Meeting Chris Weitz at the Billboard Film and TV Music Conference


Oh myello there Chris and Alexandre! Even this lady couldn't contain herself!

Dear LTT-ers/ (that’s your new name!) and Chris Weitz fans (which should be everyone),

Today was a mindgasm, red letter day in the life of me, your faithful blogger: Moon. As both a Twilight fan, music fan and aspiring music supervisor, I was able to attend the Billboard Film and TV Music conference in Beverly Hills to cover to events for both us and our awesome super special friend and affiliate Will at who secured our entrance into the event. The conference featured two Twilight New Moon themed panels. One discussing the soundtrack success featuring New Moon soundtrack music supervisor Alex Patsavas, a VP from Atlantic Records and Paul Katz, music consultant and uppity up at Summit Entertainment.

The other New Moon themed panel was “A Conversation with a Director and Composer” featuring Chris Weitz and Alexandre Desplat who discussed New Moon and its score and music for a hour. Now, this was some hardcore discussion regarding the composition of the score, influences how they began the process, etc. It was NOT a panel where they discussed Robsten or anything about the actors other than what pertained to the topic of the New Moon score.

I’ll be writing a more in depth post in the next few days reviewing both panels in more depth but for today I’ll give you a quick overview of some juicy tidbits from Chris’s panel and what WE (yes WE I met the man himself talked about after the panel) chatted about. Hang on kiddies, we’ll get there but first some of what Chris and Alexandre discussed:

  • There were themes (musical) created for for each character. IE one for Bella, one for Bella and Edward, one for Jacob
  • To reflect the confusion in Bella’s mind after Edward leaves, at times the “Edward” and “Jacob” themes are “blurred” together to help created “subliminal confusion” in her mind
  • Jacob’s “theme” features electric guitar. Alexandre used a guitar that sounded very similar to an Indian sitar and Chris jokingly reminded him that Jacob is Native (Indian) American not Indian from India
  • The score will not featuring any of Carter Burwell’s score. (I’ll expound more on this decision in a later post)
  • And the most important info: Chris wore a lot of olive and tan. He was in full on DILF mode with cargo pants, striped socks (i love a good sock!), some sort of olive sweater and a leather man purse. Work it Chris, WORK IT!

Ok, so here’s the part you all want to read MY CHRIS WEITZ ENCOUNTER (that didn’t take place in my dreams):
FOLLOW THE CUT (moohahahaa)


Topics to include: how to be RAD

The conference was super chill and after each panel attendees were free to approach the panel. So you bet your Pattinson Pants once the panel finished I jumped over the first row (I sat in the second row) I booked it over to were Chris was standing with someone and walked right up shaking in my boots with no fear to ask him questions for you all and also to share how much WE as the fandom appreciate him. I Introduced myself, shook his hand (yup, I shook hands with the DILF) and said I was repping a couple Twilight blogs and his eyes lit up with excitement and maybe a bit of sheepishness, probably expecting me to fan girl out on him. But hello this is your girl Moon! I am nothing if not calm cool and collected on the exterior when in crazy situations as I quietly freak out on the inside. It is my spiritual gift! So of course I kept that shiz on lock and got down to business.


And I'm funny! Seriously Alex and cougar lady, I am the bee's knees!

After I explained who I was I thanked him for being part of the panel and proceeded to tell him that we as a fandom wanted to thank him for doing such an outstanding job with New Moon and that from the looks of things on November 20th we were going to love the final film. Then I asked what he was most excited for fans to see in the movie. He answered that he wanted us to hear the rest of the score (yea, yea panel’s over pal, give us the real answers!) since we hadn’t gotten to hear much. I said that we heard “The Meadow” and that I thought Alexandre’s song “The Meadow” was beautiful and that some of the fans had expressed that they thought “Bella’s Lullaby” should have been more like “The Meadow” and that the song was that great. His eyes lit up and pretty much said “really!? I’ve heard some good things from the fans” and I asked him if he went online and read what the fans were saying or if he watched any reaction videos and he said that he did and that everything he’d heard was positive and that he was really excited about our reactions and then went on to say most of all he really couldn’t wait for us to see the ENTIRE movie and not just clips and leaks. I jumped in and asked him what he thought about all the leaks and spoiler clips that people were seeing online and on TV shows and if he liked them. Chris told me that “Ya know what, I really believe less is more” and that he wished there weren’t so many clips out for people to see until the big day. I told him I felt the same way and couldn’t wait to enjoy the full film. I slightly turned around to see a HUGE arse group of ALL ladies had gathered around us and were listening in and getting antsy so I thanked Chris for his time and told him I wished I could hog all his time but would let someone else have a turn. I thanked him again and he thanked me and told me if was nice to meet me. Oh Chris, if you only knew! Then I wanted to run around the room high fiving people yelling “I MET THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE LEGEND: THE DILF!” but I tweeted it instead and ran off to lunch with a pal on a CeeDub high and not even Rob and Kristen finally showing their sullen faces in Vancouver could burst my bubble!

So friends, that was my big meeting (all 2 minutes of it) with Chris Weitz and if I wasn’t already a total smitten kitten with him before I am like the president of his fan club now. For serious, he was super down to earth, spoke thoughtfully, had the best dry sense of humor and it feels as though he REALLY cares about making New Moon the best he can make it for US. If you’re not already on the Chris Weitz train, then buy a damn ticket and get on board cause I’m the conductor and this guy RULES!

Choo Choo!

PS A HUGE thank you and shout out to New Moon Movie and Will for making this happen. I’m so thankful and glad I could represent our sites and you guys today. If you’ve not a regular at NMM and Eclipse Movie (and really, who isn’t!?) you should be, Will and his team always have the latest and greatest news about the Twilight saga. Get over there now and give them some love! And by love I may mean a beeeej or four 😉

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