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Where are they now? All our old favorites edition!

Dear LTT-ers,

Anytime I hear Lady Gaga’s song “Pokerface” I inevitably think of AmanDUH and I get sad. She was a legend in her own time and then deleted her YouTube account before we barely knew her. Well we KNEW her kitchen and her hallway with the bed sheet strung up and we DEFINITELY knew her “special” husband she made dress us as Edward in their backyard but we didn’t get to see her mature into her artistry. And that got me thinking about all our other old Twilight favorites that we loved and talked about so much… what are they doing now? Are they happy? Do they think back on us and Twilight with fond memories?

So I decided to do a little research and see what our old pals are up to.

How I’ll always think of Michael

Oregano – Michael Angarano will ALWAYS be the Young William in Almost Famous and for that I will always love him and I truly have high hopes that he will or maybe has escaped the Kristen/Robsten nonsense he was aparty too. I heard some rumors of him and Emma Roberts being an item and that would account for the frosty exchange between Rob and Emma on Leno but I don’t care enough to research this. So I’ll take the easy route… from the looks of IMDB he is busy like a bee, but not too much to pace in front of my favorite coffee shop a few weeks ago. My friends had to restrain me from asking what REALLY happened and what Cathi is REALLY like and if Nikki was REALLY involved in the whole final breakdown and if he can get me Patrick Fugit, Zooey Deschanel and Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s numbers.

Catherine Hardwicke – Besides being asked to make appearances at all TGIFriday’s grand openings in the continental US because she’s such a huge supporter of the chain restaurant our dear Jamaican vacation loving cougar is directing movies again! With Billy Burke as a character in her new period piece movie, Red Ridinghood, I wonder if she’ll make him grow a killer pornstache or walk around with a sword in one hand and a can of Vitamin R in the other. Whatever it is we know she’s already got the Lukas Haas/Amanda Seyfried audition tape from her groovy bedroom in Venice Beach on LOCKDOWN.

Sage – Formerly of super group Sage and the Dills. Ok, maybe not super group. But according to Nikki Reed herself she directed Sage’s video for a song which I’m sure I don’t care about but features Nikki’s “friend” Johnny Flynn. Why, Johnny WHY?!

AmanDUH – Oh Amanduh… where for art thou AmandUH?! You made us love you with your renditions of songs from the Twilight soundtrack, your dramatic reading of chapters from Twilight and who can forget the music video you did with your special Husband? We miss you! Where did you go? I did some light googling and found our girl is STILL at it only she runs her own fansite… HER own fansite the Amadah fansite and has like 5 youtube accounts. And I’m sad to report I think she may have left “Special Edward” and the kids in that apartment, changed her name and is now a porn star with a guido looking boyfriend. Maybe. These are my conclusions after my google research.

(if someone can figure out wtf that black line over her lip is, I’ll give you an award)
She’s also decided to honor The Runaways and obviously Kristen’s portrayal of Joan Jett with this stunning hair and makeup job. Though NOT a mullet (amateur!) she does have the pleather painted on! ALL HAIL AMANDUH! She’s back… or at least until she finds out I embedded her video here.

All my fave DILF moments, minus the orange pants

Chris Weitz – The man, the DILF, the legend. He made it alright for us to hope for something better than the Twilight movie. Under his careful guidance and sexy scarves we dared to hope for better FX, better wigs and NO spider monkeys. We got 2 of the 3. And we’re forever grateful. Chris paved the way for David Slade to take the reins and OWN Eclipse HARD. We can now only cross our fingers for Bill Condon’s vision for Breaking Dawn and thank Chris Weitz for paving the way. But what is our ol lover up to these days? He famously said he was going to retire after he finished “The Gardener” but by the looks of his IMDB he’s looking sexy as hale AND he’s linked to FOUR new projects that are “in development.” One of these is officially the best movie ever based on it’s title: “Another Bullshit Night in Suck City.” Whatever Chris Weitz ends up doing I’ll always want to give him a hug for making New Moon.

Where will the Bananager and David Slade and Xaiver Samuel end up and all our other latest favorites? Do we think anyone will end up on a future season of Celebrity Rehab? Here’s hoping not unless they have Rehab for an addiction to chain restaurant Italian food. Ahem.

Off to watch a billion AmanDUH  videos!

Who do you miss or wonder what ever happen to them? What happened to Buttcrack Santa? Has anyone ever actually been to Sage show?

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  • Irrevocably

    I’m thinking that AmanDUH’s mouth is meant to be a cherry, and that black line is the stem…or fuse for the cherry bomb? Yeah… I’m gonna just leave that there.

