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Oh heyyyy: We just saw Eclipse!

Sorry all- Eclipse is out- All spoilers ahead!!!

Dear Eclipse,

Oh heyyyy!!!

Where do we start? Do we discuss the hits versus the misses of the movie? Do we talk about all the cheesy one-liners we already know we’re going to be saying for the next year and ½ until we get some new content? Do we talk about how the only thing going through our heads every time HE came on screen was “Oh heyyyyy”

How about we talk about how we want to set up a stool, pull David Slade up on it and give him a huge hug.

Let’s talk about how we love Howard Shore for including the Sia & Metric songs throughout his score.

Let’s be proud we can show our non Twi friends this movie because it actually seems like a “real” movie.

(Let’s squee for a second over the new Harry Potter trailer and also get a little freaked out about how much they gave away!)

Let’s discuss how we got the MOTHER EFFING LEG HITCH!!!

Let’s apologize to Edward for liking the Jacob & Bella kiss a litttttle bit too much

Let’s get Jake some blotting tissues for that last scene when he looks like he’s dying of yellow fever.

For that "fresh off the Jersey Shore" look

Let’s put a call into L.A. Looks, and after thanking them for sponsoring Twilight with their donations of tubs of hair gel, ask them to move some of the allotted product for Taylor & pass it on to Rob to fix his floppy bangs.

Let’s close our eyes and picture OURSELVES as Bella in a world where the guy on the bed is so hot that the gold brocade bedding he’s laying on doesn’t even matter.

Let’s be grateful that most of the Bella/Edward getting-it-on scenes didn’t make us feel like we were watching Robsten preparing for an evening of licking cheese-whiz off each other

Let’s talk about when we can burn down the jewelry store that created Bella’s engagement ring.

Let’s “lay” with Charlie in the Biblical sense because I’m pretty sure he hasn’t gotten any since Renee left.

Let’s call up our local zoo & find out when “pet a wild wolf day” is- because those pups are CUTE! (Or we could just head back down Sunset Blvd where Moon, Mr. Choice & I saw a REAL LIFE WOLF crossing the street last night! It’s a sign. Rob loves me, obviously!)

Let’s get excited for illegal clips to surface online so we can watch Edward get all turned on and imagine we’re Bella but with good hair & a 2 karat solitary diamond ring. HELLO!

Let’s take a second and pout that no one yelled “FREE FRED,” and in fact, no chubby red-headed vampire was spotted at all.

Let’s be momentarily bummed that we didn’t get to see the scene where Alice & Jasper meet in Philadelphia but then swoon over the scene where they share a quick kiss during battle practice.

And let’s be grateful we just realized it’s 7:30 am on the east coast and you’ll all be expected a new letter live in 1/2 hour!

Oh heyyyyy:


What did YOU THINK!????? Gah- we have so much to say. We recorded our convo with @paleochicksdigs & Mr. Choice on our ride home. I can’t wait to see it again because it all went so fast!!!! Sorry if you haven’t seen it yet- today is a day of mucho mucho spoilers!!!!

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  • superhumanmoron

    I’m grateful for the scenes where they cropped out Bella and Rosalie’s hairlines. Very distracting.

    • RWats

      For real, it was sometimes all I could look at. During the fight-training scene when Bella has half of it pulled back, it literally looks like she’s wearing a fuzzy brown helmet.

    • MariaCecilia

      Too true. I was more surprised at the few times it looked like real hair. Brrrr, this is another reason why I hope I will never have to go through radiation treatment: when even Hollywood can’t come up with plausible-looking wigs for their stars, what are the chances for us normal people the day our hair falls out??

      • RWats

        Yeah, I think it looked more like actual hair when it was parted on the side. And Bella’s hair in the very last scene looked really pretty. But the whole part down the middle thing looked AWFUL.

    • MyNieceIsaFanRIGHT

      Ended up turning into a 12 yr old boy . . . we started playing PUNCH BUGGY and hit each other in the arm every time we spied a bad wig. Yes, we were cracking ourselves up. We all started flinching when we saw it coming. Then totally forgot about it, and I got wacked half way through the movie and it started up again. I love going to the movies with my nephew!

  • Carrie Jo

    I can’t wait to see it tonight, that’s all I’ve got to say!

  • Twirishlady

    I know I know I know!!!!!! Let’s discuss!!!!!

  • ambushed by twilight

    i LOVED it. and i totally said (out loud) “leg hitch 2010!” “and sparkle-peen action!”… uh-huh. i sure did. i think my hubby may have wanted to move seats then so i tried to calm down.
    i was swooning and nearly had an aneurism a couple of times…
    but yeah, hairlines, blech.
    the actual “LOL” was when Edward snapped off Victoria’s head and it was just plopped there beside her shoulder… a bit cheezy-looking… but all-in-all 2 thumbs up & 5 stars! 😀

    • persephone

      I laughed when Edward beheaded Victoria, too! It struck me as so funny the way her head was just lying there. I remember watching an interview where David Slade said one of his major goals in this movie was to make Edward scary. I so did not see that goal accomplished. Robward was not scary to me at all… just sexy.

  • Bea

    Thanks for the spoilers, they’ll hold me over until I have a babysitter!

  • JenE

    I am still in a leg-hitch stupor but I was pretty pleased with the movie. I laughed where I wasn’t supposed to (all the Riley stuff was just funny) and I wasn’t a fan of the new Victoria (although I love B.D. Howard). Rob just brought it this time around. Seeing it again in IMAX today. I will be living for the leg hitch scene again.

    • Athena

      IMAX OR BUST!!!!!!!!!!

    • teamjacobsfatherinlaw

      Edward with a lighter- FTMFW!!!!!

  • Oh my-where to begin? First, the leg hitch was just okay. I laughed b/c when they zoomed in on it, I felt like David Slade was sitting somewhere saying “See, I did it! Shut your piehole now.” Or maybe I was just focusing on it so much that it seemed so obvious! IDK.

    I was a little bummed that Edward didn’t say “truce over” after he outed their engagement to Jacob. That line turned me on in the book! Maybe Edward gets to be angry in the movie only once and they already used it?

    When bella walked in to the graduation party, my mind automatically went to all the FF I’ve read and was waiting to see Jessica dry humping him on the couch, then Bella getting pissed, then drunk and finally storming off where she trips and falls and ends up in the hospital.

    Riley. *swoon*

    Stewie didn’t annoy me so bad…did she get a handle on the lip biting, stuttering and blinking?

    I loved the conversation between Jacob & Edward in the tent…..Rob seemed so much more natural with Taylor. Maybe they should just dump the whiny bitch and have a bromance.

    And that’s all I can think of b/c I’m so freaking tired. The neighbors decided to have a domestic disturbance right at the time I was getting in bed and for some reason, I woke up at 7:30 even though my kids are at grandma’s. 🙁

    • kitkat

      Okay, if you laughed then I can stop feeling so bad. I’ve been thinking I’m a terrible LTT’er because I snorted/giggled during the leghitch. We’ve talked and speculated so much I just couldn’t focus. I guess I’ll just have to go see it again…

      • ambushed by twilight

        oh-dear-me… i giggled too, too much too.
        you are NOT alone… leg hitch = giggles… not b/c of the way it was filmed, but i guess it was “in me” to have to stiffle giggles at that point, i was so glad it was there but seeing it distracted me from the moment!

        • Luludee

          Ditto that. I defs need to see it again before I can make any legitimate judgment calls. BUT, I L-O-V-E-D the use of Sia’s “My Love” during that scene and it seemed to sort of make it poignant, even though I was giggling because the moment had actually arrived. (Hadn’t heard any of the music yet and thought that song was beautiful.)

          I believe I said to my friend “It’s LegHitch time!” and I did little horizontal pointy fingered pump action thing, I was so excited.

    • Charbabay19

      I laughed too during a few scenes and thought the SAME thing when they zoomed in on the leghitch! But I was also really impressed with Kstew’s lack of tics throughout the movie. I kept waiting for them on the edge of my seat but they never really made an appearance.

      Am I the only one who thought the make-up/CGI was way worse in this movie than the last one? Shouldn’t the budget have gone UP from the last one?

      The CGI looked like something my little brother could have come up with on his 2005 Dell computer in the basement and don’t even get me started on that damn Bella wig. Every time she put a hat on I was like, “Thank God.”

