Twilight eats the month of June (and spits out a SUPERFAN) Part 1

Dear month of June,

I wondered where you went. And then I remembered. You went to Twilight.

First there was that time we met Stephenie Meyer which was kinda cool. I mean meeting a sort-of-hero, someone who inspired us to be who we’ve become, reason we’ve gotten through many of the days for the past year and 1/2? Yeah…. no biggie. We made some videos. Try not to love us too much:

After the epic meeting I put on a new shirt (Thanks Moon!) hopped on a red eye flight home to Philadelphia where I arrived at 6 am. Then I packed some final boxes because friends & family showed up at 8 am to move us ah hour away. I have no recollection of that day.

But I love British Boys....

Oh WAIT, before the British shirt & the red eye & the moving, Moon & I laid at the pool & wrote an article for CREME magazine in New Zealand. They are a teen magazine with whom we’ve become friendly & they wanted to hear about our experience with Stephenie. More on that later.

After 6 days in my new house, it was time to put on my SUPERFAN face. Basically a few weeks prior I got a phone call from my roommate from college who runs which is owned by AOL which owns Moviefone was doing some secret Twilight events, one is in Philly. Did I want to go!? HECK YES! Then she said she could probably get me involved. Would I like to be? HECK YES. Somehow, I end up becoming a SUPERFAN which was actually QUITE fun- I got to interview Jackson Rathbone! SUPERFAN WHAT!?

I was worried about what to wear to interview Jackson. I tried this on but it didn’t seem right….

I dragged along some friends and my sister, who I made promise wouldn’t embarrass me, thought that getting a wolfpck tattoo would hold up her end of the bargain (Which I called The Cullen Crest- #FanFail)

Funny story- after the Jackson deal we went to an art show at a loft down the street from my house in Philly- the artist complimented my sister & her friends on their tattoos & asked if they were FRIENDSHIP tattoos. She thought they were real. As any regular LTT reader would know, you’re supposed to respond, “yes, yes that is a friendship tattoo” but noooo she admitted they were wolfpack tattoos & confessed I was a SUPERFAN.

But first this happened after the jump:

Introducing.... Your Twilight SUPERFAN!

Do me

Here- I'll even take my shirt off...

Tell me the truth: Do you love how pretty I look right now?

I wish the 100 Monkeys were here too...

THAT's where Ashley likes it!?

Did he almost diss Summit? And did I totally reject his attempted hug at the end? Oops. SUPERFAN fail! [If you heard some sort of name other than “UC” (I wasn’t there on official LTT business) just ignore that. They’re crazy. You know my real name is Bunny]

I’m exhausted.. and that’s barely half of JUNE! Stay tuned for Part 2!


If you missed yesterday on LTT, well here’s a recap: Moon & I are major bitches & a hater coined the terms: GAYBERT & KRISTONER for Rob & Kristen. And that hater becomes our new best friend, sorta.

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTR, The Forum, Twitter, The Store

  • Oh. My. God.
    First, the vids of you two are just awesome.
    You’re so cute!
    And the British Boys tee?! Love.
    You are my people.
    And Jackson?! Dude. So cute! Love, love, love!
    UC you looked adorable, asked good questions and totally rejected his hug which seriously made me LOL.
    Thanks for sharing, loves!!

    • kat

      OMG> I need the British boys shirt. Where can I acquire such fine piece of attire??????

      • lunabella

        Agreed, British boys t-shirt is amazing! Where in the world did you find that??

        • I think Forever 21? Moon?

          • TeamSeth

            Yes, Forever XXI. I saw it when I was there buying my sister jorts and an imitation of the imitation of the bella ring.

      i want a do over
      DO ME OVER Jackson!

      • Stacey

        It only makes him want you more! Now Jackson is going to be searching out your hugs! Mr. Choice is going to have to borrow Charlie’s shotgun and tell him he better get off his lawn.

      • snowwhitedrifted

        Sorry Mr. Choice, I love ya and all, but there was some magicness happening between Bunny and Red Mullet.

      • Krystle

        You were so awesome!! Did someone tell you to wrap it up or something? lmao @ you dissing his hug! He was like ‘come back UC!!!!!!!’

        • NO! i was told 2 questions.. I thought they’d come up and end our time, but they didn’t.. i should have planned how to end, but I didn’t think of that. SUPERFAN FAIL

          • Krystle

            You were such a pro and then maybe you realized he looked like a catfish or that he was definitely no Rob, and you were like “PEACE!!” πŸ˜‰ haha But you seriously rocked as a reporter – better than many that do this as their day job. (i.e. Samantha Harris a la DWTS …… that crazy chic hosting The Hills finale party last Monday night) #UC=SUPERFANWIN

      • I gave you a thumbs down for giving mah man the doo me eyes. Yes. Yes, I did.

