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Remind me I’m NOT alone!

Dear LTT- I’ve been missing you all. The latter half of 2010 was SO busy for me and Twi-news slowed down SO much that I’ve felt MIA. I’ve been here, and I’ve been reading your comments. But I’ve had little time to comment back. We’re SO far behind on email responding it’s not even funny. Literally there are great question suggestions for our interview with Stephenie Meyer back in JUNE sitting in our inbox that I never responding to. Fail. I’m adding a resolution to last week’s LTT resolutions that I’ll be more LTT and Twilight “present.” Then again one of my personal resolutions is to be more committed to my job. And to my marriage. And friends & sisters. That’s a lot of stuff. Do I have time to fit Rob in there? (That’s what she said). What about Big Daddy? Will a time come in my life where I have to choose between the two? RIGHT- as if you have any QUESTION about who I’d choose. The Olive Garden would be soooooo boring with Rob. Big Daddy all the way!

Anyway, I spent the last day of my wonderful holidays in NYC with my beautiful girl cousins. THREE of them are pregnant. There was a lot of baby talk, eating & pee breaks. But my wonderful day got me home very late and I have to get to work on time tomorrow. Something about a resolution I made last year about being “committed to my job.” Bleh. Bad idea. So I’ll blog again soon. I do truly miss you. But today Stella takes the reigns, leading us in a discussing that I think is worth having! Miss you all! XO -UC

TwilosophyDear Twilight,

I had a girl’s night out last week for the first time in ages.  You know, one of those nights where you get Husband to put the kids to bed so you can meet up to pretend you are still 22 and ready to rage? Well I had one too many drinks (which these days is two) and the next thing you know I am spilling my Twilight guts out to the ladies!  No this wasn’t as if I were hanging out with any one of you girls from LTT /LTR, I was hanging out with Twilight virgins who had no idea what in the hell I was slurring about.  Needless to say, I didn’t win over any new fans of the saga and left the night feeling lonely and well… weird.

I am sure you are asking, what could I possibly have said to have turned a lovely night of girl talk into one of shame and misfortune?!  Well it wasn’t so much one thing that I said, it was that I just went on and on about the philosophy behind THE Twilight and I even waxed poetic about you lovely readers who I so felt one with and didn’t even know.  My audience sat there staring at me… crickets….

twilight cake

How can they NOT think this is funny!?

Why are these women, my so-called friends, so adamant about not reading Twilight….Why??  What are they afraid of??  Why do they bother putting themselves above it?  I mean REALLY!!  Why must they deny themselves the joy of the love triangle and blood lust?  I feel that I have given them a gift that they have ungratefully left unopened!  Those bitches!!
I am reaching out to you for support.  Please remind me how normal I am!  How were you introduced to Twilight?  Did anyone have to twist your arm to read it?  Do your friends make you feel crazy, juvenile, non-intellectual, weird…..Did you ever show up late to a preschool board meeting and exclaim (out of breath and rosy cheeked), “Sorry I am sooooooo late!  I just HAD to finish the end of Breaking Dawn!”?   (Yes, this is a true story and the director of the school was waiting for me to arrive so she could give her resignation—oh the horror!!)  Has your husband ever

Embrace it

accused you of being a horny teenager, but like not in a good way?   Do your kids yell things out like, “Look mom, there is your Edward!” when standing in line at Target?  Have you ever anonymously left a copy of Twilight at any one of your friend’s homes, in hopes they will read it and then obsess over it with you?

Please help me, and ……THANK YOU LTT/LTR ladies for loving Twilight like I do and going on and on about it day after day.  I love you for it and I love that when I find myself asking if I am normal you answer back, YES, a resounding YES!!!

Your (I hope) friend in solidarity,
Stella (and no that’s not my real name—oh the shame, that I must hide behind a pseudonym!)

Well, you’re getting a resounding YES from me, Stella! I BLOG about this stuff daily & it took me 2 years to get my sister to read the series (She loved it. I win!) and some friends still look at me like I’m crazy. You are not alone. We should write a song. And sing it around a campfire. At a Quileute tribal meeting.

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  • SueG.

