Monday Funnies: UC & Moon do a dramatic reading

Dear New Moon,

The time has come. Today is the day. It’s finally happening. You premiere tonight in Westwood, California, and we can’t wait! We ran over to experience the mayhem of the 7 block, 700+ people long line last night and we were NOT disappointed. We took so many great pictures (including some of the surprise guest stars) had a lot of laughs and just enjoyed the insanity of the fandom.

And then we decided we’d like nothing more than to kick off this week together and ALL the memories to come (remember, it was our last time together in LA when “That’s Normal” was birthed) with a little video for you, inspired by some light reading I did on the plane ride west. Enjoy!



Be 2nd-hand embarrassed for us on The Forum and read how we beg Rob to love us tonight at the premiere on LTR

  • I will be sobbing into my oatmeal this morning cause I’m not there with you ladies.

    Have an amazing time and fly your freak flag proudly!


    • Janetrigs

      No sobbing Brookie….we always have the YB20K10 next year. It will RULE! This year you have me and Calli. While waiting for our showing of the movie we will develop lists of why Moonie and UC suck. It will be very fun. Promise……

    • themoonisdown

      brooke i just want to point out the hat UC is wearing in the video… ya know… just sayin’

  • Um, I totally love you even more.
    That was hilar.
    And Moon your sunnies are way cute.
    (P.S. It just took me 5 mother effing goes to write ‘sunnies’ cos iPhone auto correct kept changing it to ‘dummies’.)
    Love your work.
    Oh and in 2 days and 54 minutes I will be watching New Moon.
    F*ck yes.


    • I thumbsdowned you through pure jealousy!!

      • Haha πŸ˜›

      • TeamSeth

        me too.

  • Ish

    Am so excited for you. Still have 10 more slleps till I can watch – ze germans are taking zer time ja!
    So have a ball, enjoy, don’t forget earplugs, tissues and remember us watching vicariously through thine eyes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mad jealous loves

  • Go forth and eat your meat, ladies.

    Lovely to see you two together! Wish I was there to partake in all the fun!

    Looking forward to reading about your shenanigans thia week, but I will have to go cold turkey from the internet by Thursday, I’m not seeing New Moon until Friday evening so there will be far too many people squeeing about seeing it before I have!

    • themoonisdown

      NO SPOILERS!!!!!! flee fleeeee after thursday night!

      • TeamSeth

        Thank goodness! I think on Friday we should all collectively donate our purity rings to Green karat

        • StotheP

          I’ll be so glad to shake off that restriction. Only once the furor calms, it will be time for us all to be fitted for our Eclipse purity rings/chastitybelts/wimples.

          • TeamSeth

            er, what’s a wimple? That sounds a little kinky.

          • StotheP

            A nun’s headcovering. Kinky . . haha . . . ha.

  • bobbygee

    why is the opeening in westwood not hollyweird I mean hollywood. The theaters there are so small. The Mann would be great, Baggies of meat sound gross.

    • TeamSeth

      they do sound gross, bobbygee. Like greasy patties from MickeyD’s….like filet-o-fish sammies.

    • heartRobbb

      considering the starts/fans proximity, i think westwood is a better choice. Mann’s in hollywood would mean half of the fan will be stuck looking from across the street.

  • My stupid, stupid speaker won’t work. I will have to sneak this video in at lunchtime along with the one the unicorn supplied.

    Just reading that article is weird. Baggies of meat?
    It seems like one big innuendo.

  • “Eat your meat” in Rob voice…FTW!!!! You guys are just EPIC! Hopefully Rob gives u an Oscar smile…(I’m totes praying for that)

    There’s far too many “meat” references in that interview…I’m convinced…TLaut and Hansen are on Paedo bust of a global scale…

    Hansen :
    Yeah so whenever they ask you about your body, try and make it as dirty as possible. smouldering looks,telling the fans u did it for them, tease them with pics of u on the floor looking erm..happy…dont be ashamed to throw in “my bags of meat” randomly in the conversation, get Rob to say “meat’ too, the extra pervies who hope u two will make out in the tent scene will like that.Whatever it takes. yeah i know it might inspire twi-moms to ask u to sign their undies(shudder) but thats good…thats the kind of crazy we’re looking for…yeah them and some chick called Illegal

    Taylor: Illegal? *shudders in revulsion* she’s the worst…

    Hansen: *pats him on the back* we’ll get her son…just keep doing what youre doing….she seems to like that…*looks off camera*

    Taylor: *curls up in ball and rocks back and forth* I dont wanna, i dont wanna , i dont wanna….

    and scene…Errr what? Sorry i’m still in shock that the Hansen is on twitter and most definietly brewing the
    tea of the iced variety…just for moi…
    “sit down have some plaid…atleast he’s legal”

    • I wonder if I can get both Rob & Taytortot to sign my boobs?