  • natashadushi

    UC & Moon. I love you and LTT/LTR…… that’s all xxxxx

    ps. Welcome Gaybert and Kristoner! The kool-aid is at your left and the homemeade iced tea (made by Edward himself) is at your right.

    • Obava

      Mmmmm I’ll suck me down a big glass of Edward’s iced tea…

  • JodieO

    I don’t think Jackson was looking for hugs. I think he was looking for special hugs.

    • Alice_NaA

      Yep. He was totes checking out your ass as you turned, Bunny. And then he quickly did a breath check, just in case…

      • UC you forgot to mention he tried to touch your ass. I think you got yourself a superfan UC. And he was so moved with your red mullet suggestion. (that’s not from BD, right?)

        • TheColdWoman

          Yeah, I think there’s a Jackson loves UC chant in the future. He definitely hated to see you go but loved to watch you leave. πŸ™‚

        • no that was a spur of the moment ” i need to insert something here about a mullet for LTT” at least i don’t THINK that’s in Breaking Dawn? Stephenie? IS it?

  • purplescool

    Would love to see that “British Boys” tee in the LTT store!

    • yes… I think we might be able to come up with an LTT equivalent. I wear it at least once a week. Mr. Choice is NOT amused

      • sjaantje

        I love my “Elephants and Allergies” t-shirt! My husband isn’t such a fan of it though and rolls his eyes everytime he sees it. I even wore it to the “Eclipse” midnight showing and again a few days later when I saw it in IMAX hoping to find some LTT/LTR readers. Unfortunately, I didn’t, so I guess I am the only one representing here in Maine because I know LTT/LTR fans are not shy.

        • Stacey

          That’s why I got the Big Daddy tee. My husband thinks it was a gag gift, because our new house has a pond. My husband is confused why I’m wearing it all the time, though!

        • Midnight_Cyn

          No..your not alone..NoCoolName, JodieO and myself are all from the great state of MAINE! πŸ™‚ and proud members of LTT/LTR!!!

          • sjaantje

            Seriously! You’ve just made my day! Where are you guys?
            I went to the midnight showing with some friends (not LTT/LTR readers yet, but I am working on it) in the town where I live and then I went to the IMAX in Saco since we were in OOB for the 4th.

        • OutOfF(l)avour

          excuse my ingnorance, but i’m (relatively) new to this blog – what is the “elephants and allergies’ t-shirt in referrence to?

          • robsfuturemate

            “Elephants and Allerigies” is from Rob’s Details Magazine Shoot/Interview. In that interview Rob mentions that he was sniffed up by an elephant (total paraphrase!) and that he is allergic to vaginias. Classic Rob!

  • Edible Art ?

    Wow how cool is that !!! – “do me” ha ha ha

    Love your dress – he’s soooo nice

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  • Rob’s flaming dashboard

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Jackson was totes in lurve with you “Bunny”! You did a wonderfully professional job. Which I know you will reprise when you & Moon interview Rob.

  • tuesdaymidnight

    Aw, I can’t watch the videos, but I’m enjoying the pics! I’m trying to be excited and not a bit jealous that UC got to meet Jackson. (Hug rejection FTW!) However, it’s probably for the best. I’m almost positive I could keep my cool around any of the other cast members (other than Solomon Trimble, of course)… but Jackson just asks for fangirl crazy.

  • BrookeLockart

    It’s so hilarious how OUT you are now Bunny, I mean UC.

    There’s just no turning back at this point.

    Btw, I am so calling you The Superfan from now on, whenever I see you.

    Kristoner and Gaybert 4eva!

  • JellyBeanRainbow

    As much as I love reading your daily letters here, Bunny, ….. I think you should be a TV presenter instead. You’re so cute and chatty. Try to land a job on E! please, it’s one of the few US TV stations we get to watch on cable here.

    As far as June goes, it’s where almost half of July went as well – into Eclipse. I’m still there!.

    • you’re right- IT’s half way through July and I’m just NOW recapping my June? Twilight has eaten July too!

      E! here I come!

      • JodieO

        You totally should. You’d be way better than any of those annoying lame asses they have on E! now. I’m looking at YOU Ryan! And Juliana! And Debbi! And Dreadlocks Guy!

