Kickin' arse and taking names with Cam Gigandet

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Dear Cam-

Your video on Funny or Die was part genius you truly ALMOST hit the mark with this one. Good call on cashing in on Twilight since your character James is dead now and won’t be back for any of the sequels so you miss out on all the extra publicity. The video is hilarious because it’s true and that’s what makes the video so great… but between you and me we all know if this every really happened, if you ever really encountered a group of crazy twihards be it preteens or twimoms in a book group you wouldn’t have won. Not at all. They would have “ripped you apart and burned the pieces.” Just like any good vampire killer would. Trust. Now be careful out there dear it’s a wild world!

You can run but you can’t hide!

Don’t forget ol Robby today or the forum!

  • that was hilarious!

  • Proselyte3


    I would have loved to see a twi Mom thrown in for good measure. Justsayin. To be more realistic, artistic integrity and all that. xo

    • themoonisdown

      seriously they should have, im sure the true ones would have volunteered.

  • Proselyte3

    P.S. Just read yesterdays post. I grew up in AZ too. Tempe. I also have family in N. Phx.. HEEEEEEY! We are going for a visit in July, I’m in Toronto now. Have a great vaca! xo

    • themoonisdown

      i grew up in chandler, very clsoe to tempe! what a smaaaalll world! now it makes me wonder what church you went to!

  • This would’ve been BRILLIANT if it really happened. Cause seriously…some of these nutty, psycho, deluded, whackadoo, set-stalking fans need their arses kicked. It’s ruining a beautiful love story…cheapening what was once sacred.

    I’m just sayin’.

    Don’t judge.

    p.s. I love that Cam has a daughter now. ‘Tis beautiful. It makes him hotter. Right, UC?????? 🙂

    • themoonisdown


  • brummielover

    Why did I enjoy that sooooo much lol…Oh man I was like hit her again! hit her again! lol

    I hope Rob gets to see this.

    Yea, they just don’t give MTV best fight awards to just anybody…suhweeet!

    • themoonisdown

      they should have let rob get in a few hits for good measure.

  • krazykidd

    I saw this one….it was UBER funny…and he really is pretty hottt!!! 🙂

    • themoonisdown

      no joke. sans wig and trashy outfit he is a supa fly!

  • LaPush Baby

    Hilarious!! What a riot, those girls ARE scary!

    @LeighAnne, yeah, that makes him way hotter!


    Have a great Saturday, everyone!

  • yellow.jello

    reminds of an actor who´s been playing the villian in a german soap-opera for years, he told an interviewer that people on the street actually spit on him for ruining someone´s life in the show. haha.

    cam should´ve pointed out that he´s not even sparkling in the sun… great video!

  • domisgone

    Shit. This was too funny. My hubby and I giggled our way through it. Hubby said it would be nice if they got Pattinson in there doing it… probably cause it would relieve some of that pent up frustration at local fan girls always stalking him… ahh, I don’t think it would have the same affect.

  • Emily W

    OMG. I died when I saw this yesterday. You totally know if they were hot legal chicks he would’ve been all “Laaaadies. I see you’re reading Twilight… I played a lil role in the film AND got to meet Rob…” *attempts Edwards dazzle smile*.

  • Emily W

    Heres the “making of” clip. The girls are adorable- especially the youngest one at the end. He will forever regret saying “I love being chased by young girls!”

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