      This sounds like a plan, Batman.

      Also, Taylor is in love with you. If he saw you, he would drop TSwizzle like the stick figure that she is. Just like Rob would love me if I jumped him. Never doubt this. ‘Tis true.


      • DO IT!!!
        They’ll love it…dont dazzle Tay too much though…poor boy’s frustrated as hale especially with ‘those two” and their “do me” stares….

        Also cause with ur Rose looks u might get them to re-enact “fire and ice” with you and that’ll just make me a sad biscuit….<3 ya!

        • 3 man tent FTW!!!

          Where did you say they were on sale?

          • at a place called rebel sport…its on for the whole week…i can get one for ya? black good enuff? or cammo? lol

          • I don’t think the color will matter after we rip it to shreds.


            Disclaimer: I am not crazy. I promise.

            PS. Doesn’t my insistence that I’m not crazy, in fact, prove my insanity?

            *wonders off to ponder the mysteries of the universe*

          • StotheP

            We all go a little crazy sometimes, Fangy!

            Oh, and I was lurking a bit this weekend, and wanted to mention I am also Team Rose. She’s a porcupine like me!

          • ambushed by twilight

            @ StotheP: “porcupine”?

            Huh? i missed something…

          • StotheP

            I’m a porcupine. Prickly demeanor and don’t even try to hug me.

          • fangbanger06


            I knew that I heart you for a reason.

          • lovemesomecullens

            Go Posse Rose! 2 more members and we can call it a team!

          • @Fang and LMSC
            I can join as a silent member…i dont hate her anymore cause yesterday i thought of a few things that makes her nice
            * she’s a good aunt to Nessie and loves her very much
            *even though she hates Jacob she’s dedicated to protecting her and standing up for her against the volturi
            *she loves Emmet and saves his life by carrying him for miles…
            *she has the best intentions but they dont always come out the right way…we sometimes dont undestand that cause were rooting for Bella to be a vampire so hard that when she voices reason we hate her…
            * she loves her family in her own way…
            *she can kick guy ass and thats cool…
            wow another list…surprised?
            I will cringe when she’s mean to Jacob but I’ll try harder to understand i promise…

          • lovemesomecullens

            AND she gets to have wall tear’n down hot vampy sex with Emmett!

          • fangbanger06

            Illegal, I heart you.

            Best. List. Ever.


          • egregiousgirl

            i can join posse Rose, too; right? i love a girl that says what she thinks and don’t take no shit (even if she is WRONG a lot) plus, there’s the purty…
            but i still love her and Jake messing with each other. the “hate”banter is priceless.

          • I’ll take it as a sign that I’m in the Posse Rose…
            Yay Team everybody!

      • Just got the image of a swizzle stick falling to the floor…
        Thanks for that. hilar.

    • tuesdaymidnight

      Oh, how I love you, Illegal. Don’t be fooled by Taylor’s “innocence.” That boy knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s taunting all of us.

      • Yeah his “fear” is all an act…he wants someone to ravage him…i mean even UC and Moon’s reading felt like Marvin Gaye was playing in the background…

        ” I’ve been really tryin’, baby. Tryin’ to hold back this feeling for so long….”

    • Xylem

      Oh, my god you are hilarious. IWL I know you don’t know me, but I may be spending too much time reading your posts because when I picked up my copy of Vanity Fair this weekend you came to mind. why is that you ask? Because I may or may not have found proof that Chris Hansen is looking for you. He may be even setting a trap for you. To be safe…. Stay away from all neswstands or any place where they sell Vanity Fair mags. Check out the top left hand side
      of the cover.

      • ROFLMAO!!! I’ll need to buy that just to know what Hansen is upto(Rob is a hot plus)….one step ahead .U may not know this but i post using an e-mail of a 14 yr old Team Edward lover somewhere in Italy…she’s got another thing coming when Hansen busts down her door with a pitcher of Iced tea…HAHA! im so mean…

        p.s. I totes know you Xylem…Silly Billy…

    • TeamSeth

      “Sit down. Have some plaid.” HEART you times a million. That’s my fave fave fave quote that’s not a real twi quote but might as well be. That should’ve been there for the spider monkey line.

      “You better button up your plaid, spider monkey.”

      • “β€œYou better button up your plaid, spider monkey….
        Its gonna be cold in the back of my cop car…but not for long…” bow chicka wow wow…that was for u btw not for me…;)

        *picks up mind from gutter and gives it a spit polish*
        Its not my fault i swear…Taylor’s been giving me the sex eyes all day…especially from that mag that UC and Moon are holding…and im feeling that baby…

        sorry for the insanity…Im just so glad that exams are over…. missed ya TS<3

        • TeamSeth

          I’m glad they’re over too. You’re post have become increasingly less sequitor (or however you’d say that). Which is a lot of fun…but also a little confusing.