      • Edible Art ?

        Yeah – get a job on E! and stop them using RPATZ !!!

  • Would a SUPER FAN diss Jackson on a hug?!? I think not!!

    And, seriously, where was THIS Jackson when I went to Twicon? I got freaking sweaty, dirty, possibly smelly Jax. So unfair.

    • he was smoking. and i don’t mean a cigarette. SMOKIN’

      • Obava

        UC, what did he smell like? You *did* lean in for a sneaky whiff, right?


  • Libby

    Awwwee I have to wait to see the vids at home but you look amazing!!!! and the pics are hilarious: “do me” LOL.


  • tuesdaymidnight

    Also, I love that “Jackson Rathbone’s Hair” is one of your categories.

    • and I didn’t add it for today- we HAD that already! Win!

      • tuesdaymidnight

        Haha, that makes me love you two even more…

  • O.M.E.

    red.mullet. nice. he said it like 20 times! Great interview, you’ve got mad skillz!

    • Obava

      I wonder how often he’s going to mention the red mullet in future interviews- it will be Jackson’s little holla to Bunny and their inside joke πŸ™‚

  • SarahG

    You get major props for being “cool” and refusing to fangirl in front of him (although, I’m sure you did later, right?) Kudos also to your aweesome interviewing skills and fabulous dress! You rock UC…I mean Bunny…whatever your name is now πŸ™‚

    Gaybert and Kristoner 4eva!!

    • I think because I was with my sister & friends and then another friend who refused to be photographed and NOT my Philly LTT gals, I didnt’ fangirl after like I would have otherwise….. In fact… I never really did. I’m gonna fan girl right now running to close office door okay ready? Playing Muse’ Supermassive Black Hole CHECK Team Edward shirt on CHECK Blown up picture of me & Jackson to hug & kiss while jumping up and down and crying CHECK! DONE!

  • Pinky

    I can’t watch the videos, but I’m already dying of jealousy from looking at just the pictures.

    Wow…it must blow your mind to think that all of this is a result of starting a Twilight blog on a whim. So cool.

  • Sj

    *lame attempt at dancing & singing* ‘tell me more, tell me more…’ You & Jackson make the cutest Grease-style couple evah! Now tell us more.

    • Sj

      PS Bunny is the coolest Grease-style name evah.

      (trying hard not to love UC & Moon too much).

  • Hillary

    So I lurk here a lot, but I have to tell you that I was watching the video with music playing and “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” came on…it was so quiet I thought it was playing in the background of the interview. I was mistaken.

    (fan moment over)

  • Athena

    UC, he wanted to hug you – he prolly thought that was one of the coolest fan interviews ever. And ’cause you looked cute. LOL.

    I can’t believe you missed out on the hug though!!

  • Nelle

    I am so 2nd hand proud! And I love that you dropped SM’s name in that interview. So much win (except for the failed hug!).

    • Obava

      Oh yea, UC was all “When Stephenie- Stephenie Meyer- and I were chatting the other day…”

      • shleeeigh

        That was so smooth.

  • Midnight_Cyn

    UC…You are ADORABLE…sooo close to Jackson and he was sooo checking U out!! Definately worth the pink post it….BUT….I just may have an issue with your Super Fan status.:
    Lets just take a moment to review:
    How many times have you watched Twilight? New Moon? Eclipse combined? UC:25 ME:3000000000
    How many notebooks do you have filled with nothing but Twilight info? UC: 2000 ME:30000000
    How many times have you slept with (Blanket) Eddie?
    UC: 0 ME: 387 +nights πŸ™‚
    Have you EVER stood in front of a washer to make sure said blanket survived a broken machine???
    UC: HELL no ME: OH yes 4 +
    How many letters have YOU written TO a blog devoted to all things Twilight named LTT:
    UC: 0 ME: way to many
    Did you write an embarrassing Thank You letter to SM, cast of Twilight?
    UC: ? ME: Oh yes!
    I could go on and on (trust me) but then you might win and this was an unfair contest from the beginning..I was just overcome with jealousy and decided to have some fun..still can’t get over how much you look like my future DIL..(that could cause problems the day of the wedding when I slip up and call her Becca…I mean Bunny..I mean…)

    Seriously, I Big Time love this Post and You! However you could have let us live vicariously through you with just a lil huggy to Jax! Mr. Choice would have understood…if ever you need help (like if you interview Edward, not Rob) feel free to call Super fan #2 and I will hug away..Mr. Cyn understands that I sometimes have control issues due to my injury..tee hee…also I could have been helpful at the SM interview..think of all the THOSE questions that you wanted to ask but couldn’t but would have easily rolled off my tongue…OMELE…probably why I will never get an invite…lol…

    • I love you! SUPERFAN CYNDI FTW!
      (FTW=For the win… I cant’ remember if you have that on a post-it or not!)

