This is how you found us Vol. 5

f-a-k-e l-e-s-b-i-a-n-s

f-a-k-e l-e-s-b-i-a-n-s

Dear LTT-ers and LTR-ers,

It’s been a while since we’ve had a “This is how you found us” post. Though I think after this last week, we just may know how a bunch of you found us, and WELCOME! But mostly people’s searches are getting to be a lot more boring, just the same ol Rob, Kristen, Jackson, Taylor and Kristen’s pregnant like a millions times. Come on, show us your creativity! But we’ve managed to pull together another stellar round of crazy searches for June and July!

For the uninitiated, WordPress (our blog program) allows you to see handy dandy stuff like numbers of visitors, which post is the most popular and what terms people searched for when they found our site. When we found this feature we would laugh so hard at some of the terms we knew we had to share them with you awesome readers! And thus this reoccurring blog post was born!

So here we go again…

  • click to enlarge and enjoy his true beauty

    Kristen i’m pregnant – Seriously, Kristen we don’t believe it. Stop trying to spread this rumor!

  • Oil painting in film ‘twilight’ – Dear god please tell me you’re not trying to create a Twilight oil painting… we have enough stuff in the Twilight Museum of crap Art!
  • Insane Twilight tattoos – oh you mean the back piece I got inked of the Forks, WA topographical map?
  • Win a day with Rob Pattinson – This whirlwind day of romance includes lunch at a vending machine, a 1 minute conversation about cheetos, 4 hours reading in silence at a Borders and culminates with him waving as you get into a cab at 6:20PM. ENTER HERE!!Follow the cut for more good times and crazy googles!
  • Porn letters – oand coming soon!
  • Don’t date kristen you’ll go to jail rob – Seriously Rob, don’t date her we’re talking hard time! Nevermind that she’s totally of age, you’re not from the US, you don’t know our (fake) laws, you’ll GO TO JAIL! Trust us.
  • Robert and Kristen habing sex – I’m habing a hard time picturing this…
  • Robert Pattinson, would he date a girl 8 years – old? Ok, seriously trust us on this one, Rob, you WILL go to jail
  • Pattinson Masturbating – Toot your own horn Rob, it’s the only SAFE way
  • The world is twilight blue it just hurts – Ok, we get it you’re deep now go back to your emo haircut and Cure records
  • Planes wrecks at lax – Yea sometimes this site can be a bit of a plane wreck, sorry.
  • Pics of rob pattinson secretly touching – Himself? TomStu? A coffee cake? ME!?
  • Robert Pattinson to be a father – SURPRISE ROB!!! Oh Kristen maybe you should have called him instead of doing it this way…
  • Is Robert Pattinson into older women – I don’t know ladies, why don’t you tell us?
  • Edward Bella cullen having sex – Are you people serious? Read some fanfic or look at some Isle Esme art!
  • Oldest Cellphone – Yes, Rob has the world’s oldest cell phone it’s also called the Jitterbug!
  • a good sexy theme song – Let’s get it on? Shook me all night long? Do you think my tractor’s sexy?!
  • Letters from crazy people – And you ended up at OUR site? However could that have happened??
  • David Hasselhoff– Seriously, this might be the best thing anyone’s ever searched and found US by. David freaking Hasselhoff! Don’t hassel the hoff folks! He loves him some Twilight

Oh googlers you make us laugh so much!


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