          I wanted to let you know that I finally figured out what I’m going to do for my shirt. I’m going to put up a pic of Charlie in plaid and have the words underneath, “Sit down. Have some plaid.” FTW. I can’t imagine it being any better than that. ::tear::

          • ambushed by twilight


          • The tee *tears up too* its…(halleujah chorus plays) perfect….is it the playing card pic? or gun one?

            send pics and make me one too…im gonna be loud and proud on my “Eclipse 2010-Great American Twi-venture….

            sequitor? explain cause ive wiped my brain out…. πŸ˜€

          • ambushed by twilight

            OHH! the halo

            i <3 that.

          • TeamSeth

            @illegal, sequitor as in the opposite of non-sequitor. Meaning, you’ve stopped making coherent sense πŸ˜‰

            Um…not I think it’s going to be the pic of him when Bella’s coming down the stairs for prom. He’s got the cutest look on his face and is finally wearing a different plaid shirt than his usual B&W one. And I love him. er, what? I’m going to clip out Bella and Edward from the pic and just have him. swoon.

          • ive stopped making sense *bottom lip quivers*

          • tuesdaymidnight

            “Sit down. Have some plaid.” shirt is perfect! I’m jealous. I may have a pic of prom night Charlie on my computer. He’s scowling a little in that protective dad way that I shouldn’t find hot but actually do… oh I SO do.

          • TeamSeth

            I totes posted one yesterday. mmmmm he’s so hot.

            The copstache’s is growing on me.
            Could this have anything to do with a boy?
            Um, ::breathy sigh:: yeah. Uh, mom I gotta go.
            Wait, are you being safe?!
            Ma cherie, TeamSeth, je voudrais essayer une chose.
            ::Swoon for Swan::

          • StotheP

            ‘Sokay, IWL. One fact etched onto my soul after a handful of times trying to explain the Twinomenon to “just-don’t-get-it”ers: It doesn’t really make sense. Often, we Twihards don’t make sense. Hell, as we’ve discussed before, some things in the BOOKS don’t even make sense to us!

            Making sense is overrated. Wanna share a Hot Pocket ‘O Crazy?

          • hot pocket of crazy? hale yeah…nom nom nom…i know i dont make sense sometimes…its just the when i think it i have to say it…or ill implode…

            <3 ya!

          • TeamSeth

            squee. Hot pocket o crazy πŸ™‚

  • Krystle

    I have to leave for a job interview in 10 minutes but I wanted to visit LTT/LTR to make me giggle a bit before. Success! πŸ™‚ Everytime you said ‘patties’ you killed me. Have fun today!!!!!!

    • TeamSeth

      GL! You’ll be fab.

  • Cam

    Loving Rob’s executive producer cred at the end. Awesome.

    • egregiousgirl

      yeah, that was the icing on the cupcake of awesome. also, love your accent! it’s too early for me to be laughing this hard.

  • tuesdaymidnight

    Hahahahaha! That was just all kinds of win. <3 you girls! Moon, your KStew voice was brilliant.

    • TeamSeth

      haha. I thought it was a little too feminine. The Kstew I know is more manly. I felt like Moon should’ve busted out some Chaske influence to really get those gutterals right. Remember, Moon, Chaske is one of the legal wolves…
      I mean even in the most squee scene of Bella’s, she still is deep/husky (for a girl) (the scene is: “Oh my god. This is PERFECT” about the truck).

      • Emma C.

        yep, KStew’s definitely the man in the relaysh with Rob!

  • Alejandra

    UC and Moon, you ladies are so HILAR! I was realy LOL’ing with the dramatic reading; the KStew……perfect!!!! you guys rock! Have fun at the premier and please drag Rob to a nearby dumpster and give him a special hug for me pleasethanks!

  • Xylem

    OH MY EFFING GOODNESS! I laughed so hard when I read that on Saturday because I have spent so much freacking time watching the Trinity I could totally see and hear them saying that stuff. I pictured Rob reclining while waring his standard plaid and hat smiling mischivioisly and mock biting the side of his left pinky when he says “eat your meat”. (what? I know youseIs it too. It’s normal) I can also see Taylor’s puzzled yet serious expression as he misses the joke and continues to robotically talk about meet patties and sweet taters.

    • TeamSeth

      he’s too young for those jokes. plus the whole time he assumed they were asking him about TSwift. And he knows that he’s supposed to avoid that topic like the plague.

      • Xylem

        I know, right? I totally get what KStew was talking about when she said he needed to grow into his cojones. When he finally does (get laid by a cougar) and gets the rest of his swagger, he is going to be dangerous with that smile and that body. ugh!

        I don’t think I’ve ever seen liquid sex in zygote form. It’s just weird.

        • ‘get laid by a cougar?” NOOOOOOOOO *takes deep breath* OOOOOOOOO…..

