One picture, two takes… Filet-o-Fish Edition

taylorsdadlax(*moon note- i found this pic and sent over to UC because we think this is taylor’s dad and we KNEW we had to hit it with a ‘one picture, two takes’*)

Take One – UnintendedChoice

Dear Taylor,

If this is the future you, I’m gonna have to re-think giving you my sister, Wolfgirl, to be your girlfriend.




taylorsdadlaxTake Two – Themoonisdown

Dear Taylor’s Dad –

I love that you eat McDonalds while Taylor is working out.

Bear hugs and Big Macs,

PS I <3 you taylors dad! seriously, you are my new love affair. don’t run!

Pic from the Gossip Girls. Check out the creepy bio pic of Taylor!

  • Dear Mr Taylor (he he),

    Is that an actual walking stick you are resting on? Or is it a device intended to make your son go ‘faster, higher, stronger’ in his wolfish-workouts? Either way you should know that
    sharing your son’s anabolic steroids is not enough – you have to exercise like a freak at the same time. Ask mini-me to explain it to you over a bowl of 6 egg yolks.


    The Captain

    • i didn’t even notice the walking stick! i think it totally is!

    • themoonisdown

      it’s his rolley suitcase, had to crop it out! sadly not a grandpa cane

  • I think he is cuddly and huggable and probably a very down dude. I’d totally eat tacos with him.

    • oh come on- you laughed a LOT at the title of the post- filet-o-fish edition? moon is brilliant

      • I didn’t even catch the Filet-o-Fish reference…so yeah, I laughed when I went back and read it.

        Still…I’d eat tacos with him. And then give him a belly rub while teaching him proper picnic etiquette.

    • themoonisdown

      100% i want to hug him! he seems like a fun times dad! thus why he is my new obsession

  • Hmmm…wonder what the mom looks like?

  • vickyb

    Hmmmm, Mr Taylor or JStew??? Defs Mr. Taylor. JStew probably only goes to McD’s when he has the munchies!

    @Moon. I saw that pic a while back and all I could think was, “Is he trying to be Sexy like our Rpattz?”. Not working. Just creepy.

    • Tigerlily

      Vickyb, LOL, when you put the choice of dads that way, Mr. Lautner seems like a safe, normal choice. The KStew Spawner probably doesn’t clean up as nice. And definitely smells a little.

  • i have no idea where you come up wth these things, but they are FUNNY.

    Keep the filet-o-fish references coming…

    P.s. Where do you guys come up for all your random names for things?

    ie: glow worm, wolf girl

    they are genius

    • we’re just weird and say the first things that come to mind! glow worm was easy cuz she actually looks like a glow worm…

    • themoonisdown

      malia- our brains are twisted dark places where things like filet-o-fish and sour puss run wild while rob works out to olivia newton john.

      scary scary place 😀

      that and sometimes we’re just terribly bored.

      • @Moon – LMAO!! Seriously, out loud, in the office, I just laughed!!

      • ONJ!!!!!

      • Magsterrr

        LOL!! for real i couldn’t stop laughing when i read the letter about rob working out, i was right in the middle of class too! just picturing rob in those doc martins jammin’ to let’s get physical, PHYSICAL! ohh man you’re pure evil/hilarious genius =D

  • Good call on the Filet-o-Fish.!

  • So what is Taylor?

    Partial Native American?

    Pacific Islander?

    Or is Taylor just a tan boy with sharper fangs than Edward, that they thought would make a good wolf?

    I am not hatin’…just wonderin’…

    Now onto his dad…killer walking stick, dude.

    • themoonisdown

      apparently NONE of the above. he said in an interview he’s caucasian. weird cause the boy is totally dark with black hair. genetics never cease to amaze!

      anyone have a picture of taylors mom??

    • Just watched an old interview on EW that said his darker skin comes from his Mom’s french side.

      I think he said his ancestry includes german and french too

      whoa, did I just throw out the word ancestry on LTT?

  • Sass

    Maybe he found Taylor in a basket on his doorstep?

  • JBell

    Taylor has said in interviews that he found out through doing the movie that is partial native American on his moms side… Btw 🙂

  • Sass

    Since malia mentioned ancestry, when is that book by SM supposed to be coming out.?..the one with the geneological charts, etc.

    • themoonisdown

      well originally it was supposed to be dec then got pushed to AUGUST or some nonsense and last i hear it was SUMMER. so lord knows.

      whenever smeyer is good n ready.

      id rather he release midnight sun, but thats just me 🙂

      • Sass

        Oh, moon, I totally agree, I would give up my kids to read a full and complete MS!

        Kidding..sort of.. 😉

    • @ Sass – I’ve had that damn book preordered since January. Amazon keeps asking me if I’m sure I still want it…since THEY have no idea on the release date.

      What makes me mad is why put a release date in BD if you are not even going to come close to meeting it?!?

  • I hope that isn’t taylor’s dad. The father doesn’t look like the son, but…stranger things have happend. McDonald’s pwns the french fries!


  • Emily W

    Dude! Justin Chon improvised the retarded worm line…

    And…. tonights access clip:|widget|Access%20Hollywood%20Video&__source=ah|widget|Access%20Hollywood%20Video

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  • anen

    well it clearly looks like he inherited different genes not from dad this is going to sound mean but I have to say halleluha

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  • newkindofunicorn

    i guess the native american part of him doesnt come from his dads side. nor does the good looking part…

  • hmm so THAT’S who my stepfather’s gonna be. not too bad i guess. now that i kno wat he looks like i won’t be too afraid to go over my speech w/ him on how Taylor and I should date/get married before he turns 28. If my speech doesn’t work (which it should) well then there’s always a bribe…….hmmm

    • newkindofunicorn

      you mean father-in-law?

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