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Remember when we met Stephenie Meyer?!

Dear Stephenie Meyer,

Remember that time you invited us and some other folks to come meet you, hang out for 4 hours, eat bacon, and talk about Twilight? Yea, well we were beginning to think it was all a crazy dream we had after eating some bad mushroom ravioli from the Olive Garden (Big Daddy’s birthday celebration!), kinda like when you had the dream about Bella and Edward in the meadow that spawned Twilight. Only as it turns out after opening our inbox and finding the following pictures it really DID happen after all!

Looking back at these pictures we can finally remembered what really happened…

Witness our last moment of dignity before I would tard/Brenden Fraser clap and UC would talk about her life being complete after a Wolfpack member mentioned “jorts” in an interview. Because, well our life would be complete if that happened. Oh and eating at the Olive Garden with Big Daddy. This isn’t too much to ask, is it?

Series Theories: Letters to what? Who let those girls in?
Twifans: We should definitely call security…

What Jodie, you’re a closet Gil Birmingham fan too? You’re SO right, Gil circa the Diana Ross video could definitely give Taylor Lautner a run for his money!

Lipgloss check… yup, still on.

UC: What do you think she’s thinking here?
Moon: She’s totes thinking if she cuts this interview 15 minutes early she still has time to run to the Water for Elephants set and beat traffic, dontcha think?
UC: Wait, I think she heard us…
Moon: but can we talk about how much the waiter looks like Mr. Molina? I bet the omlette bar has “the golden onion” as an ingredient!
UC: No, seriously she heard us. She just kicked me under the table with her cowboy boot.
Moon: that’s one long leg…

Caught in the act! Too busy breaking the Stephenie Meyer interview down Vanity Fair style WHILE in the interview to listen to whatever mind blowing Twilosophical thing you’re explaining about Edward at this exact moment.

Follow the cut to see the most epicness of all time. Trust me.

See this ring, Stephenie? This is what Bella’s engagement ring should have looked like!

Yea… no one wants that crappy book Midnight Sun ever published… yea… that’s it… wait, you’re not serious, right?

I wonder if I can still make that Pantene Pro V Shampoo commercial audition…

Dear Letters to Twilight, You’ve convinced me. I will finally finish Midnight Sun just because you guys hate it so much. Spoiler Alert: It ends exactly the same as Twilight did. Love and Kisses, Stephenie

Let’s show Edward and Bella how this leghitch business is REALLY done!

(Why yes folks, THE Stephenie Meyer gave us the thrill of a lifetime by leg hitching us! We have the photographic evidence that will be framed and cherished and talked about for all time. Leg Hitch 2010!)

Wait a second Stephenie… maybe this was all a dream, you leg hitched us after all. We talked about Midnight Sun! We talked face to face with the woman who wrote something we talk about everyday. I SAT NEXT TO YOU. THIS HAPPENED. Woah. I think my mind is blown again. I may start Brenden Fraser clapping again.

I’m stopping while I’m ahead!

PS LTT-ers, we promise to stop boxblocking you and bring you more of the Stephenie interview. Now that Eclipse is out it’s open season on the interview. We’re working with the other sites to roll out interview clips at a much quicker pace! Thanks for your patience! And get ready for the awesome!
PPS There’s about 8 billion more where these came from so we’ll be rolling these pictures out as well!

Legal Stuff:
All photographs are owned by Stephenie Meyer and there may be no copying or other exploitation of such photographs without the express prior written permission of Stephenie Meyer, c/o Jodi Reamer jreamer@writershouse.com
All Photos: Julie Adamson

Business Time:

Click to enlarge!

Hey all my AZ peeps listen up! Wednesday, July 14th there will be a private screening of Eclipse at the Harkins Scottsdale 101 benefiting the Phoenix Children’s Hospital and my favorite cousin and LTT commenter LilCrazyCow is helping throw the bash and you’re all invited! For the great price of 20 bucks for kiddos and 25 for adults you get to see the movie, get a drink and popcorn AND help out Phoenix Children’s Hospital in the process. And who knows, maybe it was Phoenix Children’s Hospital that Bella ended up at after she “crashed through the window” AHEM. 😉
Get your tickets NOW! www.pchevents.com

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  • Um, L.O.V.E. these pics!!!
    You both look gooooooooorgeous, as does Steph!
    Can’t wait to hear more 😀

    • I just noticed: UC looks VERY tweed serious in pic 2!
      Bless her.