      • Midnight_Cyn

        Oh yes FTW has been on a post it for a very long time b/c it definately was NOT what I thought it meant…speaking of which..need explaination of IKR please???? Got post it ready….

        • eatmyjorts

          I know, right?

          At least I hope that’s what it is or I’m going to out myself as an abbreviation moose.

          • JodieO

            Abbreviation moose? That’s a new one on me! But yes, IKR=I know, right?

          • rpisthenewps

            yep, your correct
            IKR = I know, right
            I only know this because I had to ask my 13 year old son what it meant the other day πŸ™‚

          • same

            “an abbreviation moose” I snorted Diet Coke up my nose at this one but I can only say thank you, because I resemble that remark!

        • Rob’s flaming dashboard

          IKR = I know, right.
          Must always be said exactly as delivered by Jessica / Anna Kendrick. πŸ˜€

    • TeamSeth

      You seriously are the superfan, cyn!

      • Midnight_Cyn

        Hey TS! How you doin girl? Since my Superfan #2 status will never get me interviewing anyone I started contemplating what to do with all these notebooks/post-its filled with everything to do with my life for the last 3 almost 4 I might write a book about how the accident has changed my life both good & bad..and you know half of it will be about Twilight/LTT/everyone here etc., so as not to waste all this great material…whatcha think??? LOL…
        Possible titles:
        Living in the “Twilight Zone”..
        Has anyone seen my chicken?…
        My Life according to Post-Its….
        Okay those are really bad… πŸ™‚

        • TeamSeth

          “Has Anyone Seen My Chicken” is a guarantee hit based on the title alone. That’s the one.

          I can’t wait for your book to come out!!!!

  • StotheP

    Way to represent, B . . unny . . . um . . UC! Seriously. Thank you for not losing your shit, for asking interesting, original questions, and for being the funniest one in the interview. Thank you for showing the Twiverse that even SUPERFANS can be Normal . . . case in point – did you just headline yourself as Twilight’s regurgitation? That’s humility, folks.

    That is the most I’ve ever heard that man speak. I think after (if? when?) they can’t get work post-Twilight, Jackson & Rob should read audio books. Attention future “serious” authors: Do not let them read your book. I don’t care if it’s a tweed in-depth analysis of the Korean War, bookstores will still shelve it under “Soft-core Porn.”

    • tuesdaymidnight

      That’s a brilliant idea!! I’m pretty sure I would have made it through Atlas Shrugged (random, but it’s the only book I’ve ever tried to listen to on tape) if Jackson was reading it. He should do voice-overs on commercials, too. I bet he could make Preparation H sound sexy… or not.

    • snowwhitedrifted

      Yes, a Rob/Jackson audio of a Tyler Florence Cookbook would really bake my lasagna!

      • Stacey

        I like the sound of that cookbook.

        I do have one issue with Jackson’s voice or should I say, full on confederate Jasper. He sounds exactly like my cousin, John. It was a little disturbing, since I am now developing a Jackson crush. Then I’ll slip up when I hear Jackson’s voice and call him John. It’s going to cause all sorts of weirdness.

        • StotheP

          LetterstoArkansas says that’s NORMAL.

          Winky face.

  • Sj

    Off topic but I just went back to yesterday to meet KriSTONER & Gaybert. Nikki Reed & 366 comments later…BHWAHAHAHA. Must never take a days break from LTT again.

    Can’t wait ’til Dakota posts again.

    • Dakota is the best writer

    • eatmyjorts

      366 comments? I left at about 287. Humph. All this working is ruining my LTT life.

    • shleeeigh

      I didn’t really get involved in that yesterday but I have to say the word ‘Gaybert’ had me laughing for so long!

  • EPIC SQUEEEE!!! I’m so beyond proud of you UC…err I mean Bunny…
    Love the hair and the dress…and I LOVE it that Jackson dressed in a more civilized manner this time. More proof that he’s into you…(seriously, his hair is dreeaaammyy…)

    And I love the ‘Do me’ picture. And the Jackson interview was awesome! Seriously, Guiliana’s got nothing on you. Like JellyBean said above, go apply at E! If you apply now, maybe you’ll get to interview Rob during the BD premiere..

