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Making my Comic Con list and checking it twice! Gonna find out if New Moon is naughty or nice!

Ready or not, here we come!

Ready or not, here we come!

Update: Moon really IS at ComicCon and she will really live tweet it. We’ll probably do an ongoing post here too. So check back lovies!

Dear Twilight cast and Comic Con attendees-

I’m sure you’ve been keeping up with our daily letters here and over at LTR so you know I’m going to be at Comic Con today to try and see you all. I’ve heard about the craziness from last year, people camping out, people screaming, the uber embarrassing ‘boxers or briefs’ question, yea I heard it all so I’ve been trying to prepare myself for the inevitable 2nd hand embarrassment I will have to endure and many moments of 2nd guessing the decision to go. But ya know what, I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Who else will be able to say they clawed and faught their way through hordes of Pattinson pants, Princess Leia’s or knocked out a kid in a YugeeOh costume and punched his dad, Spiderman? Oh the stories I will probably be able to tell… So to prepare for this momentous occasion I’ve created my Comic Con Preparedness Kit just like Homeland Security. They would be so proud!  So here we go…

My Comic Con 2009 Kit

These are the nerds I will be punching

These are the nerds I will be punching

  • Paper bag –  if I get “the vapers” or someone around me looks like they’re going to pass out, we’ll use this for hyperventilation
  • Xanax – for when Rob shows up and for when he doesn’t (hit it!). Bring whole bottle to pass out to Twihards so they will STFU with the screaming for 5 seconds
  • Slutty shirt – there won’t be any Cullen crests gracing these boobs
  • Power Bars and Energy Gel packets – This is an all day affair and we can’t be passing out BEFORE Rob even shows up. And of course we’re going to need energy for the “after” events. Uh huh.
  • Camel Pack Hydration System – See now most people would use this for water. We’re going to eskew normality and go ahead and fill this up with some Grey Goose. Trust! Doing shots in the 50th row of chairs while Peter Facinelli talks about Carlisle’s scarves will RULE
  • Steel toe boots – for the aforementioned kicking of costumed nerd ass

This guy too. Don't get in between me and the Cullens

This guy too. Don't get in between me and the Cullens

  • Rollie bag containing: Wedding dress, veil, hot roller set, Ring Bearer, Aqua Net, copy of Bella’s Engagement ring, Tuxedo in size 32 long. You know, just in case
  • Ear plugs – Uh duh

So are you can see folks we are ready to rock this Comic Con or punch someone out. Either way we’ll be trying our darndest to get in the middle of the action and bring you Live Tweeting, Live Blogging, pics, video, and Rob’s undying love and affection. All for you!

Lacing up my steel toes

PS Make sure you’re following us on Twitter for up to the minute reports as they happen! Oh and if you’ll be there I would love to see you! I’ll be the one in an exact replica of Bella’s wedding gown with a Camel Pack of vodka on.

Letters to Rob
The Forum

  • omg. brilliant. i’m dying and CANNOT wait for all the live reports!

  • Oh… “Be Safe”

  • So jealous!
    I’m guessing though I’ll be asleep while you’re Tweeting away, since I’m in Oz.
    Give Rob my love!
    Or yours . . . Lucky biatch.


  • I can’t wait for the updates! I didn’t sleep last night, and now I’m going to stay up all day because this is FREAKIN’ COMIC CON day!!!

    Have fun! I’m kinda hoping you see Pattinson Pants in person, in her natural habitat.

    • Oh, this is Whitley. I don’t know why that picture of bf keeps showing up.

    • Natasha

      HAHAHAHA OMG “natural habitat”. I am looking forward to the updates here in europe. I can’t imagine what a comic con looks like.

    • just texted vickyb & moon to make sure they’re IN their pattinson pants

      • Natasha

        LOL LOL

  • krazykidd

    OMG you are the luckiest girl ever…PLEAS COP A FEEL of Rob on my behalf…I’m not going to ComicCon but I am going to TwiCon so that outta count for something right??? Although you’re gonna be so close to that sexy sexy man and if you see the Pattinson Pants lady…make sure you run up behind her and pull them down! 😀 Have fun and be safe!!! 🙂

    • Lila

      “and if you see the Pattinson Pants lady…make sure you run up behind her and pull them down!”

      u r so right krazykidd!!!!

      u have to do it Moon!

      “be safe”

  • niahid

    Happy Rob Watching Moon !!.
    Give Rob my love. Love what you carry in the rollie bag

  • Make sure word gets around that you’ve got Xanax. Rob seems like the kind of guy who will lick your face for half a mg. True story.

    • Natasha

      I didn’t knew what xantax was, I had to google it. HILAR!!!!

    • Katie S

      Hahah! Halarious. And true.

      Anyone else think he may already be on more than half in mg when he arrives at CC? Let’s be honest.

      • Proselyte3


  • Oedipal Art

    Your Comic Con Kit should’ve included a pack of unfiltered Camels, a sewing kit, a copy of Slaughterhouse 5 and filthy Converse. Oh and don’t forget to totally ignore Rob if he looks your way…I’m told he likes that sh*t. If you really want some action, flip him off.
    PS: Good luck!!! I’m jealous

  • sassysmart

    Shouldn’t you have in that wedding pack a package of Magnum’s? Gotta be safe from mutant babies.

    And FYI the Goose Camel backpack is the most brilliant idea I have ever heard and I am so going to use that during tailgating this year!