    • RWats

      OK, to me the leg hitch just looked like Edward had some weird thing for the back of Bella’s knee…

      Jacob Edward Bromance…hahahahahaha 🙂

    • MichaelSheenisaDILF


    • MariaCecilia

      Yes- I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who felt it was comical to have the camera zooming in on their effing KNEES during a make-out scene, but I guess it is because The Knee Hitch is after all Canon. (Amen, sisters!)
      And this time I was squirming in my seat for all the RIGHT reasons during the making out-scenes, thank God. (With New Moon I was more, like, cringing in my seat, trying to duck behind the seat in front of me..)

  • Alice_NaA

    LOVED the movie. Bella_NaA had to think really really hard to fault anything. We honestly couldn’t find anything that bothered us. I didn’t have a problem with the wigs and the make-up and I think I’d even be comfortable in watching it with some non-twifans.

    We had a GREAT day yesterday, watching all three movies in the theater in a 7 hour marathon and having Xavier and Ashley walking in right before the the start of Eclipse, while everyone remained quiet when they talked and stayed nicely seeted. Thank you Belgium twifans for being mostly normal.

    • Rob’s flaming dashboard

      So, SOOO envious. Riley is HAWTT!
      (Still luv ya @ #1 Rob)

      Also would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow cinema goers for their excellent movie manners! I may or may not have yelled as the lights went down, “OK people – get your squeals out NOW!”

      It is a highly recommended strategy.

  • TeamJacobEdward

    Two hours and 47 minutes until I se it with my own eyes! Can’t wait!

    • TeamJacobEdward

      It was awesome! I wanna see it again to soak in all I missed

  • Alice_NaA watched it yesterday in a jam-packed theatre at 1:00am because Ashley and Xavier arrived fashionably late to the pre-movie event, but anyhoodle we LOVED IT! Sure, we already knew the engagement ring was fugly and were already confused by the fact that Bella nearly freezes to death in the tent, but appears happily in a tee and some flannel the day after IN THE SNOW, but other than that it was perfect! I want to hug David Slade. For serious!

    Oh and heyyyyyy, Riley… how you doin’? I mean heyyyy Xavier, saved you a seat right here next to me… oh, you need to go wave hi to the crowd in the other 11 theatre rooms? Okay then… too bad.

    • Bea

      Feel better about the lack of coat in the snow: I’ve been in the mountains in the Pacific Northwest the day after a summer snowstorm in a t-shirt and shorts. I know it looks weird, but it can be plenty warm and still be snowy.

      • Rob’s flaming dashboard

        Same in the Alps – but it did seem weird.

      • MariaCecilia

        I felt it was great to see Bella at least wearing a knitted cap: it always irritated the hell out of me how Stephenie could leave her stranded in a tent in a snow storm without long johns, mittens, knitted hat and scarf and some isolation beneath her sleeping bad. Where did Steph grow up, anyway? Sunny Arizona? Figures.

  • “Let’s talk about how we love Howard Shore for including the Sia & Metric songs throughout his score.”

    YES! THIS! May I add that this bit of info got me a tad more excited than the leg hitch?

    I’ve been torturing myself all day by reading all the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Someone needs to go and let these critics know that not ALL of us are 12 year old girls.

    Happy Eclipse viewing to all!

    • Ok since everyone is sharing their thoughts on the movie, Imma let you in on a secret.
      As you all know by now that Bangladesh is one of the few countries Eclipse isn’t releasing in, I didn’t get to see it. BUT a twitter friend of mine linked a youtube video with a few scenes. It was blurry and clearly recorded from the theatre, but for the first time EVER I got to see bits of a movie on the same day that it came out! 😀

      So here are my 2 cents (from the bits I’ve seen.) The first B/J kiss. I loved the way Bella reacts and the punch and then the jumping around with the injured hand was EXACTLY like I imagined. Also, the second B/J was HOTTT! Just like it did in the book, this kiss *almost* made me wish she chose Jacob. Almost.

      Robward, dayuum! The opening meadow scene. He actually seems happy to be around Bella! He laughs! And during the ending meadow scene, when he describes the things Alice will do as a wedding planner, he reminded me so much of the book Edward. Also, in the first meadow scene, I liked how Bella pushes him on to the ground. Feisty!

      And then when he says the blood doesn’t bother him anymore? *swoon* And also the way he calls out Seth is so adorable. Rob really has improved his accent.

      Poor poor Riley. The look of horror when Victoria turns her back on him while he’s being dragged by Seth…was heartbreaking.

      Also, the kind way Carlisle and Esme looked at Bree. Hmm, I knew that part of Bree Tanner would def be in the movie.

      That’s all I’ve seen. Now you can hand me over to the cops (or thumbs down me) for watching the clips illegally online.

      • Do what you gotta do, sister.

      • dameironfury

        Amen, sister. I like getting some spoilers before I see the real thing. I have to watch a movie a few times before I can really enjoy every part.

        And I know I’m being really naughty, but seeing “B/J kiss”… I had to think for a moment before I realized you meant Bella/Jacob kiss. I kept thinking:

        “I don’t remember any B/J kiss in Eclipse!?!?!”

      • Rob’s flaming dashboard

        Slo mo strut I am so happy for you! You’re suffering like New Moon Bella in your Twilight deprived patch of this planet.

        I agree the first meadow scene was a dream come true. I loved the whole movie and I hope you get to see it properly very soon.

      • J-9

        Ohhh so glad someone’s hooked you up! I’m on the lookout for ya still!

      • CharlieBabesss

        Ok I really don’t know if I’m allowed to do this so delete my comment if I’m not but I have found a website with the whole film on… its a bit fuzzy but you get the general idea and its wayyyy better than nothing!
        So here you gooo…



  • TheColdWoman

    I was tres impressed with Eclipse. David Slade, I bow to you (after you climb on that stool). So much of it was so good that they pretty much overshadowed the not so good parts. Still, I was annoyed by The Cold Woman – seriously?? they should have cast me. – and even though I stayed away from the book so I wouldn’t get upset when they didn’t follow it close enough, didn’t Bella NOT actually cut herself at the end with Victoria there? And I don’t remember Edward being that close to death.

    Kudos to KStew for keeping the blinking and stuttering in check. I did notice that her “I punched a werewolf and my hand is broken!!” acting was very similar to her “There’s vampire poison running through my veins!” and “I’m having a nightmare!” acting which was slightly similar though louder than her “I’m freezing!” acting. And yeah, “Oh heyyyyy” to Xavier Samuel in every scene he’s in. Yum! And we definitely need more Billy Burke appreciation letters. Let me get on that. “Superrr!”

    • TheColdWoman

      I forgot one thing –

      Did anyone else immediately think of LTT when Bella says at the end “I’m NOT NORMAL!”


      • Tigerkitten36

        Total LTT! Melissa must lurk on the site.

        Hi Melissa { waves}

      • LCneiny

        YES!! I almost screamed out loud when I heard her say that. So glad I’m not the only one!

      • natashadushi

        I just saw the movie 2 hours ago and I can’t rememebr that part. I was to focusedon on the Bellawig

    • AJ

      I only got tears in my eyes once during this film. It was that brief moment when Bella picks up her dilpoma and Charlie stands up. That look on his face may have been the single best moment of acting in the entire film!

      On the same note, I thought the film did a great job of showing how Bella’s parents loved her and how sad they would be to lose her.

      I think the only fail for me was how easy they made the Jabob/Edward choice look. Bella was like “I made out with you..whateve..” What happened to her agony and that whole scene where she lays down with him?

      • kitkat

        Yeah, I don’t think they did a well enough job of explaining why she is with Edward. They relied too much on the previous two films and those weren’t enough. We needed that emotional scene after the hot B/J kiss.

      • Lovintherain

        I felt like they got the point across that it was hard for Bella to let Jacob go…but I missed the part where Bella tells Jake that she thinks of him as her sun. And he says he could push away a few clouds, but he can’t deal with a total Eclipse. I think it sums up Bella and Edward’s connection, but also mentions the title of the book.

