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Meeting Chris Weitz at the Billboard Film and TV Music Conference


Oh myello there Chris and Alexandre! Even this lady couldn't contain herself!

Dear LTT-ers/nmm.org-ers (that’s your new name!) and Chris Weitz fans (which should be everyone),

Today was a mindgasm, red letter day in the life of me, your faithful blogger: Moon. As both a Twilight fan, music fan and aspiring music supervisor, I was able to attend the Billboard Film and TV Music conference in Beverly Hills to cover to events for both us and our awesome super special friend and affiliate Will at NewMoonMovie.org who secured our entrance into the event. The conference featured two Twilight New Moon themed panels. One discussing the soundtrack success featuring New Moon soundtrack music supervisor Alex Patsavas, a VP from Atlantic Records and Paul Katz, music consultant and uppity up at Summit Entertainment.

The other New Moon themed panel was “A Conversation with a Director and Composer” featuring Chris Weitz and Alexandre Desplat who discussed New Moon and its score and music for a hour. Now, this was some hardcore discussion regarding the composition of the score, influences how they began the process, etc. It was NOT a panel where they discussed Robsten or anything about the actors other than what pertained to the topic of the New Moon score.

I’ll be writing a more in depth post in the next few days reviewing both panels in more depth but for today I’ll give you a quick overview of some juicy tidbits from Chris’s panel and what WE (yes WE I met the man himself talked about after the panel) chatted about. Hang on kiddies, we’ll get there but first some of what Chris and Alexandre discussed:

  • There were themes (musical) created for for each character. IE one for Bella, one for Bella and Edward, one for Jacob
  • To reflect the confusion in Bella’s mind after Edward leaves, at times the “Edward” and “Jacob” themes are “blurred” together to help created “subliminal confusion” in her mind
  • Jacob’s “theme” features electric guitar. Alexandre used a guitar that sounded very similar to an Indian sitar and Chris jokingly reminded him that Jacob is Native (Indian) American not Indian from India
  • The score will not featuring any of Carter Burwell’s score. (I’ll expound more on this decision in a later post)
  • And the most important info: Chris wore a lot of olive and tan. He was in full on DILF mode with cargo pants, striped socks (i love a good sock!), some sort of olive sweater and a leather man purse. Work it Chris, WORK IT!

Ok, so here’s the part you all want to read MY CHRIS WEITZ ENCOUNTER (that didn’t take place in my dreams):
FOLLOW THE CUT (moohahahaa)


Topics to include: how to be RAD

The conference was super chill and after each panel attendees were free to approach the panel. So you bet your Pattinson Pants once the panel finished I jumped over the first row (I sat in the second row) I booked it over to were Chris was standing with someone and walked right up shaking in my boots with no fear to ask him questions for you all and also to share how much WE as the fandom appreciate him. I Introduced myself, shook his hand (yup, I shook hands with the DILF) and said I was repping a couple Twilight blogs and his eyes lit up with excitement and maybe a bit of sheepishness, probably expecting me to fan girl out on him. But hello this is your girl Moon! I am nothing if not calm cool and collected on the exterior when in crazy situations as I quietly freak out on the inside. It is my spiritual gift! So of course I kept that shiz on lock and got down to business.


And I'm funny! Seriously Alex and cougar lady, I am the bee's knees!

After I explained who I was I thanked him for being part of the panel and proceeded to tell him that we as a fandom wanted to thank him for doing such an outstanding job with New Moon and that from the looks of things on November 20th we were going to love the final film. Then I asked what he was most excited for fans to see in the movie. He answered that he wanted us to hear the rest of the score (yea, yea panel’s over pal, give us the real answers!) since we hadn’t gotten to hear much. I said that we heard “The Meadow” and that I thought Alexandre’s song “The Meadow” was beautiful and that some of the fans had expressed that they thought “Bella’s Lullaby” should have been more like “The Meadow” and that the song was that great. His eyes lit up and pretty much said “really!? I’ve heard some good things from the fans” and I asked him if he went online and read what the fans were saying or if he watched any reaction videos and he said that he did and that everything he’d heard was positive and that he was really excited about our reactions and then went on to say most of all he really couldn’t wait for us to see the ENTIRE movie and not just clips and leaks. I jumped in and asked him what he thought about all the leaks and spoiler clips that people were seeing online and on TV shows and if he liked them. Chris told me that “Ya know what, I really believe less is more” and that he wished there weren’t so many clips out for people to see until the big day. I told him I felt the same way and couldn’t wait to enjoy the full film. I slightly turned around to see a HUGE arse group of ALL ladies had gathered around us and were listening in and getting antsy so I thanked Chris for his time and told him I wished I could hog all his time but would let someone else have a turn. I thanked him again and he thanked me and told me if was nice to meet me. Oh Chris, if you only knew! Then I wanted to run around the room high fiving people yelling “I MET THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE LEGEND: THE DILF!” but I tweeted it instead and ran off to lunch with a pal on a CeeDub high and not even Rob and Kristen finally showing their sullen faces in Vancouver could burst my bubble!