  • robzanne

    zomg you were leghitched my the inventor of the leghitch!!!

    you did us proud


      • chryredlipstik

        Forget Bella and Edwards Leghitch… this is the one that will forever be engraved in your hearts (or put on an LTT/R shirt) *hint hint* 😉

    • Bea

      Way to bury the lead, girls! If I were you the leghitch photo would be the new header for the site, and you sneak it in all the way at the end of the post. So looking forward to further breakdown and epic photos.

    • Stacey

      I still can’t wait to hear from Stephenie if she knew when writing the leg hitch, that it would become this huge obsession with thousands of women. I have a feeling she knew.

  • AJ

    I can’t believe you girls got SM to leg hitch with you! I wonder if she’s ever been asked that one before…and doubt it. Now if only you could meet DSlade and get a leghitch pic with him….that would complete me 😉

    • Cazza

      I think DSlade’s arm is longer than his leg, might be easier to do Armhitch 2010…….

      • chryredlipstik

        hahaha 🙂

      • Michelle

        OMG armhitch?!?! LMBO!!!

      • Ish

        WIN hahahaha

  • dionrenee

    Lucky beeotches!! Love the Pantene Pro V line..u so look like, “don’t hate me because my hair is beautful and its sitting next to the Queen”

    SM really looks like she is one with the leg hitch.

    Bravo girls!!!

  • natashadushi

    1) you girls looked fab!
    2) I died reading ” I wonder if I can still make that Pantene Pro V Shampoo commercial audition”
    3) Stephenie/UC/Moon leghitch= 100000 thumbs up. Btw that pic must be the cover of Eclipse DVD/blue ray
    4) why does it like that almost all the people in the pics are pursing their lips? Chapped lips?/needing lipgloss? Are you girls (and boy) been kissing Seth during the interview?

    You rock!
    btw Moon, when are you going to start foodblogging?

  • Cazza

    I love the leg hitch photo. Good sport SM and *she gets it*

    You both looked fabulous.

    Who is the unicorn dude sitting in his red jacket? Was he the only male there amongst all you gorgeous gals?


  • Rob’s flaming dashboard

    Did Steph really wear cowboy boots? Can’t tell from the pix. Looks like it was awesome. Sooo envious.

  • MrsKowski

    I love your life. truly, I do.

    Re disclaimer: does this mean I can’t print off the pictures & add them to my super secret stash of twicrap?? ….kidding. Sorta.

    Can’t wait for MORE!!!

  • First, I’m gonna pretend that my reverse psychology worked on you and is the sole reason you gave us this. It makes me feel important.

    Now onto other things:
    The leghitch picture… PRICELESS!
    I don’t think I really believed you did the interview until I saw these pictures as proof. It kind of hit me just now, and I got really excited. I may have even done the tard/Brendan Fraser clap.*

    You both looked adorable, too. More, more, more!

    *not really

  • Michelle

    I completely LOVE you girls for making THE Steph ROCK the leg hitch!


    PS – It’s it wrong I’ve been searching You Tube for the hitch scene and watching it in all it’s crappy pirated glory with women LAUGHING!? THE HORROR! Laughing during the hitch?! How can one laugh when ones ovaries are spontaneously combusting?!?! Sickos. LOL.

    • Ish

      Thanks for that, Eclipse isn`t in Germany yet so just had a nsneaky peek on you tube. Leghitch FTW
      So didn’t get the laughter – OK except for the ring hideous.
      Going to see Eclipse on Wed nxt week yippeeeee Must be the only one here whjo hasn’t seen it yet!

  • Robjunkie

    Epic epicness!! Can’t wait to see/hear more.
    Going by the pics, it all looks so…normal.