      • MariaCecilia

        For me it was Bella’s hug with Renee that made me tear up, because it made it real for the first time what it means to Bella to lose her parents when she becomes a vampire. In the book it is played down, like she doesn’t really care about anything except to be with Edward, and can’t take what he says about her losing everyone seriously. Here, you felt that it really hurt her!

        • Lovintherain

          That got to me too. I think Slade (and KStew) did a great job of showing that Bella is starting to face the fact that choosing Edward should mean the loss of her parents. And that she gets that it is a lot to give up.

      • Elliebelle

        I was actually hoping they’d steal Bella’s seeing her life with Jacob during the kiss from the book— it never really felt like she seriously thought of Jake as a contender without that visual. And that was part of the drama/tension of the book, she really could have gone either way for a moment.

    • RWats

      Yeah, that was the only thing I didn’t like was that they pretty much made Edward look like he was going to lose. He looked a little wimpy. I didn’t like it. I did however like Riley. A lot.

    • Lovintherain

      I think Bella did cut herself in the book. At one point in the book Seth is trying to fake-out Riley by staying on the ground as if he is injured, and Edward and Victoria are fighting so fast it is all a blur to Bella so she can’t tell which of them is winning. So she freaks out and wants to do something to help. She cuts herself with the rock she is holding. It doesn’t end up helping or hurting the fighting in the end because, in the book, Edward and Seth mostly had the upper hand the whole time.

      • lilmisscan’tbewrong

        Nope, she doesn’t cut herself in the book. She grabs the rock and thinks about doing it, ala the Third Wife, but no actual blood. I didn’t mind the change, it was a good dramatic moment, and I don’t know how they could have shown her “thinking” about it.

        • MariaCecilia

          Yes, I thought about why they changed it, but really it brings more symmetry to the story. After all the third wife references, how lame is it that Bella only THINKS about cutting herself with a rock when her time comes?
          This way she participates and does her part. Feisty!

          • Luludee

            I’m feeling really dumb now, because I didn’t make that connection at all.

        • Lovintherain

          Damn…so much for my reading comprehension. I just went back and looked it up in the book…and I won’t mention how many times I have read this, but I always thought she cut herself. And she didn’t. I knew she somehow attracted Victoria’s attention. It was just her gasp because she planned to do it. Thanks lilmisscan’tbewrong!

          • Kadie

            I always thought she cut herself too! I guess I forgot about the fact that she should have been bleeding when it was all over and she returned to the family. That would have been another opportunity for Jasper to NOM NOM NOM at her I guess.

          • alisheeba

            I had to re-read it too! If it’s any consolation I believe she WOULD have done it if Victoria hadn’t been distracted just by her sucking in air getting ready to do it!

    • persephone

      Yes, all bow to Billy Burke, famous ladies man. He rocked it!

  • Had the best time with 13 friends! Loved that I didn’t wonder what color lipstick Edward wore the entire time and totes enjoyed the “quick hitch”. Only giggled when the wigs were so bad or the Member’s Only Army posed in the woods. As a Texas girl it’s really hard to hear someone fake our accent, so Jackson’s script reading really bothered me. But all these things are so minor & all-in-all, Davey brought it and brought it hard! Can’t wait to go again this weekend!!!!

    • I thought Jackson is from Texas in RL…no?

      • AJ

        He is from Texas!

        • Well it stunk. TX is a big state and the accents vary… Had a huge debate on the way home last night. All the other girls thought he did well except me. Maybe I was just tired. Maybe I just need to see it a few more times to make sure. Yeah, that’s it! Must. See. Again.

          • ICanHandleIt

            I thought Jaspers accent was only just “okay.” He’s never going to be a Xavier, but he did the best he could! So, for that I give him props.


    that is all.

    ok, not all but it was awesome, along with the rest of the movie, MRo actually wrote a great script and DSlade did wonders with it. Backstories were just long enough without dragging, good amount of comedic relief (I’m a virgin!) and lots o action… not to mention the sexy times… and the Bella/Jacob kiss… yeah that was hot.

    I love the first scene, it was a total ‘oh heeyyyy’ moment!

    can’t wait to see it again (and hoping illegal clips hit the internet soon!)

  • Renie

    Eclipse went by too fast! I’m wondering what someone who hasn’t read the book thinks…wait…I don’t really care. I thought the film looked great. I will see Eclipse again.
    How is it possible to make Rob look even more handsome? Is there a limit to his handsomeness? (I hope not!).

    • Xylem108

      LoLz Um, I can tell you what those people who didn’t read the books thought because all of them sat all the way around me. I mean, seriously, there are still girls under the age of 18 who have not read these books? Here are some of their questions/comments:

      “How old is he anyway?’ This question was asked when Edward is trying to convince her why she should marry him. i.e. his era vs. her era.

      “Oh my god, why is he so hard?” when Bella breaks her hand punching Jacob.

      “Oh wow, she said yes. So she really marries him?” When Bella finally accepts.

      I realized that newcomers have no way of knowing which wolf was which character (something I take for granted) because during the Jacob petting scene one of the uninformed Twihards asked. “Why is she touching that wolf like that?” This problem needs to be fixed by BD when the pack doubles in size.

      ok…. I gotta go re-enter real life now.

      • persephone

        “Oh my god, why is he so hard?…”
        I don’t mean to be a pervert, but I am laughing so hard right now. 🙂

    • MariaCecilia

      Like I said. Rob is always gorgouser… 🙂

  • Michelle

    Three hours of sleep…I’m at work…and all I can say is…

    DAVID SLADE I.FREAKING.LOVE.YOU you tiny lil’ piece of Twilight GENIUS!

    Thank you lil’ man for ROCKING THIS MOVIE!

    Thank you *cough*robsten*cough* for BRINGING the chemistry this time! I swooned everytime he touched her.

    Bed scene? I.DIED.

  • Milfy Goodness

    I loved it! Third time’s a charm, I guess.

    I’m a little disappointed in myself – I don’t have much to complain about – the wigs & make-up did not bother me; Rob kept the “I’m constipated” faces to a bare minimum and Stew only did the blink & twitch maybe twice? I agree completely with Bella_NaA’s two gripes – that engagement ring is worth not wearing EVER and why is Bella in a teeshirt the morning after the snow storm. Other than that – it pretty much rocked! Thank you David Slade!

    But I won’t be able to give my final judgment until I’ve seen it at least 2 more times. Maybe 3!

    oh yeah – my one complaint was about the crowd, not the movie. It was 2/3 Team Jacob. They cheered the first time Taylor came on the screen and they cheered for the Jacob-Bella kiss. WTF? Team Edward all the way. Silly teeny boppers.

    • sjaantje

      I felt the same way. There were a lot of Team Edwards in my theater too. A lot of young kids too. I am talking grade school age. I am guessing some Mom’s couldn’t get babysitters and had to load up the mini-van and take the kids with them. I am so happy to have an understanding husband!

    • Suzin

      Most of the people I went to see the movie with haven’t read the books, and are team Jacob because they think Taylor is hotter. But after the movie they had all changed their minds and kept saying “Jacob is so MEAN!” Thank God they switched teams 🙂

    • Irishpixie82

      In my theatre their were gasps of horror followed by cries of “no!” and “I can’t watch this”…followed by hands over eyes.

      I just muttered “whore” discontentedly. 😛

      And I can’t remember which part (will have to take notes when i see it again) but at some point it sounds like either edward or jake or both is trying to convince bella that a threesome would be a good idea.

      • AJ


        I’ve been “Team Threesome” for years. I’m making a shirt for the next premiere

  • Renie

    As I listened to Eclipse CD I invisioned the Beck and Bat for Lashes..Touch me I’m Golden playing during the leg hitch scene where in my opinion it belonged instead of a scene with Jacob.
    One more…why was Bella wearing a denim shirt at the graduation party?

    • Krystle

      I know! The denim was nasty!!!! I shook my head during that scene. Where was the nice blouse Alice got for her? haha

    • Renie

      Oops ( just a little twired) …title is “Let’s get Lost,” and it speaks to E/B being at his house alone, and Edward wanting the time to be just about the two of them. It’s a beautiful song, and very intimate.

