Remember when we met Stephenie Meyer?!

Dear Stephenie Meyer,

Remember that time you invited us and some other folks to come meet you, hang out for 4 hours, eat bacon, and talk about Twilight? Yea, well we were beginning to think it was all a crazy dream we had after eating some bad mushroom ravioli from the Olive Garden (Big Daddy’s birthday celebration!), kinda like when you had the dream about Bella and Edward in the meadow that spawned Twilight. Only as it turns out after opening our inbox and finding the following pictures it really DID happen after all!

Looking back at these pictures we can finally remembered what really happened…

Witness our last moment of dignity before I would tard/Brenden Fraser clap and UC would talk about her life being complete after a Wolfpack member mentioned “jorts” in an interview. Because, well our life would be complete if that happened. Oh and eating at the Olive Garden with Big Daddy. This isn’t too much to ask, is it?

Series Theories: Letters to what? Who let those girls in?
Twifans: We should definitely call security…

What Jodie, you’re a closet Gil Birmingham fan too? You’re SO right, Gil circa the Diana Ross video could definitely give Taylor Lautner a run for his money!

Lipgloss check… yup, still on.

UC: What do you think she’s thinking here?
Moon: She’s totes thinking if she cuts this interview 15 minutes early she still has time to run to the Water for Elephants set and beat traffic, dontcha think?
UC: Wait, I think she heard us…
Moon: but can we talk about how much the waiter looks like Mr. Molina? I bet the omlette bar has “the golden onion” as an ingredient!
UC: No, seriously she heard us. She just kicked me under the table with her cowboy boot.
Moon: that’s one long leg…

Caught in the act! Too busy breaking the Stephenie Meyer interview down Vanity Fair style WHILE in the interview to listen to whatever mind blowing Twilosophical thing you’re explaining about Edward at this exact moment.

Follow the cut to see the most epicness of all time. Trust me.

See this ring, Stephenie? This is what Bella’s engagement ring should have looked like!

Yea… no one wants that crappy book Midnight Sun ever published… yea… that’s it… wait, you’re not serious, right?

I wonder if I can still make that Pantene Pro V Shampoo commercial audition…

Dear Letters to Twilight, You’ve convinced me. I will finally finish Midnight Sun just because you guys hate it so much. Spoiler Alert: It ends exactly the same as Twilight did. Love and Kisses, Stephenie

Let’s show Edward and Bella how this leghitch business is REALLY done!

(Why yes folks, THE Stephenie Meyer gave us the thrill of a lifetime by leg hitching us! We have the photographic evidence that will be framed and cherished and talked about for all time. Leg Hitch 2010!)

Wait a second Stephenie… maybe this was all a dream, you leg hitched us after all. We talked about Midnight Sun! We talked face to face with the woman who wrote something we talk about everyday. I SAT NEXT TO YOU. THIS HAPPENED. Woah. I think my mind is blown again. I may start Brenden Fraser clapping again.

I’m stopping while I’m ahead!

PS LTT-ers, we promise to stop boxblocking you and bring you more of the Stephenie interview. Now that Eclipse is out it’s open season on the interview. We’re working with the other sites to roll out interview clips at a much quicker pace! Thanks for your patience! And get ready for the awesome!
PPS There’s about 8 billion more where these came from so we’ll be rolling these pictures out as well!

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