Advice Needed: Should I get a Twilight Tattoo?

Dear LTTers,

This woman is famous.. not in a good way

Well THIS is a first. I thought we had seen everything, heard everything & been asked anything, but apparently not. We got this e-mail the other day from an LTT reader & it’s too good not to share:

To whom it may concern,

This probably is a weird email. But since the last movie was released, I have been considering on getting a Twilight related tattoo. But after seeing that post with the lady with the giant-ass back tattoo (and hint of an ass crack), I know I don’t want to royally screw up on the tattoo lest I want to be made a laughing stock of the Internet.

I am just asking other Twihards what they think of this idea and I want to shoot it to you guys since I love your blog. The Twilight tattoo I was thinking of is just this somewhere on my arm:

Esme waited ten years.
So can you.

Those seven words hold a lot of personal meaning for me, but since this is a Twilight tattoo we’re talking about I just need to see what my fellow Twihards think before I permanently ink it. So far I’ve been writing this phrase on my arm and no questions or alarms have been raised but anything can happen after getting said tattoo.

So what do you guys think?

Your fan,

Don’t Do this

My first thought was— how BIG will this be? What FONT will it be in? Will Edward’s face be ANYWHERE near it? Because big tattoos in ugly fonts having ANYTHING to do with Edward Cullen or Rob Pattinson are a no-no. So I asked her. And she sent me more info:

I know I want this tattoo to be small.  (I am going into teaching so this tattoo has to be in a place I can easily cover up with a jacket sleeve or a large cuff bracelet.)  I chose my arm because I have been writing this phrase on my arm with a pen for the last year and I want it to be where I can look down and see it.
I had a friend suggest I put the words in French so it would look fancier and cut down on the chances of me being harassed for getting a Twilight tattoo.  (I am also considering Italiano as the language since the language has some significance in the books. )
As for what the quote means, it’s something I wrote.  Esme is my favourite character in the Twilight Saga (yes, I cried when THAT scene happened because I didn’t know it was a vision).  I’ve also had a really difficult love life and I’ve panicked over the fear of being alone forever without never finding my soul mate.  Starting last year, I started writing “Esme waited ten years.  So can you.” on my arm as a way to remind myself that I will find love one day.  It just takes a long time.
So what do you think? Can a Twilight tattoo be non-2nd-hand-embarrassing? Should Jael go through with it? Let her know in the comments!
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  • lonedroid

    Yeah, I say go ahead and do it! don’t see anything wrong with this one. It’s also a bit vague, and if she wants to keep the Twilight association a secret she can drop Esme and replace it with a She. “She waited 10 years, so can you.”

  • I’ve been thinking about getting inked with something Twilight related for a while. I didn’t go through with it because (a) I don’t even have a tattoo representing my child (yet) so what should take priority?? Him, obviously, and (b) my sis-in-law had a twilight inspired bracelet made for me for my birthday. It’s red and dark silver (think Eclipse Volvo) and black beads. No one but me (and other twihards) would know that’s it’s to represent my love for the Saga. I’ve been wearing it to work (I’m in my 30s) and no one has a clue that it’s a “Twilight thing”. Perhaps she should get this quote engraved in a locket, a la Renesmee, or on a ring or bracelet in an elegant script.

  • MarbleNutSlut

    I say yes as well. Italiano would be cool, too, and I like Lonedroid’s suggestion of dropping the Esme for “she”. I have lots of stylized curliecue tattoos, and I tried to get one that was in the shape of the Eclipse ribbon (so only I would know) but then, while working on it my tattoo guy was like, “let’s move this bit so it fits with your leg better” and so now really really nobody knows it is a swirly bit of stylized ribbon. I kind of wish it was more Twilighty, but still ninja. Because a full on Twi Tat has serious First Hand Embarrassment issues.

    • Luludee

      Did you have your ribbon done in red?

      • MarbleNutSlut

        no, it’s black with a bit of purple (purple’s cool). I had the beginnings of the tattoo done years ago, and have just added and embellished since then. I am considering my first arm tat in the same style and have used the hands/apple as inspiration. Again, super stylized, not a direct translation. But I would know, and it would make me happy. 🙂

  • Naughty Newfie

    I think a quote from the book in small font is acceptable but I wouldn’t use any specific names. I personally wouldn’t do it but I wouldn’t judge someone else for it. But that huge back piece or anything similar, and yes I would be hugely concerned, if I was a tattoo artist and someone asked me to put that on them I think I would be asking for a certified letter from a mental health professional.

  • MariaCecilia

    How about the word “Forever” – written in Edward’s handwriting? (Look in the books, he apparently writes like an 18th century lady.) It would be non-specific enough to not freak anyone out. “I was thinking of you when I got it, baby!”

