with gold brocade bedding)

THEN WE MET JORDAN THE UNICORN (who hugs better than anyone EVER- psst for you newbies- Jordan is our first Unicorn EVER)

We made EVERYONE wear Name tags

We rule

There was also a cake that said OLE- you know.. it was Mexican night! Plus we featured some LTT Trivia and gave away prizes (holla big bags/boxes of crap from Stephenie Meyer!) where Jordan the Unicorn got the question correct that we thought to be the hardest of the evening (The Date LTT started: 12/8/08!)

So very much more after the jump!

Moon & UC do CBS

The next morning I awoke bright and early (9 am) because my body thought it was 12 pm and had 3 frantic emails from a journalist at the local Philly CBS station. She wanted me to come in for an interview about the Twilight fandom online. I wrote her back explaining unfortunately I was with my blog partner in the west coast and couldn’t make it in. She told me, “Oh don’t you WORRY- we can do it on Skype! Bring your partner!”
So the next morning, Moon & I woke up at 5:15 am to do our hair & make-up. Then like true journalists we put on nice shirts & PJ bottoms and sat on Moon’s bed in front of a curtain like we were reporters from the ghetto. And made this movie where Moon is a mute & I take up all the screen time:

(Uh… you’re gonna see names other than UC & moon. And you’ll be confused. Ignore those- they made a mistake, obviously!)

(This will open a new window- BOO CBS)

We were actually interviewed for much longer & Moon did actually get a chance to speak, they just cut her parts. SAD


Have you ever been to a Sam Bradley show? you know how he eye f*cks you the whole time? It’s like Jackson looking at me on Twilight Night but with singing. And a foot taller. Plus a hoop earring. And it’s creepy. Like- Moon & I couldn’t stop laughing. Which is maybe why he kept looking our way. Or maybe he was just feeling the vibes coming from our LTT-heavy corner. Or maybe he heard @Veddersgirl yell “Can you play the skin flute” to his drummer. Either way:

Apparently all that eye sex we were having really did a number on Sam… cuz he made this face.. and we all know what that means:

It's like Edward in Biology class..

And after that we made THIS happen. Oh yes we did:

ECLIPSE- Let’s DO THIS. Oh wait. Wrong Movie

And then after THAT it was time for ECLIPSE! And the midnight showing. We grabbed the 39 tickets that were still taped to Moon’s bust & filed into the theater MUCH nicer than we did last year- we had assigned seats so there wasn’t any running or trampling over the little kids to grab the best spot.

White Yorkie & Mr. Choice WERE there as well, however asking them to “smile” at 12 am, 5 minutes before they’re about to see a young adult movie about a teenage vampire love story doesn’t produce the best results.

Looking hot at 3 am:

At some point we had time to participate in a little video for our friends at TheFabLife at vh1. The video hasn’t been put up online yet, but here’s a little teaser:

And you know, it’s just a day in the life when the NY Post comes looking for quotes:

And I’m not sure it gets much cooler than when all is said & done and you’re home from #LEGHITCH2010 you open your mailbox and find yourself smiling on the pages of a teen magazine from New Zealand:

Oh I almost forgot- some of my favorite pictures from #LegHitch2010 came from the last day:

This is my favorite picture of the week- I wish we could have fit everyone who joined us for LegHitch2010 on that bed, unfortunately this is all who was left (besides Jordan the Unicorn & Mr. Choice):

I’m exhausted! Are you!???

I have to say I was getting quite nostalgic working on this letter… The night of the LTT party, Moon & I were up in her room, working on trivia & we were just overwhelmed with the amount of people downstairs… and how we didn’t know ANY of you a year and 1/2 ago, and while there were 40+ people at her house, there are so many more we’ve never met…. I think it’s safe to say we have a “friend” almost anywhere we go (We also have frenemies everywhere we go like TammyO & the creator of Gaybert & Kristoner, but that’s just a bonus) We appreciate you. And love you. All. XOXO

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