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If not you, Twilight. It’s me…

(While I’m away in Kenya for 2 weeks (TWO WEEKS! AH!!!) we’ll be featuring past letters writers as well as new ones and today we have a newbie: KSiggy2010 writing a break up letter. NOOOO say it ain’t so! xo,moon)

uh ooooohhh

Dear Twilight,

We have to talk. No, please don’t cry. It’s all going to be okay. We’ve been together for a year and a half now, and it was a fun time. But I think I may be over. It’s not you, it’s me. I was young and naïve when we first got together, but now things are going to be changing. I start college in the fall and I don’t want to do the long distance thing. I’m sorry but I’m going to have to let you go. Don’t cry! If you start crying, I’ll start crying. But it won’t change anything.

Remember all the good times we’ve had. Like the time my mother *50 year old cougar* and I went to see the 100 monkeys…twice. This was back in May ’09 when he was still hott, without his catfish facial hair and side talking. That was a good time, we got to see Philadelphia and the skeezy parts of Allentown. That was my first time, the popping of my Twilight cast cherry.

My second time was better than my first; it went much smoother and was relatively painless. My mother booked two bus tickets to go into NYC to see Tim Burton’s exhibit at the MOMA. Coincidentally, Rob’s Remember Me premiere was also going on…totally didn’t plan that *wink* So I obsessively checked Twitter  to see what was going down and got my wristband and chilled till the epicness of the movie premiere began. We stood in line for hours on end, but then Rob came *twss* over in his hobo greatness, with his unwashed hair, and his two button downs. It was hard *twss* to believe that this man could be even more attractive in person, but he was. Then some chick was there with a greasy black mullelephant. She didn’t come over and there may have been some *bitchfacing* going down on my side.

I don't want you to come... to college with me...

There are so many other things that happened through our Twilight relationship. I cannot see a group of bears or wolves without yelling “They are NOT bears!” whilst pointing and jumping. That can get you some strange looks in a toy store, and maybe a special hug from the security guards. Whenever someone offers me a grape lollipop, I have to say, “Purple’s cool”. I can’t go to TGI Fridays and watch people drink an Ultimate Margarita while Van Morrison croons “Wild Nights” on April 9th and not think about, you, Twilight *this really did happen and it blew my mind*.

I cannot go into my dorm room in September with my New Moon AND Eclipse full size Edwards, pocket Edward, my photo albums, and fanfiction binders. I think it’s time we take a break. Maybe we can get together when I’m home for breaks? I’m sure my mother would be willing to entertain you. So Twilight, it’s not you, it’s me. But believe me I’ll be there cringing when you bring us Breaking Dawn.

You’ll always be in my heart,

Oh KSiggy don’t let our love die! NOOOO. I think you can have the best of both worlds, college AND Twilight. It’s all about the balance and leaving those cardboard standups at home. Oh and don’t pass up an opportunity to go out with friends, party or meet people for staying in your room and doing Twilight stuff. It will always be there! College will not! Have fun and let’s all give KSiggy2010 some college advice… can we really have the best of both worlds or will we all inevitably “grow out” of this stage?

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTR, The Forum, Twitter, The Store

  • ThePlaneFriend

    I know this was so not the point of the letter, but what does twss stand for? (I have the distinct feeling I may never use it when I find out, but I want to know:) )

    • superhumanmoron

      *that’s what she said

      • ThePlaneFriend

        Thanks for enlightening me–I may actually use that one!

    • I had to google twss because everyone was using it on twitter and I was too embarrassed to ask what it meant.

  • Stacey

    Oh please don’t let go of it, yet! (Great letter! You did some great twi-related things! I’m jealous. :0)) It’s all about slowly sneaking it into the dorm room, so your roommate won’t even notice. I snuck in a Wu tang Clan and Buffy the Vampire Slayer posters and an Oz keychain. (Hello mid 90’s. How I miss you!) Plus, it’s Twilight and lots of people love it, so there’s already a chance your roomie will be bringing her Jacob cutout with her. Just avoid the “team” arguments, just accept that you each love a different boy.