    Oh, and I miss the DILF! I’ll see anything his orange pants directs for sure.

    • TeamJacobEdward

      My husband and I took my kids to the zoo last week and I saw a dad there with his kids wearing a shirt that said DILF. Beside the fact that the guy was gutsy, funny or conceded enough to wear that shirt, I instantly missed “the DILF” and his orange pants.

    • AJ

      It’s the stem! Oh god how I wish you were wrong, but I think you’ve hit it dead on.

      UC, Moon…award this girl.


      Um..Imma have to interrupt you Ashley Simpson, your lip synching was awful. But AmanDUH does the worst lip synching of all time OF ALL TIME!

  • Alice_NaA

    The black line is supposed to make her mouth look like a cherry when she closes it. I only know this because of the make-up session with AmanDUH I once won, obvi.

    • eatmyjorts

      Alice, I read that as a ‘make-out’ session you won. Too much ff methinks…

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  • Ah, the long awaited comeback of AmandUH! That vid just made my day. Perhaps we’ll get a rendition of Sia with her husband soon. That should be pretty interesting.

  • superhumanmoron

    Yes, I agree. Her mouth is supposed to be a cherry. It would be all kinds of win to see her neighbor watching her cinematography from that window in the background.

  • Oregano was hanging around comic con yesterday, looking very hoboish… http://www.aceshowbiz.com/events/Comic%20Con%202010%20-%20Day%204/comic_con_celebs_36_wenn2938702.html#

  • Stacey

    See this is what happens when you come late to the party. I missed all the AmanDUH fabulousness. And when I say fabulous I might mean that I’m a bit scared. Kind of like the Paranormal Activity 2 trailer before Eclipse. I’m frighened, but I’m driven to see MORE! (can anyone give me an abbreviated back story on this? I would search the archives for it, but it’s playdate Tuesday and will be threatening a three year old to stop bossing around her friends.)

    I also want to say now that my favorite cougar has Billy Burke in her movie, I might be checking it out. Do you think she has an “audition” tape of him too? I think she might like her “audition” tapes younger.

    • eatmyjorts

      I was too late to see the wondrousness that was TammyO, & have never been able to find any of her offerings to enjoy in a nostalgic way…

      And was that really Billy Burke in Lincoln green? I may have to rethink my crush.

      • Rob’s flaming dashboard

        Ha! I immediately thought of TammyO too. Perhaps she’s all about the Bieber baby these days?

      • TeamJacobEdward

        I missed the whole TammyO thing too. I only saw her name mentioned occasionally and after awhile realized she’s a frienemy. Other than that I am in the dark on her.

        • TeamJacobEdward

          Whoops. Itchy trigger finger.

          Before I knew she was a frienemy I thought, simply because of her name (TammyO), when she was mentioned that she was JodieO’s sister or something (sorry JodieO, I didn’t know). Especially when someone would say they missed TammyO. I should have realized it was sarcasm. *facepalm*

          • JodieO

            HAHAHAHAHA! Awesome. I am the original O around here! But I do miss TammyO. She was full of entertainment.

    • StotheP

      Paranormal Activity summary? Hm. I don’t wanna spoil, so how’s about I just give you my stream-of-consciousness while watching?

      Sleep with a frickin’ light on! Psh. Don’t you dare stick your effing head up there. Holy shit, look at the covers. Oh, NO. NO. NOooooo. How can you stay there? How can you EVER GO TO SLEEP THERE AGAIN??!? I would kick his ass for that. Twice. Dude. She is NOT okay. Do not listen to her. Leave. Leave now. Oh. This can’t be good. . . . . . . . AHHHHH#!@#!@#!$!$!@@!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was that real? No, really, was that real? What do you mean, you can’t sleep with me wrapped around your head? Whatever, Mr. totheP. Shush it. Did you hear something?

      I can’t wait for the sequel.

      • Keisha

        Yeah, I was awake until 5:30am on Sunday morning because the Paranormal Activity 2 trailer came to my mind and freaked me the eff out. And I’ve never even seen the first one! It was too hot to pull the covers over my head.
        Apparently I think ghosts can’t attack when the sun is out. Whew!

        • snowwhitedrifted

          I jumped out of my seat and spilled some popcorn @ that trailer. I had blocked it out until now. Ahhhhhhh!Thanks, Stace!

        • I only saw the first one recently and didn’t realise the trailer for the second was out. Needless to say I youtube’d that bad boy – scary!

      • Stacey

        Oh gosh. Big fail on me! I meant AmanDUH in the LTT archives. I was trying to get two small children ready for playdate-a-palloza today. Trying to fit in all the kids socializing before we go on vacation next week.

