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Well when you put it that way…

Dear Twilight,

We love you. A lot. Like A-LOT A-LOT. You know this and we’ve accepted your idiosyncrasies and your quirks and like any good, mature relationship, they only make us love you more. Especially when the movie versions add in totally dumb ones. (shhhh those are our favorites!) But as you know people like to make fun of you and even though we try sometimes it’s hard to explain why you’re so great when people like to focus on the absurd. But they do make great videos. Like this…

“Jacob” kinda has that alpaca look about him, no?

David Slade blew the roof off Eclipse and made even some of the crazy stuff seem totally plausible so what about Breaking Dawn? We KNOW Bill Condon’s got his work cut out for him. Renesmee, births, cottages by the creek, yada yada yada I wonder if he got the cliff’s notes version like this…

Weeeellll when you put it like that…

Plasma TV and AWESOME DVD collection. Maybe these folks should write the script? They know the important stuff.

Oh Twilight, we still love you! Even besides your incessant talk of glowering and Bella’s pregnant foods being eggs and cups of blood instead of ice cream and pickles. We wouldn’t trade you for anything, for realz.

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day to all the folks in the states. Yes, another holiday where we grill stuff and hang out in pools and what not trying to hold on to the last bit of summer. So enjoy your day off and we’ll see you back here this week!

Special Thanks to Mandy and Bea for sending us the videos!Have an idea and want to write a letter while we’re grilling today? Saw a video, a picture, or a news story we need to see? Send it in! DO IT!

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  • superhumanmoron

    That first one is fantastic. It’s what I imagine Tay to look like in a few years on his way to Big Daddy status.

    • Sj

      ‘Big Daddy status’. He has so much to live up to. You may have to pass on a few cheeseburgers to supplement the filet-o-fish.

    • Big Daddy status FTW!

  • Goodgirl goneplaid

    I FlOVE those two vids.
    All actors are pretty spectacular, thanks for the much needed dose of Monday lunchtime hysteria. That’s pretty much it, enjoy your remnants of summer day! xo

    • yertlesmom

      I could only think of one thing after I watched these videos-LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!- but then I saw your post and now I have a new favorite adjective FLOVE!!!! Thanks so much, goodgirlgoneplaid (great nickname by the way!)

      • yertlesmom

        Oops–maybe it is not an adjective, maybe it is a verb. I apparently am grammatically challenged–is that NORMAL too? (Hope so!)

  • Sj

    I really, really hope B Condon has someone keeping him up to date with this stuff. Gives me hope.

  • *Bella puking blood* “Winner: 2009 Children’s Book of the Year”

    I was laughing my head off at this when I realized that they weren’t kidding about this. Breaking Dawn did win that award.


    I soo can’t wait to see how Bill Condon pull this off. I feel he needs all the blessings of the entire fandom.

  • lindsaylee

    Ha, super silly! I loved that first video, the second on…. its a rough start to a holiday being yelled at and such by some 20 something male…it wAs reminisent of a car dealership commercial

  • ChillinWithCullens

    Fantastic! Needed those laughs this morning! Another must for all Twihards: this 30 second gem…


    (sorry, totally tech-challenged. just copy and paste into browser – it’ll be worth it, I promise!)

    • ChillinWithCullens

      Ha! Comment fail. It did the Technical stuff for me – just click!

    • Bea

      It’s like Twilight crossed with Bunnicula!

    • hahah! thats funny lol

  • It’s always embarrassing to try to explain Breaking Dawn to the uninitiated and the second video shows exactly WHY.

    I think it should be mandatory to read BD before seeing the movie – books often contain so much more detail and nuance that just doesn’t translate well to movies.

    GOOD LUCK Bill Condon. You’re gonna need it.

    • The Old One

      This reminds me of the evening when a bunch of us females of all ages came home from viewing Eclipse, and tried to explain the plot of the next film, BD, to the males at the dinner table: “yeah, well, see, she gets pregnant even though it’s not supposed to be possible, and has to drink blood to appease the fetus, and the placenta is so hard because it’s vampire tissue, that Edward. . . yeah, that’s the main character’s name . . . has to bite through it, and um, Jacob . . .what, oh yeah, that’s the werewolf . . . falls in love with the baby while she is dying on the delivery table, and . . . .” stunned silence and complete WTF looks from the males in the group: “THAT is what those girly books are about???”

      • BayWolf

        Ha ha ha ha – The Old One – that made me laugh really hard – and spit coffee on my screen!!

        I can just imagine their faces!! 😉

  • ICanHandleIt

    “Dakota F@#&ing Fanning!!!!” LOL!!!! thanks for a great start to Monday. Sure it’s a holiday, still Monday. 🙂

  • The first one is amazing. & the second one is ok, it just scares me a little. I have faith in The Condon though. I think he knows what he’s doing. I wish he’d do an in depth interview though explaining how he’s going to bring the book to life on screen, though he probably doesn’t have time. Melissa gave us enough with the “visceral” comment I suppose. Great post guys!

  • Wendy

    That was freakin hilarious. Oh my gosh.

  • ForEveralurker

    Gosh! I peed myself just laughing at the second one – I think they should put up a warning within the trailer with a “DO NOT WATCH BEFORE YOU READ THE BOOK!” warning.
    Thanks ladies for the funnies

  • natashadushi

    hahahahahahaa, O M G I cried my eyelashes off watching breaking dawn…. hahahahahaha

  • yertlesmom

    Oh UC you are so right–Twilight is so stupid and so lame and so ridiculous–how come I love it so, so, so much!?! I am a bit afraid of how they are going to pull off BD but I can’t wait at the same time! Thanks–it’s always a good day when a LTT or LTR post comes out. Happy Labor Day!

  • operarose

    These vids are pretty much awesome. I like the Eclipse one – very funny. However, the Breaking Dawn one terrifies me. That’s essentially what I am afraid Breaking Dawn will be on screen! maybe making it into a musical would help after all. something must be done.

    • Sj

      We can all sing along in the audience like Rocky Horror, with an initiation chorusline for first timers.

      • operarose

        Exactly! I think making Breaking Dawn into a “cult classic” would certainly somehow take away some of the potential cringe/puke/disbelief/kitsch/horror-factor!

        Again, don’t get me wrong. I liked Breaking Dawn. Just the thought of it playing out on screen…especially like that spoof video… that’s something else. *shudder*

  • I’m laboring away at work 🙁 so I was thrilled to see an unexpected update here. So sad I can’t watch the videos until later. Also the cafe press coupon doesn’t work. Yeah, I’m pretty poor company today. *shuffles off to grumble with co workers

  • TeamJacobEdward

    Hahaha! Loved it!

  • i love the first video! hahah
    their twilight videos are always hilarious lol i love them!

  • That second vid makes me question my devotion to this saga again, as the last book should’ve done. Daaang… a werewolf falls in love with a BABY!

  • Stacey

    I just laughed so hard I started crying. When you sum the movies up in about 30 seconds…yep they covered EVERYTHING. I just cannot wait for the actual movie reviews, because even if Bill does wish on a falling star and brings some of that Dreamgirls magic and it becomes a masterpiece, the reviewers still have to explain it. That’s when it gets tricky, you have to explain that plot in 200 words or less. Good luck, with that.

    I still love ya Breaking Dawn.

  • blackgirltwihard

    LMAO!! Breaking Dawn is like the family member (i.e. cousin) who everyone else in the family can talk about, but anyone outside the family had better STFU!!!!. *I feel a letter coming on.*

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