So friends, that was my big meeting (all 2 minutes of it) with Chris Weitz and if I wasn’t already a total smitten kitten with him before I am like the president of his fan club now. For serious, he was super down to earth, spoke thoughtfully, had the best dry sense of humor and it feels as though he REALLY cares about making New Moon the best he can make it for US. If you’re not already on the Chris Weitz train, then buy a damn ticket and get on board cause I’m the conductor and this guy RULES!

Choo Choo!

PS A HUGE thank you and shout out to New Moon Movie and Will for making this happen. I’m so thankful and glad I could represent our sites and you guys today. If you’ve not a regular at NMM and Eclipse Movie (and really, who isn’t!?) you should be, Will and his team always have the latest and greatest news about the Twilight saga. Get over there now and give them some love! And by love I may mean a beeeej or four ๐Ÿ˜‰

Gush about Chris in The Forum
Rob decided to show his face yesterday, UC might discuss it or maybe not at LTR

(wow, this was wordy, bear with me!)

  • egregiousgirl

    i am sooooo jealous of you right now, moon! my bb CW is lookin’ good. did you get a shot of you two together? cuz you know, pics or it didn’t happen….okay i’ll finish reading now. just had to say that.

  • Dude. That sounds soooooooooo effing amazing!!!!!!!!
    I have to say, I hope they bring Chris back for BD cos I’m positive New Moon will be the bee’s fucking knees.
    Plus NM is my fave book so it’s extra-exciting.
    David Slade has some biiiiiig boots to fill!


  • Illegalwolflover

    YOU MET THE DILF???? and he looked like THAT???
    Thats it I’m coming over there…
    just two minutes? damn u antsy fangirls with no composure who only wanna ask stupid questions about Robsten….
    how ever did u keep yourself from squeeing and doing things *ahem* while “the meadow” played in the background?

    I. am. died.

    p.s. striped sock porn…lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  • tuesdaymidnight

    Way to represent, Moon!! The more I learn about Chris Weitz, the better and better I feel about New Moon. I think his sock selection might have sealed it for me. Yes, I’m officially excited about New Moon.

    I’m going to go have a nerdy Prokofiev moment now, and squee about the New Moon leitmotifs.

    • TeamSeth

      <3 you!

  • Yay Moon! Congratz on meeting Chris! I’d jump on that train as long as I don’t have to agree with the DILF part. But I’m sure there’ll be plenty of volunteers for that.

    โ€œSome of the fans had expressed that they thought Bellaโ€™s Lullabyโ€ should have been more like โ€œThe Meadowโ€ ”
    I am definitely one of those fans.I didn’t like Bella’s lullaby at all. Even Robward couldn’t save that scene for me.

    • Kendall

      I never understood how in the world Edward would have been able to hum that lullaby to her. Something more like “The Meadow” would have been better for that piece…agreed.

      • southernbelle

        Totally agree. I felt the lullaby was a bit too busy.

    • Ang

      I agree about Bella’s Lullaby. The melody was nice, but the final piece was over composed for what the fans had in mind from the books. If he’d just stuck to piano it would have been better.

      But I LOVE “The Meadow.” Looking forward to the score.

  • fangbanger06

    Chris told me that โ€œYa know what, I really believe less is moreโ€

    I officially <3 Chris Weitz now. LESS IS MORE.

    Very cool that you got to meet him. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • TeamSeth

      I’m glad C-Dub supports us Twi-prudes!