  • MyNieceIsaFanRIGHT

    Been in fear of 2nd hand embarrassment since the other day, maybe longer if I’m realistic. I’m going this afternoon w/1 (please don’t make those noises as you sit next to me) Robward fan, 1 under age Twi hater (don’t ask, but thinks it is her mother’s beard so to speak), and high school unicorn (who has admitted that the chicks love it when they find out he knows his Twilight). Have a friend out of state that I’m still putting out the feelers to figure out if she is as crazy about it as I am but seems to be a True Blood fan more than Twilight since she hasn’t read the books.

    If there are any local newspapers there snapping photos, I might just die . . . but hope my excitement doesn’t shimmer through outing me to the world. What am I talking about, I am sooooo toast!

    PS Have been Oh, heyyyying for awhile so can’t WAIT for him on the big screen.

  • Xylem108

    SQUEEEEE! I am grateful that my iPad keyboard dock arrived on time because my crappy iPhone keyboard was not going to survive my squee today. THAT MOVIE WAS UH-MAZING! After one viewing, I don’t quite know if I feel that way because my expectations generally lowered given the amount of cheese I had to wade through in the last two films to piece together a film from the books I’ve read, but if the amount of clapping throughout the movie is any indication what of really happened on screen, then Oh Holy Slow Clap Batman, that was a damn good movie. I didn’t get my LTT shirt in time, but I felt totally at LTT ease because sophisticated adults in my theatre serenaded us to, I kid you not, THE SLOW CLAP (movie was taking to long to start for the native’s liking)…. in my mind, of course I thought.,… Oh, my god, They Know!!!

    I am so glad today is open to spoilers because I was fully ready to hold it all inside for another day… after I saw it for the second time. Thank god I wont have to worry about Twi-imploding around the wrong people today.

    Things I loved:

    TAYCOB’S acting/humor/body everything. I had fleeting thought of how awesome it would be if Taylor did interviews as Jacob (cursing included) instead of Taylor. He would seriously give Rob a run for his money.

    THE CULLENS: Scratch that, JACKSPER…. who knew he could be such an alpha male! WIN! Also, Emmet was kinda of a bitch in this one… he really must have pissed somebody off on set because they saw to it he got his ass handed to him by almost everyone he fought. Errant thought, during the Paul/Emmet confrontation (read Emmet’s ass kicking #2) a description I read a long time ago of a Paulex/Kemmet slash fic popped in my head. Weird.

    CHARLIE: Need I say why?

    LEGHICHT… That.never.ends! Oh my gawd was that hawt! I had the added advantage of having comic relief in my theatre to cool me off because after Edward rejects Bella sexually this kid in the audience uttered a very timely A-ha! as in from the Simpsons. Icould not stop laughing after that and I’m sure I missed a good amount of dialogue. Ok, I just started laughing again. 🙂

    XILEY: He is all kind of hawt in both human and vampiric form…and he can act too! More Xiley please! When he comes out of the woods before the battle with Edward I couldn’t help uttering “I’ll be your huckleberry” a la Doc Holiday in Toombstone. Seriously when you see it again, see if that phrase doesn’t fit the way he comes on screen all suave-like.

    THE FIGHTS: All the fights! ALL.OF.THEM. For the first time, I would have been ok with there being more action than drama and romance. It was so freaking awesome that my brain doesn’t even know what it saw. I have to go back to see what really happened because the mass vampire decapitations were just too epic. And there was not one unwarranted slow motion shot…. so the movie flew by.

    Ok, this post has gotten too long and I’m beginning to see the downside of having an actual keyboard… but I just want to lastly mention the scenes that were better in the movie than in the book. (I didn’t even think that was possible!) The Jacob gets hurt scene (naked Taycob had nothing to do with this :)). Jacksper’s newborn backstory. Riley’s origin and Jasper’s/Alice practice fight. Alice is FAST! (twss) sorry.

    PIMP BELLA: I know all that stuff happens in the book (minus the motorcycle drive-off, WTH M.R.!?!?), but to see it all her back and forth between Jake and Edward condensed like that made Bella seem like a very talented pimp BigLove style. I seriously thought she was going to PimpSlap Edward when he revealed their wedding plans prematurely to Jacob… actually I’m still afraid that could happen in tonight’s version her reactions was that intense. That was no Bella, that was straight up Kstew. You can tell by the trademarked bitchface.

    Ok, so I kind of liked the movie. I kind of liked it so much that today I will be going again with three totally non-Twilight friends and I’m looking forward to watching without a trace of embarrassment. For this and so much more, I love me some David Slade so much that I want to start a petition for him to reshoot and edit the first two movies. How awesome would that be! Oh, hey if that almost book called midnight stars ever gets finished maybe he should shoot that. I would totally watch it… Multiple. Times.

    Last thing. Could someone please add Red Bull to the craft service menu and sneak it into Kstew’s drink because she could really use a pick me up. Her acting has grown on me, but in such a fast paced movie I just felt like everytime she came on screen it would take so long for her to get the works out that I forgot what she said at the beginning of the sentence. I am grateful for absence of ticks, however and she really did look pretty, the dead thing on her head aside.

    Ok… seriously going now. Thanks for indulging me.

    • I’m Team Edward all the way but I do like Jacob (esp the bod) but while I thought he had some good lines and pulled them off very well, sometimes his acting was too smug. Like he needed a handlebar mustache to twirl while doing an evil genius laugh and tying a damsel to the train tracks.

      • ambushed by twilight

        yeah, the “smuggness” really was the only thing that got to me… what about when he hears that she going to marry Edward?! he was supposed to be emotional, pained, tears… not pissed! ah-well… i know it was for the “movie”… looked like how he’d been acting the whole time. namely, P.O.ed
        but i still loved every single sec!

    • Athena

      You made my morning with your post. Especially “Charlie: Need I say why?”!!

      I laughed so freaking hard when jake admits to kissing Bella and Charlies is all “Oh.”

      EL OH EL!!

      • Xylem108.9

        *blushes* (delayed reaction)

    • Xylem108

      This is what the kid says when Edward splashes cold water on Bella’s lady boner….


      I have no explanation for it, but I can stop laughing at it. No I think I will always hear that sound during that part of the movie. 😉

      • SO FUNNY!

        • Xylem108.9

          IKR?! Oh, and that should read: can’t. I CAN’T stop laughing at it. And now I will hear it everytime I watch this scene. Gah! #proofreadfail

    • I’m seeing the movie next week and now I’m totally looking forward to the “I’m your huckleberry” moment. I always LOOOOOVED that line from Tombstone – mmmmm *shivers*.

    • Suzin

      wow… I must still be tired because when I read the first time you wrote “Slow Clap” I totally read “Cow Slap”

    • MariaCecilia

      How about we start Team Charlie? I think it’s high time! I looove that man!

  • Tigerkitten36

    I loved it. Charlie was great ( Superrr) and just the expressions he had was funny. Bella kissing Jacob was Hot! Shall I say hotter then kissing Edward {Ducks}

    I liked the wolf pack teasing Jacob. ( Should I call Bella? Why wont Bella Call?) More Wolfpack , please.

    The leg hitch was okay…not like the book I did however have a Huh? moment when they were kissing and she was trying to undress him ( Didnt she practice?)

    Shes taking off HIS shirt and he says ” Bella stop trying to undress yourself” ” Why? Do you want to do it” Her hands werent on her shirt ( well, mine wouldnt be either if I was rolling around on a bed with him- LOL)
    Other than that, teeny tiny thing.

    I love David Slade and I will have to have multiple .. er, viewings of the movie before the DVD comes out.

    • MariaCecilia

      Actually, her hands were FIRST on his shirt and THEN on her own, but I am pissed that she didn’t finish the job properly: why didn’t we get around to shirtless Edward this time??
      Oh, yes, I know that Rob said in EW that everyone on the set kept finding excuses why he shouldn’t take his shirt off when he wanted to, which seems most unfair. Give the man some room to act and express himself, for heavens sake! 🙂

    • Xylem108.9

      “Bella kissing Jacob was Hot! Shall I say hotter then kissing Edward”

      YES! You shall say that because its TRUE. Its sure to contribute to your ‘multiple…err viewings” 🙂

  • SarahG

    Mother-effing leg hitch!!!! Let’s talk about how I didn’t hate BDH’s take on Victoria (she was kinda hot). Let’s talk about how the kiss with Jacob was hot and some of the Edward kisses were awkward turtle. Let’s talk about how if I didn’t hate Bella before, I really effing hate her now! Let’s talk about how delicious Riley is. Yum.