  • Luludee

    I’m not really a tattoo person (as in I do not have any myself), but this does not sound crazy or second hand embarrassing at all. If you think the name is too much of a give-away, I’m with lonedroid about changing it to “she” or maybe even use initials? Do we know Esme’s middle name or maiden name?
    I like the idea of having it in Italiano as well. But make sure to get a proper translation and spelling first!! Surely we have an Italian LTT-er that can help??

  • janetrigs

    Clearly, the only person who has any knowledge base to answer this question is Jackson. He has thought about this issue and has numerous answers for it. I would go straight to him for the answer.

    • GoWithIt

      The man with the giant bottle of Ketchup on his leg? Just kidding I like his giant ketchup tattoo if that is real.

  • Bding

    Will it make you feel bad if you have the tattoo for ten years and are not in a relationship? I’d be scared to put a timeframe on something out of your control.

  • CajunCullen

    If it is that meaningful to you, go for it. I like what some of the other commenters have suggested about dropping Esme and replacing it with She, but the ultimate decision is yours. You will be surprised at how much a little ink can mean once you get it done (I have three that are special to me). Good luck!!

  • BeaDee

    I might abbreviate it even more… a tattoo’s going to be with you a long time, so it might be nice for it to be slightly less specific so it will cover other situations too as you move on in life. Maybe “You can wait too.” That covers the Esme inspiration and a whole cast of other characters… say, Penelope. Try writing that on your arm for awhile and see if it it works for you 🙂

  • kaybvee

    I know of two people that got “Forever” tattooed on their wrists in LA during the premiere! I don’t really have a problem with them but I’m not really a tattoo person. I do love the idea of a customized locket or bracelet with that saying…

    • GoWithIt

      You do!? Was one of them me?! Don’t tell me. I’ll look….nope.

  • I say do it. To me, tattoos are memories of special periods in your life.

  • TroysMyAnge;

    hell yeah you can get a Twilight tattoo n have it not be embarrassing! i have 2, both from the books and actually both are from New Moon. nobody even makes the connections unless you are at a con or Fan Camp (which neither of those will happen again! whaaaaaaa! dont look at me while im crying!) i say go through with it. she’s already have the good sense to keep it small n not get it in ugly ass font so she’s got her head in the right place.

    Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! join the club girlie. but i must warn her that once she joins our Twilight tatt club she will experience the urge to show it off if asked to to win swag from a radio contest…no? that’s just me? *fondles free t-shirt* whatever you’re just jealous:p

    • GoWithIt

      I felt the need to show the sales girl at chapters fan camp pictures after she made it clear she was a fan (purchasing Twi item). I can only imagine if I had a tattoo. Though if I had a twitoo it would probably not be very identifiable.

  • JustthetipEH

    Go for it! Change Esme to She.

    ALSO——> Moon and UC- you should get matching Twi tattoos! If you wanted it to be not blatantly Twi related you could get ‘SANTA’ on your butt crack or ‘COOL’ in purple. YOU’RE WELCOME!!!

    • Sue G.

      that’s funny!

    • GoWithIt

      Yeah, like the letter hoodies. SAN on one side of the butt, and TA on the other. Actually that would work a lot better if SANTA had an even amount of letters. Nevermind.

  • sparklymagpie

    Go for it ! I got the Parrot tulip from the cover of NM on my chest. I’m going to get more flowers around it so it will be surrounded and not be so obvious. But it does look amazing and no one knows what it stands for. I’m up to 13 tats and a back piece.

  • Tamara

    I like the pronoun substitution- more mysterious that way!! Having said that- your body your choice. if keeping ‘Esme’ feels right to you- go for it!

  • Sue G.

    As long as it is small and has meaning to you…go for it!

  • I love white tattoos (not that I have one). think they look classy, sharp, clean and subtle. I’m thinking the infinity sign with “forever” incorporated into it somehow.

  • GoWithIt

    First thought was: Sorry, Esme waited 10 years for what now? I’m sure I’m blanking on something here, because letter writer sounds otherwise sane.

  • GoWithIt

    I think this is a non-embarrassing sounding tattoo. I just don’t all the way get the reference. Like waiting for love…yeah…Esme found love with Carlisle …yeah….10 years… make Italiano? It is WAY less embarrassing than Edward waited 90 years, so can you.

  • GoWithIt

    During BD LA Premier planning I had to consider if I’d get a Twilight tattoo on a half drunk whim/dare (yes). Except that in reality tattoos are expensive and you have to make an appointment and research your artist – anyway back to daydreaming. I would totally get an armadillo tattoo, or a cactus.

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