        Paranormal Activity 2’s trailer freaked me out. But it might not have freaked me out as much as Stephen King’s…I won’t do that to you again! :0) I did ask my friend who was sitting next to me in the theater if she would go watch it with me. Unfortunately no, the shimmery vampires were scary enough for her.

        • StotheP

          Hahaha! Oh, well, any excuse to talk PA will do for me. I love the scares. My sil, too, is sufficiently frightened by the stuff in Eclipse. I don’t get this. At all.

          Really? Eclipse is scary? REALLY?

  • Sj

    Squeee, my night is complete! Firstly out of the blue is an ad for My Own Worst Enemy on TV tonight?!? and then you girls go and give me AmanDUH. So much to live for, so much to cringe about. And to think I’ve been fretting about getting thru to Nov ’11.

    PS I’ve also rekindled my love for Kellan (it’s a complicated relationship). Win.

    PPS I miss the DILF and am sad that Sladey is gone before I really got to know him.

    • Sj

      Aha – my annual allowance of thumbsups seems to have been reinstated so everyone is fabulous today.

    • StotheP

      My Own Worst Enemy? Now I’m wondering where you live that they’re still showing that. Siiiiiigh. I remember wondering how the heck they were passing Taylor Lautner off as the child of Christian Slater and the woman who played his wife. He looked nothing like either of them. Ehh.

      • Sj

        I’m in Australia so I really should be getting to bed instead of being freaked out by seeing Christian Slater old and looking nothing like Tator-tot, but then neither does Big Daddy.

        • StotheP

          Ohhh! I love Australia! At least, I will when I visit one of these days. For now I love it from afar.

          Taylor DOESN’T look anything like Big Daddy. Maybe that’s why the My Own Worst Enemy people were okay with casting him as Christian Slater’s son – there’s just no good parental fit.

          Except for Gil Birmingham. Huh. Weird.

          • eatmyjorts

            I disagree! I think that at first glance they don’t look alike, but if BD dropped some weight, & you gave him a good shave, they’d look a lot more like they were related. And we’ve never really gotten a good look at his Mum – maybe it would all become clear then? I know quite a lot of people who don’t look much like one of their parents, but then you see the other & can look back & see the mix…this has been esp. true for mixed race friends & their white parent…not that Tay’s mixed race, but his skin/hair colour certainly throws the resemblence for a curve ball.

          • StotheP

            Yes, that. It’s his hair color and darker complexion that throw me off with the resemblance to Big Daddy. Although there is something around the eyes, I think. Hmmm.

      • Stacey

        Wha…wha..what! Christian Slater was playing Taylor’s DAD! Is he old enough to be playing Taylor’s dad? I mean if he can play the dad, then what Winona Ryder could be his mom. That’s like if they had a baby in Heathers. Never mind, I keep thinking they are much younger then the actually are.

        • Twi Mom (not like on “O”)

          Don’t feel bad. My sister and I are convinced that he has made a deal with the Devil. He looks almost exactly the same as he did in “Pump up the Volume”. I will admit he is the 1st actor crush I can remember having. I guess I just dated myself :(.

          • Stacey

            I get so confused on the ages of the actors. I checked the date of Heaters and it came out in 1989, when I was in 7th grade. And since he doesn’t look much different than back then, I think you are correct with the deal he made. I also think Luke Perry and Chris O’Donnell made the same deal.

        • Sj

          OMG. Taylor is the love child of Christian and Winona! I wonder if he’s any good at croquet, I play a diabolical game.

  • Sassysmart

    I have a confession. That is the FIRST Aman-DUH video I’ve ever seen. And I only just watched about :15 of it. And I’m better off.

    • superhumanmoron

      You’re gonna get your LTT card taken away.

    • The Old One

      Better watch it now while you still can. When she finds out LTT is posting her stuff and saying not-nice things again she’s gonna yank it.

      Amanduh! I’m shocked, yes, shocked, that a nice Christian girl like you would make a video wearing pleather and lip-synching to Cherry Bomb! What has the world come to?

  • JodieO

    Oh dear god. Ok, I’ve gotta go put Almost Famous into the dvd player just to wash my brain of Amanduh.

    How old am I? ELEVEN??!?!?!?!?!

  • libby

    aaawwwweeee Oregano!!!
    besides young William he will always be for me Will Stronghold super strong and fast Sky High hero. *sigh*

  • libby


  • Okay WHAT? THAT”S the rumor about the showdown b/t Rob & Emma? B/c of OREGANO? I hope that’s true SO MUCH…. what if Rob is total drama and we’ve been fooled all this time!?