    I’m still not quite coherent enough to write more, but you get the idea. All hail the Slademiester!

    • Xylem108

      All that you just said times a 1000. BDH’s facial expression and make-up really worked well in the depiction of this unstable vampire version of girl-interrupted. I actually think that the fact that she was an unfamiliar face added to the intensity of her fight with Edward.

      I agree about the Jacob/Bella kiss. It was very, very iconic. I look forward to all the spoofs that will be done of it. Way to show her boyfriend how is done Taylor!

      • MariaCecilia

        So, next year Kristen will probably be nominated for Best Kiss twice: once with Rob, and once with Taylor? May the best kisser win!!

        • Xylem108.9

          Oh, there is no question the Robsten Army will see to it that Robsten wins. However, as Robsten is on stage receiving their award and NOT kissing…again, we will all be thinking about the just reviewed Jake/Bella kiss. TRUST!

  • allryans

    It was fantastic. Really.

    I GUFFAWED at Jacob’s first scene though – could it have been more cheesy Grease-esque. It was horrible. I laughed all through that scene because of that Travola-turn.

    Jasper looked like crap most of the time, which was annoying – as were Rosalie’s eyebrows and Esme’s mammoth forehead and Emmett’s caesar cut, but those are minor peccadillos in what was really a great movie and a fantastic adaptation of the book.

    What did I miss the most? The “I love you. I want you. Right now.” in the final meadow scene. 🙁

    • “I GUFFAWED at Jacob’s first scene though – could it have been more cheesy Grease-esque. It was horrible. I laughed all through that scene because of that Travolta-turn.”

      OMG YES! I knew it reminded me of something and I couldn’t think of what! Thank you! All Jacob needed was a leather T-birds jacket and a cigarette dangling from his lips. He already has the beginnings of a cleft chin. (But the baby blues are all John’s!!)

    • superhumanmoron

      YES!!!! I was waiting for Edward’s “screw it let’s do it now” at the end. But I did love how they added Bella’s explanation that it was never a choice between Edward and Jacob, but between what she already is vs. what she should be. Eat it, Team Jacob. 😉

      • celestialchic

        I thumbs up you even though you told me to “eat it”. I too loved the explanation speech. Need to hear it again.

      • allryans

        Yes! Bella’s speech was well-timed and a great ending to the movie.

        And just like in the theater last night – I get a thumbs down for railing on Jacob. One more thing – HE HAD A GRITSTACHE. (Eat it, Team Jacob – copyright, SHM).

        • superhumanmoron


    • Luludee

      Imma have to seriously disagree with you on Jasper. Despite the sometimes-wet-dog look of the wig, I think this was his best look. Granted, the added screen time, character development, my already well established love for both Jasper and Jackson, and all his CHARM on screen might be clouding my judgment, but I thought he looked hot. In fact practically every time he was giving an intense look on screen I mumbled “Oh, he’s so hot” to my friend. 😉

      • MariaCecilia

        OK, Jackson’s wig was better here than the godawful one in New Moon, but you must have forgotten his very first scene in Twilight, entering the cafeteria with Alice: he is gorgeous and so is his soft, blond hair. Never looked better. Please give Jackson a better wig in BD – he so deserves it. *pouting*

    • Rob’s flaming dashboard

      Well, Jasper’s WIG looked like crap but I thought Jackson Rathbone was awesome. I particularly liked when he was strutting up and down and giving instructions. That was HAWTT as Hale and *ahem* is there any fanfiction just wondering *ahem* Lucky UC to have met him. When he was talking to you I could just tell he was thinking, “Hale yes, this is why I became an actor.” And UC, you just walked away cool as a professional cucumber!

      Everytime the Avatar trailer comes on my kids point it out and I may have noticed that Jackson is being increasingly featured. I may have to treat the family to another movie day heheheh.

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  • Elliebelle

    I sat near a large cougar twi moms crowd who were awesome during the 3 movie marathon! I brought in my booze in tiny bottles (ode to Buttcrack Santa), but they brought theirs in pitchers! They brought sushi,snacks, trivia, fanfic, etc in huge shopping bags/totes. And I worried about food police? I remembered Kristen was only 17 when they shot Twilight. In all three I wished she had more of an emotional range. (intentional? maybe, awkward, definitely) I liked NM this time around, I think, in large part to reading the archives on this sight. Plus an appreciative crowd helps. Eclipse’s story flowed better, better wigs, and sexy leg hitch scene.
    Curious to know what you thought of Taylor/Jacob this time around. Still a great body, but I was channeling more Disney leading man/good guy than sexy beast. I think that has to to with his clean cut publicity tours. Eh, minor

    • Renie

      I think it is just part of who TL is…the Pat Boone of Twilight. If you know anything about Hudonsville Michigan, Taylor’s hometown you will understand. (not meant to be snarky…I enjoy watching TL’s performance.

  • celestialchic

    Loved. It. So. Much. Taycob was nakey! Almost passed out when Bella ran over to him, while he was nakey!
    Have to say . . . “I’m liking Edward a little more now” he seemed way hotter in this movie than in the other 2. I think because he smiled more and had more of a personality/sense of humor. Part of the reason I love Jacob so much is that he’s a smart-ass, like all of us here! Edward brought that a little more this time.

    The wigs would be ok one scene, and then not others. Maybe it came down to who was the hair person that day?

    I maybe total team Charlie now, he’s fab.

    minor complaints – The t-shirt after Bella almost freezes. Victoria being so flammable. (Can you really just throw a match and poof?) I heard mutlitple people asking, “did Riley die?” Why didn’t they show it?

    LTT funny moment – when Jacob tells Bella to “Hold on” while they take off on the motorcycle somebody behind me finished his sentence with “. . . spider monkey” and snorted. Now I kind of wish he’d of said it, that would of been hilarious, way stupid, but funny.

    • “Victoria being so flammable. (Can you really just throw a match and poof?)” IKR? I turned to my friend and said “Vampires are made of vodka?”

      • Krystle

        LMAO!!!! “made of vodka” but seriously! Why did they tear up that ballet studio wood floor to create a fire to burn James when Victoria was so flammable?

      • lilmisscan’tbewrong

        “made of vodka” Too funny! But really (and here I’m gonna be a huge nerd) I’ve heard that Stephenie says that the venom actually is extremely flammable, that’s why they bun so fast.

        • Hmmm…I like the vodka idea better than flammable venom. If Bella ever wants to get a cheap buzz, she can give Edward a BJ. 😉

        • Kadie

          I’ll be a nerd with you and say that I read that she said that too and wondered how Bella didn’t go up in flames in BD when she sat in the restaurant waiting to meet with J Jenks and put her fingers over the flame to warm them (yes…I pay WAY too much attention to the details).

    • kitkat

      “…spider monkey” might have been me. oops. Couldn’t resist.

      • Rob’s flaming dashboard

        Sorry I couldn’t help myself and whispered it to my girlfriends. Also JORTS! when Bella’s Mom stood up to reveal the movie’s first glimpse of said fashion forward item.

        • Did everyone notice Renee flashing a hot pink thong when she got up? Everyone around me was like “ewww!”

          • Lovintherain

            Yes! That cracked me up. Was that supposed to make her seem younger?

          • “Was that supposed to make her seem younger?”

            Yes! You know Renee….she’s “down with the kids!”

      • Suzin

        I definitely also said “…spider monkey.” 😀

      • Obava

        Me three 🙂

    • superhumanmoron

      So since last night was my second viewing, I really wanted to see if Jacob was nakey. When they all run over to him and are hovered around, I think you can see a waistband of something. Khaki, maybe? Then next he is on his side curled up and looks in the buff. I guess it needs another viewing or 5…..

      • Suzin

        I saw that too! He totally has shorts on and you can see the waistband! I started asking my friends “How the HELL did he phase back and get pants on already? He’s supposed to be NAKED!” And then when they show him again he looks nakey…

    • MariaCecilia

      I’m confused – when was Taycob nakey?? Now I have another reason for going straight back and watch it again..But I think it was Charlie who had the line about liking Edward a little bit more now, after he heard that Bella was a virgin, not?
      Their “sex talk” was epic! Laughed so much…

  • AJ

    Dear David Slade,

    You’ve done it. You’ve shown the world that Twilight vampires don’t have to look like circus people. You’ve proven that cheesy lines, poor acting, and the like don’t HAVE to be a part of every Twilight movie made.

