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Speculation Thursday – Moon makes the case for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: NOT together!

We're actors

We’re actors

Dear Kristen and Rob-

Last week my pal UC put on a brave face, sucked up her pride and posted the Speculation Thursday (though it was on Wednesday) post that she thought you may be together. As much as it pained both of us to see that in writing, we had to present the Pro Robsten side of the argument. But never fear, I am here with this week’s Speculation Thursday (on Thursday!) where I’m going to present the Non Robsten side! Cause I look at you two and I’m like, they CANNOT be together, the stoner and the nerd? No way.

If you’ll indulge me I’d like to treat this as a trial, and court is now in session*! The honorable Stephenie Meyer proceeding. Today we will be hearing the case of:

Robsten vs NonRobsten, in the court of public opinion

Opening statement:
Much has been said and speculated about you two over the last few weeks and now having some time to gather evidence and look at the facts I think we can be certain about a few things: Kristen and Oregano are not together and Kristen and Rob are in fact, NOT together. Snogged and hooked up? Sure! But together? No! I ask that the jury keep an open mind as we speculate our way through another Thursday.

Enter into the court room the Evidence…


01. The Charlie Hotel / The Morning After – UC cited this story and these pictures as her main turning point. But I have a different take on this much bally-hooed “secret goodbye photos” and “secret rendezvous hotel bungalows” nonsense… I did some research too on The Charlie and there are multiple bungalows in which bungalows also have multiple rooms! Amazing how this works, huh? It’s not uncommon for stars to get ready for awards shows in hotel rooms, Summit’s footing the bill, why not? And you’ve got the room paid for for the night, might as well come back and party after the show, right? I know where you’re going to go with this: “but Moon they were in the SAME bungalow! Ron, the underpaid dude at the front desk, told the shady paparazzo from X17 who palmed him a 50 it was true.” Riiiight. And, if I even believe that they were in the same bungalow, my research tells me that again, SURPRISE, there are bungalows with more than one room in them. I’ve stayed in rooms with guy friends, it’s totally possible. And who knows maybe she was wasted drunk from the dinner beforehand when they decided to go back and party? Maybe they smoked a bol and she passed out on that cute striped chair from the pictures of The Charlie. And then the next day her Mom came to pick up her hung over self and hug Rob for being such a good guy and looking out for poor little Kristen. And no kiss was ever photographed.

Follow the cut to hear the rest of the case!!! (Seriously do it!)

A few days later we get our next piece of evidence…


02. Kristen wearing Oregano’s shirtIf Kristen and Rob are together WHY would you wear the shirt of your EX boyfriend whom has either dumped you, you dumped or you have cheated on? When I think about break ups, if I dumped someone or I cheated on them WHY would I ever want to wear their shirt again? The ONLY reason you’d wear that shirt is because you want them back or you miss them. And WHY would you want them back or you missed them?


03. Kristen and Michael are NOT together anymore – I’m almost 200% sure that you, Kristen and Oregano are NOT together anymore because: Oregano has NOT been seen with Kristen since late April when theses pics were taken nor since she has been home in LA for over a week. Oregano is NOT listed as filming anything on IMDB rendering him out of town. This leads me to believe there was lame 19 year old drama and either he broke up with her or she broke up with him. I’m leaning towards the former BECAUSE Kristen has not been seen with Nikki Reed either since around the same time. We know that Oregano and Nikki have been friends since Lords of Dogtown and this is how Nikki probably became friends with Kristen, through the Oregano connection. So,  Nikki of course feels torn but ultimately can’t be BFF with KStew because of the friendship with Oregano.

Or even worse Nikki and Oregano have had biblical relations and completely broke Kristen’s heart. THUS leaving Kristen alone and with no super close friends. So who does she have to turn to? Who’s close by and willing to lend an ear and a shoulder to cry on in Vancouver and Italy? That’s right, her trusty costar Robert Pattinson.

