Twilosophy – Why the embarrassment?

Dear Breaking Dawn,

I was totally surprised to see your trailer Friday night before Super 8 on the huge ass cinedome screen at the Arclight Hollywood. I had NO clue we would see it and I was a tad unprepared and at one point embarrassed. Don’t get my wrong I cheered, clapped and helped lead some inappropriate Arsenio Hall-style hooting when Jacob takes off his shirt… BUT when it got to the Bella touching her nonexistent stomach part, I cringed a little and waited for what I thought would be inevitable laughs. Thankfully there was no laughing and maybe thats because all my friends were in my general vicinity and either they’re too good to me or they know I would kick them in the b-hole if they laughed.

Ok, so we know (clearly, look around) I love you, I love Twilight, I tolerate other people’s dumb comments about you, and I’ve given you many years of my life now, there is NOTHING to be embarrassed about at this point. But why was I? I know what happens, I get (sorta) why it happens and I like that it leaves it open for Stephenie to possibly continue the story with Reneesmee and Jacob yet I was cringing a tad.

But wait, you don't understand!! This will all make sense in the end! I swear!

I was to chalk it up to me being protective of Twilight and everyone’s ignorant comments about what they THINK the Twilight story is or isn’t. I also like to think my protectiveness extends beyond just the story and Stephenie (cause I lurve her, duh) and even the movies. I’m protective of our readers and their stories and their lives. Because if we’ve learned anything from the past couple years this is WAY bigger than just the story of a girl and her vampire crush turned boyfriend turned husband turned Robert Pattinson. Twilight is all of us. And I can’t be having no one laugh at you or me. Or Edward.

That’s the only way I can rationalize my feelings over the trailer because who wouldn’t love to see a 60 foot Wyck Godfrey, Stephenie Meyer or Rob’s back in front of them? NO ONE, that’s who! So embarrassed or protective or whatever you wanna call it, I was but it’s because I love you!

Can it be November 18th now?

Am I being irrational or has anyone else felt the same way… especially with Breaking Dawn? Anyone else see the trailer this weekend?

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