    It’s funny, in the 100 monkeys’ picture, I saw the giant yellow umbrella behind you and immediately thought of their infamous Banana suit. Weird.

    P.S That’s the first Jackson interview I watched (not counting the snippet from ‘Life after Twilight’ from the NM DVD extras.) I may be late to the party, but his voice is sexxayy!

    • you can’t really tell HOW close we were standing on the video… but it was SO close.. like.. close talker close… Like… I could smell his breath (minty) close…. so that accent? that close? um yes please

      • Ok, so I’m officially jealous of you.

        So how minty was his breath? Mentos minty or Juicy Fruit mint style or Tic Tac mint flavour?

      • Midnight_Cyn

        Umm Have you never heard of the word “swoon”..would have come in handy that close in proximity to the Jax..or ankle twist??? Come on superfan..shitz..I wouldn’t have even had to fake it..I get dizzy all the time and I know Jax would have been a gentleman and offered up some “ass istance”…I’m just saying girl..opportunities like this don’t present themselves that often…you only live once.. πŸ™‚

  • TeamJacobEdward

    “do me” hahaha! love it! More! More! (TWSS)

    • TeamJacobEdward

      Ps, I don’t know if I was the only one who caught this, but one of the guys slipped UC’s name… um Bunny, yeah ahem… during the last podcast. πŸ™‚

      • i HATE the guys.

        oh well, we have another video that will be a part of PART 2 where you learn our last names. oops

        • TeamJacobEdward

          le sigh. Boys! Can’t trust them with anything.

        • eatmyjorts

          Then we can stalk you properly. Bwahahahahahaha!

  • Lautner’s_reluctant Twi-hard

    Bunny you are a stronger woman than I! I would NOT have been able to resist getting me some Jackson love! lol you should have totally hugged him.

  • sjaantje

    You guys are so much fun to watch! Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you and sharing.
    You were in so much control while interviewing Jackson. I couldn’t have done that. Loved the suggesting for the red mullet! Good job representing Twilight Fans who can keep their cool.

  • Obava

    UC you are so super cute! Jeez, no wonder Jackson tried to grope you on stage in front of hundreds of people- I totally would have gone for at least a boob graze.
    And I love how diplomatic you are- you called him out about the fugly wigs without actually saying the words “fucking” or “ugly” or any combination of the two. Color me uber impressed.

    Thanks for more than just the tip today, ladies- I look forward to the whole shaft soon πŸ™‚

  • Oooh, his voice is so pretty! I thought he was just being all dramatical with it in the movie.

    And you, Miss Bunny, are adorable! Good job. I would’ve actually died when I saw him. For some reason, I seriously doubt he knows CPR…

    • yeah but i think he’d take any excuse to put his tongue inside a girl.. yes i just said that. and i meant it

      • Lautner’s_reluctant Twi-hard

        ahahaa! a woman after my own heart! Wouldn’t we all LOVE some tongue action.

      • Well… That’s not all bad, is it?

        One just can’t consider the 3million other girls he’s been “putting his tongue inside of”.


  • As usual, HATE YOU

  • alice_av

    wow Moon, that was awesome… you look so SUPER FAN lol thank God you are well behave LOL you look so cute with Jacskson …

  • operarose

    I didn’t watch any of the Eclipse press/interviews/etc. (which is why I missed the loquat reference yesterday) EXCEPT for Bunny’s interview with Jackson. Nothing could top that.

    Bunny, I hope your friend’s connections can cinch you interviewing the entire cast before Breaking Dawn. If your interview with Jackson was any indication, we can be assured that FINALLY – someone, fan or interviewer or hater or whatever – will ask something that we, the fans (or are we haters? I’m so confused after yesterday…) really want to hear from the cast. Just imagine the questions for Breaking Dawn: “Gaybert, would you wear this t-shirt?” (<– Bunny holds up I heart British Men shirt), "Kristoner, are you a Nonsten or a Robsten or in between shoots set up the website" "Taylor, have you ever considered living on an Alpaca farm?" "Big Daddy, will you marry me?" etc.

    By the way, my June and July have also gone to Eclipse. I am getting married in August (not the 13th, for the record) but I swear I've spent more energy on Twilight/Eclipse these past two months than the wedding. I'm not a Bridezilla, I'm a Twizilla!