    It’s going to much easier for you I promise! You won’t have to hide out in your friend Jen’s room watching Buffy and Sailor Moon, just because she lucked out and got a single. No matter what you decide, have a great time! You’ll love it.

    • lieutenant.twilight

      So much WIN for mentioning Sailor Moon!! oh how I miss it!

  • Sj

    Dear KSiggy, College = plenty of sleepyhead cute guys with bedhair and vague/intense etc expressions who can’t button up their shirts right. Don’t fret about leaving cardboard cutout at home, just stay away from the funny smelling Rob-stand-ins (even if they do seem more authentic).

    Also there will be plenty of hawt cleancut athletic types who can be loads of fun and are hawt.

    My advice- don’t discriminate, you CAN have it all, Bella was an idiot.

    • Rob’s flaming dashboard

      Menage a trois FTW!

      Bon voyage, Moon!

      • Sj

        So that’s where my rambling thoughts were heading….

  • chochang

    sounds like KSiggy2010 is having a tougher time quitting LTT than Twilight. 😀

  • Oh KSiggy, I totally feel your pain. I started school just a month before Eclipse came out. Continued my obsession. Things got really hard during midterms which happened to be in the same week on which Eclipse came out. BUT, in the end, I watched the movie after my exams and managed to scrape good grades too. Now that all the Eclipse stuff and WFE filming is over, I haz a sad panda. However, on the other hand, I’m actually relieved that I won’t have to check in eclipsemovie.org/twitter every morning now and fully focus on my studies, without any other distraction.

    I plan to pay full attention to schoolwork until next spring when WFE comes out. BD is even further away so we have to do a lot of waiting before that..but don’t let go of your Twilight love yet! I’m sure you can continue both college and Twilight lovin’ at the same time.

  • TeamJacobEdward

    The Eclipse movieis to blame here! Eclipse made you think you have to make a choice. YOU DON’T!

    Despite what the movie may have led you to believe, you can have your vampire and college too.

    Be strong. Refuse to choose.

    • Refuse to choose FTW! TJE, are you in marketing? This is some serious advertising brilliancy.

      • ThePlaneFriend

        I agree–perfect advertising for something with Robward and Taycob’s faces on it!

      • TeamJacobEdward

        Hahaha! I’m actually in Human Resources if you can believe it. Contrary to popular belief not all HR people are dull, always PC and humorless. 😉 (Okay, I don’t really fit the HR mold.)

  • alice_av06

    ok, now I feel weird, should I let go my picture of Edward that I got in my office? I’m grown up … no *sobs* I can not do it… I need him lol
    You will do great in college do not worry =)

    • operarose

      No. Back when I worked in an office I had Edward on my computer desktop. My (male) coworkers had Megan Fox, so it was all good. Because of it I made friends with the accounting lady who had formerly been a b-tch to me. And it was a great conversation starter on Fridays when no one wanted to work. Don’t hide your Twilightyness at work…embrace it.

      • TeamSeth

        I think the same happened with me!!! I have a dalek desktop background, BUT my unicorn sits right next to the accounting lady who used to scowl at me all the time. Then I let unicorn borrow NM soundtrack and score and etc. and we would chat at his cube in “twilight code” and “LTT code”. She must have figured it out. Now she says hi to me and always smiles at me!

  • suzyb49

    Maybe you can infiltrate or start the “Twilight” group at college if you don’t want to give it up. Like back when I was in college there was the Dungeons and Dragons group, wow were they creepy. Or you can join a sorrority and hope they are like the one on Oprah where they all sit around and watch Twilight.

    Or you can do it your way and just keep it on the down-low – not sure if loving Twilight is embarrassing at college age since I am way past that!

    • TeamSeth

      *whispers* I used to play DnD in college… but I was in a sorority too. *looks around worried* I played a gnome rogue.

  • JodieO

    College advice: NEVER schedule yourself for an 8AM class or one that meets after 3PM on a Friday afternoon. You will never go. Trust.

    Dorm rooms tend to be small and cramped, so it IS a good idea to leave your cardboard cutouts at home. HOWEVER, you can overcome this by getting yourself an Edward bedspread.