      • ambushed by twilight


  • I heart Chris Weitz even more now. He’s the man and LESS IS MORE!!!

    Awesome encounter Moon!! =D

  • DAMMIT I’M SO EFFING JEALOUS. This is on par with meeting Rob or Kristen as far as I am concerned – in fact, if you’d met Kristen I would have probably been LESS jealous than I am now.

    Can I be vice-president of the CeeDub Appreciation Society? Or I can look after all the business pertaining to wanting to drag him to a dumpster?

    Moon, you rule.

    PS: Music supervisor is my dream job – I work for a record label at the mo and trying to find a way in!

  • KatieDid

    YAY Moon!!! I’m totes jealous that you got to meet “The Man, The Myth, The Legend: The DILF!” Way to represent!

    I sooooo agree with Chris Weitz: Less is more!! Now let us ALL hope that Summit could get the memo!!

  • Struhar2009

    That sounds like a funtime and it took me a minute to realize with NONE of Carter burwell’s score that means no Bella’s lullaby wow I’m slow. Ha nice post can’t wait to read more about the panels!

  • Dixie Rae

    Thank you for representing us… and sharing your story! You’re the bestest….

  • foogirl

    “i love a good sock”

    As do I Moon, as do I…..

  • sassysmart

    Well, aren’t you a Cool Cat?

    Did you have a celebratory champy to honor the occasion?

    PS. If Bella’s lullaby isn’t going to be in the film how are we going to get that Edward took her CD? Cause that’s what was on it right? What will be on it instead? Rumpshaker?

    • Pinky

      ‘All I wanna do is zooma zoom zoom zoom in your boom boom…just shake your rump…uh, Bella.’

      Classic ! And I totally can hear Edward adding ‘uh, Bella’ at the end of that chorus.

      • lovemesomecullens

        LOL, WIN. That would be hilar. Bella secretly knew he may leave and take any momento of their time together, so she secretly replaced the CD with her extra copy of “Rap hits from the 90’s”. That part is a screen adaptation. Stay tuned for Edward’s reaction.

        • ish

          pump up the jam pump up the jam… what was that ridiculous song anyway. now no one would have read my question as i am always a day behind on my wee comments so please answer my very important question why are edwards eyes blacker than black in hospital after he has just drank Bellas blood. methinks i have found a discrepancy. It could be that you all read my comment/question and are in denial!!!

          • ambushed by twilight

            @ ish – answer:

            remember the time lasp… many many hours had passed between the ballet studio and the hospital… remember they had time to contact her mom and she had time to fly in from… Floridia, right? {also being in a hospitial also could’ve made his cravings stronger.}

            (i feel an “ah-ha” moment coming from you)

          • tuesdaymidnight

            It’s the fluorescents, you can google it.

          • ish

            nope doesn’t do it for me. otherwise bella would immediately have topaz eyes after drinking her first mt lion

          • Ang

            @ish – I think the black eye v. topaz eye color difference developed over time, only after YEARS of abstaining from human blood. For Bella, her eyes were red after feeding on the animals because she was a newborn. I think in time, she would develop that topaz look.

          • ish

            bless you all I will just shut up and believe… Only noticed it after read nr. ten anyway so thanks for all your ideas and you are all prob right xx

          • ish

            ooops reads a bit confusing, I meant after reading it the tenth time xx

          • TeamSeth

            @ish: Bella’s eyes are so red because she consumed all of her own body’s blood when she was changed.

            Edward only consumes a tiny amount of her blood, just enough to get out the poison (and a touch more during his I jizzed my pants look in the studio). Bella had been out for a week I think, at least 3 days. Her mom tells her how long she was out, but I don’t remember now, but it was awhile. It generally takes 2 weeks for them to be starving again.

            There’s a slight flaw though in another aspect if you move into NM, because the Volturi have faded red eyes that become blacker towards the pupil on the day that they are set to eat (thanks, Heidi!). So, the Cullens should actually have slightly topaz eyes…unless animal blood is weaker than human blood, which could be an argument.

    • jodieo

      I like big butts and I can not lie. You otha brothas can’t deny when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face you get sprung!

      • lovemesomecullens

        My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun

        • jodieo

          Jane Fonda ain’t got a motor in the back of her Honda.

