Thankful for Twilight

Dear Twilight,

While I’m still stuffed from the tofurky from yesterday (I don’t eat meat- bleh!) and busy shop shop SHOPPING on the biggest shopping day of the year, I wanted to write you quick letter to thank YOU for changing my life in so many ways.

Since holiday season has kicked off, I’m now seeing THIS guy everywhere:

A little early, Santa

No- not Waylon Forge (RIP), singer of the best cat song known to man, but Santa Claus himself. You see, I have gotten my picture taken with Santa every year since I was born (1983). I was 6 months old the first time I sat on Santa’s lap. So yes, this year is my 28th year of seeing Santa. (I never plan to stop. No, that’s not weird) and for the past two Santa-seeing years, I have thought of Buttcrack Santa. No longer am I thinking of the jolly man in a big read suit (although these past few years he’s been pretty creepy & acts a little too excited to having me and my 3 sisters sit on his lap) but I think of a drunken logger in The Olympic Peninsula whose legacy involves a “kiss me I’m Irish” shirt & little bottles. Thank you for ruining Santa for me.

Thank you for turning the mundane into amazing. When I used to pass the Olive Garden, I would think of all the birthday dinners I had there with my family when I was in college. Me being gone for 8 months out of the year somehow confused them into thinking I only like to eat at the Olive Garden. Oh- what am I saying? I dream of their endless breadsticks & salad. Just as, we have completely overblown discovered the  Lautner family does. I am so thankful that I now get a chuckle whenever I pass a suburban shopping center with a little peace of Tuscany placed out front.

I’m so thankful for inside jokes & funny blog themes that have been created at your expense. Because then Snowwhitedrifted designs stuff for our LTT/LTR shop and photo-shops it onto Twilight cast members, and it looks so real I can hardly stand it. And sometimes I forget it’s the background on my lap top & when I work remotely or take my lap top to a coffee shop, I have to quickly hide the screen so no one knows. But despite the 2nd-hand embarrassment I feel for myself from time-to-time (okay always) I feel grateful. Because of the laughter it brings.

And on a soppy note  (soppy? Soapy? what? Am I in a mashed-potato coma?), I am thankful that you exist, Twilight. Because if you didn’t, I wouldn’t have fallen for you. And if I had not fallen for you, I would not have become as close as I have with my friend Moon. And if Moon & I had not grown so close, we would have never started LTT- land of laughs. And if we hadn’t started LTT we wouldn’t have met- whether in person or just online- the hoards and hoards of  wonderful girls, women, boys, unicorns & 12 year olds who think we’re Taylor Lautner. And if we hadn’t met all of the hoards of people (do you keep feeling like I’m going to call them “whores?” cuz I do) we would laugh much less, our lives would be much less fulfilled, and we wouldn’t know the interesting, talented, funny, hilarious, creative, encouraging, beautiful, hilarious and delightful people we have gotten to know. And that would be a shame. Because I cannot imagine my life without any of them in it- any of YOU in it! Whether I talk to you daily, every so often, we used to talk long ago or never have, I am so thankful- for each and every one of you. You don’t know the difference just your being a part of this crazy LTT-world has made in my life!


What are you thankful for in the Twilight world this season!?

HAHAHAHA- on my final read-through I realized I said “soppy” but meant “Sappy.” Well, actually I meant Soppy- like sopping wet.. except.. I don’t think that’s a word. I meant it with so much sincerity though that I’m not even going to correct it

Oh- Groupon (yes, we’re talking about them again. as you can tell I LOVE them!) has a Secret Shopper Page that you can only access by clicking this special LTT link. I don’t know what the special deals are but I think they’re only available through Monday (or are different every day until Monday!) It’s a secret. Shhhh
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  • JellyBeanRainbow

    I’m thankful for Twilight, LTR/LTT, UC&Moon, because through your amazingness (it’s not a word either, but I’m using it anyway) I got to know, meet in RL and cyberspace and become friends with some amazing people.
    You bring so much fun and laughter into my life it’s almost impossible to believe.

    PS. I think you should add Jumping Rob wearing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Boy Brief to your background. Serioussly.

  • kitkat

    I’m thankful that we have a space where we can be “normal,” whatever that means!
    I’m thankful for new opportunities, new friends, and new Twi-jokes.
    Happy Thanksgiving (and now Christmas season!!!)!