    When you are still a sweet wide-eyed freshman and a bunch of senior frat boys invite you to a party, bring your own drinks, unless you want to wake up in the elevator wearing nothing but some random dude’s boxer shorts.

    • superhumanmoron

      Sage advice, Jodie!!

    • Stacey

      I agree with Jodie O 100%! Never take the 8 am class, mostly if it’s American History on a Friday morning. Even if you make it to class, you’ll probably be fast asleep with your head planted on your desk. Not even the cute lacrosse player next to you will be able to wake you up!

      Also, some additional warnings about those fraternity boys, They have many tricks in their arsenal. When the Dave Matthews Band doesn’t work, they’ll suddenly want to talk about that “Twilight”. Quiz the boy. I have a feeling he got most of his info from Wikapedia. I married one of these, they are a tricky bunch.

      Also, the Edward/Rob types are libral arts majors studying theater or art theory. You can pick them out by their messy hair and band tees. They are fun. Lots of fun, but have the cheapest beer. Ignore that young lady. Umm…beer is…umm very bad!

    • Bea

      Especially beware 8am classes that are only twice a week. Or classes that usually meet at 10 but have an 8am section on Fridays. You will never make it to an early class if it doesn’t meet daily.

    • befuddled

      So true re: 8AM classes. In fact, just think of scheduling classes on the college time zone, which is in fact, about two hours later than everything else. In other words: normal class time for HS was 8AM, so in the college time zone, that would be 10AM.

      And totally agreed to the Friday afternoon classes. No classes on friday after NOON should be the rule.

    • TeamSeth

      I do suggest if you’re on “the college budget” and can’t afford a new Eddie comforter, keep the cutouts, but take off the part that makes them stand up. Then you just can stick them to your dorm wall (likely concrete block painted white, so use double stick heavy duty 3M tape. Sticky tack doesn’t work, and it seeps through your posters over time). Plus, if it’s right by your bed, it’s like you’re sleeping with Edward every night. You could even put him up horizontally with your bed level… that’s a little creepy though.

      And serious on the beer/frat drinking! NEVER EVER drink the hunch punch. Bottled beer ONLY. Don’t take drinks from strangers. If you leave your drink unattended, it is now the equivalent of poison and should be thrown out. I always brought my own beer to parties (I’m a beer snob though). And always travel in a pairs or groups!

      Oh, and if you find one of those RPattz type guys, just be aware that they may have the same corduroys from Gap that you do, except he wears a size 8 (in womens, yes–turn off!). So, don’t freak out if you guys pull a literal Bella and Edward go to the meadow and dress the same moment.

  • Nelle

    Your LTT/LTR family are all hoping that your roommate will be a Twi fan. If not, it’s your duty to convert her!

    • dreamingofforks

      Yup, all second that. You might find several other people in the dorms are just as addicted as you are and everything is fine.

      • TeamSeth

        I’m now imagining common room Twilight marathons. Jealous!

  • TheColdWoman

    Oh KSiggy, I had the same problem when I went to college except I had to break up with NSync. 🙁 I took my little teeny tiny pic of JC that my friend made me to put up on my wall with all my other friends’ senior pictures but that was all I brought with me.

    But then you know what happened?? *whispers* I found a girl in my hall that liked NSync too!

    And since NSync was like my Twilight of the late 90s/early 00s, I made friends because of it! So I say, dare to bring Pocket Edward, drink Vitamin R*, and declare that Purple’s Cool!

    *I would never condone underage drinking but if your ID says you’re 23 and from the state of Pattinsonia, who am I to argue?

    • Rob’s flaming dashboard

      “teeny tiny pic of J C” = Jesus Christ?
      I’m so out of touch.

      • Its no irritable grizzly…

        JC is an nsync member

    • JodieO

      A similar thing happened to me, although I’m guessing I’m about 10 years older than you.

      During one night of *cough* perfectly legally sharing a bottle of vodka with my suitemates we all confessed a deep love of Jordan Knight. In the end we put all our Jordan posters up in the lounge and it was beautiful.

      • Ohhh, yes, Jordan Knight. Although, Joey really did it for me in 1990.