    Stella…you are totally normal! I started to read Twilight after my oldest daughter (who was 15 at the time) was reading it in 2008. Since then I got my sister hooked (just as bad as me) and my sister-in-law. My other girlfriends read the books, but just aren’t NORMAL about them like the rest of us! I got a Nook for Christmas and the first book I’m reading on it is Twilight! :o)

    Sue G. – my real name!

  • mercurialmary

    My Mom (!) is the only one who loves it anywhere near as much as I do, and I’m in my 30’s. What I don’t get is the people who read it and are not changed into what I’ve become – Normal, that is.

  • GeminiGypsy

    One of my friends read it, and it took me a year or two to get around to it and I finally did! Then I read New Moon, and then waited for Eclipse to come out, and then Breaking Dawn 🙂 It’s funny that my friend who originally told me to read it, isn’t as crazy about it as I am anymore. She moved on! :'( I still keep Twilight in a special place in my heart 😛

  • alice_av

    Stella, you are NORMAL, I mean how you can think otherwise??? I read Twilight one day that I went to spend time in the book store looking through the cases, and yes I took it read it in less than a weekend and then I could not find New Moon they only had Eclipse finally my brother got me the missing copy.. I make a friend of friend to buy me Breaking Dawn when they went to the US, ( I live in Mexico) and when I got it, i will sneak out to the lunch room to read the first chapter… seeeeee?? you are totally normal like all of us around here =D

  • Anonymous

    Oh Stella. You my dear are sooo normal.

    My husband loves to refer to me as his, “teeny bopper wife,” because I, “like teeny bopper stuff.” Apparently, “teenager,” wife didn’t sound immature enough to embarass me or hold enough bite (ha) to it so he had to use a more childish sounding form. He thinks he’s sooo funny.

    I too have endured the crinkled up noses at the sheer mention that a person really just HAS to read Twilight. I do try to take those reactions in stride though, reminding myself that my initial reaction to the books were not too different when a friend of mine told me I just HAD to read this book called Twilight. Vampires were SO not my thing. The August 2008 and beyond smiles knowingly at the silly, silly version of me back in May of 2008. Teach me to scoff at something I know nothing of.

    I have also been ridiculed for my love of Rob. My husband still refers to him as Rob “Patterson.” I swear it’s on purpose. And I had thought it was bad when a friend of mine, after I’d recommended she read Water For Elephants to her, that she’d asked me (seriously) if I’d only read the book because Rob is going to be in the movie they’re making of it. But then just last night my husband asks me:

    MR TJE: “hey, did you see that trailer for the movie of that book you like, Water for Elephants?”
    ME: “Yeah. You know, I’m not sure if I’d want to see it based on the trailer if I hadn’t read and loved the book so much.”
    MR TJE: “Did you just read the book because that Rob guy is in the movie?”
    ME: “No. I read the book before I even knew they were going to make a movie out of it, much less that Rob was in it.” Which is the truth. (thinking) NOT AGAIN. Really? I NEVER mention my Rob love to RL people… okay… almost never. *sigh*
    MR TJE: “Oh Edward”
    ME: (mumbling to myself trying to remember the character’s name, ignoring my husband)
    MR TJE: “What?”
    ME: “Oh. Just trying to remember what the main character’s name is. Jacob… Jacob Jankowski. I think.”
    MR TJE: “What? No! He can’t be Jacob! He needs to be Edward!” (mock horror)

    So in my long-winded style, I’m letting you know, I can relate. I understand. 🙂 Just smile, and know that they just don’t understand the wonderfulness that we intimately know. Their loss. 🙂

    (PS – holy crap! sorry, this got WAY long. SORRY!!!)

    • Stacey

      I’m a “teeny bopper wife” too! That’s why I got Glee CD’S and Eclipse for Christmas. Also…did you see the WFE pictures in EW? Wow. Just wow!

    • Anonymous

      WFE, I too read it before RPAttz was cast and LOVED the book. This coversation could be copy/pasted with my husband as well. At least you dont work in a high school… I get teenagerfied all the time at home for example “ask lindsay, she thinks she’s 17”

  • Anonymous

    My only “normal” friends are on LTT. And that’s ok.

    • Anonymous

      Hey NCN! Is it your birthday this month? I know there was a few of us but couldn’t remember who, and your name came to mind!