  • Although we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here, I am still thankful for LTT. And for meeting other people who make this whole obsession seem totally normal!

    Also I’m thankful for the existence of one hot 24yr old Brit 😉 and to his lovely parents for having him.

  • Katie S

    Awww, you’re so soapy. 😉

    I am so thankful for you all! And of course, I am also thankful for Twilight. Without which annoying the hell out of the men in my life would be much more of a challenge.

  • JustGoWithIt

    You guys have incredible Twistamina!

  • I’m thankful for UC & Moon, and a NORMAL blog to visit for all things Twi and Rob and plaid and awesome.
    What is it they say? Haters gonna hate? Yeah, let ’em. You two ladies are the funniest, most original, and most honest Twi-bloggers out there, IMO. Plus, you’re approved by Her-Royal-Featherness herself, so who cares what anyone else thinks??
    Have a wonderful holiday season, ladies!
    *creeps back into lurkdom*

  • TeamSeth

    UC! I had my first tofurkey this year (after my first time turkey cooking attempt was an epic FAIL) and it was FANTASTIC! Who knew?! (well, you and my fiance knew). It’s so good! Everyone should it it.

    At the risk of sounding lame, it’s been so long that I can’t remember, but do the Lautners actually in reality go to Olive Garden (as in they were spotted there once for real) or is this entirely a joke? #LTTfanfail

    Also, and this goes out to @chochang, UC mentioning her embarrassed immediate hiding of her desktop background reminded me that I have a giant Dalek Caan as my background. And it’s a primarily ‘male’ TV show (Doctor Who), which would make it ‘cool’ for females to like too (along the lines of harry potter/twi comparison from Feminism Day on LTT). But I always immediately covered it up! Which led me to realize that it’s based off not what’s female or male, but HOW MUCH of a #normal obsession you have with something. It’s more embarrassing for people to know I have a dalek background because I write screenplays about Doctor Who. Whereas, HP, I have no such efforts on. My level of obsession with HP, LOTR, Star Wars, and Star Trek are laudable compared to my obsession with Who. Of course, I do still hold this hope that one day we will all just realize we’re the same and it’s okay to like all things that interest you, regardless of gender training. #idealism.

    • kitkat

      I think they were spotted there once? And then Tay-Tay mentioned it in an interview (although that could have just been his special way of letting us know how much he loves us and this site).

      • TeamSeth

        Thank you! I was hoping that was the case, as it’s epically better than it just being a joke. And I’m in agreement about him mentioning this site. If Wyck (whom I keep calling Warwick, as in Warwick Davis, when I mention him to Mr. Seth) has the costume dept barking out “jorts scene!” to expedite the speed of changing out of khorts, then we know Taylor is mentioning us subtly in his interviews. I’m just waiting for Steve Jones to catch on so next time I’m drooling over him on youtube he’ll be forming the question, “So, Robert, you big freakin’ movie star, did you know that the jortspack has more search engine hits than RPattz these days? What do you think about that?” and Rob laugh, run his hand through hair, and say something like, “Who looks these things up?” and Steve reply, “Summit has a stats team set up to follow this, like they have at sporting events.” and Rob say, “Are they headquartered at Olive Garden?” and Steve say, “Hey buddy, can I get an order of mozereller sticks?” and Rob say, “Mozerall-a, Steve. Booya!”

        Um, I need to get off of here now.

    • chochang

      wow! i didn’t know we were still talking about that. as @JustGoWithIt says above, you’ve got incredible Twistamina! or LTTstamina. or whatever.

      but yeah, i think that’s another way of looking at it. i specifically like this:

      “Of course, I do still hold this hope that one day we will all just realize we’re the same and it’s okay to like all things that interest you, regardless of gender training. #idealism.”

      anyhoo.. i haz a confession though: i don’t know who Dalek Caan is. also, i have zero knowledge on Doctor Who.

      please don’t kill me.

      • TeamSeth

        Kill you? I will exterminate you! (Dalek/Doctor Who joke). Anyway, it’s quite all right not to know who Dalek Caan is nor know very much (or anything) about Doctor Who. I don’t watch Glee. Ever. Not once have I watched it. In fact I know basically nothing about it besides its basic premise and what is mentioned here (or by my sister, who loves it). I even LOVE musicals!!!

