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Dear LTT-ers,

Hello and welcome to the beautiful WordPress Auditorium here on this lovely day in the interwebs! Today is the day we’ve been waiting all never year for! The ballots have been collected and counted by the accounting firm of UC and Moon pop a bottle of your finest Boone’s Farm champagne and throw on your finest borrowed dress (this IS Hollywood) because today is the day we find out who won the LTT awards!

The finest minds in the fandom have come together to bring you the very best of last year. As a reminder all winners are chosen by SECRET ballot but you can thank the academy (random people we like in the fandom) below. Now without further adieu I present you… THE LTT AWARDS!!!

*cue UC and Moon doing a musical number which sounds an awful lot like the Twi Musical number we posted last week*

Let’s get to the awards shall we? I hope you’ve filled out your home ballots and are keeping score with your friends.. Let’s Do This!

The LTT Awards! Awarding excellence and epic fail in the Twilight fandom! 

1. Award for achievement in bending the truth so far even they don’t know what’s a lie anymore
…and the winner is… Any person who has seen Robert Pattinson at any location with any woman ever.


2. Best actor/actress in a fake relationship
and the winner is… Kiowa Gordon and “music”

3. Weirdest guest at the Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 Premiere
…and the winner is Jackson Rathbone’s Suit. Our eyes have still not recovered though we hope he’ll one day teach us the finer points of applying Guyliner.

4. Best leather jacket of Taylor Lautner’s
…and the winner is… ALL OF THEM!

5.  Best gray suit of Taylor Lautner’s
…and the winner is… what do you know, ALL OF THEM!


6. Best Twi cast member’s Dad

7.  Award to the fandom that will take away the spotlight and crazy from Twilight in 2012
…and the winner is… by a landslide… congrats Hunger Games!!! We happily give you this burden crown to bear! Good luck to Joshifer and Jenniam! Though until we see one of the cast members’ faces tattooed on some chick’s back, they have nothing on the twi fandom.

8. Robert Pattinson’s worst hair of 2011
…and the winner is… Comic Con sideways toupee hairdo! Proving Rob could show up looking like hell from a 4 day bender, eye brow-less and wearing a trash bag and we’d still be turned on.

9. Best Twilight related Tweeter
… and the winner is… No one since Billy Burke stopped drunk tweeting.

10. Best non cast/official Tweeter
…and the winner is… *cue the In Memorium piece to @DelaneyG84*

11. Biggest Fandom Drama of 2011
…and the winner is… A TIE between SQID aka E.L. James “publishing” and possibly getting a Hollywood deal for her crackfic. This time next year, we expect to see her accusing Stephenie Meyer of copyright infringement. Premiere Camping drama and Robert Pattinson seen with anyone besides Kristen.

12. Biggest thing Nikki Reed did this year that annoyed the Robsten-er’s/Krisbians?
…and the winner is…  EVERYTHING! Her breathing, joining Twitter, getting married, looking genuinely happy, her “story” in Seventeen, releasing that song, her existing in the same universe.


13. The most likely to implode post Twilight
… and the winner is… Kiowa Gordon and Bronson Pelletier

14. The best usage of their 15 minutes of fame
…and the winner is… Kellan Lutz!! Between charity, tweeting, landing an undies ad, showing us his bulge with no shame, telling his mom to get a breast exam, dating a CW star and planning board games nights with Ashley, Kellan did it all! Not to mention he looked good and acted like a human being to fans whilst doing it! BRAVO!

15. Twilight related person/cast member/etc. who used their short amount of fame time the BEST way
…and the winner is…by another landslide THE ENTIRE WOLFPACK! For good and not so good reasons There are several members who have used it for good. Booboo, Chaske, and Tinsel have all done significant charity work and tried to be role models. Boo Boo Stewart. He’s on TMZ every other day, but acting totally normal. He’s good at “running into the paps” to get his face out there but isn’t incredibly annoying about it. Then there are some other wolf pack members who show up to Twicons with boring answers to questions and take photos with fans while sticking their tongue out and acting moronic.

