Living Single in a Twilight Kind of World!

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On the heels of last weeks super successful Hardball:  Is Kristen Stewart pregnant? post, I’ve decided to tackle another subject close to my heart: Living single in a Twilight/Rob kind of world! Yup, free feel to sing that to the tune of the Living Single theme song. I feel like a good portion of our audience are mature adult women in relationships and I wanted to give a platform to the other side of the equation. What is is like to be a single adult lady and like a YA novel about Vampires? How has obsessing over Rob and other Twi stars affected their relationships and pursuit of life and boys? And most of all how in the crap will we meet Rob and have him fall madly in love with us? Cause after all that’s a possibility when you’re single!

So again I’ve gathered a panel of the brightest, smartest raddest ladies from the LTT/LTR family to participate in a Sex and the City style round table discussion (aka chat). Just imagine us in the coffee shop with our most awesomest shoes (you’ll see those, don’t worry!) sipping cocktails and dishing the dirt on everything from boys to friends to Twitter to Jonathan Brandis. Yup, we hit it all.

Welcome to Part One (yes we had to break it up there was so much good stuff!) of Living Single in a Twilight Kind of World *cue music*

Heels and a High Life that's the way Moon rolls

Moon: So ladies, just so you can introduce yourselves and let all those good viewers out there know who you are, I’ll start this how i start all my creepy online chats… A/S/L?
Moon: 26/female/los angeles… oh and send us tweetpics of your fabulous shoes while we chat…
Brooke: 29-F-Philly
chelsea: 24/F/Orange County
Calli: 25/f/Philly
janetrigs: 55/M/texas
aramisette: 28/F/Boston
janetrigs: Okay nooo
Brooke: oh Janet
janetrigs: 31/F/DC
freya: 34/Albuquerque
Brooke: Freya, you a man? didn’t want to tell us?
Moon: pre op?
janetrigs: She must totally be a man
freya: Sorry, 24/ALL WOMAN/Albuquerque
Moon: trannies living in a rob world!
freya: Dang–I just took my age down by ten years!
janetrigs: Trannies in Rob world seems NORMAL
chelsea: Pre or Post-op?

Freya likes booty with her heels

Single and Ready to Mingle?
: i’m drinking disarono on the rocks
Brooke: That’s normal!
Moon: so are we all single or in some sort of relationship?
Calli: and i’ve got rootbeer vodka on the backburner
Moon: calli is classy. i want to be calli when i grow up
janetrigs: Rootbeer vodka!!
freya: Single.
Calli: single
aramisette: single
Brooke: Single
janetrigs: single, of course
chelsea: I prfer Unencumbered to single..
freya: “Unencumbered”–LOL
Moon: foot loose and fancy free!
aramisette: unencumbered is better. shows u don’t need a man
janetrigs: Well I’s divorced
janetrigs: Is that diff from single, I like to think NOOOO
Brooke: Janey has a wusband
Calli: i’m going to go with “suffering from limited options
aramisette: u choose to be this way
janetrigs: Wasbands suck just so you know. But no kids thank the lord
Moon: couldnt match up to rob?
janetrigs: No one can Moon
janetrigs: No one is ever gonna match up to rob, that’s why I go for the drunk ones, closest to him I think
Moon: HAHAHA amen we’re getting there

Follow the cut to learn more about cover stories, batteries and which Rob is our favorite

What are we here for again? Oh yea Rob and Twilight –

Moon: so WHY ROB??!! or kellan or jackson or whatever your twi cup of tea is
freya: Start with the hard questions!
Brooke: Rob has a certain “Je ne sais quoi”
Moon: que sera sera
janetrigs: Why? He is Hot and has no filter, we are like soul mates
aramisette: i think i may be more hyped over Rob over anyone i have been before cuz of all of you
aramisette: i think it enables it
Brooke: Beautiful eyes, hair you want to run your fingers through while passionately kissing him
freya: It’s the looks, plus the awkwardness, plus the brains, plus the mystery, plus the Edward factor.
Moon: yes, i always wonder if Edward has a lot to do with it
janetrigs: What I meant to say is that he’s Hot, esp while drunk and has no filter. Loves music, does goofy shit and FUCK that tux is delicious
Brookie: definitely the Edward factor…cause let me just say…unibrow in Little Ashes wasn’t going to bring the “O” face
Calli: if i could sum up why rob… i don’t think i’d have found it necessary to find all of you
janetrigs: Edward factor does help but, only cause of the way he used his bedroom fucking eyes
Calli: yes… don’t find daliert attractive