        Anyhow, I don’t think we were still talking about it. UC’s comment just made me think about that (and you). I would also like to say that your s/n here always reminds me of Harry Potter the Musical. “I’m Cho Chang, ya’ll!” hehehehe <3 that.

        • chochang

          yup! ’cause i’m cho chang, y’all~~ haha.

          unlike you, i do watch glee though. i LOVE it. i think you will too, actually, if you give it a try. and by the way, Darren Criss, the guy who plays Harry in ‘A Very Potter Musical’ is on Glee this season. his character’s name is Blaine, a gay dude in an all boys’ choir.

          anyhow, i remember this letter you wrote recently though. the one where you talked about not really being into what or who is currently “popular”, so to speak. maybe that’s why you’re into stuff like doctor who and not so much into glee. but that’s okay. to each his/her own. 🙂

          by the way, going back to what you said.. i thought about it. and right now, i get it in the “why-are-you-so-obsessed-with-this-shit-don’t-you-have-other-things-to-worry-about-and-so-go-get-a-life” kind of way. was that what you meant? lol

          • TeamSeth

            Hm……. I’m not sure what you mean (on the last bit of the comment). Like what you are referencing from my comment(s). :S

  • I’m definitely thankful for this safe haven for “Normal” Twilight fans, the funny commenters who always add pizazz (with a dash of love and sprinkling of hate, just to keep it real) and the hard work you both put into it to make it fresh, soppy, funny, and generally as delightful as BCS’s little bottles, or Big Daddy’s breadsticks, or Taylor’s meat patty, each and every day.

    P.S. TWSS, TWSS, TWSS… I honestly didn’t intend for it to come out that way yet it did. It must be that hand-holding-a-feather pic that we all saw yesterday that’s put my mind in the gutter.

    • Sj

      Why am I having so much trouble visualising Taylor’s meat patty….is it because I’m laughing too hard to think?

      I love that Big Daddy makes it into the cast-tshirt photo.

  • Rob’s Flaming Dashboard

    English people say soppy where Americans would say sappy. I think your love of Rob is affecting your language!
    I’m grateful that Stephenie Meyer remembers her dreams and took the time to write them down!

  • theseviolentdelights

    I am most thankful for the wonderous creation of the enchanting and beautiful world of Twilight and its many glorious characters.
    Ah, hell. Who am I kidding? My most thankful thing would have to be the creation of the sparklepeen.

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  • chochang

    if anyone from the cast, and most especially the trinity, gets caught wearing an LTT/LTR shirt, i might just die! (in a good way) i mean, you’ve pretty much broken into SM and her “minions” so isn’t it about time we find out that someone from the cast actually reads this blog? i’d really be THANKFUL (and slightly 2nd-hand embarrassed) if that happens.

    #wishfulthinking #yeahlikethatlleverhappen

    • TeamJacobEdward

      Omg! To see Niki show up one day wearing “Fake Lesbians” shirt. Or Kristen show up in “I love Dick” to show her love of Rob’s dad. Or Billy Burk show up in “Buttcrack Santa” to show how much Charlie misses his friend. Our Taylor in “They are NOT bears!” or “Big Daddy’s Fish Fry.” Or Jackson in “War of the Wigs” in silent reminder to the wig department to ditch the poodle. Or Stephenie show up to the set in a “Fade to Sad” shirt. Or Rob sporting a “Sparklepeen” shirt. Or Rob owning the “BIJ”shirt. Ha! Ha ha ha!

      (Hey @SWD did you know it says “Sparkleepeen” instead of “Sparklepeen” on Cafe Press. Is that on purpose? Have I had it wrong all this time?)

      Not sure which one would be the most epic. Maybe Stephenie in “Fade to Sad” or really any LTT something or other. That would be the most awesomely cool. Though “I love Dick” or “Sparklepeen” would be the most awesomely hilarious.

      • TeamSeth

        Win! I kind of want a shirt that says “Condon: That’s a wrap!” I’m not sure why… it just seems right.

        • Sj

          Will it be available in assorted colours? Seriously, the yellow option is always ‘out of stock’.

          • TeamSeth

            That’s odd… Wait, how often are you checking this? 😉

        • TeamJacobEdward

          lmfao! Win!
          Oh TS, I love you.

          SWD? You on this?

  • Yup, I think we kind of rule!

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