Bada Bing, Bada Boom

It’s at this point in the scenario when I start to feel really bad for you, Kstew: your boy dumped your ass, and that hussy Nikki Reed may be boinking your boyfriend and is, for good reason, no longer your BFF. You lost your boyfriend AND your best friend. This is SO messed up!

Now the court calls to the stand witnesses and costars: Peter Facinelli, Kellan Lutz and director Catherine Hardwicke

04. None of your costars or friends think it’s true

Peter, may I call you that? Please explain to Ms Chelsea Handler (I love you Chelsea!) if Rob and Kristen are together or not…

Thank you Peter, no further questions.

Next to the stand, Kellan Lutz… please let us know what’s happening between Kristen and Rob, in your own words
[kyte.tv appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/79356/467781&tbid=k_6223&premium=true&height=500&width=425]
Thank you Kellan, no further questions. Oh and meet me after court for our personal bible study.

Single and ready to mingle boys!!

Single and ready to mingle boys!!

Next the court calls to the stand the cougar-iest cougar of them all… director Cathy Hardwicke.

Money… sex… Money… sex… CAT, why don’t you tell us about Rob and Kristen dating…

“People love to talk, so let them have fun talking,” Catherine Hardwicke said. “I think they have an interesting, wonderful connection, so you know…What does dating mean? I don’t know. I couldn’t say.”

Ah yes, most eloquently put Cathy… you are dismissed and please hands off the bailiff as you exit the stand. Thank you!

And for our final witness the court calls Mr. Robert Thomas Pattinson to the stand


05. Rob and his BFF and boyfriend for life have a heart-to-heart

*Blank wild eyed stare* SILENCE *Rob and Judge Meyer clear their throat* Oh uh… yes… uh well hello Mr. I mean uh Ron, uh ROB! Uh why don’t you fuck tell me… uh tell the jury what you were overheard telling your friend Tom Sturridge this week in New York City… *faints*

“I need to stay away from women born after 1988…” And Moon is the girl of my dreams!

Thank you Rob, no further questions and here’s my house key

06. Rob and Kristen have not been seen or photographed together since the “Morning After” The Charlie incident – Kristen has been photographed every day since The Charlie except for Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday. All other days she has been seen out and about preparing for her Joan Jett role, getting her hairs cut and being the DD and taking an underage Dakota to a Hollywood party.

Rob has been photographed last Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,  Sunday, and Monday.So unless one of them is a shape shifter or time traveler they have not been seen together or out of LA or NY to see each other. If they were in fact together I believe we would have seen one of them visiting the other but alas we are treated to new budding BFF’s Dakota and Kristen and the eternal bromance of Robstu

Now I beg the court to throw out this random evidence on grounds of complete absurdity or a total lie:

  • Delicious vinyl tshirt? DEBUNKED by Twicrack! Besides it’s like 5 sizes too small to fit them both. Dismissed!

Closing argument:
Ladies and Unicorns of the jury… from gray shirts to rendezvous’s at the Charlie to losing your best friend, the story of Robsten has more twists and turns than Alice and Jasper on the dance floor at the prom. But as you can see, I’ve laid out the evidence carefully and walked through each scenario to show you that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart simply cannot be together! And honestly I feel as though Kristen and Rob are the type of people who wouldn’t give two craps if anyone knew that they were together. If they were together, they’d be together: no hiding, no secret hotels. Also do not believe the lie about the big bad monster Summit keeping them apart. You KNOW they are eating this up with a spoon, the more people talk and speculate the more their movies get press. Why wouldn’t they want the art imitates life angle with a real life Edward and Bella? The evidence speaks for itself and the truth will no longer be silenced! I ASK YOU, JURY, TO FIND THESE PEOPLE INNOCENT! Innocent of being friends with benefits and nothing more!

The prosecution rests…

Case Closed! (click that!!)

Respectfully Submitted,
Themoonisdown, Esquire

So how will YOU the jury vote? Together or not?

