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The Twilight Saga makes me speak my mind

Dear Twilight lovers,

In the style of our dear friend Lauren from Lauren’s Bite, I am going to speak my mind about some recent things I’ve seen or heard, all in 8 words or less:

1. Loving the Jackson-Kristen handhold, need more Rob.

2. Probably shouldn’t have mentioned going to Italy. Creepedherout*

Fan meets Kristen Stewart in bathroom

*yes that was nine words.. so? it deserved it.

3. Hells no they ain’t paying Aro £5mil


4. I’ve got nothing. Couldn’t watch past 1st song

5. Rachelle, be my bff. You are so gorgeous

victoriafanposterfound on New Moon Movie


Kristen says, “Hoppy Easter”



  • twilighted

    It says “sorry this video is no longer available” and I THANK YOU

  • THANKS>. will fix!

  • wait… they both worked for me..? try again!

    • twilighted

      Wait no I was thanking you because it didn’t work..lol DON”T fix it hahaha

  • AmourPSU

    Happy Eastover Everyone! (Ya know, it is passover too). Okay, so the fan encounter in the ladies room made me think about my upcoming trip to Vancouver in September and how I don’t think that I could be so ballsy. I think that I would definitely need some twi-cast encounters dos and donts I’m sure you will all help me out and we definitely have a while!

  • Meghan

    LOL…you are hilarious.

    Jackson-Kristen handhold: I think Kristen is desperately trying anything to distract us from the fact that her and rob have totally done the naughty-naughty!

    and damn these fan poster makers have some talent.

    • they are SO talented.. and you’re right.. the publicists have been hard at work training kristen & rob!

    • Yeah, that thing and the Nikki/Rob thing is a total distraction. With filming picking up, there would be soooo much more scrutiny on them so I think their costars are just trying to get some of the heat of them. That’s my theory. And I think it’s nice.

  • JBell

    “3. Hells no they ain’t paying Aro £5mil”

    EXACTLY what I said. You know he and Dakota have to split that… Summit ain’t that rich (yet)

    • I know! That works about to about $7.3M! For MAYBE 2 scenes? What are they smoking?

  • Unhinged

    I loved reading the fan-meets-Kristen tale. Giggled my way through the whole thing. (Felt both relief and jealousy that I am not a major star with stalkers who buy me booze.)

    Yeesh, I tend to doubt they’re going to pay Sheen $5 mil. I don’t even think Rob and Kris are going to make that…are they?

    The Kristen bunny made me laugh so hard, I farted.

    • hahahahahahah so hard you farted? amazing

      no way.. they BETTER not pay him $5 mil.. maybe for all THREE movies ? (is he in eclipse? i forget…?)

      no.. i don’t think rob and kristen are making that!

      • Actually, I heard that Kristen is making $12 mil for New Moon (she made $2 mil for Twilight).

        Don’t know about Rob…

    • Emily W

      Haha! I giggled all the way through their story too. I even found myself telling my cousin about it until halfway through I glanced at her face and realized I was getting that “Ugh, twilight stuff again” face and shut up. I was thinking oh girls, you were being sooo cool. Then you mentioned Italy. She was probably like “I’m just…gonna go…over there….”

  • themoonisdown

    OH GOD uc you pulled out the bella lamb/bunny graphic again. i lol-ed. so embarrassing!

  • oh wow – that New Moon poster is beautiful!

  • I heart you speaking your mind. Love it.

    The hand hold? Precious…but so staged. They totally planned it while eating dinner…

    ROB: “Jackson, hold her hand so they think I didn’t bang her five minutes before her party.”
    JACKSON: “Did you bang her 5 minutes before her party?”
    ROB: “…”

    • hahahaha

    • Rob: what? kellan kissed a monkey? what?
      Jackson: I’m confused… ? what’s going on with you and Kristen
      Kristen: (drunkenly) i love ro- michael…

      i love role playing with you

      hop hop

    • krazykidd

      AMAZING!!!! LOL Almost spit milk through my nose!!

  • twilighted

    Whatup with Jackson’s Doo? Not getting enough attention? ummm yea..we see you lol

    • AmourPSU

      Jackson is concurrently filming, “the last airbender” movie in philly. He’s supposed to look somewhat like the cartoon character. Anyway, I atleast hope that’s the reason for the shaved sides and the bouffant.

  • Seriously…
    Lucian from Underworld is playing Aro.

    This is freaking fantastic. It is. Dude’s an awesome actor. I don’t care what they pay him. (And I doubt it’s $5 million, but whatever.)

  • So much info all at once….love it!

    1. Uh, how stupid are we supposed to be?
    2. Creepy? Yes!
    3. $5 million…I don’t think so.
    4. Can’t even go there.
    5. I love her..srsly!

    Even dressed as a cute little bunny/lamb I want to smack her. What’s wrong with me?

    • krazykidd

      AWESOME…couldn’t have said it better myself! 🙂

  • Emily W

    Wait!!! I just ogt a closer look at the pic! Either shes dressed as a deformed bunny rabbit with freaky feet OR, a lamb. With freaky feet.

  • nienor1

    Aw, Jackson.

    Love the hair. Love the staged hand-holding.

    Love Jackson.

  • Re: #4: I couldn’t watch past the first 30 seconds. The whole thing’s like the last minute of most SNL skits when the joke has worn out its welcome.

    • i’m SO glad! i saw you posted it and was like…. oh no.. did i miss something.. is this really actually good?
      it’s sooooo badddd

  • OMG. Someone mentioned your blog on Facebook and I’m loving your posts! I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time!

    By the way, I want Rachelle’s hair. 😉

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