      • SassyPants

        Oh baby, I wanna get with ya, and take your pictya. That one’s for Moon…

        • lovemesomecullens

          Shake that healthy butt!!


          • SassyPants

            This may be one of my all time fave songs. I think of this song when I see pix of Bryce Dallas Howard from the set…a tribute, if you will.

    • TeamSeth

      Honestly sassy, I bet the whole CD bit won’t even make it into the film. It’s, in a way, trivial and inconsequential to the overall plot. A cute way for Bella to fully comprehend that “it’ll be as if [he] never existed.” I think the audience can be convinced of that without the CD, photo album and tix to Jax. At least I could be.

      • 3hboyshouse

        Are you kidding? Mixed Tape=True Love!!

        I must have a mixed tape in NM, and a leg hitch in Eclipse!

        BTW Congrats on the job!

  • I’m super excited to hear the New Moon score (along with seeing the movie!). I really did not like Bella’s lullaby at all. Hopefully this will make up for it.

    What an incredible experience, Moon!

  • Nicnixs

    This was fantastic ๐Ÿ™‚ Everytime i think i can’t love Chris anymore….he steps it up another notch ๐Ÿ™‚ I would donate my liver to this man ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love seeing NMM.org and LTT linked ๐Ÿ™‚ I comment all the time on NMM…but have just lurked here for months ๐Ÿ™‚

    You girls are amazing!!!

    Nicnixs xx

    • Nicnixs


      Who knew smilies would show up as faces…..i’ll limit them next time LOL

      • For Bushy Tail


        THAT’s my bushy tail.

  • Pinky

    Wow, Moon…I’m so glad you represented for the visibly mature (squeeing on the inside) twifan. I hope you sounded really smart and stuff and wore your tweed skirt (just to let them know you mean business).

    I’m also secretly glad that they’re not using the Burwell score. Bella’s Lullaby was a little cheesy to me and every middle-schooler I encountered could play it on the piano.

  • Moon, dear… you have the life. How much fun was all of that?!

    I’m so glad that we have someone like YOU representing us, quite frankly. You’re a badass hottie with her head on her shoulders. If I were sent to do that? I probably would’ve stuttered through “DO YOU KNOW WE CALL YOU A DILF???” and then run away sobbing in shame. Well done!

    This is awesome. So looking forward to the full recap :]

    • Illegalwolflover


      or just fall on our knees and worship…
      “The power of Chris compels you”
      “The power of Chris compels you”


  • P.S. CDub totally wants in on the #TwiPrude club. I just want to be clear about something… just because we’re prudes when it comes to Twi, doesn’t mean we need to be prudes when it comes to the Almighty DILF. Am I right or am I right? I’m right.

    • ambushed by twilight

      that reminded me of a Groundhogs Day Movie Reference! “Am I right or am I right or am I right? right… right, right…

      (sorry, off topic…)

    • StotheP

      You. Are. Right.

      Way to go, Moon, for so awesomely representing fandom! I feel the vicarious amazingness!

    • TeamSeth

      So right! Billy Burke baby!

  • Beth

    All shades of green, here, Moon…but happy for and grateful to you for the interview and what you’re sharing w/ us! Thanks to NMM.org for making it happen!

    • Ang

      Green is good.

      • Beth

        But purple’s cool.

        • Ang

          True. I was putting away laundry last night and realized that almost all of my pajamas are purple. Never noticed that before. And as I put them in the drawer I thought, purple is cool.

          • Do you also have the matching conforter sets?

          • Do you also have the matching comforter sets?

          • Ang

            That would be scary if I just realized I had the comforter too! Nope, no purple in my quilt.

  • TheColdWoman

    Let’s all bow down to Moon. I was squeeing for you (a day later). So jealous you got to meet (and touch) TM, TM, TL, TD – even if you didn’t run around high-fiving people. ๐Ÿ™‚ I totally want in on the fan club – I’m SO on the Chris Weitz train. Woot Woot!

    • TheColdWoman

      Totally unrelated but I just got a friend request on my RL facebook from Wealova Rob. Are you guys stalking me??

      • lovemesomecullens

        I got one, too. LOL.

  • lapushbaby

    Wow Moon, you are amazing. You met the DILF! Who next? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……..