    • I cannot believe I was aware of a Twi-rumor that you were not. It must be a sign of the end times.

    • Rob’s flaming dashboard

      Was that just put there to tease us?
      I hate having to do all the hard work of googling it myself.

      • The Old One

        Was it or wasn’t it a double meaning when Rob said “you have just revealed yourself to have no taste whatsoever”? Was it really about Team Jacob or Team OREGANO? Oh, the plot thickens!

  • TeamJacobEdward

    A while back I was driving down the highway minding my own business driving much faster than I should when I look over at the person I’m passing and I had to do a double take. The chick I was passing, driving a new Hyundai (I could tell it was new because it still had the temporary insurance and license info taped to the back window) looked EXACTLY like Catherine Hardewick. Same straight, blonde hair, same hooked noise. Everything. I felt my face turn into a glare, realizing how much I resented her for messing up Twilight with the tree climbing and spider monkey lines (while they’re fun to laugh about, I realized them that I’d rather have a better movie).

    I slowed down to look at her longer. Yep, EXACTLY like Hardie.. What was she doing in MN if it wasn’t just a doppelganger? Hiding from pissed off Twi fans? On her way to ND to knock on Kellan’s parents door?

    I had to exit so I did and immediately contacted my best Twi friend. Her immediate response? “Did you flick her off for screwing up Twilight so royally?” hahaha. She was disappointed that I didn’t. I knew we both thought Twi left a LOT to be desired between the moments of glimmering hope, but I didn’t know she felt that strongly against Hardie. I guess we’re both more resentful towards her than either of us realized until I saw her or (more likely) her doppelganger.

    • TeamSeth

      Two words: Minnesota Fringe

      • TeamJacobEdward


        It’s bad I had to google “Minnesota Fringe” to find out what it was since I’ve lived in MN, within easy distance of The Cities, my entire life? I’m a bad little Minnesotan aren’t I?
        *hangs head*

        • delilah439

          Yay for Minnesota (I live in St. Paul)!!! Boo for Cathy Cougar!!! 🙂

  • ICanHandleIt

    not sure about Oregano, or Billy Burke, but I do know where to get Philip Seymour Hoffman’s #. My cousin lives in NYC and was his nanny for four years. Sometimes she would be talking to me on the phone, he would come in and I could hear him! Once she took a pic of her next to his oscar and texted it to me. Sweet.

  • Sj

    I’ll always have a place in my heart for Krys Hyatt. He really should have hit the gym.

  • KatOfDiamonds

    Does anybody else want to cry on behalf of Billy Burke? I mean this is NOT the man from my Official Site emails!!

  • snowwhitedrifted

    I was late to teh party too, so I missed Aman-duh and Tammy-O. But I was wondering what happened to some commenters: Illegalwolflover, sparklecakes, BobbyG, Facepunch, Tiffanized.

    • eatmyjorts

      BobbyG’s been back, & Fangster pops in now & then (not enough), but where are the rest of you? How dare you deny us your undeniable humour?

      And this last week – where’s Cyn? Hellooooooooooo?

      • Wondering the same thing about Cyn. JodieO? Do you know?

      • TeamSeth

        Record scratch, when was BobbyGee back?!

        • The Old One

          This last weekend’s LTT post. Maybe it was an imposter.

          • TeamSeth


    • Luludee

      I think someone said that Illegalwolflover moved back to Sri Lanka (?) from NZ and I guess she doesn’t have interent there? I’ve been wondering why she hasn’t been back here in months myself.

      I’m pretty sure Facepunch is still around. I seem to recall seeing a comment from him not too long ago.

  • Chanel Kilian

    Her mouth is the cherry :,O ! Lol but I guess everyone figured that out 😛

  • TeamSeth

    And I thought that after those GQ like photos Billy Burke couldn’t get any hotter… I was so wrong. I mean, he looks like Robin Hood meets Peter Pan holding a ciggy and a grande mocha frappuccino. I’m not sure what could be better than that… except that I’m seeing what looks like Cullen crest leather wristband on his right arm… Could he be working the method approach for BD Volume II? Who wouldn’t want to call themselves a Cullen.

    • TeamJacobEdward

      “SO hot. Want to touch the hineie.”

  • TeamSeth

    ps-today is the first day in a long time that I’m soooo glad youtube is blocked at my office.

    • Stacey

      Oh I put that on when I thought my daughter was watching Curious George. Bad idea. She came into the room during the, “train wreck”. I remember yelling and turning off the video, “Close your eyes, baby! You don’t want to see this!”

