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Nikki Reed invites me to write a story with her

Let's write a TOTALLY FICTIONAL story together!!

Dear Nikki Reed,

When you (or Seventeen Magazine, whatever… pesky details!) invited me to write a story with you I just KNEW I had to… I mean we all know I’m no stranger to writing FanFic.*** Not to toot my own horn but I think we all remember the Palatial Pad fic rather well. The rules state that we would write alternating chapters with you writing the first one and back and forth from there. After reading your first chapter I knew EXACTLY where this was headed, I MEAN COME OOOONNNN!!! This is essentially your ALLEGED life story circa Twilight and New Moon. So trust me when I say… I GOT THIS!

Ok, so everyone go read Nikki’s Chapter first

A lexicon for your reading…
He = Rob Pattinson
Friends = cast mates
School = film set / real life
Lunch Room = the fabled hotel room jam sessions in Portland

… I knew I loved him, and that’s all that mattered. Sure I wasn’t the prettiest girl in the world, but he always said he liked me for that very reason, so I felt content with that. Most of the time that is. One time, I gathered the courage to sing a song in front of him in the lunch room (I had always loved singing), and he laughed and said “…that’s what’s so great about you; even though you aren’t a good singer, you’re not afraid to try.” That’s a compliment right?

This stuff is SO awkward to look at now

My Chapter-
As his words sunk in I hit him back with “That’s what’s so great about you Rob, even though you aren’t very charming, you’re not afraid to mumble your way to the top.” It had seemed mean spirited at the time especially when the entire lunch room laughed along with him including my best friend Christine. But that’s not how your bestie is supposed to treat you, right? After all she became homecoming queen because her boyfriend knew the principal who counted the ballots because of ME, she was my aunt! Christine never would have known her if not for me. What was also perplexing was Christine’s sudden interest in my secret boyfriend while she had her own and knew how much I was in love with him even though we had decided to keep it private. Oh, she was good at playing the innocent role luring him in with blinking doe eyes and stumbling over her words around him… or anyone really.

One day he finally noticed her. I could tell because he tried to use his charms and tell her stories and she quickly fell for it and all our class mates began to whisper and asked me questions… What was going on?

Oh Christine!

I couldn’t take it anymore I had to let her know this wasn’t alright. So one day while she was delivering her speech on equal rights for all couples and the legalization of pot in speech class, I’d had enough. Sure, I caused a scene and made our teachers and fellow classmates uncomfortable and it definitely alienated him because I was no longer alright with their facade of privacy. It was time I finally shouted it from the rooftops… or at least my desk. Everyone knows!

Oh, Nikki I can’t wait to see where you take this next chapter. And no, I really don’t think you care about this crap anymore cause you’re happily married and writing songs and being nice to us sites/blogs at the premiere but I defs think you should have gone with a different storyline because this just gives the crazies ammo against you and we all know they don’t need more.

Until the next chapter.. to be continued!

PS You can actually enter this contest! Someone go do it and WIN!!

**I have NEVER written fanfic… unless it was for this blog. Though I totally enjoyed every minute***
*** I didn’t ****
****I did.

Source: Seventeen Mag via JodieO

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  • mariealber

    Mmm, I just…really NR?? But seriously though, she was pretty mellow about the whole thing, considering her best friend got together with her ex and their relationship has been right in her face the whole time. Honestly, if it had been one of my friends, I would have cut a b**tch. You don’t date your friends’ exes. You just don’t. Why did people turn against NR, when they should have totally been “hos before bros”? It seemed that they loved Kristen more! 

  • Justthetip,EH?

    Oh Christine. Lol

  • omg…the bit about the speech class…pot legalization. So funny. You should’ve worked in something about how they all went to the beach and Christine was flinging herself and her pot-leaf bikini at the secret. boyfriend. 
    And I agree..she really should’ve gone with a different plot line. But hey, maybe this is a preview of her future tell-all. One can only hope…

    • Anonymous

      The future tell-all is going to be amazing and horrifying.  Not sure which cast member will write it, but it will be enough to make us go back to writing letters after a twenty year break.

      • Anonymous

        20 years! I was banking on 5 at the most. Unless there’s a musical to tide us over.

      • youweregone

        I hoping one day, Catherine Hardwicke will say to herself “Ok, that’s it, enough waiting”, she’ll fill a glass of wine, sit at her computer and tell all exclusively to LTTers and invite us all to a private screening of the “audition tape” because I think she reads LTT (I am imagining she learned of the site from the Queen herself). C’mon Cathy, you know you want to :))

        Or better still some little known writer ;)) who wrote that thing -what was its name? – Midnight Sun or whatever- will decide to turn all that happened during the filming of Twilight and New Moon into some  narrative as boring as that Midnight thingy of hers… Well, one can dream….

    • KStewBoy

      Julie, when I first read this post, I thought you had written “…Christine was fingering herself…”.  In a fit of enthusiasm I spat my coffee up a bit.

      • Anonymous

        now this made me spit my own.

      • Boy, get your mind out of the gutter!
        (Just kidding)

        • KStewBoy

          Yeah, I do apologize for my mind.  Its natural resting place is the gutter.  Its natural active place is the gutter too, if I am being honest.