    Mr. Slade has made a movie that barely made me wince at all (Victoria’s curl-fro was still heinous…)

    You took Edward out of tranny-mode and made him HOT again.

    You made me Team Jasper. (How badass was Jackson in this film!)

    I could go on. But to sum it all up. “Quil Clout Lay” David Slade. Quil Clout Lay all over the place.

    But is anyone else really pissed that David Slade came to us so late in the saga and has left us already again?

    I am not going to take it well if Jasper turns back into Shirley Temple or the cheesy lines that make me cry a little inside for Rob’s dignity return.

    Come back to us Mr. Slade. please!

    • Michelle

      Agreed. I think the lil’ man could make a Breaking Dawn that rocked the house.

      Down with the musical Breaking Dawn! ON with BD directed from a step stool!!!

    • Xylem108

      Yes, its so not fair. I sent him a Tweet (as if) while still sitting in the theater basking in the afterglow telling him to check if Condon had already signed the contract because if not, there was still time.

      He’s special movie-making skills would be so awesome to capture everything that happens when Bella first becomes a vampire… or when all the vampires are training and of course during the first B/E vampire sex. And since you know he’s all about the flashbacks, you know he’ll throw in Rosalie and Emmet breaking a house or three.

      The difference is so startling! If you compare the NM scene when the wolves chase Victoria in NM which was a bautiful lyrical Muse videoesque sequence with a honeysuckle scratch ‘n sniff to the ferocious wolves’ hunting of Victoria in Eclipse, its amazing that the same story can be told so diffently. I love that scene in NM, btw, but I want to marry the Eclipse version.

  • Michelle

    So…I’m seeing a lot of Jacob-kiss love. I must have missed it. It was okay…but not fabulous to me. Too much mouth/head moving. I keep wondering if it was Taylors first kiss…I wanted more groping too! 😉 Naw, it was okay…but not as hot as I’d hoped.

    I thought her kisses w/ Edward were HOT. I loved how he had those looks of adoration on his face. SO much better than the first two movies. You could FEEL the love. I’m surprised some didn’t think so? Maybe we saw different cuts of the movie. Muhahahahahahaaa…

    Edward for the kiss win!

    • celestialchic

      We’ll see at the MTV Movie awards! I think the Jacob kiss has a real chance to win!

    • lilmisscan’tbewrong

      I completely agree with you. Kiss with Jacob was just okay, not as urgent as I imagined. Wasn’t it specifically described as “not careful”? It felt too careful.

      Everything with Edward was so hot and romantic and perfect! Leg hitch=awesome. When he proposes and she says yes…GAH! the look on his face was like angels singing. I died. And that scene got the biggest screams of the night in my theater. I really, truly felt the love this time.

      • Irishpixie82

        Personally I thought the jake/bella kiss was bland….they have no chemistry whatsoever. They are great with the whole friend chemistry but romance…eh not so much. I could practically see kris and taylor finishing the scene and going, “well that was weird.”

        Bella and edward smoldered.

  • sjaantje

    I danced in my seat when “Chop and Change” came on and the Summit logo came up. I was sitting next to a friend who just finished all four books in 2 weeks, watched Twilight that morning and watched most of New Moon before we went to get in line for Eclipse. I promised her I would do my best to embaress her. Secretly I wanted to be hooting and hollering with all of the Twiteens there.
    I couldn’t help laughing when the tent scene started and Edward said “Can you please keep your thoughts to yourself.” and thinking about Rob messing up the takes because he thought “thoughts” sounded like “farts”. LOL!
    Now I am making plans to go and see it again with those that were not with me last night and even one or two that were.
    I thought it was a great movie!

    PS: Definately want to give David Slade a big hug and repeat over and over “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

  • Stacey

    I am very excited about this movie! I do have a BIG question…how was my boy Yorkie? You can’t have a good Twilight movie w/o some Eric Yorkie. That and unintentional humor. Any wolf boys sniffing themselves? I really do need to see this movie!

    • Yorkie? OMG the hair!!! EWW. Two words: Bieber Fever.

      • Luludee

        That’s it! It’s been driving me nuts trying to figure out who he was channeling with that hair cut and highlight job.

        • Rob’s flaming dashboard

          HEY! Yorkie’s hair was cute.

  • operarose

    I just….*ahem*…skimmed the review and am super, SUPER relieved it’s favorable.

    With that said I am dying because I still have to wait another 10 hours.

    But am also super relieved to know that the making out scenes are enjoyable…let’s hope that holds on the ginormous IMAX screen.

    • Xylem108.9

      Oh my god, you are seeing it in IMAX? For the Rosalie back story, be sure to take one of those Eclipse viewing kits (no pun intended) that allows you to look at thing indirectly because her eyes and make up are more than anyone’s cones and rods should have to take in at one time. Also, her eyebrows should have had their own credit at the end.

      • operarose

        THANK YOU for the warning.

        7 1/2 hours… I’ll let you know how it goes.

      • Rob’s flaming dashboard

        Oh dear. Rosalie looked fantastic on my regular 2d digital screen. I loved her sequence.

      • superhumanmoron

        Speaking of Rosalie’s eyebrows…..it bothers me that someone so blond has such dark eyebrows. Couldn’t they have lightened them up a bit? Makes you really wonder if Rosalie’s carpet matches the drapes.

    • operarose

      Dear Eclipse,
      I promise to love you every day of forever.
      Will you marry me?
      (who will see you again very soon.)

  • DumpsterDivingwRob

    Um, I freakin’ love this movie! I didn’t cringe once, and that’s saying something for me. On that note, can I just talk about how HOT Robward is in this movie and how amazing the leg hitch was? The movie was epic; there is a tiny little man somewhere that deserves a hug and a cake from me.

  • Athena

    I inadvertantly screamed “TEAM CHARLIE” after three different scenes.

    • Elliebelle

      That was you? yea!

  • Burned Up

    First I wanted to say that this movie is by far the best in the series, but I have a little movie drama to share. In the middle of the movie when Charlie is talking to Bella about the birds and the bees the film started to burn up. I was stuck in a room full of die hard Twilight fans with their Edward blankets and Jacob tribal tattoos (yes I did see the actual tattoo on a girl’s ankle). I honestly felt like I was in the scene in Inglorious Bastards. Grown women are yelling at police officers (yes we had an officer there to keep everyone under control) and young girls are crying. Luckily the movie theatre was able to put the film back together about 20 minutes later and restart the movie, and I will say that I do not think that I will be able to go to another midnight viewing of the Twilight movie for my own safety. I’ll probably wait three weeks in and go in the afternoon on a week day.

    • Rob’s flaming dashboard

      Holy crow! I am second hand embarrassed. At least they managed to restart the movie.

  • Pinky

    Loved it! Love David Spade! Hate Bella even more than ever now, but appreciate Kristen for trying to make such a miserable character tolerable. This may be the last good thing I ever say about KStew because I honestly think that she is a spaz, but I think her gruffness and deadpan delivery add a strength to Bella that I didn’t get from the books. I mean the kid can only do what she can with the material and I have never felt that Bella was a well fleshed out character.

    With that said….B/J kiss was sooo hot. Rob definitely channeled Edward this time around, even though there were moments where his Brando/Deniro impression made a cameo.

    Lord Jebus, I just want to dry hump Charlie. He’s fantastic. I mean, he steals every single scene. I kept wondering why the hell widows and divorcees weren’t lined outside his door carrying casseroles and wearing nothing but trench coats. I know I would.

    I was soo tired and overwhelmed last night that I just couldn’t process it all. I know that I can’t wait to see it again.

    • AJ

      “I kept wondering why the hell widows and divorcees weren’t lined outside his door carrying casseroles and wearing nothing but trench coats. I know I would”


    • aleisha

      No one has mentioned yet when Bella punches Jacob… the sound of it was so FAKE. I started laughing and thought, “Oh, this will definitely show up on LTT at some point.”

      When Victoria’s decapitated… so fake looking. My stepdaughter and I were like WTF?

      Wish leg hitch could’ve been longer but the entire movie was so fast… guess it fit.