Brooke: i think he seemed humble in the early interviews and that was extremely attractive
Moon: YES and bumbling and nerdy

Calli: i feel in love with rayban rob
Calli: and interview rob
Moon: yea calli pretty much when he slammed the volvo door i wanted to hump the movie screen
Calli: exactly
Calli: i didn’t become twi/robsessed till january. read the book then watched shit online (ie trailer) then saw movie. hence i had seen and lusted over rayband robward.
janetrigs: Brooke, yes agree, the humbleness is crazy sexy, esp on a man that hot
freya: First knowing him as Edward was the “jumping off” point–or rather the “jump on him” point…
Brookie: cue George Michael music
aramisette: interview Rob did it for me
janetrigs: Interview, tux, tortured singing did it for me
Moon: oh god, the singing and the playing
Moon: i have reoccurring convos with kristin about him and his music
Brooke: Yes, the fact that he is a musician makes him infinitely hotter

Everyone loves Interview Rob

janetrigs: Rayban Ron I mean ROb FUCK is awesome
Moon: HAHA I mistype Rob all the time and call him Ron. Poor guy, who the hell is RON?!
freya: Bluesy voice, silly giggle, and those amazing white shirt and tie and a little bit of scruff pics! DAMN.
Moon: BEARDWARD  all i have to say is BEARDWARD
Brooke: i think my panties already went poof
janetrigs: I’m naked so not a problem here

Moon: As you can see the single ladies panel got quickly sidetracked into daydreams of Robward, Tuxward, Beardward, RayBanward…

Moon: OK so all this rob talk… does it make it hard to find/keep a boyfriend?
janetrigs: YES, finding one to measure up is impossible. But who ever could?
Moon: has it hurt anyones relationship with a dude?
Brooke: since i got out of a very long term relationship, haven’t dated, saving myself for Rob. i know it’s fate
aramisette: Haven’t been in one since my Robsession, it’ll be interesting to see what happens when i do. thought my current crush resembles him a tad but i crushed on him before I crushed on Rob. My crush is freakishly similar to Rob: in looks and personality
Moon: im a serial crusher, i like someone hardcore for like a week and a half then i find some dumbass thing about them and move on.
janetrigs: Serial Crushing is the best
janetrigs: I was willing to give FunBobby (ex boyfriend) a chance even though he was not Rob, but bad kissing is just sucky. You gotta be able to kiss like Rob
aramisette: but you don’t actually know if he kisses well. Um, Check Check Check!


How can a mere mortal compete?

Moon: so knowing there’s “ROB” out there doesn’t help?
freya: He definitely sets a new standard. Does he meet all the criteria? Good looking? Funny? Self-deprecating?
Brooke: no, seriously though…they only thing that i think it will affect is me boning the next date way too soon
janetrigs: Exactly, that is why no FF
freya: Then the New Moon pics came out with the new six pack, and the bar was raised again!
Calli: i’ve always been picky as all hell
Calli: i had to take rob off as my background of the cell
Calli: because it became too daunting when i was out.  i’d be at a bar and get a text from someone and i’d be all eye flirty with a dude and then i’d look at the phone and see rob and it’d be done
Brooke:  calli, did you do that after that dude called me out on my background picture of my cell? Second time I got called out, figured it wasn’t good for the love life
janetrigs: I don’t have Rob on anything where you can see him in public, so I can flirt away. But I carry the RobQ about in my Dadcase from work

