Last minute Twilight Halloween Costume Ideas

Dear LTT-ers,

It’s Halloween today! Did you forget like me and need a costume for that party you’re going to? Do you want to pay tribute to your love of Twilight in a subtle, non-fangirl, non bouffant and bella’s jacket sorta way? Well have no fear we’ve come up with some last minute costume ideas for the Twilight/LTT gal (and maybe their unsuspecting boy).

Forks police officer

All you need is a stick on mustache, a can of Vitamin R and grab that Sheriff badge from your kids toy box. Instant Charlie Swan! Bonus points: bring your friends: Waylon Forge, Billy Black and Harry Clearwater. Extra bonus points for a bag of fish fry and lugging your flat screen TV around

Fake Lesbians

This is a costume where you’ll need a close gal pal who is in on the Twilight gossip.  Wear big nikes and tight denim. Sport a very surly attitude. Chair smoke ALL night. Never leave each other the entire night. Hold hands. Kiss if the mood is right. Bonus: bring along a third wheel boyfriend (feel free to call him an Italian spice), walk in holding hands as a threesome. Don’t pay attention to him all night.

100 monkeys

Wearing the bananagers banana costume, sneak into a zoo after it closed but right before the party. Find the monkey/chimp/gorilla cages. Let them all loose, befriend them, invite them to the party. Load them in your car and take them to the party. Give the primates instruments and play bad music all night. Write impromptu songs about Halloween candy and trick or treating or how much you love the girls on “slut-lo-ween.”

Want some more last minute costume ideas? Follow the cut!

Big Daddy

Raid your man or your dad’s closet for a size XXL Polo shirt. Combine it with some khaki colored Dockers. Swing by McDonald’s on your way to the party and grab a couple Filet O Fish sammy’s to eat throughout the party. If possible find an underage, well developed boy to tag along with you. Call him Taylor.
Jacob Black or random Wolfpack Member
Boyfriend need a costume? Take off his shirt throw him in some jorts and presto he’s Jacob Black. Insane Abs sold separately. No really they are!

Want something with more of a Rob vibe?

Man bangs
Buy cheap sandy blond wig and cut the bangs off. Clip them to your hair in the front and let them hang in your eyes.  Throw on an old plaid shirt, grab a guitar and viola you are Bobby Long!

Rob circa late summer, early fall 2009

Don’t shower! Wear a plaid shirt. Show up to the party late. Eat a cupcake, smear most of it on your pants. Disappear into the guest bedroom and don’t come out for the next 26 days! Don’t worry the hosts will think you’re dead.

SO pals those are your last minute ideas! What are you being for Halloween? Do you dress up anymore? I’ve had three costumes in the month of October: Jennifer from Back to the Future, Victoria from New Moon and “Betty Rage” my Derby Girl/Whip it character. Yea, I’m tapped out on costumes for a while! Hope your festivities are fun and please “be safe” as Edward would say!

Trick or Treat, Smell my feet (Ok, don’t do that!)

Trick or Treat in The Forum
Celebrate Halloween with Rob at LTR

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