The Morning After – The MTV Video Music Awards

mtvmovieawardsDear LTT-ers

By now all the Diet Coke has been drunk, all the cupcakes consumed and all the screams have died down and what are we left with? Yup 66 days and counting till we finally get to see what we’ve all been waiting for New Moon the movie. And I think it would be an understatement to say I’m excited. I’m kinda really can’t even process all the moments but let’s try…

Red carpet madness:
Um since Rob and Kristen were too “busy” to walk the red carpet we will defer to Ashley who rocked the fashion correspondence and Taylor who KILLED it in a Calvin Klein suit. Sweet baby Jesus.

Killing it in do me heels, black corseted top and “bump it.” Could have left grandma’s couch/gold lame skirt at home but hey you had me at “bump it.”

Oh hai just stopping by before the big board meeting to show you what impeccable tailoring is.

Follow the cut for even more VMA crap… and an extra special gift…

The Show:

  • Russell Brand? AGAIN, MTV?! Why? Was NO ONE available? I’m really at a lose. Cause clearly both Andy Samberg and Jimmy Fallon were in the house. So were you just wanting to provide some total suckage to counter act the amaziness of the rest of the night? FAIL
  • Now, I can’t even acknowledge what happened during Taylor Swift’s award other than to repeat my tweet: “um doesn’t kayne west know that you “do not get Taylor Lautner upset” #trust“????? Clearly, no. Our viewing party would like to thank Kanye West for being a team player and disregard how lameass he was by showing you pics from our awesometimes party…

The infamous Robsten vs. Nonsten brownies created by Chelsea. Read the descriptions and draw your own conclusions.

Ashley couldn’t decide between the Robsten or Nonsten brownies and went for the Don’t Give a Crapsten Cupcakes

Looks like these two made a choice. Darn those toys

Then finally IT. WAS. TIME!!!!!!! We prepared by utilizing all the 2nd hand embarrassing Twilight merchandise in my house. Ok, maybe not all of it, I wouldn’t let anyone hold a RobQ, you never know what biotches are gonna do in the heat of the moment (aka the trailer) and I can’t be having a ripped piece of art

FINALLY! It was as if Jesus and his Angels came down to hand wash both Rob and KStew and slip them into sparkling garments for the event. I have to give it up to KStew for BRINGING IT HARD in Valentino and her Karen O hair. And oh the eye make up… and the shoe… You just might be back in my good graces for a day or three. As for Rob, well at least it looks the the shirt was washed THIS week and not immediately identifiable as one of his pals. And well Taylor just continues to defy all logic with his looks and made SEVERAL girls (non twi hard freaks) ask how old he was. REPEATEDLY.

So without further adieu this is what I was saving myself for… several of us did not watch the trailer until it was shown during the VMA’s and well we just happened to record it for your pleasure and our embarrassment.

Um yea…

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3415422&w=425&h=350&]

And the real trailer. Oh, why not watch it for the 94359435th time? I know I am… trying to make up for the 48hr lead you all have on me

Oh hello Kozy Shack… poor Taytay trying to get in on the group shot. DENIED.

So that’s pretty much all that happened that matters. If you weren’t tweeting during the show you should go back and catch the entire run down on our Twitter.


  • ADAM BRODY introducing Green Day with Toe Thumbs. I squealed and wished I was with UC for the billionth time of the night
  • Pink giving the best Barnum & Bailey’s performance of the evening. That was some intense shiz, talk about working those core muscles. DAYUM.
  • Beyonce being a freaking CLASSY LADY and letting Taylor Swift have her moment. She earned SO many fan points for that
  • HOV and Alicia Keys closing the night out with a killer performance of “Empire State of Mind.” God, he kills me. Oh and Lil Mama, stay in your damn seat, we’ve had enough stage crashers for one night.

So uh, what’d you all think? Win? Fail? Could have used way more Rob? Best moment of the night?

Bump it!

PS Someday Lady Gaga’s gonna look back at all these “fashions” and wonder what the BEEEEEEEP she was thinking. I would love to be around for that. Maybe not.
PPS MTV – if you choose Russell Brand to host again, I’m giving up, once and for all. Oh and station a security gaurd by the stage steps. Just a thought!

Special Thanks To: My “Sponsor” Kristin for getting me through those 48 hours, all the lovely ladies who partied with me and agreed to share their reaction with you all! Oh and UC next time it’s you and me baby!

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