      • Anonymous

        Woah!! Your memory is awesome! Yes, my birthday is Jan 25. I’ll be 36 (yikes). When is yours?

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, sometimes things like this just stick somewhere in the deep recesses of my brain! Mine’s on Sat. the 8th. 36 as well for me, don’t tell Rob! 😉 I think there were a couple more bday girls but can’t remember who 🙁

          • My 24th birthday is on the 20th January !!!

          • Stella

            OMG i am turning the big 4-0 on 1-11-11! yikes! lots of capricorns in this bunch!

          • Stella

            HAPPY BIRTHDAY ladies!

          • Yes happy birthday to all u wonderful ladies on here !!!!!

          • Anonymous

            Happy Birthday to you all as well! 🙂

          • aw thanx 😀

  • MyNieceIsAFanRIGHT

    I love you guys!!!! Who else can I confess to that I made a Edward Christmas Ornament as a gift (she LOVED it by the way, but my brother sooooo doesn’t understand why I encourage his wife and just rolls his eyes at our inside jokes). Yes Stella, as well as there being a Santa Claus, there is the world of LTT that you too can be normal.

  • The Plane Friend

    Stella, in real life, I have never been normal, don’t pretend to be, and don’t want to be. So while I hid my Twilight -obsession for like a week, I ended up coming clean.

    My mom deigned to read two chapters and STOPPED (the horror!). My sister told me that I should really grow up now that I have a kid and everything. I told her that since she watches The Bachelor, America’s Next Top Model, and whatever that ridiculous Kardashain (sp?) show is, she has a lot of nerve picking on my taste. (Sorry for those of you who might like those shows. I have nothing serious against them although I personally think they’re stupid [just a taste thing], but I feel like anyone watching them should not be judgmental on other aspects of pop culture to avoid being a hypocrite). The Plane Husband, as I’ve documented, has read and basically liked the books even if he hasn’t succumbed to full-on unicorn status.

    Outside my family circle, I get the looks that people think I’m crazy. For the most part, I’ve learned to pity all they miss. And sometimes, I try to convince them to just give it a chance. I haven’t converted anyone yet.

    • Anonymous

      My mom returned Twilight to me and said something along the lines of, “that book you love sure is strange. Vampires…?” ‘Cause I hadn’t specifically explained this to her before lending it to her or anything. (sarcasm) One of my sisters piped up, “mom, you have to look past that, and see it as a love story.”

      She reluctantly took New Moon and limped through the thing. I asked her about it at one point and she looked at me incredulously with a crinkled nose, “now werewolves? What is with this girl?” Yup, my mom was just not going to “get” it. She claimed she was going to finish NM, but I don’t think she did. I never offered Eclipse and she hasn’t asked. She just can’t deal with supernatural apparently. Her loss.

      Some people just can’t grasp the epic magicness.

      • Stella

        my mom actually handed back the copy of twilight i gave her and with the same crinkled nose said, “honey i don’t think i will finish this, why don’t you give it to one of your friends.” at least your mom made it to the werewolves! i didn’t have the guts to tell my mom she was my last ditch effort, that i had already given the books to some of my friends and they wouldn’t read it either.

  • superhumanmoron

    I got my sister to finally read the books. It took her months to read them all. MONTHS?!?! Not normal.

    • PapercutsRdangerous


    • Anonymous

      Several people both my best RL Twi friend and I loaned our Twilight books to, dragged FOR-EV-ER to finish Breaking Dawn. Sometimes months! They all seemed to stall before finishing the last several chapters or so.

      I couldn’t understand it. I agree, Not Normal.

  • Anonymous


  • TwilightCat

    All together now: That’s Normal.

    I first heard about Twilight back in 2008 when I was working as a respite provider for children with autism. I would go to people’s houses and play with the kids so that the parents could work or get some much needed R&R. One day, one of the moms I was helping came over to me as she was leaving for work and said, “There is this amazing book you have to read. My older daughter was locked in her room for a week, so I asked her what on earth she was doing. And she said, ‘Mom, you have got to read this book.’ So I did, and it was incredible. It’s so good, they’re making a movie out of it. You have to read it.”

