The well-rounded Twilight Fan

Dear Twilight fandom,

This is the story of how to be a well-rounded Twilight fan.  It IS possible that your husbands, significant others, moms, dad, kids, etc. can be “proud” of you, despite your obsessing over “just a book about Vampires” (who has had someone in their life refer to it as that before? I have, I have!) Moon & I, through reading your letters and amazing emails, have discovered the key to maintaining a healthy, balanced life, while never really leaving the Twilight world.

By using the suggestions described by the following stories, we feel you will emerge a better, fuller, more whole, smarter, sexier, well-rounded person. (Or at least well-rounded in the 5 areas we consider to be most important in life: Music, Parties, Film, Fun and Art.)

Enjoy a snippet of each of these important life areas, brought to you by something Twilight related, below:


Raise your hand if you’ve heard music related to the Twilight saga that sucks. ME. So you can imagine my surprise when one of our readers, Brodie-Ann, sent us “Twilight Wishes and Vampires Kisses” in the form of a song from her band Felinedown that not only DOESN’T suck but is ACTUALLY quite good! Here is her explanation of the song:

This song, Push, is based on New Moon from Bella’s perspective. I created it really as a gift for Stephanie – to thank her for Twilight and all our characters she has really inspired me both personally and as a song writer.

Go ahead, listen! And let Brodie-Ann know what you think in the comments!

Click the image to listen to the music!

Click the image to listen to the music!


Remember RhoJo and her amazing friends who created the amazing Twilight Drinking Game for a DVD release party that included instructions like: take a drink every time Bella stumbles, falls or stutters? Well, she sent us pictures of the amazing party she threw for her and her friends.

They all wore uniforms of course

They all wore uniforms of course

Pocket Edward really enjoys the vampire shots

Pocket Edward really enjoys the vampire shots

Notice their attention to detail with even the drink that Cardboard Edward prefers

Notice their attention to detail with even the drink that Cardboard Edward prefers

Read about how to be well-rounded in Film, Fun and Art after the jump!


SummerGirl sent us an e-mail because she happened to be at the Little Ashes showing in London this past weekend when the Pattinson family (minus Rob & Patty Pattinson) attended! Here is her account:

I knew [what the Pattinsons looked like] because of the Ellen Show screen captures, and they arrived just as we did.  I stood behind Clare [Mrs. P] as she was getting her tickets!!

“Name please:”  “Pattinson”  *SummerGirl nearly falls over*

There were 4 [of them] to begin with – Clare & Richard plus 2 friends of a similar age.  They all looked very smart.  You know how on the Ellen Show they were casual, suntanned & baring flesh? Well, it is chilly here, and they all had smart clothes on.  Clare had black jeans on (maybe) and some boots. Richard had a smart camel coat on.  They all went to the bar and had white wine.

We went in about 7.15pm —  the seating was unreserved.  They came in right before the movie started and all that was left was front row seats!!!!  Their party had grown  – maybe 9 or 10 people —  and I spotted at least one sister and I think later saw both sisters.  They are either incredibly similar or it was just one girl, with coat on or coat off.

Amazing story! Hope you told my future mother-in-law “hi” for me!


You know that we feature a “Where in the world is the Edward Action Figure” over on LTR every Sunday, right? Most of those pictures are taken by Moon (because I am WAY too ‘first-hand’ embarrassed to get the good shots like she does!) We probably get 1-2 submissions of reader’s “Adventures” or “Fun Times” with Edward the Action Figure (or Pocket Edward) EVERY DAY.  We occasionally post them, but usually we just keep them in a folder for when we have a bad day and need a laugh.

This latest adventure of action-figure Edward MUST be shared. Action figure Edward got to join Natsu and her friends in the FOURTH ROW at a New Kids on the Block concert!




'You've got the right stuff, Eddie! Love the way you turn me on"

Yes, Pocket Edward DID get to attend a meet-and-greet!

Yes, Pocket Edward DID get to attend a meet-and-greet! (See adroable short dark-haired girl? Now notice Edward...)

Natsu shared the best part of the night:

After the group photo was taken, Jonathan took Eddie out of my hands and said, “What’s this?” I was speechless so my friend told him it was Edward from Twilight. He just started to laugh and took a long look at Edward and gave him back to me!!!!!! I COULD HAVE DIED!!!! Seriously, Jonathan Knight manhandled little Eddie!!!!


There’s nothing I like more than to make fun of 2nd-hand embarrassing Twilight-related art. Well, I guess giving out fake-prizes for GOOD Twilight-art is fun too. I’ve really been 2nd-hand embarasssed by the number of AWFUL fan-made posters for New Moon out there right now. I’m sorry- that poster of Rob/Edward with his shirt off and head down? NOT GOOD. Hate me all you want, but that’s how I feel!

Now THIS poster, on the other hand, is amazing. THIS is why I want to see New Moon and THIS is how I hope Kristen portrays Bella. Fingers crossed for a better New Moon (and a TON of fasting and praying, like my friend Lula is doing)


"He's Gone"

Thanks to our very first reader: ’86 Rabbit for finding this poster made by saveme620

Well, there you have it. 5 examples of how our well-rounded readers are living their lives. Did we miss something? Yes, eating IS important- but we got that covered with vampire shots. Sex? Hmm.. yes I did forget sex, didn’t I?


Need I say more?

Need I say more?


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