          I’m not old enuff to be a cougar…does that mean i have no chance in hale?
          and i thought he’d like me….

          miserable baked confection…

          • ambushed by twilight

            *hands Jacob tissue*

            you are old enough to be a cougar, no.

          • ambushed by twilight

            if he make a NZ tour, meet him w/ a baggie of meat and one of you lovely copcakes and he’ll be yours forever.

            *reject courgar image*

          • cougars are aparently over 40…im just 6 years older than him…*blows nose with tissue* but maybe i just look old and slutty…sad cookie…sniff

          • ambushed by twilight

            no. not old and slutty. (ahem, button your plaid a bit hon…) πŸ˜‰

            you are totally not old enought to be considered a coug.

            forget that. *hands another tissue*

          • xylem44

            Dude, even the Olsen Twins are cougars. It’s just relative, older woman younger man.

            BTW… if all you had to do to “share your cookies” with him was pretend to be a cougar, wouldn’t you do it? I know I would for sure, sure!

          • I feel better now…u know with my superior skills in the kitchen,,,he just might (sliver of hope) think i’m cool like purple….

        • “liquid sex in zygote form”

          LOVE! Hilar! *muah*

  • Proselyte3

    Well….that was completely NORMAL wasn’t it?

    Have fun SKANKS!!!!! (To reiterate my sentiments on LTR)

    And please to be taking MANY more photos,
    *cough* RobDNAsamplestodistribute *cough*….

    I hate you all (not really…maybe…I’m conflicted, get back to me tomorrow.)

    xo I should be there dangit!

  • Gah, stupid youtube being blocked at work. I hope you ladies are having a blast out there!

    • Ang

      HeyyyBrother – I’m in the same boat…no videos at work. I feel like I’m seriously missing out today.

  • Boomin’ Granny

    I read the article this weekend and thought, “WTF – baggies of meat?” The trio is so hilarious, especially Robert. Now when I see Taylor Friday, I will just be thinking about his baggies of meat.

    Moon – love the British accent. You will fit in well when you and Rob get married and he takes you back home to England. You can have that Madonna, “I am now British,” accent, but much cooler and authentic.

  • Katie S

    What would my work days be like without you?! TERRIBLE, that’s what! heart you long time.

    Take care of yourselves out there! I hope there are clean dumpsters at the theater. πŸ™‚

    • lovemesomecullens

      I wouldn’t care if they aren’t clean. Just drag his drunken azz back there and make it worth your while ladies!

  • lapushbaby

    I’m currently having videoFAIL, dangit.

    I can guess, though, that it is all perfectly Normal. Normal normal normal.

    • TeamSeth

      you’re up early!

      • lapushbaby

        So are you!! I have to get up at the Buttcrack Santa of dawn every day to get the boy to middle school, bus comes at 720!!

        • StotheP

          Oooooo, so not kewl. Thumbs up for parental devotion – that’s love. And, ya know, a little bit of responsibility, too.

          • lapushbaby

            Did I mention that i am not a morning person, either? Not. At. All. Luckily I live in CoffeeLand….

            I often nap in the afternoon. Practice for senior citizenship, I guess….

          • StotheP

            You are my hero. I would probably have to home-school my hypothetical children to keep them from getting too many tardies.

            Coffee . . . it’s like a drug to me. But I can’t or won’t nap. Makes me feel icky.

          • lapushbaby

            That is the best argument I have ever heard for homeschooling ever!! I would have to get a degree in smartness if I wanted to teach my son any math at this point…

        • Proselyte3

          You had me at, ‘Buttcrack Santa’

          • lapushbaby

            Oh I’ve had you alright. Yeow!

          • Proselyte3

            Badda Bing!

        • TeamSeth

          @lapush, I’m on east coast right now. So, no, not up early at 10am.

          • lapushbaby

            OH right I forgot. Well, did you find anyone to go see NM with?

          • TeamSeth

            Sigh. I thought I had. But they all bailed on me. Like WTF? How can you bail out on NM? It’s an effing once in a lifetime event.
            One girl said she’d def. go with me on Friday. And another girl said her and her daughter were def. goin gon Thurs. at the midnight showing. BUT NOW…my friend’s daughter has a geometry test (she’s 13) and my other friend said, and I CANNOT believe that little female Benedict Arnold, “My firend’s birthday is on Friday…so i think I’m going to go on Sunday.”

            WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?! She’s the one who brought up RPatz to me LAST DECEMBER. I feel so betrayed. What could be more important than NM opening night? Seriously. I called her out on it and she was giving me the second hand embarrassed for me look. Ugh. Disgusting. I told her we weren’t friends anymore. She just laughed. Completely shrugged it off…like how Charlie gives Jake a high five for kissing Bella. I’m so pissed.
            And now she’s even turned Team Jacob. I should’ve known she’d bail on me when I joked with her about Taylor being 17 and she DIDN’T EVEN KNOW that he was. ::rolls eyes:: How could you not know that?

