Monday Funnies: Cuz nothing's funnier than laughing at Twilight

Dear Twilight,

I’m so glad we can laugh at your expense. Cuz Lord knows that the list is growing of reasons why I need to laugh: Pics surfaced of Robsten having an intense argument at the Kings of Leon concert about who would have the most grease if they wrung their hair into a measuring cup; when writing about how I was scarred because I accidentally clicked on the snail & dragon penis‘ 3 times on Friday, I accidentally clicked on them another 3 times; I forgot Bella & Edward’s anniversary; I went to three cupcake places yesterday and all three were closed; Plus Cam Gigandet’s 27th birthday was yesterday, and I was really pissed cuz my “Important Twi dates” calendar had it wrong and listed his birthday as today, and then I realized instead of being pissed that I missed it I should just be embarrassed that I have an “Important Twi-dates” calendar. So, I need these laughs:


After the jump- a little bonus Monday Funny:

We posted a link to this back in January. I have no idea where I found it- and back then only MrsP, Vickyb & Christa read LTT, so most of you probably haven’t seen this: What if Twilight was a book of Facebook status?

MEYERBOOKThanks for the laughs!


Am I the only one who dreads Mondays? I promised myself in college I’d never ‘live for the weekend’- that I would never hate my job so much that I couldn’t wait to be out of it. Um. Oops. Anyone want to hire me? What’s getting YOU through this Monday?

Is the The Forum?

How about reading grown women writing letters to Rob?

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