  • i’m blowing up the leghitch photo…

    and oh god i hope that stupid book Midnight Sun never sees the light of day…

    and omg i’m so crazy proud….

    • jk about the “blowing up the leghitch photo” no lawsuits for me please!!

  • che

    i haven’t read the post yet but
    Moon i luv your hair!!!!!!!!!

  • kat

    Looks like you gals had so much fun…but give me more info before I flat out die!!!!!!!

  • TeamJacobEdward

    I love that you two are off chatting in a corner with Stephenie while all the other guests of the interview are at the table like, “wth?”

    I can just about hear what Stephenie is saying to you in those first pictures; “so, I just wanted to hang out with you gals, but they told me I had to have other sites here too. When this is done lets meet up. Here are the directions on how to get to Water for Elephants set. I’ve got this great idea on how we can mess with Rob…”

  • FacePunch

    OMG – these pix are so great! Love the captions, too… LOL!

    Y’all and Steph look sooo pretty! 🙂 I still can’t believe how cool she is for putting this blogger thing together. That leg hitch picture is beyond priceless.

  • BrookeLockart

    Awwwwww – good thing UC is in the middle of that leghitch or we all may have seen her Britney!

    Sigh…miss you both.

    • obird

      Seen her Britney!!! Awesome. I miss you ladies mucho!


    • Ish

      Just made my day once again, thanks a lot.

    • TeamJorts

      Omigoodness hilarious! That gave me a good laugh this morning! Thanks! Even if a tragic wardrobe malfunction like that occured it would have been worth it for the greatest leg hitch pic known to man.

      • Midnight_Cyn

        For the brainless one…”the Britney”….explanation please?

        • Twi-Mom (not like on “O”)

          1st of all, I have not been commenting long but have lurked for months and am glad you are back with us!!!

          The paps have many pictures of Briney Spears flashing her girly bits while not wear unddies.

          • Midnight_Cyn

            Hi Twi-Mom, nice to “meet you”!! Thanks for the welcome back and the umm explanation…I thought only Lindsay Lohan did that??? Boy I have been away a long time…. 🙂

    • it’s why i’m so serious. I’m thinking “don’t show your britney to Pancho. Don’t show your Britney to Pancho” over and over.

      • eatmyjorts

        Surely you were wearing knickers? Big absorbent knickers at that.

  • YES, you girls finally posted some pictures. !
    And I can’t believe you leg-hitched Stephenie Meyer!!
    May be you can go show Rob and David Slade how it’s done? To be honest, I thought Bella was totes kneeing Edward in the groin during the leghitch..
    Can’t wait to read more about your interview!

    • Sj

      ‘Kneeing him in the groin’, she was? I def have to go see movie again tomorrow to check that out. Was he moaning at the time?

      Hey, does this mean you managed to see the movie?

      • Yup, from what I saw with my perceptive eyes, Rob grabbed her thigh and pulled it over his lap where I totes saw her knee landing right on his junk.

        And yes, I did manage to see Eclipse. The power of torrents is amazing..shh don’t tell Summit..they’re making way too much money already..

        • Bea

          So glad you got to see it! Serves Summit right if they can’t get it to you themselves.

    • TeamJacobEdward

      Maybe Rob needs leg hitch lessons. Someone well versed in the subject… Oh alright, I’ll do it. I’ll give Rob leg hitch lessons. If I HAVE to…

  • You leg hitched Stephenie Meyer. Really? Really??? I need to go lay down. My jealousy is at 11.

    p.s.- Kidding. I’m beyond thrilled for you guys. I cannot wait to hear/read more!

    p.p.s.- REALLY?

  • Pinky

    Yay! Thanks for the SM snippet. I’ll take what I can get. Love, love, LOVE the leghitch picture. Stephanie is awesome. I hope I’m that awesome when I’m filthy, stinkin’ rich. I doubt it.

    You ladies look beautiful. I can’t wait to read the rest.

  • Sue G.

    I’m so jeaous all over again!

    Interesting look on UC’s face during Stephenie’s “leg hitch”. Just what was Stephenie doing?