  • Stacey

    You’ll probably meet other people who love to watch Twilight together! Wide varieties of people will group together over liking the same thing. You’ll have the group that meets to watch Grey’s Anatomy or the Jersey Shore.

    Or even better find people who love LTT. Just wear your LTT teeshirt to the dining hall and see who comes to sit next to you.

    • Sj

      My money’s on one of the lecturers being a closet Twihard.

  • I’m not a normal college student so I have no “fun” advice. I don’t have fun; I JUST GET SHIT DONE.

    And I have zero college friends. Don’t take my advice.

    But I still like Twilight. I don’t have a dorm room though.

    Dammit. I want to have helpful advice. I fail.

    • Sj

      Ooops, I’m a college dropout, maybe disregard all my above advice and JUST GET SHIT DONE. Trust.

      • TeamJacobEdward

        Me too. Once I secured my first full-time job with the company I still work for, I stopped going. And have been kicking myself for it since. Sure, I’ve moved up in the company, but without the finished degree it’s getting harder (twss). Plus now I have a mortgage, husband and kids I didn’t have at that time.

        Morel? Stick it out, get your crap done… And have Twilight to keep you sane and escape. 🙂

    • That is THE most helpful advice, Fangbanger. If you don’t get it done, then you’re just wasting buckets of money and you feel bad about yourself and then you wake up one day and realize you’re 33, divorced and never got that degree you really, really need now. (Not speaking from personal experience but from watching my best friend deal.)

      GET IT DONE.

      Then have a good time (throw in a little late night reading under the covers every once in a while – tell your roommate you’re studying and didn’t want to disturb her).

      • dreamingofforks

        There are always audiobooks too. No one ever has to know if it is on your iPod. Worked for me at work at the time!

  • Somebodyelse

    I started college/uni this year…and have settled for keeping my obsession completely under wraps, because it’s just easier that way. Plus my uni is pretentious and 85% of the kids are hipsters who sneer at anything popular- let alone Twilight.

    I was mortified when somebody googled something on my laptop, and the first suggestion that appeared after the word “the” was “The University of Edward Masen twilight fanfiction”. *facepalm

    • operarose

      I think you could get by with a Twilight poster/Twilight paraphernalia in your room if you put up a poster of Noam Chomsky and Che, and stuck a Twilight poster in the middle. Then you can just call it “ironic.”

      • Noam Chomsky, Che and Twilight posters FTW!

      • TeamSeth

        (If I didn’t get to this at 3pm, it would’ve been my ‘coffee on the keyboard’ comment today)

        Such win! Additional and similar approach is to say, “Oh, you don’t get it?” and then just move on to a different topic. Possibly add a sneer for good measure. Ugh. Hipsters.

    • dude, i fursploded

      Your comment brought me out of lurkdom. I used to comment on here every day, but RL now limits me to just reading the posts.

      Anywho, this:

      “someone googled something on my laptop, and the first suggestion that appeared after the word “the” was “The University of Edward Masen twilight fanfiction”. ”

      This is EXACTLY how I got busted. By Mr. Fursploded. He actually went to fanfiction.net and read some of the story. A month later, I still haven’t heard the end of it. AND he outed me to his coworkers. Not trying to be a story topper, but it really was the most mortifying thing that has happened to me b/c of Twilight.

      • Ohhh noooooo. I so feel for you but can’t stop laughing.

      • TeamSeth

        the outing part! That’s the worst! Ugh. They always do that just to rile you up. (and now I’m thinking of Riley because of rile… normal)

      • Sj

        You’re still here! *breaks out celebratory choc crackles*

    • Peeing myself with the Google accident and the Chomsky poster. If they get too curious, perhaps you should say it’s a Noam Chomsky fanfic.

