While Moon was Gone…

As of press time (aka 5:52 pm on Sunday evening while in my pink robe & before heading out the door to see PAUL MCCARTNEY (yes, a Beatle! WEE) I haven’t even spoken to Moon yet except through a few text messages. She’s home. She’s safe. She’s exhausted. I’m sure she is going through a transition of going from a 3rd world country back to LA…. where the world’s couldn’t be any different. So while we can’t wait to hear from her and ALL about her trip…. I thought we’d give her a day or so to debrief. And talk about how much we missed her and how much she missed!!!

Dear Moon,

While you were gone… Rob fell for me, Kellan repented & joined the priesthood, Big Daddy ate an entire Olive Garden (yes, even the bar stools) and Mr. Choice literally joined Team Jacob. He and Taylor Lautner ran off together which makes it easy to be with Rob now….

Okay not really- that’s my dream “While Moon was gone” (minus my husband and Taylor opening up an Alpaca farm together) But a LOT of stuff happened. In fact, we thought of you ALL THE FREAKIN’ TIME. And so I asked the readers we know and love so well to send in stuff that made them think of you- Twi related… or not. And did they EVER! We got so many submissions that I can’t even post them all. And I was SO good at keeping track of them all (as you’ll see by my daily break-down of stuff that happened) and then I went on vacation and missed a few days- whoops. But you get the point. We missed you SO much.. and are SO glad you’re home. I can’t wait to catch up- hear all about Africa, tell you ALL the drama that went down while you were gone (oh there was drama!) and celebrate your return!



While Moon was Gone…… this stuff happened….

Day 1 7/30/10
@Twilight tweeted about US!

The world ended (and clearly they don’t know about the not-so-friendly “Dear Summit” letters we’ve written:

Check it out! RT @TSTPodcast: New blog post: Fan Junket Friday With TwiFans & Letters To Twilight http://bit.ly/dt2Vod

@Janetrigs kept on hatin’ on

to tell you this from her new work email:

Please tell Moon, I hate her. That is my message.

Greeting Cards to get me through..

An LTT friend sent me this card to get me through the time you are gone:

Click me!

Day 2 7/31/10

2nd-hand embarrassment

Dear Moon,

While you were gone you missed the most 2nd hand embarrassing moment evah…..
A fan video taping Kellan at LaGuardia airport in NY, who told him to tell her he loved her to her video camera, fell on her ass and he had to pick her up and give her a hug for her 2nd hand embarrassment (which the 2nd hand embarrasment happened twice so she should win an award. 1) she had him tell her he loved her and 2) she biffed it big time). I’m 110% sure after he got in his driver’s car he may have peed his pants a little laughing because that’s what I did (well I didn’t pee, but I almost did) when a lady ran into me in an elevator full force on my college campus and fell on her ass after she bounced off of me and the minute I got outside I almost peed my pants until I got to my car b/c I was laughing so hard.

Hope you are having a safe time!

A person who laughs hard at people who fall down b/c she can’t help it,

An excuse to laugh

Then this article came out: If Eclipse was 10 times shorter, 100 times more honest (read that, seriously)

Day 3 8/1/10

Samalia got THIS done:

(She said Team Mullelephant wasn’t available.)

Someone wrote you THIS poem:

Among all the blog lines
Sifting through I hide.
Lurking and knowing,
Relating to all described.
Laughing and blushing at all this good fun
While knowing that knowing is unfit.
It’s wrong.
That’s normal, don’t fear.
Come join in our play land.
Where vampires sparkle.
They glint and they glisten.
An unintended choice
To evolve into a beast.
Starving and hungry
For the next witty feast.
Not a love sick wolf
Gone crazed
In some lust driven strife.
But a tormented average girl
Consumed by the lines.
Kiss, Kiss to Edward,
Kiss, Kiss Taycob, baby.
Charlie and Jasper,
Carlisle and Nessie.
You’re real in my head
and you rest near my pillow.
I delight in your story,
Clutch me tight and hold me closer.
I need you to fill empty spots of my days,
Never quite clear why your draw never fades.
Pages and pages
Week after week.
With the turn of the moon,
I grow and
Still I break.
Commenting, talking,
Through a screen name I write.
Deep in the mess
of the twilight plight.
You make me happy and sad
and all things considered
I rather do this
Than be on facebook
or twitter.
So thank you
to all you who make my day
so very nice.
And thank you,
Oh, thank you for all these delights.

