Ask and ye shall receive! Answered Twilight Prayers

Dear Twilight,

We spend most of our time complaining about things related to you and praying that something will change and not enough talking about when things go right! Cause that happens about .5% of the time, but I digress. So I’d like to showcase some of our answered prayers!

Remember just the other day when I wrote a letter within a letter asking for an official Wolfpack Jorts picture?! Well ask and ye shall receive because not a day later we were graced with this…

Coming to a Gap near you!

Coming to a Gap near you!

Hallelujah! Someone up there (Summit) is reading LTT and watching out for me. Just look at those jorts, the beauty, the magesty! Though, to be honest, I was praying for a more shirtless JortsPack picture a less a ripped muscle tee picture that accentuates their manboobs. Their moobs, if you will. But for now I’ll print it out and add to my shrine of the Jortspack.

Follow the cut to see the rest of my answered Twilight prayers

Just the other day I was telling UC I wished I had an easy way to tote my Power point presentations and Excel documents around WHILE showing my extreme love for Twilight to my business associates. I mean what’s a girl to do when she needs to transport a large amount of computer files? Get a plain ol USB drive? HALE NAH! Not when they’ve come out with this…

2 gigs of nonsense

2 gigs of nonsense

2 gigs to hold all those sales reports, company policy manuals, presentations and just enough room left over for the “essentials.” And by essentials you know like, every chapter of Wide Awake and The Office, my Rob-porn collection, Midnight Sun in PDF and every video AmanDUH every made. Now let’s just hope I open the mid quarter report presentation and not that video of every shirtless Kellan picture ever made. That could be embarrassing!

As I cleaned out my closet this weekend, I sat there wondering when my bodysuits from junior high would be back in fashion. You know the kind that snaps between your crotch? I’d hate to throw something out that’s going to be back in style next month (see flannel, doc martens).

rockin' it like it's the mid 90s!

rockin' it like it's the mid 90s!

Then I saw this picture of Ashley and I knew my prayers were answered. No need to donate them to Goodwill to only have them show up on KStew next week, I can wear them NOW cause that’s what all the cool kids are doing. Now, if only I could find that tapestry vest I used to wear with the body suit…

Remember awhile back when we all agreed to agree those Rob Zygote modeling pictures never really happened?  And that if any new one were found they should be immediately burned and never spoke of again?


Well, I was lying! I was secreting praying that more would be found and published on the interwebs for all to see and for my Twi-heckling friends to easily find them and email to me with messages like: “Do I dazzle you as a freshman boy?” or “Do you think he used LA Looks of Depp Gel to get the “sex hair” back then?” Yup, I prayed and baby Jesus you came through!

Isn’t it awesome when all our prayers, even our most secret ones are answered? What Twilight prayers of yours have been answered? Does anyone still own a bodysuit?

Honorary member of the JortsPack,

PS I’m still praying long and hard (that’s what she said) for the Wig department. They need it.
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