The New Moon movie poster leaks and makes a big impression on the Quad! That's what she said!

You bes be steppin' Edward! There's a new set of cheekbones in town!

You bes be steppin' Edward! There's a new set of cheekbones in town!

Dear LTT-ers

So when the official New Moon poster leaked yesterday evening we KNEW there had to be a special “Breaking it down Vanity Fair Style” post on Letters to Twilight. So I shined the Quad Signal in the sky and we all convened at a google chat room our super top secret lair of awesomness and commenced a super-de-dooper fangirl breaking it down!  So get yourself a cocktail and a comfortable chair and settle in cause this one’s a dooooozy…  and see how many times Eastfriend talks about cheekbones and a special fake prize to anyone who catches how many time’s we say “that’s what she said.”

Get excited folks, New Moon is around the corner!
Themoonisdown, UnintendedChoice and the Quad

moon: myello
Eastfriend: i am here and i am enjoying deliciousness. and cheekbones.
moon: omg the bigger one is SO much better! THATS WHAT SHE SAID
moon: you can see all the details!
UC: good start so hot. lemme pull it up. THATS what she said! off to a great start
Eastfriend:  i love that jacob is in between them…that is KEY!
moon: the pissed off faces
moon: rob definitely gives better face
Eastfriend: he gives better head. ahem.
moon: that too. and the FISTS!! time to fight boys!
Eastfriend: loving the crest.
Eastfriend: CHeekBONeS. forever.
moon: no tattoo in the shot though. big reveal later
UC: I know when they did this poster
moon: it was that DAY with all those great pics on set
Eastfriend: yep.
Eastfriend: cheekbones.
UC: you’re loving those bones huh? that’s what she said
UC: He looks the same. and amazing. short hair. his hair is a bit longer now
Eastfriend: he looks exactly same, that’s why he had the orange blush on that day–photoshoot.
moon: the wardrobe

Summer Donna! Simmer down now!

Summer Donna! Simmer down now!

UC: yep exactly. Tay’s loooking great. I’m so proud of him
Eastfriend: her hair is lamespice.
UC: like he’s my lil brother. Kristen looks beautiful though, her face
moon: jacob looks like he’s somewhere between pouting and being sassy
moon: hes been taking classes with selena at the disney school of faces
UC: Tay looks dark next to Rob. which is good. he wishes it were Selena
UC: do you think that Kristen wanted to push over Taylor to get to Rob? but couldn’t b/c of his huge native american muscles?
EastFriend: rob is 100% better than last poster. thank GOD!
UC: So far this photographer is awesome i mean.. the green screen is cool. and the photoshopper is awesome
Eastfriend: CHEEkboneS.
Moon: yea SO much better than the last. he looks more real and less lame-o vampire

Much more to be covered… Rob’s makeup tips, inspecting things south of the border, Westfriend weighs in and MORE after the cut

Benetint lip color, MAC eyeshadow in Knight Divine... 3 coats of mascara and repeat!

Benetint lip color, MAC eyeshadow in Knight Divine... 3 coats of mascara and repeat!

The Quad covers makeup tips courtesy of Rob:
Eatfriend: his eye make up is DID
moon: rob is defs working the smokey eye
Eastfriend: DID, I say. and it’s totally the MAC smoky eye, too,
UC: I have that color in MAC

We, uh… inspect things down south:
Eastfriend: wonder if either of them are hard?
Eastfriend: i went there. i did.
UC: that’s what shes said
UC: Oh-you really meant it! they both are prob. especially tay
Moon: oh taylor is for sure. thats why he’s turned around
UC: he’s never been that close to a girl like that before
Moon: too embarassing
UC: and kristen’s like.. ‘ewwwww’
Moon: and shes touching his delt

Eastfriend lets us in on a little secret…
Eastfriend: um….
Eastfriend: do we LOVE that i am OLDER than selena’s mother. embarrassing.
UC: you are NOT
Moon: what?!!! no way
Eastfriend: yep. she’s 32. had selena at 16.
Eastfriend: kill me now.
Eastfriend: hi–my daughter could be effing taylor. or not effing. DRY HUMPING.
UC: that is unbelievable
Moon: well babies having babies aint nothing to be killin over

Westfriend is out on another mission and can’t make it into the chat… she texts in her thoughts…
UC: Westfriend is text breaking it down: Kristen looks hawt. I approve of Rob’s bangingness. I would be her fake les, just in that pic. Replace me with Jake. In between her and Rob

Eastfriend: sorry… i crawled into his cheekbones and got lost for a minute. the DEFINITION!

He is man, er Vampire hear him roar!

He is man, er Vampire hear him roar!

Moon: chest hair. they left it in
EastFriend: CHEST HAIR. “Early pubes.”
UC: where? chest hair?
UC: do you have it BIG? that’s what she said
UC: i don’t see chest hair. i have it big too
Moon: yes the big one, rob has chest hair
Eastfriend: did you read that gossip crap that he was on some yacht with paris? DIE. and EWWWWWW.
UC: yes but that they didn’t speak. but Rob on a YACHT!? yes please!
Eastfriend: soooooooo lame. soooooooo not him. he’s back at his hotel now. Kristen snuck into France. she’s between his legs now. i said that. i did.
UC: yes you did!!!
Moon: i came back from swiffering the bathroom floor to THAT!
UC: and Moon comes out from nowhere. i love that you’re cleaning the bathroom, for the new roomie
Eastfriend: ok…so I make it way bigger. that’s what…you know…
UC: that’s what she said 🙂
Eastfriend: and yes…the chest hair is KILLING ME
UC: I need to make it bigger
Eastfriend: his hair is PERFECTION in this. PERFECTION, I repeat.
UC: making it bigger now
Moon: ctrl + apparently thats what all the kids are doing these days!
UC: DUDE chest hair!!!!!! i just screen shot it
Moon: we can figure out his eye shadow tricks this way

UC: he looks amazing they all do. i cannot wait, is is november yet
UC: (ps.. i just realized yest. i accidentally added Lee lindsey as a category.. instead of a tag. hahaha)
Eastfriend: in those boots she is WORTHY of a category.
UC: I love it.. taylor blocking edward from Bella
Eastfriend: he’s still not big enough. they got some work to do in Eclipse, is all i’m saying.
UC: he’s huge!
Eastfriend: but he’s not bigger than “Edward.” and he has to be. or else i’ll stomp my feet like a petulant child, or like Stephenie Meyer reacting to MS being leaked

TA-DA! The End. What were your thoughts?

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Sources: our very own Director of Robsigation: Jbell, and and whoever accidently hit the publish button a day early over at the Washington Times!

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