  • Pinky

    Hahahaha @ the contents of your rolling bag.

    I’m so excited. Too bad I’m playing hookie from work this morning or I would be glued to the computer all day waiting for updates.

    Is it wrong to want Grey Goose at 9:30 AM?

    • Katie S

      Not wrong if it’s in your coffee.

  • JodieO

    Good luck, Moon! Hope you get a grope in! You will be my hero for life. I’m glad the friend I’m going to visit is a twi-hard so she won’t think it’s weird when I ask her to tune in to twitter!

  • Katie S

    Hahahah! Moon, you kill me! I wish I could be there!!!

    It’s do bad you can’t pass the Xanax out, for real. Your ears will be ringing for days.

    Have fun! Violate…er… Hug Rob up for us!

  • Jena

    I’m going into 14 year old fan girl mode and internally squeeing for you Moon! I’M SO EXCITED!!!

    LMAO at the photo of the dude in the yellow costume.

    “Doing shots in the 50th row of chairs while Peter Facinelli talks about Carlisle’s scarves will RULE”


  • Jena

    Some TV Alerts for you all:

    Saturday 7/25 1pm central/2pm eastern on the G4 Channel they are having a Comic Con special.

    Tonight 7/23 Access Hollywood (thanks JBell!)

    I’m positive all the media shows will cover this so just dvr them all. What media shows you say? Here, let me provide a list:
    – E! News
    – E! Daily 10
    – Entertainment Tonight
    – Access Hollywood
    – The Insider
    – Extra
    – Hollywood 411 on the TV Guide Channel (although lately all they report on is MJ for the whole hour of the show)
    – Inside Edition

    • Katie S

      Thanks for the info!

      You know everything. It’s amazing.

    • jellybeanrainbow

      Thanks, so nice of you to think of us,
      although no live stream works here in Europe. 🙁

  • Rubytuesday

    Rollie bag containing: Wedding dress, veil, hot roller set, Ring Bearer, Aqua Net, copy of Bella’s Engagement ring, Tuxedo in size 32 long. You know, just in case ……
    Congratulations Moon on your Wedding Day….May all your troubles be little ones and may your wedding night be a big one!!!!!!!!!!
    <3 you going to join twitter {if i can work it out} just to follow you today…….

  • bianca

    Slutty shirt – there won’t be any Cullen crests gracing these boobs HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA

    i dont understand comic con. the only thing i know about it is from the OC when Seth wants to go because hes a nerd and likes comics….
    When does all the twilight stuff happen?? do they only have question and answers for an hour or so or do they have twilight related stuff going on all three days??

    • jellybeanrainbow

      Me neither. already asked about this on the forum and got some answers but still don’t understand. Thought it was about old TV shows like Star Trek or old comic books like Superman. Looks like it’s so much more.

      Moon will definitely widen our horizon with live blogging.

  • Jules3

    LMAO! I wish I was there, only to see all the nerds and their costumes. I’ll die laughing.
    Be safe in the Hall of Hell, Moon!

  • Oedipal Art

    RE: recent pic of lost Volturi at CC…is that a Burger King hat? Yes, it is a Burger King hat…with K and R’s pics on it. God, no wonder they hate us. This marketing genius beats the New Moon candies and Eddie’s Beddie hands down.

  • Oedipal Art

    Here’s the link…tell me I’m wrong about BK and I’ll be yours forever:

  • Janetrigs

    Again, for the 150th time. I hate you bitches cause I am a jealous bitch! However, please remember to get my Eric from Trueblood lock of hair, and some sort of LOSTcrap that they give away for me, oh and I guess whatever they’ll let you get from Rob although it won’t be much, because stupid other REAL BITCHES ruined it for everyone. Anyhow, can’t wait to hear your drunk posting/tweeting!

  • Jena

    Did you all see that Burger King has stepped in on this and they have Team Edward and Team Jacob crowns!? And people in line are already wearing them!


    This is getting comical!

  • Jena

    ET is streaming the press conference live in about 30 minutes.


  • Proselyte3

    Hey Moon, you (and everyone other lucky b*tch at comic con) can kiss my a**!!!!

    Hugs and Kisses Pro

    …and no, I didn’t want to see Rob in RL at all, obviously.

  • Lila

    you tell me that you do have a BK crown! please! each one of them!!!!

    cuz you just have to have it, and you will die if you dont! I know that for sure… cuz you will want all the parafernalia either way! even though its 1st hand embarassing (remember not to wear it at this very moment!)

    please please please go and give Rob the biggest special Hug eva! or do him sorry or just hug him.!

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  • jellybeanrainbow

    “Chris: Taylor did stunts ron stood by and looked pretty”

    about 1 hour ago from UberTwitter =

    my fav Moon Twit

  • derp

    You know those nerds you said you’d be punching?

    They wanted to punch you, too, for taking such an elitist attitude. You can like what you want, but you feel you’re entitled to impose on our existing fandoms to get what you want. Comic-Con isn’t supposed to be about one thing, it’s supposed to be about an intermingling. Come for Twilight, but don’t look down on everyone else, bitch. Why not look around the booths after the Twilight panel is over?

    • themoonisdown

      i did look at the other booths! thanks! CC was awesome! and if you’d read this site like you obviously didn’t you’d know i refer to myself as a nerd/dork/etc. and you’d also know that we write this as a joke so SLOW YOUR ROLL!

      welcome to LTT bitch!

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