          • lapushbaby

            ZOMG, like Geometry is EVER more important than New Moon. Where are their priorities? “maybe on Sunday”? From the deliverer of RPatzz herself? What about the office unicorn?

  • sassysmart

    WHORES!!!! (cause you get to be in WH while I’m here NOT in WH)

    Side note: Hot as hell British dude in my office. Me with NO make-up, hair in a pony, crap clothes and him with an awesome arse standing in front of my office door while getting coffee.


    • Xylem

      If he’s anything like Rob, you should be fine. Quick get rid of that pony tail. Can you make your hair mullett-like? How about some plaid, got any? If all else fails offer him a Heineken (If that’s acceptable in your line of work) if it’s not, offer him a pepperoni and sausage hot pocket. It’s worth a try. Let us know how it goes.

    • TeamSeth

      Just remember how a lot of girls look in England (not the LTTers, obv). I think you’ll be a winner no matter what!

      • I was going to get offended – but then you pulled it back and it’s OK! πŸ™‚

        Sassy – I suggest grabbing your office scissors in one hand and your pony tail in the other and mullet-izising yourself as suggested – then all will be well with Hot English Dude.

        Incidently, it seems all the Hot English Dudes do not live here anymore, I can’t find any! ANY!

        • StotheP

          That’s ’cause we’re luring them across the pond with our greasy mullets and gender nonspecific plaid wardrobes. Then, when we have them locked down, we slowly let our hair grow out into something less Joe Dirt and a li’l more Stana Katic 2009. To keep them from noticing, we wear skirts with see-through panels and sheer tops. If at any time they start to emerge from the steamy spell we’ve woven, we clutch their wrists in such a way as to remind them of that other thing we do with our hands.

          Sorry, UK. You’re not getting them back. We’ll send you Adam Brody, k?

  • I don’t understand…T says the sweet potatoes GET raw? Aren’t they raw to begin with if they are uncooked? And if they are cooked (which I assume b/c who likes to eat a hard potato), they are no longer raw and therefore never turn back to raw, right? Wow, thinking about this too hard, plus how many times can I type out the word raw? I need a life.

    All you LTT ladies…y’all have fun out there!

    • Xylem

      How could you think about potatoes with all those MEAT references? πŸ™‚

      • @ Xylem – Taylor does nothing for me so I run cold when I read anything with him…”bags of meat” reference – meh, can’t even get my mind to wonder into naughty territory with him. Sorry for all you Jacob/Taylor lovers out there. We can be a community divided on that and still love one another, right?

        • xylem44

          I totes get it. Taylor as Taylor does nothing for me either. Taylor as Jacob is a whole other story. I wish he would just stay in character all the time.

          I’ll check on you after the 20th to see how you feel then. πŸ™‚

        • StotheP

          Ditto, K! If I squint a bit and picture him in plaid and maybe drinking a Heineken . . . . no, not even then.

          I’m on your side of this line. The dog-free, jailbait-free side. The side where we can be magnanimous about the Jacob/Taylor love because it means there’s more Rob to go around.

          • sniff…but i like Rob…does that mean i cant come over no more? i bring cookies…

          • StotheP

            IWL, did you downthumbs me? You know I’m fervently thankful for all your Hansen-be-damned Taycob lust. I have a hard enough time coming to grips with my own 6-year-“experience” advantage over Rob – I couldn’t deal if I had to go up against you, too!

            I have my issues with the second Alpha and am currently seeking help in the form of exclusive Bellward fanfic, but let it be said: Thank you, Taylor, for drawing so much of the fanbase away from Rob. You’re the cutest li’l decoy ever.

          • TeamSeth

            Oh please, Stothe, you know you have less than 6 years…he’s been having sex since he was 11.

        • I dont downthumbs anyone…if i thmb i up thumb or nothing at all just like me comments…my mamma taught me good….uve pissed of a die -hard Taycob fan i tell you…
          meh…to each their own…i still <3 Robward….

          • my thpelling not tho good…just woke up…please really an English major…

          • StotheP

            I always <3 IWL!

          • TeamSeth

            I only thumbs down when something bad happens to someone…like their boss found their FF. (did it work out, pinky/ang…who was that again? I think Pinky)

          • U know i always <3 u too StotheP…even with ur subtle jabs…I'm trying to love ALL the Twi-characters from now on…no bad mouthing anyone anymore…life is too short…

          • Pinky

            It’s all good, Team Seth. I’m still employed for now. I’m praying that after I actually see the movie things will go back to normal. I doubt it, but that’s my hope.

      • Emma C.

        meat n 2 veg!

    • TeamSeth

      Perhaps sweet potato is code for something else.

      What’s hilarious about that is the unicorn in my office only eats sweet potatoes for lunch. It’s a super long running joke. And he hates Taylor!