    She pointed to the kitchen table where she had cleared a space for a thick paperback book. The book was black, except for two starkly white hands coming together in a V, holding a red apple. I read the book’s title. Twilight. I said, “Um, okay.” She said, “I’ll leave it here for you.” I said, “Thanks,” and smiled noncommittally.

    After she left for work, I looked at the back cover. I read something about dominant, unconditionally, irrevocably, and … vampire. Never having been much of a Buffy girl (I liked the original movie, but never watched the TV series), I put it down, and went to play with Rosa, the younger autistic daughter. When Mom got back from work, she asked me, “So, did you read it?” I said, “No, I was too busy swinging Rosa in her hammock swing.” She said, “Well, maybe when you come next time, you can read it.” Again I smiled and nodded vaguely. “Sure, maybe next time.” I left for home, and didn’t think more about it.

    Over the next two visits, Mom twice more pointed to the black book with the white hands and the red apple, and twice more I said, “Okay, maybe next time.” Then she gave up. The next time I came over, Twilight was gone, presumably back in its special place on her bookshelf.

    She had tried to make me a Twi-sister, but I had been too tied up in my prejudice against vampires, romance novels, and YA fiction to comprehend the gift she was trying to give me.

    And yet she planted the seed. It was the fall of 2008, after all, and everywhere I went, I couldn’t help but hear about Twilight, Twilight, Twilight. Eventually, I gave in. I told myself, “It’s okay. I’ll be part of teen pop culture for a moment, and then I can go back to reading grownup stuff.” I read that book about vampires, and longing, and Edward, and … oh, my. I was hooked. I devoured the rest of the series quickly, and have been a Twilight devotee ever since.

    Here is what I learned from my Twi-experience: 1) Never say never. 2) Always read a book before judging it. 3) Don’t take yourself too seriously — you might miss out on something really wonderful. 4) And lastly, Twi-conversions sometimes take a while, so give your friends time to come around. Hell, if an overly intellectual uber-nerd like me can become a Twi-addict, anyone can!

    • Anonymous

      Excellent. Yep, I, too, was turned off by the whole vampire thing. A whole carload of my husband’s (girl) cousins (grownups! and married, with kids!) tried to convince me to read it on a family vacation back in the summer of 2008. I dismissed it because of the vampires and because it had been written by a fellow BYU grad (where most of us had gone to school) and I figured they were all just being supportive of this poor girl who had written a book. Shyuh! Nope, they weren’t just being supportive of another alum – they were riiiiiight!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        Me to. My friend told me, “I have this book you HAVE to read.” My ears perked up. I hadn’t read in so long and used to love it. A really good book? I’m game. Them she uttered the word, “vampire” and I’d checked out, instantly. I didn’t “do” vampire stories. She tried ti reason with me. I told her I’d read it, semi-meaning it. Next time she saw me, she firmly handed me this massive-looking book. I started it simply because she loaned it to me and I wasn’t going to return it without trying it. Next thing I knewI was devouring it and frantically going out to find buy the next books.

        And Twicat’s summary says it perfectly. 🙂

  • Stella

    ahhh thanks girls! this really makes me feel sooooo normal and warm and fuzzy!

  • zzzKATEzzz

    Totally normal. Although I’ve successfully converted my boss and am amongst fellow readers of the series at work, they always give me strange looks at any mention of this wonderful (and therapeutic) website. Oh, they reap some of the benefits of being normal when I pass on a joke or share a picture of their actor obsession, bit when I remind them of where it came from, then I’m the one taking it to the next level…

  • Anonymous

    Like some people have said, I wasn’t much of a vampire person and I only bought Twilight because I had five minutes to pick a book for the long airplane ride home. I’d heard it was good so I thought I’d give it a try. I went out the next day and bought New Moon and Eclipse, read New Moon that night and Eclipse the next day. Then I waited two months for Breaking Dawn (I was very lucky!) and read that in one day too. What I’ve heard from my friends is that they are addicting, but that they don’t understand the people who have read them five times or more! This is when I blush like Bella and look at the floor (it’s five times each at last count, maybe four for BD).
    My only real Twi-obsessed friends are you guys, like nocoolname said. But I don’t let that stop me from pointing out that the clock tower in Florence is where the Volturi would live, even though it is just me and my dad on the trip. Yep, normal, that’s me!