  • Kendall

    I can’t wait to hear the musical score of New Moon. And hearing the panel say they had different themes for each character and relationships, and the way they apparently implement them in the movie just means they got it all the more.

    Chris, please, come back for Breaking Dawn. That story is going to need all kinds of help adapting to the big screen.

    • “And hearing the panel say they had different themes for each character and relationships”

      I love that part too! It reminds me of LoTR. (I was a total sucker for that movie)

      • ambushed by twilight

        yeah-man, the music in that movie was amazing… haunting at times… perfect for the movie’s feel…

        i really think that the NM sndtrk is perfect too… whne i listen to it i can already figure out when they use certain songs… a topic of discussion between me and the hubbs… i can’t WAIT to see if i’m right!

        • Kendall

          Me too…I’ve been trying to guess where certain songs will go into the movie. I’m going to be so overwhelmed when I see NM for the first time, I am going to miss things – like musical selections, etc. I’m going to have to see it several times to take it all in.

      • I heart LotR waaaaay too much. But hey, that’s normal.

        • I still have an extended version marathon every year.

          • Shleeeigh

            Yes me too! It lasts an ENTIRE day and I always cry at the end but it’s SOOOO worth it!!

        • TeamSeth

          More than normal. My boyfriend won’t buy me the set. Ridiculous.

  • lilnelablack

    I’m sitting First Class on the Chris Weitz Train!!

    & PS: I hated "Bella's Lullaby", so in my mind "The Meadow" is the new Lullaby

  • I only have one thing to say since I’m beyond jealous (again), did you ask us to give BJs to the ppl over at NMM?

    Did I read that right?

    • Nicnixs

      I hope so!!

      I spend all my time over at NMM….we love a bit of action!! lol

      I’ve been pimping your site out to anyone who’ll listen for months…so this team up is great for me!!

      • yay! Thanks for pimping us out. We like when ppl go Big Pimpin’ for LTT.

        You get our Pimp Cup award of the day. Which I just made up..


        • TeamSeth

          Is that the cup that Moonie is bringing to the premiere as part of her outfit?

    • lovemesomecullens

      UC, that’s what I was understanding. I guess sometimes a fan’s gotta do what a fan’s gotta do

    • Proselyte3

      That’s what I came away with.

    • StotheP

      I guess I can take – or give, in this case – one for the team. Team Edward, that is. I would claim team _____sten, but I can’t handle any more thumbs downs.

      • Team BJsten? Team OralSexsten?

        • jodieo

          I’m a longtime fan of both those teams.

          • StotheP

            Best. Mascot. Ever.

        • TeamSeth

          OralSexsten haha! Brilliant.

  • lovemesomecullens

    Congrats, Moon.
    And nice job. I bet he expected someone much less composed and a total fan girl experience in meeting someone who runs a blog.
    So nice job in breaking the stereotype. You represent.
    Chugga, chugga…

  • Libby

    I hate you.

    no, I dont.

    Yeah, I do.

    You know what I mean.

    You’re my hero.

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  • Proselyte3

    Just livin the dream Moon.

  • egregiousgirl

    thanks for making us look good and being a pro. don’t know how i would fare in your place, dude.

  • Wooooow, you met the man for serious?! And registered what kind of socks he was wearing? I heart you. Big time.

    And The Meadow is indeed a million times better than Bella’s Lullaby. Fingers crossed for the rest of the score!

    And um… an electric guitar that sounds somewhat like a citar? I don’t mean to be a premature cynic, but let’s see about that one.

    • TeamSeth

      I agree on the astounding nature of her socks recognition, unless he was wearing them with sandals, which would cause me to lose all respect for TM, TM, TL, TD.

      I feel you on the sitar/electric guitar. I’m not gonna hold my breath on that one because I don’t want to pass out and miss the movie.

  • ambushed by twilight

    Moon – i was wondering how many other movies’ info you had to sit through… i know the whole day wasn’t just for New Moon… and did you have to wait a long time? Was the other stuff interesting or were you bored?

    • Moon’s dream is to be IN THAT ROOM speaking one day… so she’s there again (today) and freaking out seeing all her heros in the biz!

      • ambushed by twilight

        ahh… well then that’s absolutely lovely!

        thanks for the update “Bunny”… now i won’t feel like i’m being LTT-snubbed..