PS Thanks for all the help from my bipartisan team of researchers: Calli, Kristin and UC

Not a Robsten believer either? Join the Non Robsten topic on The Forum!

Don’t miss out on UC and I being rendered speechless over at LTR

*I know next to zilch about the legal/court system so please excuse any errors in my attempt at hilarity*

  • LMAO!!!!
    Ahahahaha, that was freakin’ hilarious!
    I gotta hand it to you, hon, you’re dedicated!
    My fave line?
    “*Blank wild eyed stare* SILENCE *Rob and Judge Meyer clear their throat* Oh uh… yes… uh well hello Mr. I mean uh Ron, uh ROB! Uh why don’t you fuck tell me… uh tell the jury ”

    Loves it!


  • shuddertothink

    You can totally defend me anytime!

    And, can I squee a little over the bs “stay away from women born after 1988” statement. That’s right, Rob daahhrrlling. It’s best to have years of practice to drive a car that fine and I think I speak for all 20&30-somethings here when I say practice does make perfect!

    • themoonisdown

      the law offices of moon moon and moon open for business!

  • Rubytuesday

    “Bada Bing Bada Boom” you have me feeling really sorry for Kirsten now, at the idea of Mike and Nikki’s “biblical relations”……
    I <3 Catherine Hardwicke as I too am a cougar and are sure if I didn't have my old lion I'd be a game old bird too…….
    Thank you for this post as U.C. had me turned to the 'OTHER SIDE' last week and now doubt can rear it's wonderful head again…….
    I so want someone to be getting Rob {what a waste if he's getting no action 'shudder'} but Kirsten whilst lovely and seemingly independant doesn't appear happy/fun enough for Rob……
    <3 All always

    • themoonisdown

      all you need is a reasonable doubt!

  • Ozkitty

    With that case-it has to be not together.
    No, really, it HAS to be!!!! I am not able to deal with Robsten, it totally goes against the grain that he would fall for some perfect, tiny Hollywood actress! He needs a real woman, like, say, me!
    You make an awesome case Moon-did you debate in school?

    • themoonisdown

      sadly no debate for me… but i DO love to be devils advocate just because. i think cause it annoys the hell out of people

  • yellow.jello

    still… i think they f*cked each other senseless in that bungalow.

  • Proselyte3

    Oh and meet me after court for our personal bible study……..(Hahahahaha)

    Money… sex… Money… sex… (Ok, this got a BIG ‘ol laugh out of me, just took me off guard I guess…associated with Catherine…..Nice!)

    Oh, and….no way they’re together…it’s all heresay, politics, and Ted. Hollywood is the land of smoke and mirrors. They MAY, have shagged…but, I MAY have had a dream about Sam last night. Wait…What?

    • sassysmart


      • Proselyte3

        Hahahaha! Love it! Why is this line so funny to me today?

    • themoonisdown

      it IS the land of smoke and mirrors and ted c wants traffic and relevance. hence the robsten nonsense

  • AmourPSU

    Pure brilliance.

  • sassysmart

    Brilliant as per usual.

    I am waiting for the deliberation room to blow up 12 Angry Men style.

    • themoonisdown

      YES! they’re gonna lock us in the deliberation room while we sweat it out because we cannot have a hung jury!

      • sassysmart

        You said hung. *giggles*

  • sassysmart

    Totally off topic…but…anyone got a guess as to what Rob weighs?

    • Proselyte3

      My husband is 6’2…back at twenty-two was exceptionally thin and lanky. I think he was around 170-180lbs? Could have been less though. On the Tyra show a girl had to guess Rob and Taylor’s combined weights. I believe it was 360lbs? Anyone? And I think this was last year, he seems thinner now.

      • sassysmart

        That would be 180 each. He is a few inches taller than Taylor but Taylor is beefier…even then he was.

        I am guessing Rob is about 170 and thats after a trip to In and Out and a 12-er of Heinie.

        He’s delicate.

        • PinkFluff

          I LMAO at ‘he’s delicate’. Classic.