Calli rockin the Italian sparkly shoe and Disarono

Are you out of the closet about your Twi/Robsession?
Moon: so does your family/friends know about your OCD? twi obsession? rob issues?
janetrigs: Everyone knows about my craziness. They thinks its hilarious. Just figure, I am nuts
aramisette: they make fun of me in a friendly way and BFF loves him, too 🙂
Brooke: I definitely spend too much time on twi-stuff, it fills the hole in my heart, at least partially
Brooke: but, I’m guessing the obsession will fade a bit once I start dating someone
Calli: okay so my friends know of my obsession to an extent. i call him my boyfriend
Calli: jokingly of course
Brooke: no calli, you were dead serious, i saw the photo-shopped pictures
janetrigs: But the Twi stuff has gotten me to meet a bunch of awesome people I wouldn’t have met, we can laugh at ourselves together
Moon: my family defs knows and i get some weird looks occasionally from them cause some of them, especially some of the younger married family members don’t get it but hey when you’re having fun…
janetrigs: I call him my man,…people still go now who..and I have to say the Twilight Guy. Embarrassed for them

Boys? To tell them or not? When in doubt LIE LIE LIE

i usually don’t care about telling girls, but telling guys has been another issue. besides mutemathguy who found out on his own
: Same here Moon. I found out in a roundabout way that a few of my good friends are obsessed with the books too
Okay so that is true Moon, I tell people that I go to this forum, blah blah about Twilight and met people, wouldn’t tell a guy about Robsession
Wouldn’t let a potential guy know he’s got serious standards to live up to
: At work, I get into conversations about Twilight and Rob with random drunk girls.
: I tell them about LTT?LTR
: Although at this point i enjoy the friendships more and the chatting then looking at the rob pics
: i blame everything i know on twitter though. so its cool.  i just say “guys i only know about rob being at the statue in central park bc twitter tells me so” however they do not know about: Calli author of twi theater. That would land me in a mental hospital

Meeting with your “Book Club” or” Old College Friends” and other cover stories
Moon: well sometimes i have to explain to people i cant meet with them or go out because im going to a SAM show or comic con and theyre like WHY? and that’s an interesting convo: “UH cause i write a blog about vampires??”
chelsea: YES Moon! trying to explain it is the hardest part!
Moon: like when chelsea met some of my IRL friends! that was an interesting night!
chelsea: Oh yes it was
Moon: they’re like how do you guys know each other? and we’re like wellll… uhhhh
janetrigs: Cousins, we are all cousin
chelsea: It was a little awkward at first, but the rest of the night was hilarious
Moon: yea worked out in the end. grinding on guyfriend always does that


Secret Lover?

freya: I’ve got cover stories for everything. LTT is a “literary interest group”, Twitter friends are “old friends from college”…
janetrigs: Freya, you may be brilliant
Brooke: But, it’s tough to lie to your real friends
aramisette: forget it. i have to downplay how much stuff i know cuz then i think i get funny looks
freya: I’ve had to think on my feet!
Brooke: i’m okay with telling my parents oh I went to Boston and met up with an old friend from college
Brooke: we need an official cover…maybe make it a philanthropy? Oh we volunteer together
Calli: UC is an old friend i used to take piano lessons with and Brooke is an old family friend
Calli: the only saving grace i have is that i know a lot about celebs in general. so when i say something about rob i usually come right back with another gossip story to counter act
Brookie: but it is harder to tell your real friends the cover stories…i don’t want to lie, i just don’t want to fly the freak flag
janetrigs: The marines we met in JAXville couldn’t understand why we drove there to see SAM and were like “you drove 6 hours for that???” All of my RL friends know, they figure I’ve been happier since I’ve accepted my crazy
Calli: i think my friends/family/etc think i have a secret lover… which i do… his name is Rob.

The Rebellion!

Most of my colleagues look down on Twilight in general, so I really have to keep my mouth shut about everything relating to my interest.
freya: I was talking to an LTT friend on the phone and wouldn’t tell my mother who it was while I was visiting them on my vacation, and my mother asked “Is this your rebellion?!?”
janetrigs: Rebellions. hahaha
freya: I was like “Mom, I’m 34.”
Moon:  HAHAHAH “your rebellion” we’re so 15 again to some people!
freya: I know, right?

Is this your first time?

RIP! (Is that Patty?)