      • TeamSeth

        Aww, she’s so wonderful.

        ps-read my email, UC. It’s quite related to Moon’s dream.

  • For Bushy Tail

    It would have been cooler to shout I DID THE MAN, THE LEGEND, THE DILF. But all power to you, Moon.

    Former lurker, coming out of the closet. Maybe. If you see a bushy tail somewhere.

    • The DILF does amazing things! Glad you came out today!!!

      • For Bushy Tail

        Well, nicnix made me, from over on NMM.org. Hehe.

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  • MrsKowski

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for not contributing to the notion that all Twifans are crazy and should be avoided, locked up or medicated.

    • SassyPants

      I concur! Although, if I were in Moon’s shoes I would totes have come off looking like I needed medication.

      • I love you for having that avatar. Please comment a lot!

        • SassyPants


        • SassyPants

          It never gets old, does it?!?!

          • Ang

            Never. Do it again. (that’s what she said)

          • SassyPants

            Since we’re on the 90’s rap theme, the only response I’ve got is, “do me baby”. :o)

          • TeamSeth

            SassyPants, what about “Pretty Fly for a White Guy”?

            “Give it to me baby, uh huh, uh huh!”

  • So jealous you got to meet C-Dub!! That must have been amazing…I congratulate you for not fangirling out on him…I think I might not have been as strong ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Anyway, thanks for the great account! I posted about in on my blog:

  • angel

    thank you or going and asking normal appropriate questions. excellent use of the spiritual gift.

  • Vi

    I think its time for you to start up Letters to DILF.

    • TeamSeth

      They could nickname it LTD Edition

  • Wow! Coincidentally I just read the feature on Alexandre Desplat in the Hollywood Reporter yesterday (http://bit.ly/2GYHeM) while I was at work and saw the ad for the double New Moon panel! Did you tell him you were from LTT specifically? I bet he would have told you he’s read you previous works!

  • Janetrigs

    I would only give a beeeej to someone because you told me to. Well you and maybe Brookie…I always listen to what she says when I am drunken. Anyhow…majorly jealous. I want to move to LA BAD.

    Choo chooo!

  • Jena

    I love how you asked him what he thought about the leaks and what he was most excited for everyone to see! If this guy doesn’t get back on board to direct Breaking Dawn I will cry and just might have to set something on fire!

    So awesome, Moon! Thanks for sharing!

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  • superhumanmoron

    Congrats! Way cool. And I am totes ready to ride Chris Weitz. Er, I mean the Chris Weitz train. Come on ride the train, and ride it.

  • Krystle

    Go Moon!!!!! I am so excited & proud of you for being able to keep your composure! Did you tell him which blogs you represented? There’s really almost not a day that goes by when I’m reading LTT/LTR, when I don’ think “Stephenie Meyer is probably reading this.” lol. I wish these Gods/Goddesses of ours would leave a comment ๐Ÿ™‚

    Way 2 go meeting the Dilf! He does seem like a very awesome dude – glad you could experience it first hand!

    Nmm.org rocks

  • Moon this is great! Thanks for representing the NORMAL fans with non-hysterical enthusiasm. Home run!

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  • Lindelle

    Yay Moon! And thanks for live-tweeting it, I loved following along. Good job on the “calm, cool, and collected” too! I bet the DILF went home musing on the lovely fans he has.

    Unrelated question: I got a facebook friend request from “Wealova Rob” that says “we’re employed by letterstotwilight” … legit? I’m not twi-outted on my fb so I’m not sure how I was found? Anyways, let me know if it’s for real and I’ll friend accept the heck out of it.

    • no that’s us:)

      We are.. employed by LTT….
      you were found b/c you probably emailed us once?

      • Lindelle

        Yup, yup I did. Thanks for the explanation!

  • Katie S

    Moooooooon! Thanks for the respresentation. ๐Ÿ˜‰ You are a lucky, lucky lady.

  • Lindelle

    Also Moon — did you run into the TwilightSource staff? They’re some good people ๐Ÿ™‚

  • moon,
    you are now officially “2 degrees of seperation” to the elusive mr P, great job done,now get to work on your press junket questions…we need real answers!!!!

    • That’s so true!

      I would love to see Moon and UC interview Rob – it would be amazing, and I feel like he would totally ‘get it.’ But that Kristen would not.

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