  • MrsKowski


    *Nikki Reed may be boinking your boyfriend* …ha ha you said BOINKING!!!

  • YES!!! THANK YOU!!!

    I love my Robsten peeps, but they all know where I stand on this! You’ve said every point I’ve mad and done it so eloquently (yes, I just called you eloquent!).

    I need to get over to the non-Robsten room. I’m sure they’ve been waiting for me!

    • themoonisdown

      good tell them to come here! they need to read this

  • Today my 3 year old’s toilet was running continually and wouldn’t flush…she remarked, “I guess the batteries are dead.” Hilarious.

    Now it’s storming something terrible, we can’t swim, and we are sick of being stuck in the house for the 2nd day in a row. So we’re going to see Night at The Museum 2. Just me and the girls. And some popcorn and peanut M&Ms. Good times.

    Just a day in the life of me. Because I have a life. Is all I’m sayin’.

    p.s. Love you, Moon–this is not a diss at you. And you know that.

    • themoonisdown

      are you drunk?


      • No. You just know I have a life. And the endless debate on this ridiculous subject is just lame.

        Who cares if they do? Who cares if they don’t?

        All the fighting and arguing and speculating about this makes me TIRED.

        But you know I love you.

  • limeslice

    thank you moon. that is all. (p.s. we need to make sure msjbell sees this)

  • jellybeanrainbow

    “And honestly I feel as though Kristen and Rob are the type of people who wouldn’t give two craps if anyone knew that they were together. If they were together, they’d be together: no hiding, no secret hotels. ”

    The verdict is out: they are NOT TOGETHER!

  • Jena

    “Money… sex… Money… sex… CAT”

    Damn you’re good!!!

    Me, I for a second thought they might actually be together, but now I’m leaning towards “no”, but I find it odd that Michael and Nikki are nowhere! I realize they could have their own stuff going on and are busy, but then imdb states nothing for Michael. However, IF Rob and Stewie are dating then I’m fine with that. She’s growing on me. I think it took her award drop to make that official with me, LOL!

    • themoonisdown

      me too. i wanna give her a hug. especially of that nreed/oregano shiz is true cause that’s happened to me.

      not kool

  • Oh Moon. I love you. First of all, you should be a lawyer.
    Secondly, YOU’VE CONVINCED ME! I’m just so sad that I spent a week of my life so sad thinking they were together.

    Now I can stop worrying and go back to thinking about money, sex & cats

    • themoonisdown

      it makes the world go round.

      no joke they’ll be seen together in 4 days, just watch and we;’ll have to start all over again. Oh life!

  • tracyvanhorne

    Ahhh, I love to speculate…. I love this blog.

    Oh I say they aren’t together, but they are totally friends with benefits every chance they get… who wouldn’t be?

  • agree! if they were truly “together” they’d be “together” right now this minute. in bed. all day. like NORMAL people!

  • sassysmart

    And I still stand by my thoughts that they are NOT together for the fact that SHE sucks in bed.

    He may have tried it but one of two things happened.

    1) She laid there like a dead fish


    2) She was all over the place and he almost got the sparklepeen broke

    And I like the idea of him and TomStu a lot more. It seems sweeter somehow.

    • nienor1

      ROFL!!! Yes, she kisses him like a dead fish in the movie so I agree with your first assessment.

      Rob + TomStu = Love

    • themoonisdown

      this made me LOL

      “And I still stand by my thoughts that they are NOT together for the fact that SHE sucks in bed.”

    • lovemesomejasper

      sparklepeen!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *dies laughing*

      Ah this thread is funny but that line made me lose it!

    • Loves it- sparklepeen, fallin off the chair!!!

  • C

    Granted that all your facts are argumentative, still, putting those two in a bungalow (with all much sexual tension) will suspect me to believe that yep, they fuck each other senseless that night.
    I agree though that KStew and Oregano are not together anymore, the fact that him and Reed missing in action sounds really fishy to me. I mean they haven’t been photograph since KStew came back from Italy, that’s got to mean something.