Love Spelled Backwards


While Moon was Gone… I heard a song on Pandora called “The Moon is Down” by Explosions in the Sky and finally figured out her sign-off…maybe?!


More after the jump!

Day 4 8/2/10

Monday Funnies

This got me through a Monday. Tweeted by @jet_set_go

Did you consider adopting an African orphan? NOT SO FAST…

So…I was perusing the interwebs and came across this lovely little diddy.

Moon missed out as the adoption seems to have taken place on July 30—one day after she left the country.

Oh well, perhaps we can hold out for a Renesmee or maybe for a welcome back gift for Moon, we can get the seller to make a little wolf baby offspring of Sam and Emily’s.

I may have nightmares tonight. Well, maybe even for the next month or so.


Day 5 8/3/10

Snore: This press release

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 – 11/16/12
Director: Bill Condon
Cast: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner
The astonishing conclusion to the series, THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN, PART 2, illuminates the secrets and mysteries of this spellbinding romantic epic that has entranced millions

New Twi-art!

I was just looking online and came upon some “interesting” and “special”
fan arts and manips
Moon just shouldn’t miss.

no comment to that…she looks like a disney character though. maybe if the blinking is too much for Kstew she can synchronize her own cartoon character?!

Too many hot pockets. He’s more a Mike Newton in this picture!

whenever I look at that picture the nose is the only thing I see…


Unicorn at Target

I ran to Target today to pick up (among other things) the paperback copy of Breaking Dawn–because I couldn’t have mix-matched paperback and hard cover so this will finally complete my sets… wait, no, I’ll still have to get the Bree paperback when that comes out. Ugh. Damn my Libra-ness unable to handle having mismatched sets.

Anyway a teenage boy rang me up. When he got to the BD book he says; “that’s a really good book. I loved the whole series.”

A unicorn? A real life, in-the, flesh unicorn? No freaking way.

I look up at him with new eyes. Sure he’s a teenage kid, a little scrawny, far too young to look at that way, but I’m impressed. He’ll make some girl very happy. Feeling oddly star-struck, I stupidly blurt, “really? I don’t know of too many guys who think that.”

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! He’s an insecure teenager. I probably just made him embarrassed about that fact.

He shuffles his feet a little awkwardly as he bags up my items and then says as if he can’t believe he’s going to say this but he does, “yeah, I’ve read the series twice.”

And them he blushes! He’s too adorable. Wanting to ease his embarrassment I admit to him in a whisper as I swipe and sign my card, my whole two copy, complete set thing. He smiles and relaxes obviously feeling better that he’s not the normal person I am.

And that, my dear Moon is what you missed while you were wondering around on the other side of the world.


Not Bears…

I was driving to work yesterday evening through Forks-like forests (yes, 15 minutes from my home in the heart of the capital city there is a forest and the airport is right in the middle of it) and on the edge of tree line there was a group of deers, mama deer and three baby deers. They were so cute and I said to them: “You’re not bears!” And when I took the camera out of my bag to tape them, they ran away. And I knew I have to share it with Moon & UC!

XOXO, JellyBeanRainbow

Day 6 8/4/10

Bea says: The husband informs me that Twilight has reached total cultural saturation:
The fact that he regularly reads this comic exempts me from all mocking associated with Twilight.

Day 7 8/5/10

The UPS guy dropped off package from ThinkGeek with this in it:

and I was like “Whaaat?  I didn’t order this!”  Apparently my husband did, though, and when I asked him who it was for he looked at me like I had two heads and said “For your brother’s baby who was born last week.  Who did you think it was for?”  Ummm, right.  Definitely not for me…what do I need a creepy baby vampire pacifier for?  No reason.  Not because it’s super weird and I want to show it to all my crazy internet pals.  Nope, not at all.

