Losing our Twilight (movie) virginity

Remember seeing this everywhere? (With the old release date!)

Remember seeing this everywhere? (With the old release date!)

Dear Twilight,

There’s nothing like your first time. The nerves, the jitters, the excitement, that nauseous feeling in the pit of your stomach. And then it’s over and suddenly you know what everyone has been talking about. You are no longer a virgin. A Twilight Movie virgin, that is! What did you think I was talking about?

We’ve talked about our first everything’s on here… first time reading the books, first time seeing the NM trailer, first time seeing each other in years, there’s a first time for everything BUT we’ve never talked about the first time we saw the movie in the theater. And it just so happens the other day UC and I were having a conversation about just this subject and here’s what we had to say…

UC: In August after I finished the books I found out it was going to be made into a movie and i was PISSED that it was being made into a movie b/c i knew it would suck. I saw ‘that girl from that movie with adam brody’ and then Cedric as Edward and was like “what the?” i will NOT watch this.” but duh.. time went on
Moon: Hmmm Adam Brody… how about when you went and saw it?
UC: I found 4 random people to see the movie with and then had drinks at pf changs after and stayed quiet while they talked about how Edward was NOT cute enough and how cheesy it was and i just had this FEELING
Moon: (like the black eyed peas?)
UC: (yup, like that)

Follow the cut to read the rest of our first time

And this one... with the new date

And this one... with the new date

UC: and was like.. i need to see that again. So I did 2 days later and then the next day at work, i believe i did nothing but watch videos of Rob. It was like meeting a new boy in high school
UC: i seriously had that feeling in my belly.
Moon: Oh I know that feeling, I think I googled Rob while IN the theater and my life has never been the same since that feeling!
UC: You know that feeling? It’s like I wanna DO stefan from vamp diaries. cuz he’s hot.. but i dont’ have the feeling
Moon: seriously, do-able but no where near THE FEELING you get from Twi or Edward
UC: What about you?
Moon: Yea, I didnt make it till Thanksgiving when I was originally going to see it with my Mom and cousin. (Well, they didn’t know they were going to see it, I was going to try to convince them. Didn’t take much as it turns out). I made it ONE DAY after Twilight came out and was dying. So I went and saw it BY MYSELF on Saturday!
UC: you Did NOT! I had no idea!
Moon: YES I DID!! i went at 9 in the morning the next day! And i thought it would be an empty theater cause I was going so early but it was FULL. I sat by myself between some crazy teen twihards and their crazy twimoms in super embarrassing shirts. The movie hadn’t even started and they were flipping out. And I was like wtf is the big deal people?! Calm down! (Oh little did I know) Then finally the “Twilight” screen came on and everyone lost their shit screaming. At 9 in the morning! I was like what have I gotten myself into? I sat there and fell in love with the story all over again by myself in the middle of the theater. Then I wrote about it on a blog I had at the time cause I had no other outlet to post about it on. And then you and I started talking about our mutual OCD for Twi and well the rest is history.

Awww sweet, sweet memories! I can tell you I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be here today while sitting in that theater early on a Saturday morning almost a year ago. But boy, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I do know that seeing New Moon will be a different story altogether. I will not be alone for sure as there is already a group in the double digits I will be seeing New Moon with! I’m so excited to see what this year’s “first time” will be like.

So what about you? What was your first time seeing the Twilight movie like?

Everytime is like the first time!

PS 38 DAYS!!!!!!!

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Remember this… creeeepy music beginning! I always smiled when James says “You brought a snack!” Awww, makes me smile now watching this.

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