  • lapushbaby

    Bahahahaha!! That was brill-spice! So funny!

    And I LOATHE picking sides, in just about anything, but I am firmly in the ‘friends with benefits’ camp. Together-together? No. Boinked in the past and likely in the future? Hell yeah.

    And what is the deal with CH’s hair in that pic?


    • themoonisdown

      jamacian vacation.

      it was actually taken at the golden globes years ago when 13 came out! can you believe shed show up to an awards show like that?!

      actually i can!

      • lapushbaby

        Wow. I love that you know that.

        If it were me, and it is not, I would have braided the bangs in, too.

        • themoonisdown

          i would have added beads to the bottom of the braids.

          go all the way baby

  • niahid

    Esp this :
    *Blank wild eyed stare* SILENCE *Rob and Judge Meyer clear their throat* Oh uh… yes… uh well hello Mr. I mean uh Ron, uh ROB! Uh why don’t you fuck me…*faints*

    My Verdict is probably fucked once or twice but not together

    Moon, I want you to be my lawyer 😀

    • themoonisdown

      sold! call my paralegal for an appt.

  • alyssabender1

    I agree! I don’t think they’re together either. Rob needs some one way cooler and sexier than Kristen anyways.
    PS I was listening to my fav Twilight podcast and it got me thinking, you and UC would be amazingly hilarious on a podcast. Have you ever considered doing one?

    • themoonisdown

      ummm not really but maybe when we consider stand up comedy like someone else suggested… or when we actually live in the same state. it would be hilariously awful!

  • Sarita Pagita

    You make a compelling case, Moon. I thought UC had it sealed tight last week, but you blew it wide open.

    Now I’m not sure what to believe anymore, it’s so confusing.

    And when I asked the magic 8 ball (http://www.indra.com/cgi-bin/spikes-8-ball) if they were together…the answer was ‘outlook looks good’

    I can’t take it anymore! Calgon take me away!

    • themoonisdown

      jesus take the wheel.

      i love calgon

  • Libby

    Amazing!! perfect and brilliant as usual…

    so funny


  • Janetrigs

    You know, you could have asked those member of the HHH Int’l Bar Association for some assistance. I could have submitted an amicus curiae brief or something. Geez, the one time, my brains could have been helpful to this operation. Oh well, good job counselor.

    • themoonisdown

      i totally thought about you guys but it was LATE last night! but i will plan ahead next time!

      thank you for your kind PROFESSIONAL opinion 🙂

  • Carrie

    Go Team Non-Robsten!!!

    You did us proud!

    • Janetrigs

      Purity Rings for Anti- Robsten UNITE!!

      • themoonisdown

        just for you gals! and in the name of fairness!

  • That was awesome! Good job.

  • PinkFluff

    Moon? Will you be my fake lesbian life partner?

    I love Speculation Thursday…and you!

  • nienor1

    Yay Moon!!! Love it. Brilliant arguments.
    I agree with everything that you said. Kristen and Mike are def not together but she and Rob aren’t together either.

    I actually like Kristen so it’s not that she isn’t good enough to be with Rob. Well….actually, she isn’t. LOL. But I do like her. I hope she enjoys her single life for a bit before she commits to someone else. As someone myself who got married young and has very few dwindling memories of dating and whoring (LOL) I would tell Kristen LIVE IT UP GIRL! (just not with Rob)’

  • Ceri

    Moonie your post is full on WIN!!!!! I <3 ur face!

    As Carrie said before, unless there is a sextape released, we don't believe in Robsten! LOL!

    No proof, didn't happen and I'm sticking with it.
    *sticks fingers in ears* lalalalalala

    • Bobina

      I concur Ceri… no proof didn’t happen!! Wooo hooo! I feel like the Santa (and by Santa I mean Rob.. and yes I would sit on his lap and tell him what I would like for Christmas this year) has just been proven innocent off Miracle on 34th Street and the crowds in the street go wild… (yes I am a dork!) Great post Ms Moon!

