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Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 – Movie Review! You hear it first, here!

Get ready – we’re coming for you!

Dear Twilighters –

So here’s something exciting: we get to be one of the first people to bring you a review of Breaking Dawn Pt. 2! Nope, not the movie critics, not the BIG TV outlets, not MTV, not E! But little ‘ol us… and the other fan-run sites and blogs!!

So, I want to really break it down for you but I also don’t want to give ANY spoilers away cause you have to go see it Thursday/Friday at midnight. YOU HAVE TO! So I will keep my REAL REAAAAAL review for after the 16th. BUT in the meantime, let’s chat…

We are dumped directly into the Twilight action post vampire c-section/imprinting/open red eyes and we’re immediately back in the thick of things with the new vampire Bella. After many scenes of Bella learning about jumping small rivers, scaling sheer cliff faces and yes, arm-wrestling Emmett we FIIIINALLY get to the action.

Get Ready For:
-All the scenes Michael Sheen/Aro steals (every one he’s in). And yes, Beller is in fact, ALIVE!
-The wall to wall music (TURN IT DOWN, Music Editor!)
-The new vamps looking various shades of crazypants to awesome (Do we expect anything less at this point?).
-Some migrating hairlines. (WIGS!!!).
-Rob. (Duh).
-Taylor (fulfills his last contractual gratuitous, totally unnecessary, yet awesome (who are we kidding?) shirt removal scene).
-Bella finally coming full circle. (single tear).

Spoiler: He loses!

And for those wondering… yes, there is Edward/Bella vampire sex. But in a very tasteful, Sade-type-music-playing-in-the-background, angles-that-leave-out-just-enough, Stephenie-Meyer-is -the-mom-of-three-boys-kind-of-way. You’ll still feel a little uncomfortable watching it with your Grandma but hey, at least it’s not an ordinary scene from Game of Thrones (hmmmm Kit Harrington…). So don’t get too excited about any “Fade to Sad” moments.

The first family

Guys, you know when we wrote that post called “Accept It Now” where we reminded people that the film won’t always follow the book version of the storyline EXACTLY to a tee? You know, the cupboards may not be yellow and Bella may jump on a motorcycle with Jacob, in front of Edward? Well, it’s time to reread that post because BD 2 does NOT follow the written word exxxxactly. BUUUUTTTT guys, don’t leave just yet! Here take my hand, squeeze it hard but DO NOT run out of the theater screaming, it’s going to be alright. IN FACT, it’s going to be AWWWWEEESOME! I promise. Your head will be spinning. And because I love you, and because I don’t want to be sued, I won’t tell you any more. I will tell you, however, that you should bring tissues and a friend’s (preferably a Twilight buddy’s) hand to hold. My last piece of advice is, after you read this and after you watch all of our premiere coverage (cause it’ll be GOOD), you need to get off the interwebs and avoid all the spoilers you can. You want to enjoy this and not know what’s about to happen. Trust me.

We’ll see you back here after the 16th for the FULL, REAL review of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part Two.

Accept it Now!

  • Scruffy Taylor

    ahhhh….this makes me even more excited/anxious/terrified/nostalgic/SAD! Thanks for the semi-review. I’m even more ready for the marathon viewing on Thursday–my first.

  • Sisterpenguin

    Just come out of the Nokia theatre and only one to say: you won’t run out of the theatre screaming, you’ll stay IN it screaming. With enthusiasm.

    Thanks for the ride Stephenie. Truly a goddess

  • sjaantje

    I am flying from Maine to Arizona to be at the midnight premiere with the ones I started this crazy ride with. This is my second time to make such a trip for a Twilight midnight showing. I was excited about my trip, but after reading your review I am going to start packing tomorrow! I can’t wait now!

  • teamseth

    So Fucking epic. could’ve used more sex. but kstewboy will love that sex scene action 😉 amazing time!!

    • KStewBoy

      I stopped reading this post at the third paragraph due to high spoilery content. I didn’t even read TS’s above comment for the same reasons.

      I have Friday afternoon already booked off for a ‘personal day’!

      UC, Moon and the Ashram Esme gang are my heroes. Last night’s Twitter action was supreme. Merci.

  • Ashram Esme

    Ashram Esme says: needs more sparkle peen. (Where’s my cocktail again?). SM is the goddess, BC is the god

    • KStewBoy

      Ashram Esme – great job last night on the Twitter. Have a safe flight/drive/train ride home.

  • lindsaylee

    As an unlucky person who was in no logical way of getting to LA and joining the final party – best review yet. I am going to my final midnight movie and look forward to hearing what ya’ll have to say. Thanks for sticking with us ladies!

  • MariaCecilia

    I’m praying and hoping that this will be as good as the trailers have made it out to be! 9 hours and counting…

    • dazzledbyrp

      Believe me, it’s better.

  • fuzzyltlwingedthing

    One good thing about the ending of Twilght is that the massacre of perfectly beautiful people will finally stop. I know I was horrified when I started seeing poor Carlisle’s hair in the publicity shots, but I have to say there was one shot (and the only reason I’m saying this is that you have to look for it and I’m not giving the plot away so stay with me) where Carlisle let’s Charlie into the house where Carlisle’s hair actually looks good. Of course it’s sandwiched in between two scenes where his hair is god-awful so the hair continuity is ruined, but for that brief minute there is a respite from Carlisle’s bad hair.

    Man, I want to say more. I can’t wait until Friday!

  • Luludee

    Dude, I’ve been like totally even-keeled about this, up until this moment. Now I’m like trying to contain my SQUUEEE!!!!! here at work. CAN NOT WAIT!!

  • Luludee

    OMG, just read through the tweets and did an arm pump when I saw the golden mic in Rob’s face!! My co-worker was like “What’s going on?” Sweet success! Can’t wait to read about it!!

  • Luludee

    Times like this, I wish I had a Twitter. It seems I will be attending the Thursday midnight showing with my friend and two of my teachers from high school, one of whom is a family friend. I find this to be absolutely hilarious and of course, Normal. Had to share it somewhere, even if no one reads this.

  • Sue G.

    Have my tickets for back to back shows on Friday morning with my sister and sooooooooo can’t wait.

  • GoWithIt

    So many highlights from this week. Meeting and hanging with everyone, camp/LTT party, getting to experience the fan camp drama first hand, seeing cast in person, ROB, sharing snark and joy, the mind blowing movie viewing, doing my own Bellersicing in the hotel and insuring myself doing so, Maggie and Jackson and Michael talking to me. don’t know why I am feeling the need to list things. it was fun and I don’t want to go back to work tomorrow.

  • dazzledbyrp

    Epic. Awesome. Brilliant. Bill Condon is my new hero. I’ve never experienced anything like being in the Nokia theater for BD2 in my entire life. RUN to see it this weekend so you can be surprised and can join in the discussion that’s about to erupt. What a wonderful gift for the fans and way to end this ride we’ve all been on.

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