      He said to me this morning, “Did you see that Jacob was on the cover of Men’s Health. Ugh. I’m not sure if I’m even going to see New Moon since isn’t he the main character?” I scolded him.

    • ambushed by twilight

      @ Kendall – thought the SAME thing… raw? that doen’t get gushy… unless you leave the baggie on the dashboard of the car for a week… makes no sense to me. pu-shaw. πŸ˜›

      @ all – but the vid was cute… so silly. it’s great to have someone to laugh about this stuff w/. life is so rough, at least Twi-life is a blast.

      p.s. the hubby is commenting more often on my obsession… le sigh. when i saw a commersial for NM i was (honestly) off the couch, standing in frount of the tv, and yes, actually jumping up and down. 29 yr old self bouncing in the linin room like a 4 yr old. yeah.

      i need a tranquilizer.

      • xylem44

        I totes get your name after reading this. Hey jumping up and down for a movie trailer. That’s normal!

        • ambushed by twilight

          thank you. i feel less guilty now πŸ˜€ *crawls out from behind desk*

          ha-ha… (i’m so glad i don’t have cable, i’d be a mess w/ all the NM info)

  • Agnete

    I love you girls – You’re mad as bats, but that’s why I love you πŸ˜€ LOL
    Have a great time in LA…… Try and get a little grab of Rob for me!

  • operarose

    I read the article this weekend and knew you’d be all over the bags of meat this morning. Thanks for never disappointing.

  • pauleta

    That was really really funny the way you make fun of taylor and his diet the poor boy.
    Are you guys going to the premiere?

  • cupcakechanel

    Im going to the midnight premier in SA on friday!!!! CANT WAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!

  • allryans

    Have fun, ladies.

    Remember to stock your windowless van full of bags of meat for your Chris Hansen made for TV special documentary.

  • That was hilarious! Do you think we could get another video or 2 from you ladies before UC has to leave? Maybe a reaction to New Moon after you see the movie? Because real life you two is as great as blogging you two =)

    • you should’ve seen how many takes we had to take (where we burst out laughing due to our 2nd hand embarrassment) to get that one!

      but yes.. I’m SURE we’ll do more…

      • ambushed by twilight

        bloopers! yeah! so cute.

      • TeamSeth

        hahaha! You better do more. You better give us some good video from the premiere line tonight.

        • TeamSeth

          And I want a close up of Moon eating one of those Korean tacos.

  • Taylor sounds like Napoleon Dynamite. “Tina, come get some ham.” Also, Kristen sounds like Portia from “The Mighty B”. I love it. I think the real Taylor and the real Kristen should take elocution lessons from UC and Moon.

    • Janetrigs

      They needed my reading skills.

      PS I love “Tina come get some ham!”

      • Maybe they can do slash fic for their next reading.

        • Janetrigs

          PLEASE NO!!

          I meant what I said in that text….

        • Oh my. That would be disgustingly brilliant.

        • StotheP

          That would be the darkest of dark days for me. A LTT eclipse, if you will.

          Wait, just who’d be getting slashed?

          No, no, never mind. Ickew.

    • xylem44

      LMAO! β€œTina, come get some ham.”

      The combination of the sentence and the look on your face is just WIN!

    • allryans

      Napoleon Dynamite AND Mighty B in one comment? I love you.

      • Xylem


        Rob is SO Napoleon Dynamite 2.0.

  • Janetrigs

    Just to let you know….I would have rocked this dramatic reading, a la chat room style……..

    “I meant what I said in that text….”

    • ambushed by twilight

      ok, ok… imma let you finish, but are you bustin on UC and Moon’s reading?!


      • Janetrigs

        Dude, they know I have mad dramatic reading skills. I may be gifted…..we all have our gifts….don’t hate

        • Truth. Janetrigs won the 2009 Yeasty Bitch Award with her dramatic reading skills.

        • Janet, you would have schooled them in dramatic reading.

          I heart you something fierce for the ND reference.


  • lapushbaby

    Dudes, I just watched it. Brilliant!!! I hope that you know your next career is in acting, there is still time to audition for Breaking Dawn anyway.

    You ladies slay me, keep it up, I am SO looking forward to your posts these next couple of weeks. So funny.


  • xylem44

    So I’ve been lurking this blog religiously since April and posting since August… All this time I’ve been thinking that UC is Moon and vice versa. What I mean to say is that I thought Moon was on the right and UC on the left of the video. I totally don’t know which way is up anymore.

    BTW… Moon (who used to be UC) the way you say “eat your meat” totally reminds me of eddie izzard’s “cake or death”? question.

  • KinkyKiss

    i’m excited you two are together!!

    Reading = WIN!!

    Super excited for thursday night!!

    and the rest of this week here
    [of course]

  • Midnight_Cyn


    • TeamSeth

      Hey girl. Where were you this weekend?!