  • natalie_MKH

    I have one real life friend who understands my love of the series and all the crazy that I sometimes partake in. But even she has started to drift back into reality and isn’t up on most of the twi-news. Most of my closest friends have read it and enjoyed it but don’t ‘get it’ like these ladies do. My husband calls Rob a douche bag whenever he is mentioned. I too, was having a night of laughter and fun with my closest friends this past weekend and when the subject of Twilight came up I also experienced crickets and felt super awkward. But despite all this I believe we are the normal ones. How could they not fall for this story? That is not normal to me. How could they not know who the britpack is or what bitchface means? That is mind blowing. We are normal. They are not. I feel your pain.

  • Jade Konnoris

    i am exactly the same, and as passionate as you about it. i know people like that who put themselves above it, and refuse to even read/watch it for whatever unjustifiable reasons. I was late into the saga, i watched it for the first time just over a year ago (twilight and new moon in one sitting) and was hooked immediately – had to rush out and by the whole saga to read (Even more hooked after the books as well) until the release of Eclipse, (reading breaking dawn in only 3 days by reading for up to 15 hours straight – unable to put the books down) and even now i continue to gush about it to everyone.

    Twilight sparks something in all of us, we are all passionate about the story, the characters – every part of it. WE are the normal ones, for being so moved and touched to the core by Stephenie Meyers amazing story and characters – and by all the fantastic cast of the saga for bringing to life on our screens as well.

    Im still re-reading the books now – and re-watching the movies. i think i always will because it is an amazing story that go down in history – im sure of it. I get very offended and defensive when people who havent even read the books or watched the movies slate it – i will argue all night until they give up !!!!

    I got my mum hooked on it though – first with the movies then she read the books. she never EVER reads novels and yet she sat down and read breaking dawn in around a week.

    *the moral?*

    who cares what they think and whether they read it or not – or watch it or not – they have no idea what they are missing out on. ……

    I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas and new year!!!!!

    (lifts up a glass of wine….)

    *Here is to Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2…..may the count down begin !


  • Jade Konnoris

    Ps In addition to my essay below (lol) i wanted to say –

    THANK YOU for making me realise im normal and not OVER-obsessed lol. i cant go a day without talking about it or reading articles like this one – not to mention gushing over Rob at every oppotunity !

    Thank you stella xxxx Jade Konnoris
    (Jade_JK on twitter)

  • Anonymous

    I had to be harrassed talked into reading the series myself. And like everyone else, I was hooked. I remember when I finally went to buy Twilight, I was looking all over Borders and couldn’t find it anywhere! I finally found it upstairs in the YA section and I just walked right past it because there was a huge display and there was no way I could pretend like I was just browsing – everyone would know I was looking at a teenager book (the horror!) I even came up with a cover story, about how I was buying the book for a younger cousin, lest anyone should ask me about it as I made my way to the counter, or stood in line, or checked out.

    And the summer before New Moon the movie came out and all we had seen was the clip of Jacob transforming, I had a ladies night at a friends house where we ate and played cards. I held back as long as I could before finally asking everyone if they had seen it yet. There was one new girl there that no one really knew – the neighbor from across the street – who upon hearing me mention Twi, turned to the friend whose house it was and asked “Is she serious?” She sat quietly while the rest of us discussed it. I’d be curious to know if she ever became a convert herself.

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  • Stacey

    My sister was actually surprised I hadn’t read the Twilight books due to the fact that I read Vampire Diaries in High School and watched Buffy. (Of course watching the VampDi show now.)

    I kind of feel out who knows about my liking (and blogging) about Twilight and the other Supernatural shows. I let my dad know. He is so a unicorn. He just doesn’t know it yet!

    Ultimately, I feel most comfortable with all of you! You understand and don’t judge. It’s a nice feeling.

    • Stella

      you just gave me an idea…maybe i will give the book to my dad to read! he is sort of unicorn-y too, he might be my new twilight friend (i couldn’t use virgin and dad in the same sentence!) to convert!

