We gon’ party like it’s Moon’s birthday

Dear LTTers,

Once upon a time, on May 9th, 1982 to be exact, Mama Moon went into labor. I’m not sure if that was a natural labor, one induced by drugs or if it was long, hard (ugh TWSS) easy or quick. But I know that the labor produced Moon. And life has never been the same.

Moon grew up in Arizona, mere minutes from where a young Stephenie Meyer was imagining the perfect mate who would turn into the fictional Edward Cullen. Coincidence that years later Moon would write about this Edward Cullen & obsess over the man who plays him on film? I think not.

A lot of “stuff” happened in the next few years. Ya know, normal stuff like growing up, learning how to read & write (things that would become very important for a future hobby) and being exposed to great music. Some of Moon’s favorites were: N’Sync, Jimmy Eat World & The Beatles. This love for music led her to a teeny, tiny college in Oklahoma that would surely not prepare her for a career in the music business. But young adulthood is for making silly decisions we don’t understand later in life. And thankfully the lack of provision the teeny, tiny school provided led Moon to look elsewhere to prepare her for her dream job. This led her straight into my arms. Well, sorta.

BFFs FOREVER (but not for like 5 years)

On September 7th, 2002, Moon landed on the tiny island of Martha’s Vineyard to join a group of 30 students for a music “colony” for one semester. Some were there to become better musicians, some were there to produce, some were there to make out with the guy who was assigned as her producer and others were there to manage the careers of the musicians. Moon was there on the management track. [I’ll let you guess who the one was who made out with the producer (and the name of that lucky producer*).] This little island was much like another small town we know. It was dead on the off season. There was a diner in town where everyone frequented. The winter was dark. Handsome vampires ran around wooing the objects of their affection. Okay, that didn’t happen but both Moon & I went on to not speak more than 2 sentences to each other the entire semester. But a few years into the future we became the dearest of friends & later started a popular Twilight blog. We have a dreary winter in West Tisbury, Massachusettes to thank!

The story goes that after Moon graduated & was “figuring things out” at her parents house back in Arizona & I was stuck at the world’s worst job scanning financial documents, we rekindled our acquaintanceship & started realizing how dumb we were for not becoming bff’s years before. We had the same taste in men (Adam Brody helllooo) an affinity for Pop Culture & bad/awesome Pop Music. And then one day, a day that will go down in the history books (that no one will read) we realized we both were obsessing a little too much over this Twilight thing & Robert Pattinson. You know the rest. But do you really KNOW Moon? Find out MORE & Celebrate with me, after the jump!

Did you Know:

She likes to drink champy:

Going to Kenya changed her life:

She always knows how to make you laugh:

Once she took a picture with Bobby Long (and Ash Frag) by a DUMPSTER:

She loves to dress up for her birthday:

Once she fell in a box at work. It was in the IT room. It was like a cartoon. She folded in half. She thought it was a chair. It was not. The end.

She is easy-going, fun, loving, smart, beautiful and caring:

She isn’t afraid to pose in public:

She is the truest of true friends:

To the birthday girl, my dear friend Moon who I miss terribly & wish I could buy birthday champagne today, have the happiest of Birthdays.

I love you, Moon!


If you have the privilege of knowing Moon in real life, send her some birthday love in the comments today! If you just know her virtually or from admiring her beautiful hair all these years, you leave her some birthday love too!

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  • Adrienne

    happy birthday Moon! hope it is as lovely as you are!

  • Vickybonnett

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOON!! I knew you only virtually then had the privilege of meeting you in real life. Life has not been the same since πŸ™‚ I hope you have a wonderful day today and always. Live vixb
    PS Have always loved that hair too!

    • Moon

      looooove you! roscoes and passion fruit stat!

  • Anonymous

    The happiest of birthdays to you Moon!

    May you get lots of Twilight and Rob fodder to brighten your day. And some Big Daddy too!

  • Crazddreamer

    Beautiful pictures! Happy Birthday Moon!

  • JodieO

    happy Birthday, Moon! (With a capital B that rhymes with P and that stands for pool.)

    • Moon

      you got trouble! right here in LTT

      • JodieO

        That dame that counts Tay’s abs is the devil’s tool. (Devil’s tool!)