    • Ang

      MidCyn…Frantic waves! Hugs! Kisses! So glad you are online today. Hope things are going well fo r you while you are computer-access challenged. Can’t wait for you to be back with us full time!

      • Midnight_Cyn

        Sorry, b/c Twiiter thing daughter’s computer compromised…didn’i want to damage further..mine comes on 18th..on oldest daughter’s today..but am very far behind and kinda only reading …luv & smooches to u all…btw…a moment of silence plz..Blanket Rob was severely injured by Grandpuppy πŸ™

        • Ang

          MidCyn…Oh no! Several moments of silence observed for Blanket Rob. Enjoy reading and getting caught up!

        • StotheP

          I’m quashing my knee-jerk instinct to comment about dogs [read: wolves] and the things they try to destroy.

          P’raps you should send Blanket Rob to Real Rob? He could pull a Stoli-shirt-sewing-job on him and he’d be good as new! PLUS, you’d never have to wash him again, because he TOUCHED him!

          1st-hand embarrassed in 3 . . .2 . . . now.

          • TeamSeth

            I’m second hand embarrassed for you.

    • ambushed by twilight

      Hellooooo Cyn! hope you’re doing well. going through withdrawl? recovering? LTT is stil here for you!

      any plans to go see NM yet? Twi-daughter coming to your aid?

      (so happy to see your rose appear!)


      • Midnight_Cyn


        • ambushed by twilight

          the rose that appears at the right of your posts.

          while i’m scrolling for new comments i look for peoples’ “picture”… love your rose!

          what about the movie viewing plans?

          i’ll be thinking about ya! πŸ˜‰

          • Midnight_Cyn

            its not a rose??? It is a black square with a sun in the middle???That is what I see…I changed it from the rose a long time a go? I am so confused!

          • ambushed by twilight

            ohh… okay. i remember that. i saw it one time before (when i checked it on my lap-top away from work). sorry for the confusion. i don’t know why, but this computer that i use at work does not (for some reason) update the pictures. i know that several other people have said they have changed their pic at times but i always see the same thing, no matter how many times i close this or refresh it or restart my computer… didn’t mean to cause confusion *sniff, sniff* i was just refering to the fact that it is good to *sniff, sniff* see you Cyn.

          • Midnight_Cyn

            @AMUSHED…NOOOO no sniffing….I’M sorry…I was just confused….I AM SO glad to see all of you…very stressed today..plz accept my apologies..lots going on….which is why I didn’t get back to you till now and daughter is taking computer…might be back tonight..xoxo again sorry … πŸ™‚ teardrps big time!

    • hey midcyn! *blows kisses and edward-smelling bubbles*

      • ambushed by twilight

        edward-smelling bubbles! awesome! gimmie!

      • Midnight_Cyn

        Thanks ILWL…misses you lots…love Rob bubbles…xo

        • sorry for the short mesage…was falling asleep on the comp but had to say hi…hope blanket rob feels better…
          we’ve missed u…ill be around if u decide to come back later…
          very tired and hungry….meh
          Love ya muchly muah!

  • Pinky

    I so wish I could see the video, but I’m at work and trying to be good since the fanfic incident. I shouldn’t even be on here now. I told myself I needed a Twi-break.

    Confession: I am slowly starting to like New Moon Kristen. Twilight Kristen was horrid, but New Moon Kristen is all kinds of adorable. I think I might like her more than Rob now *gasp*.

    • TeamSeth

      Confession: I am slowly starting to like New Moon Kristen. Twilight Kristen was horrid,

      I know, right! But I don’t agree with the second half.

    • Ang

      I tell myself almost daily that I’m going to take a Twi-break at work. I can’t afford an “incident.” But I can’t stop. It’s like my own personal brand of heroin.

      • StotheP

        I thought I was Queen Multitasker BEFORE! Now I feel like a hamster in a wheel, constantly trying to get crap done so I can go back and check in!

        Confession Monday: Just realized our monthly copier limit was exceeded by an exhorbitant number of pages. SOMEBODY needs to stop printing out their fanfic at work [points finger at self].

        • ambushed by twilight


          i feel baaaaaaaad for you. yikes. πŸ™

          • StotheP

            Haha – don’t worry. I am the only one who will even notice. Forgive me, work powers that be. I won’t do it again.

        • TeamSeth

          hahah! that’s hilarious. I was considering printing my iron on image of charlie at work…but i thought better of it.i can wait.

          Okay, i’m off to walmart to get that $7 cami! πŸ˜€

          Also, just think, in all your next job interviews you can honestly say that you’re the best multitasker EVER.

        • Ang

          Multitasking…yet another value added to my life because of Twilight.

  • TeamSeth

    I can’t watch the video yet.

    Did they mention who the “guest” stars were? Trimble?!