  • Libby

    Hey, have you seen the pictures of Rob in NYC yesterday? the flip phone is back! I thought he totally replace it with the iphone… but I guess he has both!

    jejeje things that only us would notice…

    But that’s totally normal… right?

    • nienor1

      I wonder if the flip phone might be his british phone? Didn’t he say he had a sep phone once? Maybe he’s using that phone for the TomStu hookups.

  • Oh, my gosh. You just made my life with the Law & Order gavel soundbyte. I was really hoping that was what it was before I clicked it. 🙂

  • maygirlg

    My verdit – Not Together.

    No comments about their friends with benefit speculation. [Don’t hate me, Im just optimistic].

  • LPL!

    That is quite the case u present. Moonie-pie! Bravo!

    I think u’d make an excellent trial lawyer. 🙂

  • Daantje

    You just made my day LOL!

  • Kristin

    *Blank wild eyed stare* SILENCE *Rob and Judge Meyer clear their throat* Oh uh… yes… uh well hello Mr. I mean uh Ron, uh ROB! Uh why don’t you fuck tell me… uh tell the jury what you were overheard telling your friend Tom Sturridge this week in New York City… *faints*

    YOU are the classiest lawyer I have EVER worked for.

    LOL! LOVE THIS! and I believe that you presented your case beautifully. I think we should celebrate victory, Rob is game. 🙂

  • MsKat

    Thank you Moon. Seriously. Robsten gives me a tummy ache and this was an alkaseltzer right when I needed it! Perhaps they were together in the bungalow or perhaps he was holding her hair while she vomited after a night of too much party time like a good friend…

    • themoonisdown

      totally holding her hair over the toliet what a good boy

  • Katz

    I agree they aren’t together, but hadn’t given the Mickki angle any thought–guess cause I don’t care. LOL Good job Moon!

  • tiffany

    they are not together. If they are kstew has no heart and rob is a douche. Say kstew and michael broke up. ( Im sure they did ) I don’t believe cheating had anything to do with it… Kristen was with that dude for a LONG time she has to be hurting and for Rob to do her when she is all vulnerable would make him a douche. And say she is over her boyfriend that would make her heartless and make rob an idiot for getting involved with a girl who is emotionally retarded. I don’t think kstew is heartless and I think rob is a gentlemen. But who am I ? I don’t know what kids are like these days. all I know is when broke up with my first really serious boyfriend I took myself out of the game for more than a year and we were only together for two years, compared to the what? 5 years stew and michael have been together. Gosh I couldn’t imagine being with someone else but maybe that just me.

    • themoonisdown

      Kristen was with that dude for a LONG time she has to be hurting and for Rob to do her when she is all vulnerable would make him a douche. And say she is over her boyfriend that would make her heartless and make rob an idiot for getting involved with a girl who is emotionally retarded


      oh and emotionally retarded. love

      • its what gets me through the night Moon…

  • JodieO

    I never thought the delicious shirt was much evidence to begin with. Aside from it being 11 sizes too small is there any girl out there who hasn’t ‘borrowed’ and/or stolen a boy’s t-shirt whether they were getting naked together or not? And grey T-Shirts are a dime a dozen. Just ask Simon Cowell who buys them in bulk. The only time we should get in a ruffle over anyone wearing Rob’s shirt is when the lady in question has said shirt on inside-out and is making an obvious (messy hair, wrecked makeup, clothes from last night) walk of shame (or victory) out of his hotel room.

  • I don’t know! I don’t know! I can’t decide. You both made good points.

    What is important is that you mentioned ice cream…and I want some.

  • Twichotic

    Don’t you realize that the only reason that Kstew has developed a new fake lesbo relationship with Dfann is because she is jailbait and Rpattz cannot hit that like he could her previous fake lesbo lover, Nreed. She has successfully placed all distractions **coughOregano/Nikkicough** aside and now has uncontested access to her man toy.