16. Best music related Twilight endeavor
…and the winner is… The Belgium ladies musical, everything else is NO CONTEST. Yes, Alice and Bella Not an Addikt for the MAJOR WIN. We don’t even care that it was technically 2012 when it came out it’s about Breaking Dawn Pt 1 so there.


17. The LTT Icarus Award – The nominee that soars closest to the sun, only to fall the farthest. The actor/musician/commenter/blogger/Tweeter/author/Twi legend that fails so miserably, it has to be recognized
Taylor Lautner in Abduction

and because it HAS to be handed out, the retroactive Icarus Awards goes to The Dallas Twicon!


18. The most anticipated Twilight related event/moment in 2012
…and the winner is… The lavish wedding or bitter break up of Robsten

WE KID WE KID! Of course it’s Breaking Dawn Part 2: The End WAH WAAAAAH WAAAHH!!! NOOO!!!

Congratulations to all the winners and better luck next time to the losers. We’re already running over time so we’re gonna throw it to you commenters for the final say. Until next year…

Moon and UC

You all deserve one of these!

Super big thanks to our secret voters who’s answers are all anonymous and credited to no one!
@einfach_mich, The Obird, Janetrigs, Bella and Alice Not an Addikt, Jenny Jerkface, JodieO, Brooke Lockart, The Lex, Lori and Laura, E at Twilightish, Twilight Examiner, Twilight Poison, and a few that wish to remain even more anonymous! You’re all awesome and hilarious and brave and we can’t wait for 2012 and another round of awards!
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  • JodieO

    You skipped #6!  Why are you doing this?! We HAVE to know who is the bestest dad in all the land!

    • hahahaha OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is sad. I know who wins in my mind. and it would SHOCK You all!

    • MariaCecilia

      But, we all already KNOW that one? Biggest, bestest, brightest—well, maybe strike that last part? I don’t know..

  • nocoolname

    Aw!  Nikki Reed!  Good for you, lady!  Go be happy and married and whatnot.

    • I love Kristen and I love Rob and I love Nikki for being their nemesis.  You keep it up, girlfriend – for as long as Hollywood will let you.

      • MariaCecilia

        Theme of “Jaws” playing in the background. Cue in on close-up of Nikki smiling..

  • The Old One

    For once, I have no disagreement with any of the awards choices!  If only the Oscars could make such smart (i.e., same as me) choices!  

    Taylor in his gray cat suit!  

    Best dad:  John Stewart (sorry Big Daddy) taking pictures like a fan at the handprint ceremony:

    • Good call Old One – I have to second this nomination!  PapaStew s all kinds of a cool Dad.  How on earth Kristen is a by-product of that guy will forever be a mystery. 

      • The Old One

        You don’t think her “doesn’t give a f*ck what anyone thinks” attitude comes from him?

        •  Yes, yes – of course it does.  Sorry, when talking about her I’m always thinking physically.  *nudge, nudge*

          • MariaCecilia

            Eeeeww! Strike that image out now please!!

      • MariaCecilia

        So what about the long hair, the narrow trousers, the sun-glasses and the “up-yours” posture? Daddy’s girl all the way,  is my analysis. Nothing like a healthy Dad-Daughter relationship to make a girl go places! I know what I’m talking about here..

    • Anonymous

      Excellent! I’d never seen him before, looks very cool. And bonus brownie points for being so excited.

  • twiprof

    ahhhhhh perfect! thank you UC and Moon! well presented!
    thank you for making me laugh today…

  • Anonymous

    Best awards ceremony of the year!

    Btw, What happened to Delaney?

  • Goldberrybecca

    Since I’m from Dallas, I get to say this… ” we made it!! I’d like to thank everyone who did nothing to make this event a, well, a non event.” Go Dallas.
    Annnnnd big round of slow clapping for everyone else.