    • she slipped a completed copy of midnight sun you know where….

      • Midnight_Cyn

        OMELE..only you would say that..only you..okay maybe Moon..but that is why we luv you 2 so…..

      • eatmyjorts

        Obviously into the change pocket on your massive utility knickers.

      • lilmisscan’tbewrong

        I don’t care where it’s been, we still want to read it. Fork it over, honey!

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  • Sj

    Stephenie always looks so calm, even when faced with 4 hours of leg-hitching, ring-bashing bloggers who may or may not want to steal her cowboy boots – must be cause you both look so adorable.

    • TeamJacobEdward

      IKR? She’s all, “just another day in the life…”

      She must be epicly awesome.

      • Sj

        Her lipstick is epicly awesome in itself.

  • TheColdWoman

    LOVE the pictures! And in the Pantene pic – I have to say, there is a slight resemblance between Moon and La Meyer!

  • That last picture is pure genius. #leghitch2010

  • superhumanmoron

    LegHitch??? Well done, ladies. Well done.

  • Proselyte3

    Leghitch pic WIN! x

    Arizona represent!

  • Ish

    So proud ladies, words fail to describ the pride felt when seeing the leg hitch photo

  • TeamJorts

    The pictures plus the image of the Brenden Fraser tard clap will fuel laughter for me all day long. I feel like a proud Mom, even though I think we’re the same age. HAHA! Doesn’t matter…these are AMAZING!

  • Damn. That leg hitch is so fricking win. Although Steph is kinda making a creepy face during it…

    • TeamJacobEdward

      Are YOU Stephenie?

      (The creepy face coment sounds like something someone would say about themselves in a picture, because we’re never completely happy with pictures of ourselves)

      I feel like I’m playing a LTT / Twilight version of that book, “Are You My Mother?”

      • Yes, you got me. I AM Steph. Don’t tell UC tho – she thinks we met in NYC.

  • theC

    Leg hitch whatever….how was the food????
    You both look lovely (and the creator too),can’t wait for the break down…..p.s. just kidding (sort of) about the food,leg hitch photo = score!!!

  • Midnight_Cyn



    Saw the pictures and my first thought was: “This is like a breaking news story that Elvis IS Alive” Yeah it was that awesome…….

  • operarose

    The three of you look gorgeous!

    Now, does this mean that by extension we were all 2nd hand leghitched by Stephenie Meyer?!!

    I hope that she gave you both the express written consent to blow up those pictures and mural them to your walls/house/car/body/etc because you two should enjoy your lifetime bragging rights!

    • TeamJorts

      2nd hand leg hitched FTW! Hilarious!

    • TheColdWoman

      2nd hand Leg Hitch!!!

      I wish I could thumbs up you a million times for that.

  • Sassysmart

    And I love you.

  • WakeUpDead25

    OMG! I nearly died seeing the pix. I def love your lives UC & Moon. You both looked gorge next to StephMeyer. May I suggest you use the LegHitch pic as your Christmas cards, Valentine’s Day cards and anything and everything that requires a picture?

  • Chanel Kilian

    You girls are officially my idols! And I don’t mean in a soppy – brownie – seeking way. This.is.serious.

    I remember when I first started reading this blog. You girls once said something about writing this blog and not begin sure that anyone is really interested in what you guys have to say…
    Now, you literally have over a thousand of readers, since your “like” status on FB is like 1252! AND even Stephenie reads your blog! How cool is that!!!

    You guys kinda remind me of Anne Frank, cause in her diary she also wonders who would be interested in the musings of an 11 year old girl.
    Guess what, A LOT of people are interested!

    I also love how Stephenie seems to be so down to earth. Shes dressed like a normal person (as opposed to a diva) and form what I have heard from Moon (I guess its Moon cause you mentioned moving) she really us a down to earth woman who just happens to be famous!

    Love you girls! Thanks for all the fun everyday 🙂

  • LOVES IT. Miss you. HATE MOON

    • Ditto. Except the hate Moon part…cause I hate them both. And by hate I mean I am jealous of them. And their hair. There. I said it.