    • Midnight_Cyn

      Congrats Opera!! So excited for you!! I also know what you mean, instead of finding dresses. planning rehersal dinner etc., I AM HERE… πŸ˜‰ however DID provide me with a good cover story yesterday…I was so exhausted last night from all the commenting drama when the hubs came in and he was like “You look miserable..using the computer too much??” To which I respond with a heavy sigh “Yeah, all the wedding details..bills to pay…dresses to find..” he see’s new post-its all over computer and it just secures my alibi..Feeling guilty (not really, ok sort of) I offer to attempt to try and cook a frozen which he makes me feel way worse by telling to take it easy, he’ll fix something..OH the GUILT…course I really was tired and sore (which is my punishment) but since I am going to hale anyway, I am back today! πŸ™‚

    • TeamSeth

      Twizilla FTW!

      (Ok, just between you and me, I think I missed this yesterday, but what exactly was the loquats reference? I saw that when googled they are some fruit, and so I thought it was just a new euphemism for breasts, but apparently it’s more?)

      • Stacey

        Didn’t you know the loquat is the new “in” fruit with the Oprah Twimoms. The trees are selling out in all the garden centers. Got have them in case, Rob stops in and wants some pie.

        *As I pull pie out of oven* (hee hee, no. I can’t bake.)

      • operarose

        Google “loquat” and “Robsten” (I figured it out thanks to UC and her hint yesterday)

      • TeamSeth

        Thanks, girls. I’m so not down with the Oprah twimoms kids. Though upon the google of loquat, I found out that it’s the fruit that my sister and I used to pick at my dad’s old office. He had a tree outside of it by these artsy concrete blocks (like open squares stacked together…nm, you’d have to see it, he’s an architect so it was supposed to be architect-y). Anyway, those things are so delicious.

  • whyamidoingthis

    Awww. You guys are so cute with your $11 water bottles and night-night videos, and Bunny in her pretty dress with mad interviewing skillz! You’re both just so darn professional!

    Who knew that snark could lead to such greatness??

  • TeamJacobEdward

    I think Jackson was taken with you my dear UC. I’m sure he was shockingly happy to meet a dubbed “Superfan” that wasn’t screaming, about to pass out or unable to speak. Instead one that was so composed and funny, adorable and NORMA. His reach for you (your ass) at the end was like, “no, don’t leave me Bunny.”

    (Shhh don’t tell Mr. UC, but it looked like you were both giving each other the “do me” eyes.) πŸ˜‰

  • twigirl_world

    So before the interview it seemed liked you weren’t too thrilled to meet Jackson? Did his awesomeness swoon you! I have to say that as of recently that man has made me a Team Edper fan! I mean no one can compete w/ Edwards #1 status but Jasper’s twang just about did me in during the fight training…dayum!!

  • Robjunkie

    Sofa king cute. Way to be a sane superfan.

  • Stacey

    Did you also make wolfboy Jared love you as much as Jackson does? You are going to have quite the following of Twilight boy actors. I have a feeling they are going to start sending fan letters to YOU!

    Why is it that everytime I see Jackson I get more attracted to him? I might even start following 100 Monkeys…nope probably not.

    • TeamSeth

      If you do end up following them, I have extra earplugs to block the vuvuzelas that you can have. Though, one of my LTT sources said they enjoyed the 100 Bananas show they went to.

      • TeamSeth

        100 Monkeys* OMG. That was so not intentional. facepaw.

    • You know what? I was supposed to interview him… I had questions and everything… and then they said “you know what? don’t worry about it. No one cares about him anyway”
      he was adorable!

      • Stacey

        Poor Jared wolf boy! That’s it…I will become his biggest fan, because I think he needs at least one. Also, it will drive my husband crazy, because he’s a Jarrod. That and wolf Jared, has nice muscles and isn’t as skinny as a 13-year old boy, like my husband. It will be a win for everybody. (except my husband, but he’s used to it!)

  • Robjunkie

    And you guys look adorable with your glasses.

  • Midnight_Cyn

    UC..forgot to ask..can I borrow that dress and then go through your closet(s) b/c I still have don’t have any cool clothes to wear to upcoming son’s wedding events..? Do we have any dresses at the LTT store yet? I did suggest yesterday that we get purple prison outfit with the LTT logo’s on them after moon mentioned we may all be headed there….

    • JodieO

      What happened to that grey dress you showed me with the shawl thing? That was pretty!