    • mel

      Jailbait..the last time I checked 19 going on twenty is of age..the only thing she can not legally do in the US is consume alchohol..he could fuck her just fine..trust..its legal

      • themoonisdown

        she’s refering to DAKOTA being jailbait not kstew

  • RhoJo

    yes yes yes!!!

    That was brillz and persuasive argument. Great job, Moon! And hilarious– one of your best posts!

    I’ve never believed in Robsten. I do think he tapped it during/before Twilight production, but I think he’s been off her sauce since he realized he can do MUCH better than stoner barely legal princess-cranky-pants.

  • chinamother

    I gotta go with UC on this one. I think they are totally together. i don’t buy into all of the BS with the same shirt, etc…, but the hotel pics did convince me – because Kstew lives in LA. She had no reason to be at a hotel with Rob. And Ok. They’re friends (also), but if Kstew is NOT with MA anymore (and I think we’ve almost all agreed on that fact), then let’s look at the obvious. Kristen is 19 years old and beautiful, Rob is, well, Rob is Rob – so tell me, if YOU were Kristen – would you have hit that? Ummm.. Yes, you would have. And I believe so did Kristen. IF she still had a BF, I could go with the ‘their just close friends” thing – but since it’s been proven now by UC and Moon that K and M broke up – well, then given human nature and vaguely remembering how I was at 19 (thank GOD paparazzi weren’t following me!) – well then I think at the VERY LEAST, R and K are f*cking. Even Catherines quote supports that. And for the record, Peter actually said “I don’t know”.

    So that’s a long way of saying I am a Robsten believer, but I am the rare Robsten believer who does not “worship” Rob and Kristen together and would be just A-OK if they were NOT together. Like Godze always says, if he’s not shagging me, I don’t care who he’s shagging. (unless it’s paris hilton – that last part is from me)

  • Katz

    I think KStew has the hots for Taylor, seriously, if you look at some of the footage from the MTV awards, and when she’s talking about Taylor, she kind of gets this doey eye look about her. A look I’ve never seen her give Rob on or off screen.

    • mel

      Katz..and you my dear need classes..go back and watch those MTV awards again..and the backstage pics..Tay tay..really..lmao..she’s only ever had eyes for Rob..some people are so blind

    • themoonisdown

      and katz comes in with the taylor angle!! next week on speculation thursday…

      he would probably be the most healthy for her… positive and smiley. this is a great idea!

  • mel

    Dear moon..if you want to make yourself believe this..fine..but if you think that theres a possibility that they shared a bungalow but slept in different rooms..ahhh..okay..now thats second hand embarrasment to read..sorry

    • themoonisdown

      Oh Ted C!! thanks so much for commenting! but i can’t believe anything you say about robsten cause it’s such an obvious play for traffic… maybe next time but thanks for stopping by…

      off to figure out who the hell toothey tile is… you’re such a riddler!

  • English Girl

    I like to think that when Rob has a girlfriend he is man enough to walk down the street with her hand in hand for all to see, or to take her out on a date, just the two of them, etc and not do all this buggery pockery hiding crap that has supposedly gone on with Kristen. I just can’t believe that either of them would go for this full on clandistine relationship stuff, and if they are …. well it’s a shame. Because it has certainly not made things better has it?

    So, come on R & K – if you are together … just be together like the adults you are. And maybe it will help some of the fans to grow up …..

    And if they are not together … then some form of denial (not kellan or Ashley please) or a handy new boyfriend/girlfriend would be a great helping hand because seriously I am sick of all the gossip …. But I have a feeling this is going to follow them around like a demented fangirl forever now. Boring!

    • English Girl

      Moon – I also meant to say that your arguments were great though (not that your post was boring of course) and it was nice to see the opposing side so to speak for once.

  • “biblical relations” got a big ol’ laugh from me!

    jury is still out here.

    • themoonisdown

      he KNEW her


  • This is pure genius.


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