  • YeahIGuessIam

    Wow, KSiggy2010, you are so brave! Is this your first serious break-up of any kind? Well, assuming it is, I have a, ahem, few more years of experience than you on that front, and I feel it is my duty to warn you about one of the biggest perils of breaking up: the backslide. Break-ups of serious relationships rarely take on the first try. There will be some late night rendezvous that you will regret the next day; there will be all sorts of shenanigans from the other side trying to lure you back. Not to mention all of your old friends who are still in touch with your jilted love, never missing an opportunity to tell you what the Twi-world is up to while you are trying desperately to move on. It is so, so hard to really say goodbye. So maybe you could try a compromise, and just have a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship with Twilight? No need for outward displays of affection; no strings; no need to tell everyone about it. You could just call on Twilight when you get that inevitable bout of homesickness; or when you’re stuck in the library with your laptop one night b/c your roommate has demanded private use of the room; or when you’re just feeling like you need a really healthy dose of Rob porn. Trust me, Twilight won’t mind this type of arrangement. It is so used to it.

    Good luck at college! Great letter!

    • Can’t believe I like this shit

      The backslide is REAL! I thought I was done with Twilight and tried to break things off completely. That was not the way to go about the whole thing, trust! It kept creeping back into my consciousness. Through my backslide I discovered:

      Wide Awake
      Dark Side of the Moon
      & the Twilight DVD commentary

      I am WAY worse off than I was before. But I tell myself that I am “managing” my addiction because I’m not out in real life…right.

      • Nelle


      • ICanHandleIt

        “managing my addiction” Exactly!!!

      • dude, i fursploded

        *goes off to look for ‘Dark Side of the Moon’*

    • Bea

      You’re in even deeper because it’s not just your friends that will be trying to get you to go back, it’s your mom. Nothing like the ex your mom’s always updating you on because she’s still in love with him: “Oh, sweetie, that nice boy Edward you used to date? You know, the one with the nice hair? I saw his mother at the supermarket and she says he has a new girlfriend. I saw him with someone at the cafe and she’s just a skinny litte brunette. Not nearly as pretty as you.”

    • Yes, the backslide…I broke up with my college boyfriend because I thought it was the right thing to do, not because I wanted to. We were still so in love!! So, a little backsliding and BOOM. It’s been 11 years since the “backslide”, we’ve been married for nine of those years and have produced four fantastic kids.

      So, if it’s true love, the backslide can be so great!

  • operarose

    But… college is the last time in your life when you can hang up Twilight posters without looking like a creepy Twi-mom! Embrace it, you only have 4 more years!

    (Don’t mind me and my rolled up posters in the closet that I wish I could hang up.)

    Good luck at college. You got me feeling all nostalgic this morning.

    • Stacey

      My college posters are in the basement, where I have feeling they will be “disappearing” during our move. Do you think my husband will buy it that they might be worth money someday? I found his Jennifer Love Hewitt poster from college boxed up down there too, so he really has no room to talk.

      • operarose

        LOL, so funny! I used to have an Amelie poster in my bedroom during college which I loved. I still wish I had it but I lost track of it somewhere, perhaps in a move.
        I had a Harry Potter one too.
        And if Twilight had been around… yes, I would have most definitely had one of those!

      • Bea

        We hung our college posters in the laundry room. They make it a much happier place!

      • kristen’s bestie

        LOL! This is going to age me a bit, but my college posters were of David Lee Roth and Jon Bon Jovi! LOL!

      • TeamSeth

        If they have to “get lost” in the move, at least make sure they stay in the basement for the next residence. Hidden a little bit of course, like you just didn’t see them while packing. A treasure for the next resident!

        And who knows, maybe like in Amelie, someone living them in 20 years will find them and track you down and give them back to you anonymously… that would be so cool!

        • TeamSeth

          living there*

  • Lauren

    Just wait! Your college roommate will be a closet Twihard too! You can find out and bond and it will be great! Don’t give up :))))))

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  • twitexas

    young KSiggy,

    my advice from past experience, when the cops yell “Lay on the ground,” it is not okay to re-act certain Madonna vids scenes ~cough cough~ “Like A Virgin” ~cough cough~ while actually on the ground. they were not amused.

    what can i say? it was karaoke and $2 bottle beer night.

    hopefully, there will be no mug shots in your academic future.

    as for not taking your Twi stuff – i took all of my stuff to iraq. yeah – iraq. take some special items and leave the rest for when you come home on your breaks.

    best of luck!