      • Midnight_Cyn

        I offer up in proof of my previous comments yesterday..I can’t remember where I found it or even what it looked like :(… so the search is back on….
        BTW spent the early a.m. hours reading yesterdays zillion comments and noticed you never did tell me whats πŸ™‚ ((hugs you))

        • JodieO
          • TeamSeth

            That’s super cute! Cyn, you should get that even if it’s not the same one!

          • Midnight_Cyn

            Thats pretty Jodie..but it only comes in med..and the problem is that I am sooo damn short! Whatever dress I buy I will have to cut half of it off..can’t wear heels..Gawd forbid..I end up my ass barefoot as it is…so hard finding a silver dress to begin with!! Ohhh but it does give me an excuse to wear some body glitter……nothing like the thought of sparkle to brighten my day!!…

    • hahahahah… you’re ON today, Cyndi! And I’ll have to ask my sister if you can borrow the dress- it’s hers πŸ™‚

      • TeamSeth

        Whenever I’d get compliments on my sister’s clothes that I borrowed (shh, don’t tell RachelB) and they’d ask where they were from I’d say, “My sister’s closet.” and 9 times out of 10 the person would then ask where that store was. If I could sew, I think I would open a boutique called that. It probably exists already.

    • TeamJacobEdward

      Yeah! I’m not going unless I get a purple jumpsuit. Orange is not my color. But more so, orange’s not cool.

      Wait, what?! You’re saying you don’t get to pick the jumpsuit color? And going isn’t a choice?!? Ugh!

      • Midnight_Cyn

        It all begins with a choice lol…:)
        Purple jumpsuits with LTT logo and movie night at the jailhouse is always Twilight related…

  • Penguins. Lovely.

    You should call up your bestie (SM) and get Jackson’s number so he can do you (over with a hug). πŸ˜‰ Or just give me the number…

    He’s sooo cute. Loved him since I saw him on Disney. lol

  • eatmyjorts

    Love the choice of drinks! Diet Pepsi is my beverage of choice (sorry JaneTrigs, I hate alcohol)…I’m sure the change down the back of Stephenie’s writing chair covered that bill. Hmmm, but does she approve of the caffeine?

    Sounds like Mr Choice needs to ask Jacksper for some tongue tips, to stop some hideously awkward ‘twi-actor stole my twi-blogger wifey’ paparazzi-observed scandal occurring…He can probably just shout through the window to where Jacksper now hides in the bushes stalking you….

    • eatmyjorts

      P.S. Super fanny, super fan! Meant in the American sense, obvs.

      • TeamSeth


  • snowwhitedrifted

    Firstly, let’s get technical. UC, your blush looks GREAT on camera, what kind is it? You both looked fresh and glowy *sparklY*.

    My fav. Jackson line “They had to re-wig me”
    It sounds kind of naughty with that accent.

    • thank you- it’s Twilight blush. and I’m not kidding. Stephenie sent us some in our care package.

      • Midnight_Cyn

        OK..UC… THAT is the final straw..I am joining Jantetrigs…I hate you..lots..for this: “and I’m not kidding. Stephenie sent us some in our care package.” could have at least shared..ONE bristle of the brush that came from the blush…is that TOO much to ask…I mean it CAME. FROM. STEPHANIE . MEYER!!!


        • TeamSeth

          Cyn: Unrelated, you did the “DING!” thing yesterday too. What does that mean?

          • Midnight_Cyn

            Oh a 1ST..someone asking me to explain something..grabbing a post-it–this is noteworthy!

            TS..yesterday during the chao’s someone suggested, to put an end to the confusion about what is or isn’t a sarcastic comment, that we write the word “ding” after it….(geez my one and only shot at this, hope I got it right)!


          • TeamSeth


      • snowwhitedrifted

        I have the twilight lip gloss (*hangs head* no really, I bought it just for the pretty container it comes in) and it’s fabulous.

        Free make up too?!! I’m pulling an @Janetrigs and I hate you 2. πŸ˜‰

  • shleeeigh

    UC you did SO good! Can’t believe how hot Jackson was looking – THAT’S more like it!

  • Stitchcat

    UC that was great! I really want to know whether he’s as short as I think he is? Was he wearing stacks? And most importantly, what kind of heat is he packing? (Don’t tell me you didn’t look, is he Big In Philly or not)

    • hahahahahhahahahah omg…. i was too nervous I was going to trip to check out how he compares to a cheesesteak, but he IS short. like my height. i’m 5’5″ . he’s probably a bit taller, but it felt the same height. SO MUCH CUTER IN PERSON

      • Midnight_Cyn that I am hatin on you I am glad I am only 5’2″ and the damn dress wouldn’t have fit anyway….. πŸ˜‰

  • Bunny! Seriously.. you interviewed Jackson Rathbone and didn’t throw in ONE “oh and Spank Ransom wants to do you every which way to Sunday?” Really? *stomps my feet*

    • I’m SO SORRRRRYYYYYYYYY I forgot… I was too distracted by his minty freshness all up in my bizness

  • TeamSeth

    Can’t watch videos at work, but am dying to go home and see them!

