Breaking News!!

Breaking News LTT-ers,

Kellan wore a shirt to work out at the beach!

Which should be noted for two reasons. 1. This has gotta be like the first time ever. 2. And probably the last time ever because it is balls hot in LA right now. He probably fainted after this picture was taken.

Also, in Breaking News Taylor Lautner loves Solomon Trimble and that other Native American dude who got fired after Twilight that he carries around a picture of them in every movie he does… witness:

Awwww he carries a flame for the OGW the original wolfpack…

I like that I live in a world where Taylor Lautner, international movie star and heart throb carries around a picture of him in an awful wig, that one guy and Solomon in a horse blanket coat. It’s like the only soldier who made it through a battle carrying around his fallen comrades dog tags in remembrance.

Sadly, Taylor Lautner and the props people of Abduction don’t live in the same world. And THAT is a sadness.

BUUUTTT We ALL live in a world when you google image search “Solomon Trimble” a ton of the top images are from LTT. SUCCESS!!!!

Breaking News…. I need a life,

Srsly, did anyone else think that when they saw this still from Abduction? Also, can we pass a law making it illegal for Kellan to be wearing a shirt within 500 feet of a body of water of a 24 Hour Fitness??

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