    • twitexas

      i meant reenact.

  • Robsessedgirl

    Dear Ksiggy,
    I may be the youngest LTR/LTT reader, I’m still in high school. So I don’t know much about college, except the fact that I’ll be there in a few years. But I know that I my school, there are many Twihaters who are EVIL to me. When I wear my Edward tweedserious shirt, they guffaw. BITCHES. They obviously haven’t witnessed the power of The Pretty. I just look down and ignore them though I am extremely sensitive and when it comes to people bashing Rob it hurts me as though they said it about me. I would say don’t break up with Twilight, embrace it. You might make friends! I know I have no Twilight friends and it makes me sad. But I sincerely hope you make many friends! Bring 1 cutout!

    • Robjunkie

      Aaww, you’re so cute. High school girls can be mean bitches. I would say don’t let them crush your spirit, but you are clearly way above them, and obviously way cooler than them anyway.

    • Kadie

      Plus in 5-10 years, those girls with have no influence in your life whatsoever, so who really cares what they think?

    • What do you mean “I have no Twilight friends”? What are we??? Sheesh.


      • Robsessedgirl

        Awwhs thanks girls you made me tear up a bit! ily! I just meant I don’t have any Twifriends in my town. On here, you guys are just simply fantabulous. My school is relatively small, like 150 people soo. Most of them are older and very indie/rock. It sucks. PA is not a very Twifriendly state. (at least where I live) I even had to go 50 miles away to the Breaking Dawn midnight release party! My local Barnes & Noble wasn’t having one. : /

    • Sj

      I love that you wear the Tweed Serious at school. So, so normal.

      • Robsessedgirl

        Yes, tweedserious is an important part of my education. When I look down at him, I am thrilled to continue school so I can get home faster and get on LTR/LTT.

  • Shauna

    I’m with fangbanger I’m in college, but I don’t live in a dorm either and I tend to concentrate on getting crap done as well. BUT you can totally take twilight with you.
    I’ll admit sometimes it is hard to balance my NEVERENDING love of Twilight with college, and sometimes I do neglect my studies to watch, read, or even think about twilight (just like right now when I should be studying for my final exam but
    instead I’m on LTT), but it is POSSIBLE to get good grades and continue a twilight obession and your going to need a stress reliever when college trys to consume your whole being (trust me this will happen).If your worried about people making fun of you for loving the
    epicness that is Twilight then pull a UC and tell them “Eff you, I like Twilight, now leave me alone” haha that saying is gold. None of my friends that I constantly see like Twilight (which still leaves me perplexed), but they love me enough to sit through ALL three movies
    at midnight and even talk me out of causing physical pain to the two little girls we had to move away from because they were kicking our chairs, and I’m sure you too will find friends like this. But if you feel the need to hide your love of Twilight they have these awesome apps that you can download to your phone that have ALL four Twilight books(whoever thought of this
    is a pure genius) and this way you can read til your hearts content all the while you look like your texting 🙂 hope this advice helps and good luck. O and I’m with the other people taking an 8am class isn’t the best idea, not only will you be super tired when you show up for class but it doesn’t allow for any study time beforehand if you have a test.

  • hitc4manynewmoons

    U will love college…I did so much i went for an extra 3yrs (Masters…not the extended 4!). Enjoy it …the real world can suck! LOL

    As for Twilight…I am too wondering when it will “wear off”…this lasted a lot longer than my 90210 phase (the orginal bouffant hottie Luke Perry!) and the One Tree Hill phase (hand covers face). I got rid of those two by planning a wedding/finishing MA (so long 90210) and the latter with the business of having two babies in 3 yers. Told my hubby I may have to get knocked up with twins for this ‘addiction’ to wear off! (I think he is considering…LOL)

    • Stacey

      Wait…you can actually get over One Tree Hill? The way too guilty/embarassing pleasure.? Is there any other way of doing this w/o having more babies. I just had the baby, which started the Twilight obsession. The toddler started the One Tree Hill. If I have anymore, I think I’ll be starting a whole new obsession something else. I’m having enough trouble vaccuming the house today.

