Storytime with Moon: The Hot Topic New Moon Twi Tour kick off

Dear LTT-ers,

I ventured out last night with pals Ashley and Chelsea to attend the Twi Tour kick off at Hollywood & Highland with the stars and musicians of New Moon and boy did the stars ever show up! And here’s the story…

So 4 artists from the soundtrack, Band of Skulls, Sea wolf, Anya Marina and Death Cab for Cutie each played 2-4 song sets including their song from the soundtrack. I’m still at little sad that Death Cab only played 2 but oh wells there were bigger n better things to be had


Between each set was about a 15 minute break. We has wristbands for the signing but didn’t want to wait in a line that curled around the building with a bunch of people in New Moon shirts (tres embarassing) we wanted to see the bands and meet people! So we kept an eye on the line as we listened to each band, met Larry Carroll from MTV, met a radio station dude who wanted us to answer trivia (more on this later) and about a billion press folks and annoyed Hot Topic employees.

Finally it was time for us to run up to the signing. There were SO many cast members there that they broke them into two groups. Our group consisted of: Chaske, Kellan, Nikki, Kiowa and Cameron. We chose this group over Ashley/Elizabeth/Alex/Jared because we has already met Ashley and truth be told we really just wanted to hear some alpha wolf voice and exchange bitchface with Nikki.


Because the Hot Topic folks are meanies (aka wanted to keep the line moving) there were to be NO pictures or personal items signed but we had jorts and I told Ashley we should sneak them in! Chaske started signing our posters and I told him we brought some jorts for him to sign since the wolfpack made them famous but that they wouldn’t let us get them signed and he goes give them to me, I’ll sign them! So Ashley whips them out and Chaske begins signing them and Kellan sees this and he’s like WHAT?! And I say you know Jorts for the Wolfpack and he goes Not anymore! And whips them out of Chaske’s hand and starts signing them! The rest of the cast ends up signing the Jorts and now Ashley has a great keepsake! We chit chat some more with them and talk about where we all live and then it’s time to get the H out of the way. FYI Chaske and Kellan are good times! They talked our legs off and we were more than willing for it to happen. Too bad we couldn’t get Twicon/Prom pics with Kellan the whole encounter would have been complete. Like the Twilight circle of life!

TONS more after the jump. Video, pictures, stories, jorts, ROB!

Since the signing was over and Death Cab was next we hoofed it back to the stage and on the way saw our radio friend who told us to go on stage for some New Moon trivia

I’ll have you know we represented you all well. Only Chelsea got her question right! HIGH FIVE! Oh wells, I was too busy taking a picture of the crowd from the stage (above). Now you know how it feels to be on stage in front of thousands of crazies!

Finally it was time for some Death Cab
Ben Gibbard is now super skinny and has a terrible hair cut. I heart his face though.

While we waiting for them to tear down DC’s gear we had plenty of time to people watch…

He was my fave! Ultra tall Unicorn with a BEDAZZLED twilight shirt over a PINK polo. I wanted to ask him if he had the Twilight body glitter but duh, of course he would!

We had pushed our way up to the front to be in a good spot but it was so crowded we could barely move. I stuck my camera straight up in the air and this is what it looked like. A ton of tv crews and press (this will most defs be on the DVD, there was a waiver sign posted) and 3 stories worth of Twihards and confused business men just trying to get to their room at the Renessaince

Then FINALLY it was time!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Look at all those cameras! sorry for the motion in the ocean, it was impossible not to be hit by everyone and sorry for the craptastic lighting! It was REALLY hard to get a good picture because of their janky lighting set up)
The Holy Trinity comes out to bless the crowd that had come to see them. They thanked everyone, introduced their cast mates and then took off my parts unknown (aka my pants).

Rob showin’ us the goods! He knows what we like.

The trinity SHUTTING IT DOWN! (Oddly, we would see Rachel Zoe out and about later) Their outfits killed: Rob hobo-ing it up per usual but looks like there had been a shower taken recently, KStew’s hair and SHOES were to die for and Taytay rocking a velvet vest. SWOOONNNN!

Ever gracious, lovely and holy the trinity agreed to introduce their castmates

Sadly, they didn’t use their nick names when introducing them: famewhore, gay vamp, copstache, my ex fake lesbian life partner, the girl I should be getting it on with but I’m not, #hotalex (number 2), Barry White…. you know their REAL names! FAIL!

They answered a bunch of lame questions… things I learned from the Q&A:
– Cameron REALLY has a thing for Jessica Biel
– Bronson may or may not have been drunk or just a major dork (witness his sunglasses at night)
– Nikki has ditched KStew for Elizabeth as her fake lesbian partner (See my last video) Poor KStew!

– The wolfpack is REALLY having a good time with this press tour and they LOVE attention!
– Jared LOVES getting on the mic, mentioning girls, and throwing his hat into the audience (it hit a camera dude. FAIL!)
– Kellan probably writes Emmett fanfic in his off time. Spoiler Alert: it involves his truck, the mountains and cooking steaks
– Ashley and Kellan have board game nights and play competitive Taboo. No word on if it’s strip taboo or just regular.

– Billy might have been #drunktweet or pissed. He waved to Ashley
– Kellan is surprisingly TEAM EMMETT!
– Elizabeth was wearing a shear shirt. Rock it if you’ve got it giiiiirrrrl!
– Jamie is supes cute and seems a bit shy in person, though he did fake strip tease (see the video)

And then it was time for the LAST question…

Oh you super interesting stars of Twilight, you’re just like us!!! Only you probably have access to Rob’s cell number.

They left and it was time for us to get the hale on up outta there. We took off and ended up seeing Nikki Reed (and her bf Paris), Elizabeth Reaser, Rachel Zoe and husband (major man bangs), Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and a member of Death Cab for Cutie. None of them together. Sadly.

Oh LA you always come through!

Now I’m a day behind on all the interviews, pictures and scoop from the press junket! AHHH!!! It’s only just started and I’m behind!

Off to find a paper bag to breath into,

What’d ya think? Want to kill us yet? Wanna hump Chaske? We do. What will the title of Kellan’s fanfic be?

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