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Introducing the New Holy Trinity! Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 Premiere

Dear Old Holy Trinity-

Move over Taylor and Kristen, there’s a new trinity in town… aka these are the videos UC chose to edit first.

Rob, Mike Welch (ROOOBBB!!) and Melissa Rosenberg. Yup, UC must have a thing for Mike Welch and Melly Rosenberg because she totally overlooked people like Jackson Rathbone and Kellan Lutz for… MIKE.WELCH. Yea, I don’t know either y’all but considering last year’s Mike Welch moment I’m surprised he even gave us a second chance much less played along with our dumb game. Whatta sport that guy!

Mike Welch. Yea, we totally asked him to act the fool and he was more than willing. And yes, this Arizona girl is likin’ da rain.

And then Melissa Rosenberg became just like our favorite step-aunt in this video.

And well there’s really no need for introduction to this ROBERT PATTINSON video because there are no words necessary because as you all know, this has never happened before. Special hugs to Matt and Ryan for hooking us up. WAAAAY up.

We’re sorry Taylor and Kristen but I’m sure you understand… you never would have delivered famous Twilight movie lines in Mike Welch’s voice or introduced us to your husband or told us you had to pee. So as you can see it had to be done. You’ll understand someday, when you’re older.

Who else has moved up on our list of favorites? Who will be the new Big Daddy (we miss you!)? Who will be the next Buttcrack Santa? Only time and Goldfish Cracker-fueled midnight editing sessions will tell.

Moon and UC


  • Sisterpenguin

    WAAAAAHHHH! I wanna be back there (except for the scarey time on the bleachers)!!
    Great job you guys. What a fantastic experience.

    Every moment has led to this…

  • Rachel

    awww yeah! I love the either or interview and the little “bliiiing” sound effect at the end!

  • Luludee

    I love that you asked Mike Pizza Rolls or Hot Pockets. That whole game was fabulous. 30 second in heaven with Rob, woot!

  • alice_av

    I absolutly love your red carpet interviews much better that even the so call “pros” thank you!

  • Elise

    Oh Rob, never change. “I really need the bathroom.” Classic.

  • BeaDee

    The Mike Welch interview is sheer gutsy brilliance. His reaction to Broken or Unbroken is the funniest thing I’ve seen in days.

  • LOL the broken unbroken reaction!!! Loved your questions!
    M. Rosen reminds me of Geena Davis in Thelma and Louise.

  • And I dig Rob’s green suit. He’s like a really hot Gumby.

  • dazzledbyrp

    Yeay! It’s perfection that you finally get Rob and he says he has to pee, right! What great night. Loved seeing you guys.

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