      • hitc4manynewmoons

        Good points, plus I think I would just end up calling twins “Edward and Bella” …ooo no that would be wrong…”Edward and Alice”…LOL

  • Robjunkie

    I’ve also been feeling a bit less enamored with the twi saga lately. Just the books mind you. I’ve started re-reading Eclipse and man do I want to choke the ever loving shit out of Bella for being such a whiny bitch! Oh, I’ll just have to endure my graduation party that Alice put so much effort into. Oh, I’ve got two hot pieces vying for my love, my life is so hard. Oh, I want to be changed and spend the rest of my life with the love of my life, but ugh, I don’t wanna get married, cause that’s like so trailer trash at my age, blah blah, fucking blah.
    Gaah, book Bella annoys me so much. Thank God for the movies, where I can just block out her miserable, chiclet-tooth mug and focus on the hawtness of Robward.

    • Robsessedgirl


  • SuperDeluxe

    Okay, ladies. This is totally off topic, but some guy friends of mine are in a comedy group and they’ve posed the ultimate Twilight question. Whose d*ck would the ladies rather see? Edward or Jacob.

    (Yes, this is what guys think about when they think about Twilight.)

    Go vote for your fave at http://www.octavarius.com/2010/07/28/the-ultimate-twilight-question/.

    Team Jacob’s D*ck is currently winning!

    • Robjunkie

      I just can’t fathom a universe where Taycob’s dick is bigger than Robward’s dick.

      • Robsessedgirl

        Taycob’s is probably THISSMALL compared to Robward’s. Not even really comparable. Where for art thou, Robward? Would you like to show me what you’re packin’?

      • eatmyjorts

        I think you’ve been reading to much of ‘The Misapprehension of Bella Swan’. I would say that, in RL, the taller, heavier set guy wins. So in the books, Jacob…in the films…possibly a draw.

        How did I get so rude? Oh yes. Reading LTT & LTR every day.

        • Robjunkie

          LMAO. Ugh, you wolf groupies, always with the mutt love. You must be outta your ever loving mind to believe that Tweecob I Need Lifts To Look Taller Than Bella, is packing the same heat as Edward My Sparklepeen Is Gigantic.

    • JustGoWithIt

      Who would pick a regular dick over one that SPARKLES!!! I mean if we’re pick which one we’d rather take for a spin, movie characters not real life actors, then hard as marble might be a little too hard, and I’d go with Jacob.

      • Robsessedgirl

        BUT EDWARD’S SPARKLES! Jacob’s doesn’t! I’m pretty sure the answer is obvious. SPARKLEPEEN.

        • Robjunkie


  • JustGoWithIt

    There does come a point that things get exhausted. You know, thinking about twilight all the time. Re-reading books, watching movies when they are on TV. Searching through pictures of Robsten “proof” half of which turn out to be manips. Making it through all of Twilight in Forks. Watching cast interviews on YouTube. Voicing Twi-pinions on LTT, not voicing Rob-pinions on LTR since it won’t recognize me email there for some reason – I guess me and Rob just weren’t meant to be?
    Anyway, I’m still here. Commitment agrees with me.

    • Robjunkie

      Yeah, it does get tiresome. But for me it’s become more about Rob and his place in the Twi-world. That’s really what keeps me interested in the shenanigans. But, say, if Stephenie were to finish Midnight Sun, I would be sucked right back in instantly. But it’s not like I really care whether or not she finishes it, *cough*it’s my deepest desire*cough*

      • JustGoWithIt

        Yes, any new writing would be welcome by me. I did like reading Midnight Sun online. I also the Jasper and Alice tangent would be a good one. I have tried fan fiction, but only found a few that I liked. Most are either so far from the original story that it isn’t really like reading about Bella and Edward, or are too close, like reading a rambling version of something in the series with more explicit sex talk. I liked Stranger Than Fiction for it’s alternate take that seems like it could have been the way things went in New Moon.

        • Robjunkie

          I am so in love with Stranger Than Fiction. Waiting on updates is killing me.