Moon: So is this a first celeb crush or one of many??? Any other fandoms you were a part of?
chelsea: This was my Cherry Popper in that Department
aramisette: first major celeb crush
freya: First time! I didn’t like NKOTB, or Backstreet, or anything as a young person.
Brooke: When I was 13, i crushed HARD on Jonathan Brandis (god rest his soul) i was going to go to a car show to meet him. parents grounded me last minute so I wrote a letter to him for my friend to bring along
chelsea: OMG Jonathan Brandis!!!
Calli: the last time i went this far for a celeb was probably JTT… and all i did was send away for a signed poster of him. which i got. booya.
aramisette: way more obsessive about Rob than any other because u all are ENABLERS! 🙂
janetrigs: I know, whatever….I just figure finding like dirty-minded people online to obssess with is better than hiding your obsession in your Hot Topic Twilight bag

Online news about Rob and Twilight: The female version of the male porn addiction?

f-a-k-e l-e-s-b-i-a-n-s

Moon: i was part of the nsync fandom which ive talked about. which was almost/or AS crazy as this one just less mobilized
Calli: i think technology has allowed us to be MUCH MORE OBSESSIVE than it did in the past
Moon: YES twitter, blogs, text etc everything is instantaneous
Calli: so sometimes i question… is it ROB/TWILIGHT or is it just because EVERYTHING is so accessible?
freya: Technology has definitely HELPED. I don’t have to go out and buy the mags to get my Rob fix.
chelsea: the interwebs totally enable the addiction
freya: It’s like getting porn online. So much more discreet.
Moon: and EASIER TO HIDE! unlike the 3 foot high stack of mags with Twilight or Rob on them near my bed
janetrigs: I never was this obsessed, and know it has to deal with the Twi books, but also snarkiness of the older Twi/Rob fan is AWESOMENESS
aramisette: i think the Twitter virus definitely helps
Brooke: I don’t even need to get the “smut” mags like US weekly or anything anymore. twitter is fabulous alerts to new pics
freya: If it’s in a magazine, someone will get it on the web.

chelsea: Oh yes, the Twi file on my firefox browser is titled ” Writing Resourses”
Moon: HAHAHAHAAH! mine is just “twilight,” i guess i gave up
freya: My file is called “Cleaning Rota”–because I feel like a dirty girl when I access it.
Brooke: OMG, remind me if I do ever start to date someone new, to rename the folders in Firefox. How embarassing
janetrigs: Clear History needs a quick key
Moon: oh god! yes! and clear my history. Could you imagine THAT convo? “uh yea hi boy boy i want to date, i uh… like twilight and read smutty fiction written by 50 yr old women. DATE ME!”
Moon: you’ll love me for my brain, my body, my wittiness AND secretly my devotion to teenage vampires
freya: Fanfic is written by 50 year olds!
Brooke: it’s a total double standard though
chelsea: It is
Brooke: Guys can have porn out the wazoo on their computer, in their bedstand…but what..I obsess over a fictional vampire and i’m the pariah?

Keeping Duracell in business

Stock up!

chelsea: It’s basically acceptable for men to have porn and shit like that
Brooke: can we just talk about between the rob porn and the FF, that my right arm aches and I need new batteries
chelsea: Oh thank god for Batteries!!!!
janetrigs: Batteries are a blessing
janetrigs: So is Rob and Twi our porn, or is FF your porn??
chelsea: FF makes WAY better porn
aramisette: FF is my porn! haha
Moon: i haven’t read a ton but it’s basically like the written version of a porno movie, so i can see the draw
Brooke: it’s hotter because you are picturing characters you have come to love, not some Debbie does dallas slut
aramisette: i cant read that at work
freya: I will not speak of FF. I will pretend to be a prude.
aramisette: but looking at Rob pic at work realy quick is Ok
Moon: in a binder, or on the comp?
aramisette: i read FF on my phone now when i can’t wait to read an update when i get home
Brooke: computer and phone
aramisette: i bookmarked my faves on my phone so i can read at a moment’s notice when i need a fix at work!
Moon: A “fix” at work huh? So we should leave that bathroom alone then after you bolt from your office with your phone in hand?

Moon: So folks we have to pause here and take a “commercial break” but come back next week when this Single Ladies round table tackles the important issues of the perfect date, Robstens vs Nonstens, BJ’s for vacations? And we invent words like “ficked” and “bonged.” So don’t touch that dial!

And stay tuned for anything and everything Comic Con tomorrow!!

Until then my friends… this has been Living Single in a Twilight Kind of World

Play us out…

Special thanks to this round table’s lovely single ladies: Calli, Chelsea, Janetrigs, Aramisette, Freya and Brooke

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