Day 8 8/6/10

Look-alike in backwoods PA

So I’m driving my way solo down through the backwoods of Pennsylvania, not a human being or signs of civilization for miles (and miles, and miles) when I spotted a total Taycob lookalike (completely ripped, tan, dark hair, no shirt, sporting the jorts, even the same circle-y, upper arm tattoo). I practically careened my little Ford Focus into his front yard where he was doing something with a garden rake (like, I don’t know, raking?). He gave me a smile (!!!) and I drove on, feeling like a complete wackjob (and a pervy one at that – I’d been staring, wait, make that ogling) and then I noticed that his house was on Stewart Ave! Get it?! Like Kristen?!! Oh, I need a life.


Dreams about Moon

Dear Moon,

You don’t know me, because I’m new to LTT and haven’t yet gotten up the courage to even introduce myself, but I am one of the many lurking fans who love you and UC and LTT/LTR.

As proof of that devotion, I offer this: This week I dreamed I met you! (I’ve never even dreamed about Robward, sadly. Well, I mean, yes, I’ve day-dreamed, because That’s Normal, right?!)

Anyway, in my dream I recognized you right away because you were wearing an “I <3 LTT” choker, with a big red heart on a white satin ribbon. I know, I know, wouldn’t-be-caught-dead-in, blah blah blah, but you know how dreams are. And in my dream, I was just as excited as if it had been Rob (well, OK, I’m exaggerating just the teensiest bit there).

But you were great: you were totally willing to have your picture taken with me, and you kept smiling as graciously as Rob himself would have as I tried and tried to take the picture and fumbled with my camera, which kept failing. (Hmm. Wonder what Freud would make of that? OK, let’s not go there.)

Oh, and I was witty, too, in my dream: I came up with a hilarious “second-hand something-or-other,” and you thought it was really funny, too! Unfortunately, once I woke up I couldn’t remember what my brilliant insight was. I was so planning on sharing it with the class!

Anyway, I guess I must really miss you if you’re showing up in my dreams, so I thought I’d pass this along to UC for you.

Welcome back,



sent to us by Kaye

No words needed..

Day 12 8/9/10

While Moon was gone….
… This became a trending twitter topic after the Teen Choice Awards:

Wouldn’t Daddy Lautner be proud? Bet he asks the Olive Garden waitresses to address him as Big Daddy Hotner after this.


Day 15 8/12/10

I did an “In the car with UC” but ON THE BEACH:

So did we prove it Moon? WE MISSED YOU! And So much happened while you were gone. I mean, nothing important…. but when have we ever discussed the important stuff? We take the monotony & MAKE it important!.. and obviously we have so much to catch up on & discuss…So to all you LTT readers who missed Moon just as much as I did… what topics are PRIORITY for UC & Moon to tackle!? Let us know in the comments!


Our internet game is ridiculous: LTR, The Forum, Twitter, The Store

  • That vampire pacifier is total win! MUST remember that for when I get preggers (some day in the distant future).

    • Bea

      It’s amazing, no question. I might have thought it was disturbing, but I’d just seen that Baby Reborn, so nothing else will count as disturbing for weeks, so it’s just really funny.

    • claire’s mommy

      OMFG I want that paci for my daughter in a bad bad way!

    • Stacey

      I definitely should have gotten that for the baby! I mean I still could, but I don’t feel like having my husband divorce me right now. (That would completely send him over the edge!)

    • Isn’t it so awesome/creepy? When I opened the package I could not figure out what weird role play thing my husband was going to propose with this…


      Seriously, I sort of want to tell him that the pacifier he so innocently ordered is making news here on LTT but then I’d have to, you know, tell him. So, no.

  • TeamJacobEdward

    Omg! That pic with that girl (?) next to Taycob pillow is… Omg. There are no words.

    LOVE vampire teeth pacifier.

    There is just SO much win…. Win overload. Gah!

    • Robsessedgirl

      @TJE I think you should get me said unicorns email. I sense a friendship starting hahahah. Like I said, straight(if he is) are REALLY hard to find, especially ones my age.

