Taylor Lautner on SNL… what shall we say…

Wait, I think I see a funny skit over there...

Dear Taylor,

Now you know I love ya something fierce (most days) and think of you and Taylor Swift as my own personal Disney Prince and Princess but when the nicest thing I can say about SNL is that you really can rock a wig… that’s probably not good. Now, before I get more than my daily share of hate mail I gotta say there were a couple shining moments in your episode of SNL…

  • Your opening monologue! Showing the VMA clip where you just stood there doing nothing while Kanye trampled all over your sweeties moment was all kinds of hilarious

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.4202356&w=425&h=350&fv=]
round house kick…

  • Those pre-roll photos they show of the host before the skit. Those were HOT sauce and should be added to some museum for creepy women older than you to enjoy

Oh hey hey heeeeey!

  • The wigs. How is it that you can pull off a blond wig, a floppy McDonalds arches mid 90s wig, an emo wig and a freaking crimped and braided teenage girl wig? Does it worry you any that compared to most other teenage boys you look pretty natural in  long girly hair? And most importantly does it worry you that a TV show has access to better wigs than a movie with a multi-million dollar budget has?

Nice rack!

See what else was win, what sucked and what certain red head country star made a cameo after the cut

  • Seth Meyer being his smirky awesome self while Fred Armisen made us laugh, for reasons unknown, with his ridiculous Native American comedian schtick. Yea, other people had shining moments in your episode that need to be talked about
  • The Team Jacob vs Team Edward skit was pretty much like taking a video of the everyday crap that goes on between Twilight fans on Twitter. Only they’re more like middle aged and not in junior high

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.4199572&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Sadly, you didn’t take my advice about playing Rob in a skit or have Big Daddy on for a McDonald’s themed skit NOR did you throw your hosting weight around and fire Bon Jovi and hire Taylor Swift to come back only 3 weeks later to be your musical guest. BUUUTTTT it was cute… and you blew a kiss to Reba and though there was NO digital short (WTF?!) you did have a laugh at Team Jacob/Team Edward’s expense and I thank you for that but you should have taken it a step further. Since you’re so into wigs, you should have donned a KStew mullet wig and showed her how to work it while being sullen or even do a skit where you’re the leader of an improv band called 100 Shmonkey’s and Bill Hader and Kristen Wig are just confused concert go-ers who stumbled into the wrong venue and wonder why the band’s singing about cotton candy and a whale’s va-jay-jay. Now THAT would have been SNL gold.


Love ya but seriously, think about the whole looks better in woman’s wigs thing,

PS Oh and Bon Jovi? Seriously? FAIL! That was some fail music booking on SNL’s part. You might want to not book a musical act whose hayday was during the same decade the host was born. Just a thought…

So did you see Taylor on SNL?! What did you think? Best skit, worst skit? Laughed when he talked about “squeezing a ball?” Cause I did!

Thanks New Moon Movie.org for the SNL images!

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