      That can scar a young child for life, no doubt.

      • TeamSeth

        A young child, middle-aged LTTers, everyone 😐

  • TeamSeth

    So, I looked up Buttcrack Santa, which I looked up as Waylon Forge on IMDB thinking that was the actor’s name. Then I wondered why he was only listed as being in Twilight as Ned Bellamy. Especially since in 2002 he was in a Lending Tree commercial, shouldn’t that be listed on his gigs?

    After a few sips of caffeine and feeling more perplexed, I realized my error and clicked on Ned’s link. Looks like he’s doing a movie called Crazy Eyes. Which immediately made me think of that Edward/Billy Black (driving, wtf!) crazy eyes scene. Normal.

    • The Old One

      Waylon/Ned, whatever, Buttcrack Santa will be the crowning role of his entire career. How could it not be?

      Did you ever see that mash-up scene with Billy Black driving by (right, WTF?) and staring at Rob as Dali in the puffy shirt outfit? So funny!

  • Robsessedgirl

    First things first. I was watching Twilight last week with the commentary(it has K, Rob and Cathi) and Cathi was just blatantly flirting. It was just ew. Not to mention she’s creepy, but…..naw. (on a side note, I would recommend any Robsessed person to watch Twilight with the commentary, Rob is hilarious! he impersonates Billy Burke, and is just awesome in general.) Now to Oregano. He was just kinda cute, but he looks like a high Joseph Gordon Levitt. Chris Weitz is just all kinds of amazing, he did a great job with New Moon(except for not including one of the best lines in the book, the “moonless night” one said by Edward.) PLUS HE GOT MICHAEL SHEEN TO PLAY ARO! Michael Sheen=win. I also love Charlie Bewley but that’s another post.

  • Robjunkie

    Oh Oregano. I really feel for the little guy. *sheds a tear* I’ve always been curious to know exactly what went down. One minute KStew is riding on his back like a plaid-clad cowgirl, the next he’s dumped faster than you can say sparklepeen, to make way for the magicness that is Robsten. I guess piggy back rides just aren’t magical enough for KStew. Magicness FAIL.

    • The Old One

      Oregano just didn’t know the right magical words, “Hold on tight, spidermonkey!” If only he had known what to say, she’d still be riding on him.

      • Robjunkie


  • Speaking of our beloved DILF Chris Weitz:

    I finally watched “A Single Man” a week or so ago and noticed his name among the producer credits at the start of the film. I already knew the movie would be awesome due to Tom Ford and Colin Firth, but I nearly screamed a psycho Twihard scream when I saw CDubs in the credits. Seriously, dude has a fan for life in me (TWSS).

    • Robjunkie

      I saw that too!

  • Can’t believe I like this shit

    What ever happened to Ben Cheney? Why did he refuse to appear in the movies? Has a bad breakup occured betwen Angela and Ben? Did SHE demand a rewrite to end up with Yorkie??? So many questions…
    Team Ben

    • Stacey

      Team Ben!!!

    • LoveSpelledBackwards

      I know…I miss Ben.

  • Where the HALE is Solomon “the Cullens don’t come here” Trimble?

  • Robjunkie

    I love me some CougarCathi. Homegirl is alright in my book. She’s like, so groovy man. Like, far out.

    And I totes forgive her for some of the cheesenasty stuff in Twilight, cause:

    1. She dared to live out her dream of videotaping two hot, young actors doing a love scene for her private collection.
    2. She directed the shit out of said love scene for our viewing pleasure.
    3. She had the hots for Rob and worked it hard by putting his music in the movie.

    Really, there should be a shrine in her honour.

    • sonata

      ya know, it’s bad enough I have to defend the, “Yes, he sparkles in the sunlight and won’t bang her. Yes, he is sucking the blood from her wrist, no he is not having a seizure” moments when watching Twilight with a Twi-virgin. But when Rob starts singing and I have to start with, “No, that’s not a cat in heat…no that’s not someone getting their toes ran over…that’s Rob Pattinson singing..no, I don’t know why he mumbles,” I want to beat Cougar Cathy.

      Although, Robward playing Bella’s Lullaby on the piano means I’ll give her some grace and make the beating quick.

  • BDSM-BreakingDawnStephanieMeyer

    Ugh…I also hate that I had to look up the MA/ER rumor. Neither one of them look like they shower.

  • Carrie

    Too lazy to look through comments. Think the black line above lips is suppose to be a cherry stem above her cherry red lips. Do I get a prize? 😉

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