    You guys are so awesome. j/s

    ps-You interviewed JACKSON in front of like 1,000 squealing fans? I’m sorry… what? And you never told us before now?! And you wore that super cute dress! You guys are so famous, I can’t believe I have your email address…

    pps-Hey Pennsylvania, How you likin’ your new place, girl? πŸ™‚

    • Luludee

      Actually, they did mention it in the ‘PS’ section of a post the week that this occurred, and they also posted a live feed video the night of the Superfanness. But, it was late in the day/early evening and I don’t think many people watched it or saw it at that time.

      UC was by far, the best part of the whole Moviefone event, TRUST. She rocked it!! I’d say that even if I didn’t already love her. πŸ˜€
      I just missed her on the live feed and was 2nd hand embarrassed through the rest of it until it looped back to the beginning.

      • TeamSeth

        Thanks! I am apparently an LTT fanfail for not reading the postscript :'( I didn’t see that live feed. Or I did but it wouldn’t play? Or wait… I’m confused. What day is the post you’re talking about from?

        • Luludee

          I checked and it looks like it was first mentioned in the entry Moon wrote about going to the red carpet premiere. And then there’s a post on June 26th from UC about being the Superfan and the live feed post is the next post after that, right before the Twilight Virgins post….I think.

          • TeamSeth

            Aha! Mystery solved! I was out of country then and unable to access internet!

          • Luludee

            I was thinking that’s what it was too. Cuz obviously, you’d have been here reading otherwise πŸ˜‰

  • Sharpie

    AWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First off, you are SO adorbs!! Second of all: You are SUCH a lucky biatch!! Actually, as much as I envy your Twilight experiences, you (and Moon) definitely deserve it!! You girls put so much into LTT and LTR, making us all laugh and feel “normal”. I’m happy for you girls, and I can’t wait to find out what else you have been up to! But I must say, that if I find out next that you met Rob and blew him behind a dumpster, I might not be able to stay so classy. πŸ˜‰
    But in an seriousness, congrats!!

  • You’re wearing your Moon/UC necklace. Do you think he noticed and put it all together? Wouldn’t that be great if we could count him in as a Unicorn. Jaxicorn FTW!

    • Stitchcat

      He has said he googles himself all the time, so I’m sure he’s already put it together – now he knows how to get to UC for that “hug”

    • YOU NOTICED!!! great attention to detail. i did that so that Moon would be with me in spirit (i also wear it almost every day!)

  • Stacey

    I just noticed that after yesterday’s “Nikki Drama”, I keep calling the baby my,”Little Monkey Man”. He keeps smiling an cooing when I say it, so he must be Team Nikki. I can already see the unicorn in him.

  • Jem

    You look so pretty in this dress πŸ™‚ I think Jackson thought so too… you seemed so cool on TV, I possibly (definitely) would have hyperventilated and passed out. Also I applaud the rejected hug…there’s a saying about milk and cows that I can’t quite recall….

    I’m becoming slightly obsessed with the southern accent…the thicker Jackson’s goes the more I sort of love him. Is this because I’m british and have a mini fangirl moment every time I hear someone with an american accent or is the drawl a la Josh Lucas in sweet home alabama drool worthy even across the pond?? Kind of like even though I love (love love love) Rob his accent isn’t that exciting to me cos I hear it all the time?


    • Jem

      (break for culturally educational moment)

    • TeamSeth

      Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

    • Luludee

      Makes perfect sense! I always think it’s funny when other cultures think the American accent is sexy, although the right Southern Amercian accent definitely can be. Standard American is so vanilla, but that’s because that’s what I hear all the time.
      I knew a girl in college who had a thick Texas accent and she said when she had visited Australia, guys fawned over her accent. Here though, it would be considered a variation of “hick.”

    • Stacey

      You get a lot of mixed feelings from people about the southern accent. My dad is from South Carolina and everytime we went there to visit when I was little, I would pick it up and my mom would get really angry. Which might mean she’s always angry at my dad. hmm…

      I, however, love the accent. Particularly on Jackson. :0)

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