  • Normal! I wish I had more Twi-friends in RL (who are not Pattinson Pants lady-been there/done that/ran away screaming and crying/changed my phone number). My husband is what you all call a unicorn, but while we both enjoy the books, The Host, the actors and (most of) their side projects, we are kind of closeted to our friends. One of his friends may be closeted too, though. Friend lives in the PNW and mockingly asked hubby if he was jealous that he lives “in the land of Twilight.” HOWEVER: I saw on friend’s FB pics him having a bonfire on First Beach last year. I told hubby later that he should have retorted “Oh, so you fancy yourself a Quileute?”

    • See-if they would only stop mocking and admit their <3 we could all just stage mock-non-battles in the baseball clearing. It'd be a grand 'ol time! http://twitpic.com/3msftt

      • Anonymous

        I peeked at some of your other twitpics and that pic of you? and the hubs? as Old Greg and the Funk is awesome!

        • That is us! I mean, any guy who will wear a tutu for your esoteric couples costume is a keeper, right?

          • Anonymous

            For sure! 😉

  • Anonymous

    My obsession began in early 2008 when someone online told me about Twilight after I professed my love of vampire novels. Despite not knowing what the hale they were talking about and not looking up much about it, I ordered it from my local library. Of course, I got hooked. I don’t remember what site I was on, or who the person was, but I have dubbed her my ‘Fairy Twi-mother’.

  • Anonymous

    I was handed a thick, black hard-bound book with the word Twilight on the spine. No cover and no exposure since the movie would come out two months later, no idea that this was a teenage vampire love story. Had I not been given it then, who knows what would have happened. Obviously I read it and fell in love. I passed each book on to my mom and two sisters who read them all just as quickly. But only one sister is into Twilight, and only slightly. I have many friends who have succumb to the saga and love them but only a few are as into it as me!

    I’m okay with the whole teeny bopper jokes but after awhile it just gets old. I love The Little Princess, The Secret Garden, Harry Potter, Anne of Green Gables, Narnia…why are those not teeny bopper books?! I just love to READ!!!!

  • Anonymous

    that cake is AWESOME

    • Stella

      i know, i want it for my birthday except i’d just get more weird looks from my RL friends. this might make them think i have really gone over the edge!

      • Will they just be thinking that Stella? 😛 And btw, I’m right there with you!

  • Oh my Gosh LOVED the post!! LOL! I’m a new-converted and it’s the first time I comment on a Twilight blog! I’m also married and a mom like the friend from the letter. I was also one of those who didn’t want to read the book. Although no one was trying to convince me anyway… 🙂
    This whole vampire stuff just didn’t appeal to me, and I thought I would find the book cheesy. But since I watched the Runaways I got curious to see Kristen in twilight. And I saw the three movies. Since then I became her fan and obviously the Saga! I can´t stop thinking about it. Then I read Breaking dawn cause I obvisouly couldn’t wait till November for the movie, and now I’m gonna read the other 3, plus On The Road, getting ready for the movie.

    And I scream to the whole world: I’m not 30, I’m a Teen! I love Edward, Robsten, Kristen, and The Twilight!!!

  • oh werd?

    Don’t feel bad! I am still spinning my wheels in my attempts to hook someone else into the books. Even my girls who love the movies are too lazy (they have their excuses but we know the real reason) to read the books. They won’t listen to me when I tell them how much they’re missing!
    And no one introduced me to Twilight at all. I work in retail and live in the real world so just after being exposed to so MUCH of the advertising and marketing did I decide to give it a try. It was right when NM came out on DVD, and I was four months pregnant. I talked to a few people as they were purchasing it (at the midnight release by the way lol) and it peaked my interest. I had seen the first movie and was not all too impressed, but that week I rented NM and enjoyed it enough to buy the book to hear the rest of the story. I started with Twilight, a couple days later I found myself buying New Moon (blushing because Mr Werd saw me getting it), then Eclipse, and two minutes after finishing Eclipse I was in the car on a search for Breaking Dawn. I was officially hooked. I started carrying the books to work with me and watching every youtube clip I could find. It was the only pregnancy craving I had and it carried me through 41 weeks. I took the books with me to the hospital; Let Me Sign was background to a contraction or two…anyway, point made, I’m a nerd.

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