    • MariaCecilia

      *crickets chirping*

  • TeamSeth

    Lord knows why, but until I read this: “Though until we see one of the cast members’ faces tattooed on some
    chick’s back, they have nothing on the twi fandom.” I didn’t fully comprehend how creepy that is.  I mean, serious levels of creepy.

    •  Psst – TS, Unrelated, I just finished Chapter 10 of ‘Cusp’.  Great read, I’m enjoying it very much!

      • TeamSeth

        Thanks, KStewBoy! 🙂 I quite like chapter 10 myself. So much happens!

        • Anonymous

          it’s my favorite (yet) 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Me too, me too!

    • MariaCecilia

      ….which is why I’m not getting any kind of tattoo any time soon. Who knows who I’ll be twenty years from now? And the tattoo will still mark me..
      *Edward’s voice* “Mark you as MINE.”
      Me: “Okay, I’m making the appointment now!”
      Creepy is my middle name…

  • MariaCecilia

    Boohoo, I didn’t win! But…here I’ve got my own BIG bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin, so I guess I’m doing good on my own, heh? Now, I will make it my life’s ambition for 2012 to land the female lead of the movie Master of the Universe, since that seems more doable than becoming a bridesmaid at the Robsten wedding 2012? (We have to keep our dreams in the realm of possibility, right?)

    Thank you, Moon and UC, for “enabling” my day and hanging in there: don’t forget to save the planet and put those empty bottles out for the garbage man to collect!

    (Oh, and please make Rob wear Taylor’s grey CGI wolf suit for Comic Con 2012, pleeease?)

    • TeamSeth

       The *garbage* man? What planet do you live on?!!!  Has LTT really gone universal?

      And I really think you should go for MOTU lead. Realm of possibility!  (Robsten wedding already happened at the courthouse. So, the BM dream is out of the realm)

    • Anonymous

      I kind of want to read MOTU not so that I can join the conversation. It has been on my to do list forever to find some new fics to read. 

      • MariaCecilia

        Well, you can buy it on Kindle and proceed to replace all the “Ana” with “Bella” and all the “Christian” with “Edward”. 😉 Feel sorry, that will be 15 bucks, please!

        • Anonymous

          Yes, I know. I think I would pay for fic that was actually edited. I’ve been trying to find a new one to read, and I’m not trying to hate on people’s work, but there are soooooo many bad ones to sift through, short and long. Some of long ones hook me in and are basically shaggy dog stories that get so messed up by the end I just can’t. I am giving Full Circle a go at present. 

    • Notanaddikt Bella

      Come to think of it, THAT’s the grey suit we should have nominated!

  • Sagalvr

    “Proving Rob could show up looking like hell from a 4 day bender, eye
    brow-less and wearing a trash bag and we’d still be turned on.”<—THIS (FTW!)

  • TeamSeth

    Also, Billy Burke. Unf.

    That is all.

    • Anonymous

      Billy Burke Universal Noise of Fucking? University of Northern Florida? United Nations Foundation?

      • TeamSeth

        Definitely the first option.

  • Anonymous

    so, we’re not getting a new post about Jackson’s baby?

    •  TNO, I had to check my hard-core news site (Gossip Cop) to see if this was true, and it is!

      I love to read the nutjob comments on any Twilight related post on this site.  Major Robsten/Nonsten battles still raging over there.  Hi-larious.

      • Anonymous

        Haha! I don’t think the battles will ever stop, not till Rob and Kristen are dead.

        “EW has confirmed that Jackson Rathbone will be a father this spring. The actor, best known for playing Jasper Hale in The Twilight Saga, met his burlesque dancer girlfriend Sheila Hafsadi during a gig for his band 100 Monkeys. Per Rathbone’s rep, the couple is “is thrilled and excited to be expecting their first child.”

        so is she a burlesque dancer or a frontwoman?

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