      • Chanel Kilian

        Girls all over the world would kill for Moons hair!

  • Stacey

    I feel like Dorthy in The Wizard of Oz… UC and Moon did meet the wizard of Twilght and it wasn’t a dream.

    You both looked great!

    I do have a quick question, well two.

    1. Did the other bloggers get cranky when Stephenie just wanted to joke around with the two of you and not discuss the inner workings if the Volturi?

    2. Did the use of the word “jorts” and “teeth baby” disturb them?

  • lilcrazycow

    i’m thinking of making this leghitch photo my desktop background… move over rob!

    would love to see all the “AZ peeps” on July 14 to not only watch the movie with you, but to raise funds for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital!

  • lapushbaby

    I just don’t know how many more times I can make the comment that you guys TOTALLY rule!

    But I will keep doing it. I will!

  • lovelynessa

    Dear Moon,
    I’m in love with your hair. Please don’t think I’m creepy. xoxo

    lovely pictures!!

  • rpisthenewps

    Loving UC’s hair in the ‘lipgloss check’ picture (or is that Moon, idk, haven’t been here long enough) I think they should model Bella’s wig for BD off of your hair. It’s so darn cute, and Bella could use some bangs to cover up that god-awful hairline. Obviously she WILL need a wig again after that recent accident with her hair involving a kindergartener, a pair of fiscars and bottle of orange finger paint.

    • rpisthenewps

      So I guess that’s Moon, sorry ’bout that. 50/50 chance and I chose wrong.

  • Yay! Pictures! I’ve been waiting (im)patiently for more proof, I mean details;-)

    Are the pictures of Rob surprising you all by jumping out of a cake made of Hot Pockets with Heineken icing coming up next?

  • Bella_NaA

    Moon, has anyone every told you you look like Drew Barrymore? It just hit me in the Pantène pic. You girls both look so gorgeous! And please tell me you asked Stephenie what she puts on her hair to make it that shiny (not Pantène, tried that)

    • chryredlipstik

      She reminds me alot of Natalie Maines from the Dixie Chicks.

  • Midnight_Cyn

    UC..ummm..that pic with of the “leghitch”..ummm I KNOW your like thrilled to be doing that with SM & Moon…but after REALLY looking closely at your face it looks kinda like you might be thinkin..”I wonder what this would be like with Rob”?? Just askin?

  • robsfuturemate

    So I finally tore my eyes away from LTR and thePretty and the Pattinspoon and Dean…ok, stopping now! And thought maybe I should check out LTT and see if they have anything new from Steph. And lo and behold…there it was right before my very eyes! The Leghitch Pic with Steph! Thanks for delivering ladies!!
    Heading back over to LTR to oggle Robcob or whatever we’re calling him these days!

  • Twi-Mom (not like on “O”)

    WOW, So cool!!! I just knew the “Leg Hitch” was going to be the surprise pic you mentioned ealier.

    I think that none of the other bloggers are smilling because they feel the same way Jacob did when Edward 1st heared the spawn from hell in BD. You know like they are intruders in private moment and have no one on there side, because SM was only there to see you two!! I feel for them I bet she did not even have a fancy car for them to take off in and cool their jets.

  • MyNieceIsaFanRIGHT

    Remember when we meet Stephenie Meyer?! . . . since we are using the royal we here . . . . Yes, WE do!!!!

    And please tell me when others walked in and tried to take your seats THE Stephenie Meyer said in a sweet little cutsie voice, “Oh, I’m so sorry, these are being saved. . . ” and then you almost lost it trying not to jump with glee when you found yellow stickies on the back of your chairs that said UC and Moon.

    You are really spoon feeding us so we don’t become overwhelmed aren’t you?

    Leghitch picture! You truly are my heroes!

  • Love the story and of course the photos! Looking forward to reading what else epic happened. Thanks for sharing!

  • kristen’s bestie

    Leghitch 2010 pic total win – so now for the next interview (which we hope will happen) we will get the pillowbite 2011 pic… hmmmm. you all three in a gold brocade comforter bed with feathers everywhere! Bwahahaha!

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