          • Anonymous

            That’s why you fit in so well here. 🙂

          • Anonymous

            By the sewer he lived, by the sewer he died. Everyone said it was sewer-side.
            Sorry, sorry. Will shut up now

  • Anonymous

    Ahh, Nikki. At least you’re pretty.

  • MariaCecilia

    OOO I just knew that Tropic of Virgo was Rob writing fan fic about how he envisions his relationship with me! Now I have to go work on my new ff about my life!

  • GMB

    hmm… based on the plot line of the story and her over-the-top “Im so madly in LOVE with my new husband” speeches… i dont think she is over it at all.

  • JodieO

    For the record I got the link from someone else.  I don’t hang around 17 Magazine.  And I didn’t enter the contest.  Well, not more than five or six times anyway… 

    • Anonymous

      Yes dear. Of course, dear… 😉

  • Edible art ?

    I feel strange – second hand embarrassed anyone ??

  • Am I really the only person who thinks this has nothing to do with Ron?

  • KStewBoy

    Is this all for real?  I feel like I’m wading through a quagmire of parody.  What’s real and what’s fake on the internet?!  I can’t tell anymore.
    If it is real, Nikki should stick to acting.  Her writing makes her seem like Meryl Streep.

    • TeamSeth

      I concur. And the topic is so… “I’m dating an emotionally abusive guy and I’m happy about it. Now it’s your turn!”

      Like, really? That’s really what we’re putting in Seventeen magazine? Aren’t the readers of that magazine all age 9-15?

  • s.kay

    I’m sure ya’ll have talked about that photo before and I have just missed it (fairly new to the family)…what is she holding? He looks miserable (or drunk…). And, wow, what an awkward pose she is in.
    Can’t wait for the tell-all in 10 or 15 yrs!

    Love your continuation Moon!

    • love high

      I know right!?  😉  I was thinking the same thing.  She is totally fondling him and he looks like he could care less.  Sad. Really. 

    • TeamSeth

      who is everyone else in that photo?  

      • Anonymous

        This was my question too.  This is what I get for coming to the party a year late.

    • Also, there’s his shirt…

    • ladyofthemeadow

      The body language in that photo tells me she is wearing the pants in her relationship with Rob.

      (then again, I’d prefer Rob with no pants if I was in a relationship with him… but I digress).

  • Anonymous

    This gives me creeper, abusive vibes that I somehow didn’t get fromTwilight, which has been one of its biggest critiques. I guess when you’re a movie star, a secret relationship is a necessity,and when you’re a real person, it’s just creepy?

  • PokeyMomma

    Poor Nikki 🙁 She’s like the real life Mike Welch…or the Jacob. I can’t decide. maybe she’ll imprint on Robsten’s baby and finally break the connection she is clearly still hanging onto with Rob 🙁 And then the idol singer can write a song about it!

  • Anonymous

    It is all going to end up being about Christine.

  • youweregone

    I was late to the fandom and this “love square” with Niki, Ron, Kris and Michael is the Twilight Behind the Scenes story I am most curious about. Especially after the Breaking Dawn part 1 Comic Con Panel where I have seen Ron taking a sneak peak at Nikki’s legs as the rest of the cast entered the Hall one by one. And how Nikki gave Rob the cold shoulder whereas she hugged Stew.

    I have also seen this in “Robward ad Krisella”, a blog that I occasionally visit. I guess ron was “a famous ladies’ man” as Charlie says.
    And another thing! look at this pic and also the pic above where Niki “holds on to” Ron. I want to ask, “doesn’t he own another shirt?” Maybe that’s a shirt he to hypnotize the laddiiiiesss 🙂  

    • Bubs

      “Ron’s” definitely a legs man-he’s always checking out KStews.

  • Bubs

    When you take a close look at those 2 photos above-it says it all really. So sad-obviously Nikki was much keener than Rob was [just look at his body language] in the 1st one [!].  

  • Okay, in my version of the story, the “secret boyfriend” is going to wake up one day and realize that he doesn’t want Nikki or “Christine.” He’s going to be surfing the web, searching on Yahoo for info on vampire babies, as he likes to do in his spare time, and he’s going to find this website called “Letters to Twilight.” He’s going to read all the funny letters on there and laugh and laugh, and then he’ll say to himself “Hmm…these ladies seem way more attractive than Christine…I should go find them. All of them.”
    Awesome story, right? Vote for me for Seventeen writer of the year!
    -Julie, julie999.blogspot.com

    PS. Don’t actually vote for me. I’m not entering the contest. Is there even voting in this contest? I don’t even know. 

    • TeamSeth

      I’d vote for you. Your story, albeit brief, is far superior to Nikki’s.  Who said bigger is better?

  • twiprof

    so very random! and indeed fascinating! or not….
    I like how she describes the boyfriend with a “dark side.”
    I am imagining that Ron will pull an Anakin on us shortly…
    we can call him darthpatz.

  • kerly

    esta paguina es hermosa aunque me toque utilizar el traductor

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