      Only noticed Bella’s wig once (fight scene when her hair was pulled back).

      THINGS I LOVED: Charlie saying, “I’m liking Edward a little more now” after virgin talk, Rosalie in wedding gown, Jasper and Alice kiss, the speech at the end — I wish that had been in the book b/c I think Bella’s says it just right (It was never between you and Jacob; it was between who everyone thinks I should be and who I am”.

      I liked BDH — her voice, her expressions. Thought Kristen/Bella looked more beautiful than ever… all the close-ups. She looked more mature and just gorgeous. I thought the acting was good from all of the main characters — Leah and Bree not so much.

      Wish they would’ve shown how Bree was so drawn to Bella’s blood and Bella looking at Bree wondering if that’s what she’d be like. Instead Bree was just standing behind the family.

      • aleisha

        SHIT! Sorry, I meant to post this on it’s own, not as a reply (brain was thinking of all the ways I could defile Edward).

      • Luludee

        I don’t remember the book’s description of Victoria’s voice. Was it that she sounds like a little girl? I didn’t really like her voice for that reason. Too cutesy sounding.

        • Kadie

          I haven’t seen it yet, so I don’t know what Victoria sounds like in the movie, but yes…in Eclipse Bella (I think) talks of the childlike voice that comes from her and how unusual it is compared with her vicious appearance.

        • superhumanmoron

          Yes-the book says Victoria has a baby voice. I did think BDH nailed that part better!

      • AJ

        I agree with you on Bree. Girl’s acting hurt to watch.

      • aleisha

        The ex-English teacher in me noticed once Jacob says, “I COULD care less” instead of “I couldn’t care less.” Ugh. I know that’s picky but that’s the kind of stuff someone should’ve caught. (Although if I’m getting that specific & nitpicky, you can tell I loved it.)

  • Just me

    la la la not reading the post OR the comments as I haven’t seen it yet but had to share two bizarro things

    1. Went for dinner last night and friend outed a mutual friend as being a massive but secret Twilight fan. She’s the snarkiest of the snarks in real life so I just sent a tentative email semi-outing myself. Wow – maybe I won’t be alone anymore

    2. Driving this morning I see a car covered in that white stuff they write on car windows with. I assume it says Senior 2010. OH NO. As I get closer I see the car is COVERED in sh*t like
    ECLIPSE 2010!
    I drive like a Cullen
    I <3 Robert Pattinson
    If only I could have snapped a photo and not crashed my car.

    • DumpsterDivingwRob

      I also saw a car in the parking lot with painted windows. I didn’t get close enough to see it too well, but “Eclipse” was definitely on there. Crazy.

      The Twilight Moms group in my city arranged to have both Volvos, the yellow Porsche, and Bella’s truck sitting right outside of the ticket window at my theater. People were freaking out and taking pictures like RPattz himself had descended on the place. Definitely second-hand embarrassing.

      • ambushed by twilight

        that is freakin sweet! wish i’d seen it.

  • sonata

    Good stuff:

    Call me weird, but I LOVED Edward telling Bella that in his world, he would be courting her, sipping iced tea, and stealing kisses AFTER he asked her father for her hand. That’s my kind of hawt. 🙂

    The Cullens. So glad they got some lines back.

    The Trinity. Two thumbs up.

    Riley. yeah.

    Alice and Jasper. Finally.

    Things I am undecided on:

    Jasper, who was less constipated but still akward.

    Voulturi. Seemed a little disheveled and creepy.

    Rosalie, who was pretty creepy. I think I am going to have nightmares about her and her wedding dress.

    Things I didn’t like:

    The cartoon-like death of Victoria. WTF?

    Leah. Learn to act.

    BTW, why was Leah dressed after the fight but Taycob was all nakey-nakey? I didn’t see a shirt wrapped around HER ankle…

    Overall: THANK YOU DAVID SLADE. Forget Breaking Dawn, which is going to be ruined no matter who does it. Let’s get him to remake Twilight. And we’ll forget Blinkie Bella ever existed. 🙂

    • sonata

      Oh, and now that Eclipse is out, UC and Moon, some of us are DYING for the rest of the Stephenie Meyer interview. If you are waiting on bribery, just let us know, and we’ll pool our resources.

    • aleisha

      So glad you mentioned the Volturi and the word disheveled describes it perfectly. I kept noticing Dakota Fanning’s whispy hairs sticking out of the hood.

      Not the “we’re the shit” feeling I usually get from the Volturi.

      • Luludee

        I noticed that someone forgot to pluck her eyebrows before they shot those close ups of hers. Dakota seemed a bit off in this one which really surprised me.

    • “Cartoon like death of Victoria”

      YEs, I agree on that. I remember in the book, I was as horrified as Bella to see Edward’s animalistic side (albeit for the wrong reasons..pff) when he rips Victoria’s head off. When I saw that scene where BDH just lies on the ground with her head slightly separated from her torso, instead of being scared, I may have giggled a little.

    • Rob’s flaming dashboard

      Murderous wedding dress Rosalie FTW! Theatrical indeed. Big love to Nikki who rocked her back story.

    • if you liked turn of the century edward you should ready todays LTR… just sayin

      • sonata

        *swoon* Thanks for the rec.

        I couldn’t agree with you more. I am an Austen-Regency-era lover myself. 🙂

        We need a Pride and Prejudice remake with Rob. I’m just sayin’.

        • lilmisscan’tbewrong

          P&P with Rob? I am so there. I’m sorry Colin Firth, you know I love you, but HELLO, Darcyward!!!

  • lieutenant.twilight

    AHH! I’m sooo excited! Especially the good Jasper scenes I’ve been hearing about because I am verrry Team Jacksper!!

    only 36 hours and I will be in the theater… !!!!

  • kitkat

    Anyone else feel like there was a little too much Seattle in the story? I felt like it ruined the suspense. (Not that I’m complaining about Xiley.)

  • Doffie

    Or let’s talk about how effing fun the scene where Bella tells Charlie she’s a virgin was 😀

    • Xylem108

      That scene and the “they are NOT bears!” are my favorite Bella moments in the whole movie version of the saga.

    • Rob’s flaming dashboard

      Because virgins are SUPER bwa ha ha!
      I puffy <3 Billy Burke and I'm glad Xiley didn't vampirize him.

  • StotheP

    I’m tiiiiiired. And I’m sure it’s all already been said and said well. So I have several points, then I’ll go on about my business of desk napping.

    1. I said NM was the best movie the first time I watched it, only to realize later that I still loved Twilight more. Now I’m almost positive that the order will be Eclipse, Twilight, New Moon. We shall see after the twelfth viewing and eventual absorption.

    2. Bryce Dallas Howard was fine. I always like her, and I don’t blame her for the recast. However, as this is the last movie with Victoria in it, and she didn’t have a HUGE part, I think and wish they’d just left Rachelle in for continuity.

    3. *runs out of steam* Everything was perfect. Music was perfect. Romance (leghitch!) was perfect. Action was perfect. Okay . . . some things were flawed. Bella’s wig, the fact that they insist on including Jacob in the movie . . .

    4. I loved watching all three movies in sequence and getting to see Twilight on the big screen. After being reminded that Sam used to be Solomon Trimble and Random Quileute Friend used to be Random Native American Actor, I now have a plan to form a band to manage: Solomon Trimble and the Recasts, Featuring Rachelle LeFevre.

    They’ll be opening for 100 Monkeys in the greater Cleveland area next spring.

    • StotheP

      Oops. One more thing . . . *adopts sarcastic tone & smirk*


    • StotheP

      5. I could not be happier with Jasper’s beefed-up role. Sure his hair looked a li’l wonky in some parts, BUT the hotness of the accent more than made up for it. And he rode a horse and rode it well. C’MON. Jasper OWNED the secondary storyline of this movie, and I thought Jackson did a great job.

      Imma stop replying to myself now.

      • Luludee

        Amen sister. And a hallelujah too. He was sooo charming. Love him.

      • celestialchic

        YES! “Wonky” as in Willy Wonka! That’s the description I was searching for all night! Bahahahaha! Thank you.

      • Rob’s flaming dashboard

        My mind was blown by that scene: first I was swooning over horseback Jasper then I was going fake lesbian over the succubus trio. Fan fiction opportunity!