      • Robsessedgirl

        #typingfail I mean to say straight unicorns are hard to find.

      • TeamJacobEdward

        Hahaha! Yeah, I can see that conversation now:

        ME: “Hi. Remember me? I was in here the other week and bought Breaking Dawn paperback.”
        BOY: “Um…” (shifts his feet awkwardly)
        ME: “You told me it was a really good book and you loved the series. That you read the series twice.”
        BOY: (slightly frightened look)
        ME: “I confessed that paperback book completed my paperback copy of the series…”
        BOY: (look of recognition flashes across his face, but still appears slightly frightened) “Yeah” (tries to smile)
        ME: “I was wondering, could I get your email address?”
        BOY: “What?!” (really frightened now and desperately searching for Chris Hansen because a 29 year old woman is asking for his email)
        ME: “No! It’s not for me.”
        BOY: “Who’s it for?”
        ME: “Well, I was telling some people about you because it’s not often you run into a unicorn–”
        BOY: “A unicorn?”
        ME: ” Yeah, you know, a guy who likes Twilight. Its a good thing. Anyway it’s even more rare to run into a straight unicorn… You are straight, right?”
        BOY: (nods unable to believe the conversation is actually happening)
        ME: “Good! So one of the girls I told wants to talk to you. She’s really great. Well, I guess I don’t technically know her because we just hang out on the same website, but her name is… Crap, I don’t know her real name, but really, I think you’d hit it off.”
        BOY: “I have to get back to work…”
        ME: “But your email…”
        BOY: “I don’t think so” (he vows to never mentioning he knows anything about Twilight again in his life)
        *Cue security, restraining order, and having to explain to my husband why I can never enter that Target again*

        You’re right though, straight unicorns are hard to come by. My husband’s co-worker is a version of one. Late 30s, married and while he hasn’t read the books, he loves the movies.

        • TeamJacobEdward

          Gah, forgot to finish my thought. I thought knowing that one unicorn was rare even if it was just the movies he liked. But a real live in-the-flesh unicorn? One who’d read the books unicorn? And didn’t set off my gaydar? It was no wonder I felt a little star-struck.

          PS, Just for you Robsessedgrl, for a more complete mental picture; The boy was cute (not hot) and had shaggy blonde hair. Thin/Lanky because of his age. I don’t remember if he was actually tall or just seemed tall because of his lanky build or my shortness (I’m only 5’4″).

          • eatmyjorts

            Here’s how it works: you get her email address on a piece of paper, go back & say…’ a supercool dead snarky teenage twi chick of my e-quaintance wants to be your pen pal…’ drop it on the counter, & he chooses yes or no. Problem solved, no Chris Hansen.

          • Robsessedgirl

            OK FIRST OF ALL I LOVE YOU GUYS. I’m actually not that cool but whateva. I think you should definitely try though, I mean an in the flesh unicorn! I’ve never met one before! he also sounds cute! I hope he’s not waaaay older than me though, that would suck. But if you’re uncomfortable doing it, s’ok. Now the question if how will I get my email to you…

          • robsfuturemate

            Great idea girls!! But (and this shoud come as no suprise, hence her name) the more he looks/acts like Rob the better!
            Matchmaking on LTT totes WIN!!!!

          • TeamJacobEdward

            Maybe I could lure him to LTT somehow… Tell him to check out the site and make sure too say “hey” to robsessedgrl. He could join the ranks of the frick’n hilarious Facepunch, and the reluctant Font & WhiteYorkie. Wait. Somehow that plan has visions of Chris Hansen dancing in my head. Hmm… No.

            Unless I wear one of my LTT shirts. He seemed one to start conversations. He did, after all bring up liking Twi all on his own. Maybe he’d ask what my shirt meant or said and badda-bing! There is my opening…. lmao

          • Robsessedgirl

            Ok but do you think he’ll come to LTT? Blah I’m one for instant gratification, is it weird I just want to thrust my email into his hand now? Am I being to weird with this whole operation? *bangs head on table* I’m just sick of not being able to talk to anyone about Twilight and such who genuinely likes it, and if this guy is mostly normal/straight/my age, this sounds like a match made in heaven. I know I’m weird and this is a Chris Hanson sitiiiiiation, but…..sorry guys.

