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Dear Twilight,

You know what we haven’t done in awhile? Shared stories, letters, songs & poems from crazy fans. You thought we stopped getting them, didn’t you? Ohhh no- we still get them. We still keep them. Our “Crazies” folder is STILL over-flowing. And today we have some REALLY good ones to share with you:

Crazy Tune:

Kicking us off is a song written for Breaking Dawn. I’d make up a tune & sing it for you all, but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna save that for a bet with Moon that I know I’m going to win- like naming 20 “outfits” Rob Pattinson has worn in the past year & where each item was purchased- and let her sing it when she loses:

Imprinted Love
It’s something I didn’t plan
it’s something I didn’t plan
I told you it’s part of the werewolf gang
I thought you were the only one to see

You’re the one I wanted
not the one I loved
when I saw her I knew she’s the one
went to search for her when she was near
It’s something I feared

Imprinted love on the one I thought who would kill you
imprinted love on the one who held me near
no matter how many times we said goodbye
imprinted love on Renesmee the half mortal and immortal

I didn’t knew she was the one who kept me near
when you wanted me to disappear
The one who stole my heart like Edward stole yours
I’m sorry if you’re mad but like I told you before

Imprinted love is not something you can control
imprinted love is not something you can choose
or change it’s for the one that will take care of your heart
imprinted love on Renesmee the half mortal and immortal

I taught you were my love and my life
but I was wrong
He is your love, your imprinted one
just like Renesmee is my imprinted love

For now I’ll be her brother
the one who protects her, then her friend
whom she can trust and love
maybe one day she’ll learn to love me as I love her

Bella I’ll always be there for you
I’ll always love you just like a son loves his mom
I don’t want anything els than to be your friend
but my true love for Renesmee will always win
imprinted love

Then there’s:
The Girl on Team Edward with “a homeless friend”

Maybe this guy is the crazy fan

Just like all of the fans of the twilight cast My desire is to truly be able to contact them to let them know how we feel about our favorite actor or actress. And to thank Stephenie Meyer, for taking the time to write the novel that sparked life into all our lives. Both women and men. I happen to be Team Edward. My desire is to see him in person. I’ve been tempted to catch the plane, come out there and share the ground with my homeless friend just for the opportunity to see him, walk the runway or visit on the outside of a site where he is working. Hoping to catch sight of him. Sometimes the urge is so great I’ve called my friend to tell her im on my way. I don’t think I would enjoy sleeping outside in the elements But if I knew that I could see him , I would take the chance. I have little hope now that my friend have lost the car she was sleeping in. I was counting on furnishing the gas and she would at least drive me around. I watched when fans put up their tents and envied them, wishing I was there. My children
and grandchildren are embrassed when I talk about Edward and my desire to see him in person. To hear his voice, see his gorgeous hair. But I would be satisfied just to get a e-mail from him. I tried to get to Chicago, when he was there its closer to my home. But I got sick. He was on the Oprah show. I sent him a birthday card to the show . Hope he got it. hope he e-mail me back, I will be waiting.

The kids who never learned celebrities don’t care about you

Hi this is pat and I would like to invite taylor lautner to my sweet fifteen im only twelve so im only gonna need two more years and its going to be in puerto rico and I hope too see him in and come enjoy the party hope to see him.please come taylor.

And the one we totally can’t understand

Did she write this letter?

I am a way ovr obsesses fan (according 2 my friends) but I dont think u can evr b 2 obssesive i mean twilight is amazing and when ppl say they dont like ik theyre just lieing 2 get attention cuz its impossible not 2 luv my favorite book waz breaking dawn but it waz hard 2 coose cuz theyre all amazing i am constantly rereading them over and ovr and my parents r always like stop readin them and read somethin else but i just cant the background on my desktop and laptop r both twilight saga pics and quotes i cant imagine a world w/o twilight i wish it waz real it would b so kwl none of my friends r rly tht into them so i nvr have any1 2 tlk 2 nout them i have so much twilight merchandise and evrythin and read book related 2 twilight 2 like bedazzled, twilight and history, etc. theyre rly interesting and i would give them a try since ur a die-hard twilight fan i am members of a lot of fan fourm/blogs/websites and its great 2 knw tht there r others like me i lu the idea of ur website and think it is rly kwl
thanks so much 4 the websie,

And after the jump, PLEASE don’t miss the most Epic Crazy story of all time!!