        • Anonymous

          Oh we got trouble here, we got big big trouble!

          (that was awesome. just had to add in)

  • nocoolname

    Happy birthday, Moon!

  • Anonymous

    Aww! Happy Birthday! You DO have great hair!

  • Sisterpenguin

    Happy Birthday Moon! Thanks for making many people in far off lands smile and feel a bit more “normal”. Except for that year of birth thing – just points out how ancient some of us (not Aro ancient but hey!)

  • I was so excited to see I share a birthday with Moon!! Yay us! Until I saw the year. 1982. *sigh* 5 years later I would have my baby boy. Thanks for making me Laugh and Cry on OUR BIRTHDAY MOON!


    • Moon

      rob in glasses YES!

      happy birthday to you and me!

      ps thanks for sharing the year uc!

    • TeamSeth

      Glasses! WIN! (see my avi)

  • superhumanmoron

    Happiest of Birthdays to you!!!

  • Anonymous

    Man, I knew you were special. 17 years ago to this day I gave birth to my baby girl. Have an awesome birthday!!! We will just have to through you a virtual party and maybe plan something BIG next year.

    • Moon

      happy bday to her too!

  • Kc0079

    Moonie! I’ve had the privilege to call you a friend for quite some time now! I have been blessed with amazing friendships like yours and on your birthday I hope you have fuckawesome rad tIme! I love you very much m’lady! As honorary chola I will have my uncle Jose Pedro Martinez Gonzalez Lopez come pick you up in a geo prism and take you cruising through the streets of echo park and then drop you off at the Best Western on sunset blvd so that my uncle pancho can you hook you up with a free stay and my Tia concha will hook you up with some eye shadows! πŸ˜‰ #cpv Love ya!

    • krazykidd

      And I did this from my iPhone sonit doesn’t show my name but in case you were wondering…it’s me krazykidd or KK as most of the peeps call me lol

    • Moon

      i lurrrrve you and your familia and their rad hook ups!

      cpv for life!
      that’s redundant!

  • Anonymous

    Kismet. So many things just come back to this.
    Happy Birthday, Moon. Hope the peacocks strut for you!

    • Moon

      i like kismet.


  • Ms. J

    A very happy B-Day to you indeed!! I hope you get everything you want today!!!
    PS – I also go to a tiny Oklahoma college so I can aspire to be just like you MOON πŸ™‚

    • Moon

      time to leave πŸ™‚ i kid i kid! where do you go?

  • Happy Birthday Moon! Thank you for doing this silly blog.. It has distracted me for about 2 in 1/2 years now. WooHoo!!

    • MariaCecilia

      Yes, because unlike vampires, our minds are not superattentive and are therefore even more easily distracted than Edward’s. We don’t have to run off to South America, we just open our laptops and there we…*gone*

    • Moon

      you are all so very welcome! thanks for being here for us!

  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday to my gorgeous virtual friend Moon! Have a fantabulistic day!

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Moon!! Wishing you all sorts of fabulousness!! Have a wonderful day!!

  • Sagalvr

    Happy Birthday Moon! And way to go on the beautiful tribute UC πŸ™‚ You both have made me laugh too many times to count, and I am so glad you found each other and put your (hysterically funny) thoughts online–keep it up!

  • ChillinWithCullens

    Happy, happy b-day Moon! PS: LOVE your highlights! Supercute!!

  • natteringyeahrobber

    Happy Birthday Moon!! I love your keytar clutch. I can only hope you were air-keytaring Miami Sound Machine. And in case you weren’t, here is my gift to you.

    • Moon

      i (and everyone else who grabs it while im out) pretty much air keytar any song that comes on! it’s a great convo starter

  • drsaka

    Happy Birthday, Moon!

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Moon! Hope you have a day filled with fantastic music and bubbly champagne and that those darn peacocks shut up and let you sleep tonight!

    • Moon


  • chochang

    *doing a slow clap for Moon*

    • Moon

      *slowly stands up and twirls around to enjoy the moment*

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR Moon. You are loved more than you know. Have a fantastic birthday!!! <3
    p.s. Ohhh the dumpster picture. I remember it well πŸ™‚

    • Moon

      let’s not forget the lady falling IN the dumpster after this! still the best!