  • JustGoWithIt

    Things you pretend not to be into in College side note:

    Once in a lecture, our teacher made a “Friends” reference, and asked for our response. Every single person in the hall pretended they had never seen a Friends episode, obviously too cool to watch Friends. All 60 people or so. This was in the early 00s, with a bunch of mostly 19-25 year olds, so there was just no way that was the case. The teacher called everyone out like “oooohhh yeah, are all of you pretending to have never watch Friends, really!?”

    • Luludee

      They didn’t want to own up to watching Friends?? Really? I would have been the lone person in there laughing or admitting to having seen it then. Hell, my roommies and I sometimes told people we couldn’t go out because we had to watch a new episode of Friends!

      • JustGoWithIt

        I totally liked Friends, and have watched many many a re-run, which even if I’ve seen it multiple times always brings a chuckle or two. Yet it was also my reaction to keep my hand down when asked to comment on Friends in public. Although it is generally my instinct to keep from commenting in front of a hall full of people, since I will almost certainly regret what I said and feel like an ass.

      • JustGoWithIt

        It was a lecture on critical theory at art school, hence the very very cool people *kindly read with sarcastic tone*

  • halogen

    College is so exciting, but you may need a plan:
    1. Consider it an opportunity for research: take 19th and 20th century literature or film courses that are likely to have vampire connections. And closeted or not some of your professors may be Twilight and LTT fans… It may not show in their eyes but that will be your stealth mission!
    2. Read a lot of new and old books with an eye out for novels that have screenplay potential for RP. Then write that screenplay. If you wonder whether the stories are right for him just ask this forum, anytime, I am sure people here will know if a role is right for Rob! **cough**sexpenders?**cough**
    3. Take Portuguese? Is BD really going to be filmed in Brazil? You may need to be eligible for a research grant sometime in 2011!
    4. Communications major? maybe you need to be able to interview a certain individual in a couple of years? or cash in on those fan videos for an MTV gig? The sky is the limit.

    And have fun!

  • KSiggy2010

    Wow! I cannot believe all the great advice that was left in the comments. This was my first step out of lurking around LTT/LTR. All of you have really been great, and I feel much less weird about starting college with my Twilight paraphernalia.

  • kitkat

    When I went to school as a freshman two years ago I brought only the books, but I didn’t really have anything else. Over the year I acquired a poster and the dvd. This year I had two posters, a shirt, a calendar, both dvds… At some point during freshman year, though, I stumbled upon LTT. I spend waaaayyy more time on LTT when I’m at school than over the summer. Keep in touch with LTT to maintain your twi fix!

  • Jem

    NO!!! Don’t give up on Twilight!!
    Balance schmalance…
    I’ve just finished my degree and spent the last 2 years obsessed with twilight. I was at uni for the release of new moon (missed a lecture to get to the showing) and eclipse (missed an entire day of lectures due to being too tired from the midnight showing) i used to check fan sites before even thinking of going to lectures, was reading fanfiction when was supposed to be doing my dissertation and watching eclipse interviews when i was supposed to be revising for finals!!

    …and I still graduated with a really good mark (sorry for the boasting am still in shock over this!)

    My room (dorm room you would say, its halls of residences in uk 🙂 ) was full of posters and my cleaner nearly had a heart attack because she thought that there really was a vampire lying on my bed (i wish) rather than my twilight duvet cover…

    I convinced myself (and others) that twilight was a completely valid case study for my degree (psychology) for example bella’s major depressive disorder in NM and the fact that most of the residents of Forks and Volterra (including the humans) seem to have some sort of personality disorder….this may not actually wash with the examiners but it made me feel that my obsession was slightly educational…
    The only fail moment I had was that one of my two american lecturers (i’m somewhat of an americanophile- is that even a word?) really hates twilight…. she did dip in my estimation a lot after that and i did momentarily consider dropping her course (that’s normal)

    And the most important point… when the studies are starting to get really hectic and you are stressed you can use my favourite defence mechanism…Denial!! and head on over to LTT/LTR or any other fan site to find out who has been cast as maggie in BD and other vitally important bits of information that you would have otherwise missed out on!!!

    Avoidance FTW 🙂


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