          • robsfuturemate

            @Robsessedgirl- While I don’t think this young unicorn will visit LTT, you never know. But it’s totes normal to want to talk to someone real about all this Twilight stuff. My rec, try getting one of your friends into the books or movies and hopefully they’ll like it! I lucked out with my almost entire workplace reading the books. Not all of them are into it, but at least there a people to talk to! I do have one bestie that’s into Jackson and I love her even more for it!

    • TeamSeth

      That pillow pic is insane! Is she(?) real?! Doesn’t Taylor have a sister or something? Is it another manip?!

      • Robsessedgirl

        what do you think @TJE?

      • TeamJacobEdward

        I think it’s totes a manip. It has to be. They so had to take a pic of some Team Jacob chick who went fangirl posing with a Taycob pillow. Then took an old pic of Taylor… Twi photo shoot or something and stuck it in over her face.

        Has to be a manip. I can’t handle it if it’s not. You know, I bet they got the idea from when Taylor did SNL and played Marianna.

  • Sj

    That bridal party photo makes me wonder ‘who did Nikki…um I mean Rosalie, leg hitch in the coatroom at the reception?’ As a bridesmaid she has certain standards to uphold. Alice was too busy being Bella’s party planner from hell to worry about such traditions.

    Sooo… was Seth a wedding guest? *Cue AC/DC ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’*

    • Sj

      PS So much win in today’s post. Except Flabby Taylor. That made me cry into my coffee. Salty coffee not good.

  • That vid KILLED me.
    It’s a good thing I wasn’t drinking any sort of hot beverage.
    Then it also might have killed my laptop.

    Hope you both had a good time away. Glad you’re back!

  • Unashamed Twi-wife

    OMG! I *have* to find that road in backwoods PA!

    • ChillinWithCullens

      Route 219 South, dear. Absolute twin – a-MAY-zing in the flesh!

      • Luludee

        And on Stewart Ave. Too funny!!

  • It’s early for me and I don’t understand much at this hour, but… was that TayTay in drag?

    Welcome back, Moon!

    • spunkymonkey

      Umm… I think that’s his female look-alike. scary, huh?

  • HOLY SHIZZ, UC! You sounded very much like you were about to start discussing Gentrification in your video. Oh well, atleast you looked happy and relaxed.

    Hate you!

  • Bea

    Dear Moon,
    I really hope you had time to take a look at the Edward Cullen Cat that UC tweeted this weekend after you got back. That was maybe more amazing than any of this. Maybe.

    • Aw man, just saw the Edward Cullen Cat (or Robert Cattinson?) on Twicrack… positively disturbing!

      • eatmyjorts

        What I was most disturbed by was the fact that I knew who that cat was dressed as. Immediately. I am ruined! Ruined!

  • Midnight_Cyn

    Morning Everyone! Haven’t had a chance to read the epic post yet this morning but looking forward to it!
    Just wanted to let anyone that has my email know that I had to change it….so it is the same only @gmail.com (thanks JodieO for the idea). Hopefully I will be able to get and send email again! 🙂 Sorry if you have been receiveing weird emails from me, someone must have hacked my yahoo account! Now off to read the Post! xo

    • TeamSeth

      I’m gonna resend my lost email to your gmail account! So be on the lookout. It’s sort of old news now, but whatever. 🙂

  • Wait, I thought YOU were gonna be Rob Pattinson. SO DISAPPOINTED.

    And yes, I’m gonna kill you.

  • p.s. Just kidding.

    p.p.s. I thought Kellan was in Africa with Moon. That video was all manner of win. He’s totally read Purpose Driven Life.

  • Midnight_Cyn

    Morning Everyone! Haven’t had a chance to read the epic post yet this morning but looking forward to it!
    Just wanted to let anyone that has my email know that I had to change it….so it is the same only @gmail.com (thanks JodieO for the idea). Hopefully I will be able to get and send email again! Sorry if you have been receiveing weird emails from me, someone must have hacked my yahoo account! Now off to read the Post! xo

    Sorry if this is a repost…I can’t seem to get my avatar back with the new email??