  • Libbyrenee


  • Nettie

    I have totally been admiring her hair ever since I started reading LTT! Happy Birthday, Moon!

    Thanks for the little history of the friendship, too. I had always wondered about that.

  • BayWolf


  • hopieg

    Happy Birthday Moon!!!!!!

  • northernlights

    Paljon onnea vaan

    paljon onnea vaan

    paljon onnea Moon

    Paljon onnea vaan…

    Many happy wishes on your birthday!

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Moon!! Hope you have a wonderful day full of Fun, Friends, and Family!! And Edward πŸ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Moon! Hope you have lots of fun and presents (minus the paper cuts).

    • MariaCecilia

      Although being “attacked” by Jasper might almost make it worth the paper cut, don’t you think..?

  • MariaCecilia

    Happy birthday Moon! Isn’t it wonderful to have thousands of women all over the world feeling like they know you and stalk..ehm following you obsessively and taking a deep interest in your drinking habits, wardrobe and music taste? You and Mr Paddington must have so much in common: you should meet up and swap crazy..I mean classy fan stories! <3 u!

    • Moon

      oh mr. paddington. if only i could wrestle him away for an hour or so from YOUKNOWWHO we could make this happen

  • Stacey

    Happy Birthday Moon! Have a wonderful and fun filled day!

  • Moon

    wow i hope someone is currently trying to steal my identity with this info!

  • Moon

    also i never met a public posing opportunity i didn’t like!

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Moon!! xoxo

  • blondieinco

    Happy Birthday Moon!!

  • Anonymous

    Awww, that’s a beautiful letter and a beautiful friendship.
    Have a great birthday, Moon!

  • Tigerkitten36

    Hapopy Birthday Moon, Thank you (and UC) for all the giggles you have given me over the last few years ( years?? geesh)

  • karleen

    Happy Birthday Moon, try a mimosa with guava juice! Reading this blog brings me so much joy and laughter. You and UC are so personable, I feel like I know you in person. Have a great day today!

  • Mamma Moon

    Happy Birthday Moon . I was in labor with you a total of 1 1/2 hours. That was the best Mother’s Day ever. You have never disappointed me and I am very proud to call you my daughter. Thanks UnintendedChoice for your kind words for Moon’s Birthday.
    Love you lots,
    Mamma Moon

    • Bubs

      @ Mamma Moon. Thanks for having such a beautiful, intelligent, witty, generous daughter with great taste [in books and movies especially] and lovely friends [eg. UC]. If she was my daughter I’d be very proud of her too.

    • nocoolname

      Mamma Moon!!! For real? It’s like a celeb’s mom just stopped in for a chat! Thanks for having Moon – we all just love her.

  • The_OldOne

    Damn, I’m late! Is the party still happening? Happy Birthday, Moon, sorry, I didn’t bring a present, but I’ll give you a virtual hug!

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Moon! ( i first wrote Britday. that’d be a nice present, huh?) Thank you for all the laughs and love. Maybe someday we can be more than virtual friends! Enjoy your day πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Moon! Do you realise you were born within a decade of all of the Holy Trinity – a cause for celebration in itself. And your hair IS fabulous, kinda makes up for all those bad wigs we endure.

    Great post UC. Happy celebrating! (Did Moon get her card from Big Daddy yet?)

  • Anonymous

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPY birthday Moon, much love from down under (twss). I cherish those two weeks I was sick in bed, read ALL of Twilight and then (most importantly) found you. Angels got their wings that day.
    Thanks Moon!

  • JenlovesRob

    Dear Moon-

    Happy Birthday to a fellow Taurus! My birthday was yesterday May 8th.


  • Bubs

    Hope it’s not too late to say Happy Birthday Moon [’cause it’s the 10th in Australia right now – I’m just cathcing up with my emails].

    “May the joy you bring to others, come back to you today and the rest of the year and I hope this Birthday makes you feel as beautiful and special as you are.”

    Thanks for all you and UC do for us……

  • Sue G.

    Happy 29th Birthday Moon!

    Wow…I met my husband in May 1982! I feel soooooo old!

    • nocoolname

      But maybe you met him when you were just five years old or something… πŸ™‚

  • VT

    Happy, Happy birthday Moon!!

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