First I need to set it up. Did you read the story where Jamie Campbell Bower talks about a stalker at his hotel in Baton Rouge? Of course you didn’t- no one reads Jamie Campbell Bower stories. Here is what he said:

And I’ll let you in on a little secret- the story is true. Here is what I know- straight from the “fan’s” mouth (PS: “CB”= Charlie)

The “fan” somehow met Charlie Bewley & Jamie Campbell Bower. She communicated with Charlie through some fansite & somehow got the idea that the guys wanted to hang out with her. I’ll let her tell the rest of the story:

I sent a message to Charlie asking him to please let me know with all his honesty if he thought I could see them and maybe hang out with him and Jamie if I visited Baton Rouge….He replied to me telling me that he didn’t have a problem scheduling something “off the record.” So I told him that I would wait for him to return [from his trip] and so I postponed my trip a week.

I messaged him letting him know when I was traveling and for how long but received no reply except thru ***, who told me that CB said that everything was good to go. I went there Friday and still have no message from Charlie. I was nervous I might have wasted my time and money getting there for nothing and decided to take my chances and call him at his hotel room cuz ever since I met Jamie last month I found out where they are staying but told no one about it. I called him and he answered and was shocked that I knew their lodging and that I was connected to his room. He got upset at me, shouted at me but then calmed down cuz I told him no one else knew and that I just wanted to see if I could met him and Jamie somewhere public, a place of their choice. He told me that he couldn’t believe I went there and that he didn’t know I was coming…. I was devastated and told him that if he said that it wasn’t a problem with him, I would not have traveled from far away. I told him I was sorry to call him at the hotel but that I needed to contact him somehow to know where I stand for. I was almost crying and hung up telling him goodbye and I’m sorry.

That same night he sent me a message asking me to forgive him for his outburst on the phone but that he felt I went too far by calling him. That he was gonna see if Jamie and Dan could agree and do something to see me but that he was leaving next day. He said I was a crazy girl! I told him I was just a passionate and impulsive fan. On Saturday he went to *** and I was bored and desperate to get a message or call from Jamie or CB telling me what to do but nothing happened. So around 3pm or so I decided to try my luck again and called Jamie’s room. He answered with that beautiful British accent that melted me over the phone but he was surprised and serious. He did not ask me who I was and I asked him if Charlie told him about me and he said no. He said he was going out that there were some people waiting for him in a car and was rushing. I asked him if it was ok to leave some presents I got for him at reception and he said yes. Then he said sorry I have to go and hung up. I took a cab, went to a pharmacy, bought gift bags and put a letter to Jamie and card to CB in the other along with their presents. Told the cab to bring me to the hotel and wait for me while I dropped the gifts at front desk.

Four hours after I dropped the gifts, I decided to call and check if they were delivered yet and I got the surprise of my life cuz The hotel manager took my call and told me that there were no such guests staying at their property, that the gifts weren’t delivered, that he had my name and that if I called again the police would be contacted.

blah blah blah there are lots of other details about how she was treated like a stalker & then her conversation with Charlie about the experience:

I felt horrible, imagining how much Jamie would hate me, since you know how much I heart him. I told Charlie I would never hurt them, that they got it all wrong cuz he knows I am a loyal fan Passionate and impulsive but not a psychopath…..My letter to [Jamie] was brutally honest and I hope he understands how much I admire and love him. I even left him a sexy gift along with the cheeses, a sex collar and nipple clamps! I did spend my money and I feel like Lady Gaga’s papparazzi song: “I’m your biggest fan I’ll follow you until you love me”.

I know right!? Award for the crazies fan EVER!!! Award for “Lady Gaga wrote this song about you!” Amazing.

Be glad your Twi-crazy is not THIS Twi-crazy!

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**Psst credit for the cheese-wheel-nipple-clamp-stalker story goes to Jeff. I don’t know what that means, but I was told that someone would 🙂

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