        I’m emotionally haywire! Sucks that I have to work tonight instead of enjoying a second viewing.

  • OCDmom32

    While I HATE to admit that I was mildly disappointed…(it will never live up to the pictures in my mind…me playing Bella of course), I still LOVED it! There were so many perfect lines from the book. I am completely team Edward, but Jacob and his abs were heart stopping.
    The tent scene was incredible! There was so much more going on there than they showed, I really think they could have added 30 minutes to include a few things (like the flash of her future with Jacob when they kiss for the second time!)
    Over all, WONDERFUL! I wish that I had time (damn that job of mine) to gush for the remainder of the day. I will definately be seeing this a few more times, just to pick up all that I missed last night. I am not all awake right now either having only gotten 3 hours of sleep…
    Let me go back to sleep, and dream of Edward some more…mmmm

  • Jerzeylisa

    I have never spent 7 hours in a movie theater chair, I’m a little sore today, but I’m going back for more later.
    I took note of the audience’s laughter almost all the way through Twilight, 50% through new Moon and then maybe only once or twice during Eclipse.
    I really appreciated the better acting and better make up, more Charlie and a meadow that I imagined in my head.
    I liked being able to feel/see how turned on Edward was…yum
    “I wanted to get all the rebreaking over with at once.” My audience “aww’ed”

    I kept my cool through all of Eclipse( except when I had to tell the non twi fan next to me to shut the ef up) but I involuntarily clapped and cheered when the wolves came over the rock to bite some vamps’ heads off in the battle…that was EPIC!

    • Michelle

      I liked being able to feel/see how turned on Edward was…yum

      And WHY did you remind me of that?!? No more work will be done today. Only perusing my Eclipse Movie Companion. Yup, had to grab it at lunch to obsess until I can see it again.

      Edward…turned on? And…I’m DEAD.

  • J

    I loved it, but I can’t get over the fact that the Florence + the Machine song wasn’t IN the movie. I speculated for days and days about what scene it would be in and then watched and waited and watched and waited and…then the movie was over.

    • lilmisscan’tbewrong

      Yes! I adore that song, and I think the lyrics are amazingly appropriate to Bella’s feelings. But I don’t know where they would have put it the movie. Oh well.

    • Obava

      YES. Such a wasted opportunity. I hoped that would be the song playing when Edward violently dismembered Victoria in slow mo, which is how I would have shot it.

  • True Cullen Spirit

    There are so many things I want to talk about I don’t know where to begin.

    The Hits: The romance between Bella and Edward finally shows through. The leg hitch that was talked about so much finally brought the love up a notch. I thought the meadow scenes were better though.

    The Rosalie backstory was super quick paced didn’t over do it and left you knowing everything without over explanation.

    The awesome fight scenes. I really loved all the running around and action.

    CHARLIE!!! I swear Billy Burke is the best! He has this way about him. I see him as this great dad then I see him as more. I can’t wait till he finally gets lucky in BD! He deserves it!

    The hot Bella/Jacob kiss was all it was cracked up to be. I was glad they didn’t try to recreate that scene with the life passing before her eyes, because that would have taken away from the hotness. I love Edward and all that but this scene made me think that I spoke too soon.

    The Misses: WIGS I mean they were pretty horrendous before and the worst offender was Jasper’s, it was total muppet do. I think they seriously need to remember their characters can’t change their looks that much. I wanted to ignore it and for the most part I looked at the stills before to know what to expect, but you can only overlook so much. The reshoot wigs didn’t even match the original pieces!

    I think CGI could have been better. I also think blocking on some shots could have placed the characters in better proximity, like when Bella is supposed to be petting Jake, they were a little off there.

    That RING!!! I seriously have to wonder who researched turn of the century ring styles? I am pretty sure solitaires were available, right?

    What did Kellan do wrong? I swear he must have pissed Melissa off, maybe he didn’t take to kindly to her advances… I wanted more of him!

  • RWats

    Eclipse was soooo good 🙂 I saw all three movies in a row, which was long but so worth it.

    The annoying 15-year old’s next to me that giggled NONSTOP could’ve been punched in the face. BUT, the Twi-mom’s behind me were freaking hilarious. They were so into Charlie. They were saying that Edward is a little bit of a stretch for them and they feel creepy liking him, so they’re here for Charlie. Priceless.

    And, during that whole last scene with Jacob I kept wondering why the heck she couldn’t find something to wipe his freaking sweaty face off. And I was really mad that she didn’t have that whole emotional thing when Edward tells her that maybe she made the wrong choice.

    New Victoria=kind of weird.

  • Luludee

    Loved it. Loved seeing Edward again (or for the first time?).
    Definitely need to see it several more times so that I can properly analyze it. I really don’t have any complaints. I also feel like it could be a legitimate movie that outsiders could enjoy and I won’t be embarrassed by.
    I laughed A LOT in the movie, possibly at inappropriate times.

    On a different note, I was totally looking forward to finding another LTT-er in the crowds, but alas I never saw one or they never saw me. I thought I caught a glimpse of a possible shirt but I was already in my car waiting to get out of the parking lot so I really don’t know. So I guess this just means that I’m officially the coolest person in my town, because I read LTT 😉

  • TeamJorts

    Yellow fever-HILARIOUS! And Taylor’s hair made me think of Sonic the Hedgehog everytime he was on screen.

    But the Jake Bella kiss was sorta hot and I was like daaaamnnnnnn.

    All in all wonderful, but very rushed, I can’t wait to see it again without a bajillion screaming teens.

  • Loveeeee everyone’s thoughts!!!! Keep it coming!

    • ambushed by twilight

      are you/we gonna ever discuss the fab-u soundtrack for this film?! woah… i’m in love with the song by Florence + the Machines… “Heavy in Your Arms” – i love every song though!

      you gonna “break-it-down” FV style?

      p.s. – more Steph interview too?

      • Love “Heavy in Your Arms.” Also, I keep playing track 3 OVER and OVER (Motionless?? is that what it’s called?). I love it, and my three-year-old keeps saying “can you play that song again, Mom?”

  • same

    Am I the ony one disappointed in the ending? They marketed this thing as all about a choice, but didn’t show any of Bella’s heartbreak at choosing Edward. She was supposed to be crying and feeling as though her heart was breaking in two and it kinda just looked like she had gas. We didn’t get to hear/see Bella imagining her life with Jacob, the kids, and growing old. We did n’t get to hear the Eclipse line! The explanation for the title! No Bella sobbing and Edward asking if she’s sure she made the right decision. No sexy times in the meadow at the end when Edward says the deal’s’off. Don’t get me wrong, I actually did like what I got to see, I just feel like we got short-changed on the emotional climax of the film.
    I did love Taylor, especially after the hand-breaking kiss, and the added humor was awesome. Billy Burke is too awesome for words. I even liked Leah. But I really, really needed to see Bella actually struggle a bit with her choice. Un, ok, rant over. Down-thumb at will.

    • AJ

      This is so dead on. The exclusion of the part where Bella sees her happy human life with Jacob and her children was a major fail. And how easily could they have just added it in? A few seconds of a flash would have done the trick and made the whole choice more of a choice and less of a “opps I totes accidently made out with wolf-boy edward sorry!”

      • PerfectDate

        Yes! This! All the flashbacks were well done, I thought, and so I was waiting to see little baby Jacobs running around….Any LOTR fans out there? The bit sequence when Aragorn “sees” his son/life with Arwyn? That type of thing would have worked here, IMHO.

        • Jerzeylisa

          LOTR fan here….you are right. That was a turning point for Arwyn when she saw that vision of her life with Aragorn. That would have made Bella’s choice more believable, that she would truely consider another life and still choose Edward.
          And I too was disappointed that Bella wasn’t emotional after the kiss with Jacob.

          • PerfectDate

            Ah yes Arwyn’s vision. Thank you! It’s been awhile since I’ve rewatched the LOTR trilogy–barely have enough time to obsess on Twilight anymore even, haha

        • AJ

          OMG I love you! That’s exactly what I later raved to my husband.

          I actually said “they could have made it as poignant as LOTR! Seeing the possibility of her children…that makes it more than a choice between guys.

          (My husband refused to think anything in a Twilight film could be called “poignant btw)

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