    • JodieO

      YAY! This makes me so happy!

      Maybe we can chat now, too!

      • Midnight_Cyn

        HEY Jodie..can you resend me your last couple of emails at the new address so I can catch up with you! xoxo
        You can “chat” on gmail???

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  • lindsaylee

    holy cow, there were so many many scary things about this…
    that baby made me put my hands over my eyes, and the taylor picture is scaring me that i may be fired for looking at porn at work… ahh man boobs…

    happy monday indeed

  • Jamie

    Someone on regretsy pointed out that the Alice and Jaspers baby is wearing a used outfit. Apparently there’s a stain on it. All I could think was “Alice would never let that shit fly.” Her baby would be in high end labels!

  • twigirl_world

    The Kellan fan video is on replay for me! I always laugh when others fall. Its a flaw of mine that I’ve had to apologize for, its bad when they actually get hurt.

    Anywho, Moon missed what I think is officially known as ‘ROBSTEN WEEKEND’ From pap pics on the set of OTR where we get confirmation (wait wasn’t Paris airport confirmation?) and you see a yummy TomStu (big crush on him) to at least 4, count em 4 fan pics w/ Rob and one included the hand on hip, sexy bitchface KStew herself. Of course none of these fans had the decency to ask poor TomStu for a pic and I think I actually saw a Sad Panda face from him…
    And some pap got pics of Sam Riley and KStew leaving in a van and I must say. Who the eff is Sam Riley??? I had to IMDB him and don’t recognize his work! I had to take a double look cuz he looked so much like Jack Kerouac himself!! But this man is yummy! There’s a whole lot of sexy on this OTR film!!

    K so I’ll finish w/ MISSED YOU MOON!! And UC too!!
    xoxo twigirl_world

  • I never comment but I just wanted to say WELCOME BACK MOON! XOXO MyJenPattinson

    • Luludee

      Dude, I LOVE your Avatar..or Gravatar!! Whatever it’s called, it rocks!!

  • Stacey

    Welcome back, Moon! (and UC!) I hope you had a remarkable trip, discovered fabulous new things and met a handsome sheik that gave you oodles of diamonds.

    However, since you are back I need all of your funny posts. I missed them and ready for more. I alsp really would love your take on what twigirl_world mentioned about the excellent adventures of three musketeers in Vancouver. Do you think Rob has to pick up sandwiches from McDonald’s while Kristen and Tom are working? Maybe he sits around attempting a New York Times crossword puzzle? This are important questions that need answers! :0)

    • hitc4manynewmoons

      OMGOSH! I love your comments …that’s hysterical! I too can’t wait to c a letter about the 3 Musketeers (too many funny possiblities).

  • Robsessedgirl

    I saw that pillow picture a few weeks ago, it’s a win! I need to find that road in backwoods PA! Also, I’d really like to find that boy who like the saga, he’s probably about my age, and straight unicorns are hard to find. This post rocks my socks off.

    • TeamJacobEdward

      I replied to you about the unicorn in your reply to me…

      • Robsessedgirl

        thanks! i’d like to talk to said unicorn! also you said you didn’t know my name, it’s Chloe. 😀

  • eatmyjorts

    I think you broke me with this much win…all that’s happened for me since Moon’s been gone is having my Twi bubble burst by more ‘average’ fans from the fandom & making love with a russeet skinned wolf boy in the woods un der a full moon. One of these things is a lie.

    I have 3 letters for that (poor?) girl who looks like Mr Hotner – SNL. Get yourself an Edward folder & make out with it honey.

    Oh, & I am also blind now. Thanks Taymanboobs…I am scarred, scarred, worse than Emily, just on the inside…I’m going to have trouble keeping food down after that image, no matter how much I love Big Daddy.

    • Scarred is right, but it’s also HILARIOUS. Can NOT stop laughing, even when just thinking about it. The look on his face is just so….I can’t even think of a word to describe how sad he looks that his hot abs have apparently melted.