    • ambushed by twilight

      no. the clip is just the gals reading part of the article that they posted above, in funny voices.

      • TeamSeth

        hrmph. Okay, but now it’s tell me an error occurred! πŸ™

  • Eat your meat


    Fingers crossed Rob falls for one of us tonight!

    • ambushed by twilight

      HEY-hey-HEY! UC! pssstttt… don’t forget the hair clipping, kay? πŸ˜‰ his hair’s so touseled nobody’ll be able to tell.

  • TeamSeth

    Me and my unicorn are throwing back and forth twi-lines today. I’ll say “How you likin’ the rain, boy?” and he’ll say, “Spider monkey!” and we giggle because he understands how bad that line is.

    • StotheP

      I envy you your unicorn.

      I thought of you this morning when the icy fingers of winter stretched into our fall. How you likin’ the FL weather? Sunshiney?

  • Midnight_Cyn

    UC & Moon..I am hiding in your just don’t know it….HOPING YOU HAVE THE BEST TIME EVER!!!

    • TeamSeth

      Pocket UC&Moons!!!!!

  • Have fun while being hilarious!

    Dear Tyra,
    Bite the English-accent-faking dust. And then die.

    • ambushed by twilight

      who’s Tyra?

        • Oh god…second hand embarassed for her…
          I also hate the woman who Taylor licks cream off of…with his finger…but hell anythings better than nothin…

          If he tries to do that now…lol
          Do it DO IT!!! im willing to put up with cougar and tween hate….

    • absolutelyvlc

      I’m now officially in love with you, Alice NAA.

  • ambushed by twilight

    did ya see the Edward and Bella Barbie dolls? Not the other “action figure” one that have been out for a while… actual Barbie brand dolls. i was looking at them on-line again when i was looking to see the Barbie that was made for the anniversary of Hitchcock’s The Birds… Tippie as Barbie w/ actual crows attacking her…

    but i don’t know if i like the look of the Barbie Edward.

    Edward- (his skin shimmers!)

    Bella- (even her hair looks like a wig!)

  • Hermes

    Thank you ladies for the vid.! (love the sunglasses very 007!!). – It really is too bad that Robbie doesnt read LTR/LTT, I think he’d get a kick out of the postings and the fans here… (who would’ent love us and you!)


  • absolutelyvlc

    Yeah, uh, is Moon stoned?

    J/K. πŸ˜€

  • TeamSeth

    Um, how did I miss out on these? Can we say, how you likin’ the clock tower shirt? And that plaid tunic screams eternal love.

    • ambushed by twilight

      good grief. do they have an entire department devoted to it? woah… i don’t have that store near me… phooey. i do like a couple of those shirts… too bad junior tees don’t always fit over my non-junior-sized bust-line… i wouldn’t know what size to get on-line. i guess i’ll hafta wear my 90’s fitted red plaid flannel and be content…

      • TeamSeth

        Yeah, I think plaid is the way to go.

        Imma about to get my iron on started.

        Sit down. Have some plaid.

  • SarahG

    Got my shirt and Cullen crest necklace from Nordstrom this weekend. All set for 12:01 am Friday!!! I’m so jealous of all these early premieres. I guess AL is just not as fancy-schmancy as LA. LOVE the “dramatic” reading. New catch phrase for this week: Eat Your Meat! Can’t wait to meet up with my friends, eat dinner, watch “Twilight”, read all the NM mags and FINALLY watch New Moon!!! πŸ™‚

  • 3hboyshouse

    You girls are awesome! Please tell me there was drinking going on before the filming of this little ditty!


    Still Jealous in AZ (my alter-alter ego)

  • TeamSeth

    Okay, I realize everyone is gone for the day…but maybe MidCyn will come back like she promised…

    Anyway, I’m hoping to be able to photoshop my face into this image…I think I’m totally passable as his wifey. Then I’ll get him into an accident where he’ll have amnesia and use the photoshopped image to convince him that I’m his wife! That’s not creepy, it’s normal, right?

  • TeamSeth

    Okay, hopefully this will work. Found this today, tuesday. I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    behind the scenes with Twilight’s Billy Burke & tdink magazine from david lee on Vimeo.

  • TeamSeth


    have you seen this adorable “purple’s cool” new moon still yet? I hadn’t until i went into hardcore search mode for my NM movie premiere shirt. Anyway…I think I want to use that pic. Sigh…

    Also…I’m attempting to change my avatar. Hopefully it worked.

  • milfy goodness

    just finished watching live stream on Myspace & had to get some funny in before heading to DVR to watch crazy cathy cougar on MTV. And, as per usual, you girls BRING IT! Your dramatic reading was so brilliant. I just wish we all had the soundtrack of Rob saying “eat your meat”

  • southernbelle

    Oh my…I’m here so late and missed out on all the fun.

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