Twilight: It STILL follows me everywhere

Dear Twilight,

Moon & I started having a conversation late last week about “When it’s over.” With Breaking Dawn wrapping filming in Louisiana and moving to the last shooting location, the reality that eventually this saga will come to an end is becoming more clear. Sure- we have awhile before the next film let alone the last one. But once filming wraps & besides the weeks leading up to the films’ releases, Twilight-world will be QUIET. Can you imagine that drastic change in all of our lives? I can’t. I’ll let Moon lead us in that discussion sometime soon, but it got me thinking about how wrapped up Twilight is in my life. We’ve discussed it time-and-time before, and to be honest, I can’t believe it hasn’t let up!

For example: we had an impromptu get-together Friday night at our loft & our friend Dan asked, “How’s work?” To which I responded, “It’s okay. Hot Tub sales are slow but I’ve been traveling a lot to some different trainings.” He quickly corrected, “Oh no! I mean the blogs!!!” Still to this day my guy friends want to discuss my ahem “work!”

Welcome to the neighborhood, Brookie

Twilight STILL follows me everywhere. On Saturday, LTT-turned real-life friend turned role-play partner of Moon’s @Brookelockart moved into new digs in Philadelphia. Mr. Choice & I went to help her move in (and due to the fact that it’s a 3rd floor walk-up, the muscles in my legs are now broken for as long as Bella & Edward will love each other. Which is forever. Thanks Brookie). Outside of the U-HAUL truck, I noticed a little present to welcome Brookie to the neighborhood. I pointed it out to her and said “Look- Jacob brought you a dream catcher.” And no lie, a dream catcher was on the ground just outside of the truck. And I swear-to-you- it was not there when I first arrived to help.

As seems to be my Sunday afternoon/early evening routine these days, I tend to stalk people I barely know on Facebook, “like” pictures I was tagged in 2-3 years ago & just overall reminisce about the past. Yesterday was no different and that meant I looked through all 1,018 pictures in which I’m tagged. And what I found was… well, Twilight is still everywhere

For example:

In 2009, I got tagged in a picture posted by a family member because some girl I don’t know did her senior thesis on Gender Stereotyping in literature- focusing on Twilight:

I bet she got an A

My sister went to Spain- and then tagged me in a picture of Twilight in Spanish:

No comprendo

In December 2008 my friend Tagged me in THIS picture with the caption spelled exactly how I have it listed below:

Believe it or not, this was the dude from twilite in 88


My Grandmother bought me THIS for Christmas 2 years ago & shared it with all her Facebook friends:

And who could forget that EPIC moment in the summer of 2008 when I was sitting on the beach reading the final pages of Breaking Dawn, and some family member dared interrupt me for a group picture:


And of course as I was internet-stalking/reminiscing about the last 6 years old my life captured on Facebook forever, I was listening to iTunes on shuffle. And shuffle it did- to THIS beautiful audio-clip:


IT follows me- EVERYWHERE! And for some reason, it still surprises me… even after all this time!

Don’t change, Twilight. I’m not ready to say good-bye to you quite yet,


Where has Twilight followed YOU lately!? Share in the comments! And whoa- the actors haven’t even arrived in Vancouver yet and we ALREADY have more info & pictures leaked than we did the entire time they were in Louisiana? Phew- gives us something to talk about later this week!

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