      • eatmyjorts

        He’s melting, he’s melting….noooooo. Is that photoshopped or is it someone’s actual bod? I fear those boobies…they seem to be lifeforms in their own right. SHUDDER.

    • BayWolf

      “making love with a russeet skinned wolf boy in the woods un der a full moon” – That’s no lie – right?? Please tell me that that was happened!! I SO want to believe that you, at least, “did” that guy ‘ChillinWithCullens’ is stalking?? 🙂

      • eatmyjorts

        I thought the effing crap typing would have given away how rubbish a liar I am….my formerly hot 17 yr old self would like a few moments alone with Chiilin’s ‘discovery’…minus his ego, which I think I can feel from here.

  • BayWolf

    Great post! Love it.. It’s almost a little to scary though..

    Welcome back Moon – Am soooo looking forward to read a post written by the rich-yoursugardaddy-shiek 😉 (you did have time to find one, right??) 😀

    Love you both UC and Moon 🙂

  • Midnight_Cyn

    So I tried really hard to read todays post but after the picture of poor Taylor, the room began to swim…everything got hazy and I had to grab poor Eddie blanket to swipe the tears of laughter/terror from my eyes…he is drenched..THEN just when I thought it was safe to try again that…that..”baby”??? sent me over the edge! Holy shitz…that thing is the creepiest picture ever..there is not enough brain bleach to rid me of it, so I curled up with Eddie and took a nap…(damp Eddie is still better than no Eddie)twss.. 🙂 and luckily the image is gone out of my head.. I just hope/pray that when I hit refresh I am not subjected to it again…We need a warning with that one..view at own risk….ahhhhh its good to be back…I have missed you all soooooo…….

  • frightenedflips

    UC – you are too cute in that video.
    What a beautiful smile!!!! 🙂

  • Midnight_Cyn

    UC!!! Finallly got the video to work!!! OH you are so cute! It was like a personal “Hi” to us all missing you! How great! Made me smile BIG TIME! Looks like your having a blast! Take a swim for me! XO and Hugs back at ya!!

  • Luludee


    You saw Paul McCartney in the flesh?!?
    I might be more jealous of that than when you stood face to face with Jackson.

    And…..WELCOME BACK MOON!!! I wish I knew you for realz so that I could hear all about your trip!! I bet it was fantastic!!

    • me seeing a beatle is DEFINITELY a bigger deal than meeting Jackson!!!!

  • Luludee

    OMG, that article is frakking hilarious!!

    “Nobody scowls at my future wife, except me!”
    “Dakota Fanning is more of a cat person.”

    Bwaaahahaahahaha!!! Brilliant!!

    • TeamSeth

      It really was hilarious! I love me some comments, but I can’t read the comments after it though, they’re just not funny. It’s always “Twilight sucks. This is so great because it shows how much Twilight sucks.” Sigh. Can’t these Tryhard-haters be clever in their comments for once?! (looks to the sky) Is that so much to ask?!

      But, basically it was hilarious. And I could imagine Dakota saying that final line in her slightly nasal voice.

  • LattersBaby

    I’m a long-time listener, first time caller. Welcome Back! I heard It’sReallyRob posted, but I didn’t find the post. I know his handwriting, I should be able to tell if it is really him or not.

    • robsfuturemate

      Welcome out of Lurkdom! (that sounds weird! oh well)

      He commented TODAY! Along with ItsReallyKristen and ItsReallyTom!!! Check it out, they are hilarious!

      • LattersBaby

        Excellent! Thanks for the welcome…I feel…strangely at home here.

        • robsfuturemate

          @LattersBaby- That’s Normal!!! 🙂

  • thischickrunswithvampires

    Seriously – I was skimming the pictures in a daze, and was really confused when I got to the baby. I thought, “What have they put on that baby’s face to make it look like that?!?” It took me a moment to realize it’s not a real baby. (Right?…It’s plastic, right???) Yikes.

  • Lovespelledbackwards

    Welcome back girls! You were missed!

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