Our top ten favorite moments in Twilight, the movie

Dear LTT/LTR-ers and Twihards, lovers and haters of this site,

Today is another big day in the life of us here at LTT. Yes, you might have guessed it but today marks our TEN MONTH anniversary. Now not to get all high school relationship on you but we think blogging solid for ten months is a big deal. Countless hours, love, conversations, text messages, good ideas, really bad ideas (trust me, there are tons), blood sweat and tears have gone into these ten months so UC and I want to celebrate this week. In honor of our ten month anniversary we are going to be bringing you a new top ten list every day this week to celebrate and look towards the next ten!

So to kick off our top tens I’m gonna start us off with Top Ten Favorite Twilight Movie Moments! All the little things, the good and the sometimes cheesy things that we loved and couldn’t imagine living without. All the moments that we wanted to see make it in, the ones we didn’t know and the ones that made us fall in love with the story all over again… here they are

10. The Cullen’s enter the Cafeteria

The set up for the whole movie: who are those kids and why are they different and most importantly WHO IS THAT BOY? Why yes, it’s only the hottest boy to ever grace the United States public school system, that’s who. And he just happens to be a Vampire. Ok wait, she’ll learn that later… let’s not get ahead of ourselves now!

09. Animal Attack

Oh Carlisle you kill us with the delivery of that line coupled with the totally obvious stare down you give Edward. Yup, it was totally an animal that killed Buttcrack Santa and not some crazy psycho nomadic vampire that’s going to develop some weirdo fascination with Bella and stop at nothing to kill her. Yup, totes an animal.

Wanna find out what else made our top ten list of favorite Twilight Movie Moments? Follow the cut…

08. Edward Introduces Himself

Cause who else would barge into Biology class to lay it on the line with their new lab partner only to be greeted by a guy who sounds like he’s the weirdo foreign exchange student. Yea, Bella don’t worry about why he’s avoiding class, he’s just hoping the INS doesn’t deport him for his expired visa, not because you smell or are the crazy new girl.

07. Carlisle’s Entrance
In he walks, all confidence and smiles and bad white pancake makeup. Doesn’t matter though cause everytime that door swings open and Carlisle walks in, I inevitably hear: “Doctor Doctor, gimme the news, I gotta bad case of lovin’ you!” playing in my head. Oh Dr. Cullen, if lovin’ you is wrong we don’t want to be right.

06. “I have a date with Edward Cullen” / Charlie and the gun

Who wouldn’t want to utter those magic words: “I have a date with Edward Cullen?” Yea, we know he’s fictional but still. This moment is also classic Charlie and classic Dad! Isn’t it every Dad’s wildest dream to be cleaning a rifle, drinking beer (Vitamin R, holla!) when his daughter’s hot piece shows up to take her out on a date? Yup, pretty much! And Billy Burke nails it!

05. Bella Meets the Family

Another one of those scenes that is so spot-on from start to finish. From Emmett greeting Bella by waving the knife to Carlisle looking so excited to have a human in their house and performing something as normal as cooking for her. I’d have to say my favorite part is Edward’s reactions and total embarrassment in front of his family, I think we’ve all been there when introducing a significant other to our family and being totally and utterly embarrassed by them. The only thing that’s missing from this scene is when Carlisle says “Oh Rosalie, always busting my bowls” which apparently was left on the cutting room floor. What a shame!

04. Buttcrack Santa
Buttcrack Santa should probably be number one on our list based on just how much we talk about him, but at 5 he will stay.  What else can be said about this non-canon character that we haven’t already talked about in length? He’s the character upon which we learn how to make a kitty meow, upon which we learn that they love those little bottles and upon which this blog is built. We’re only sad he had to die because who else will we talk about in all the other movies? Hopefully Tequila Tomas makes it into the final cut.

03. Jasper and the bat / “Oh I think we can handle that”

Really, do we even need to say anything about this scene that hasn’t already been talked about in my post about Jackson and the bat and his delivery of that line in the sexy southern drawl? Nope, other than HOT DAAAYYYUUMM can they give Jasper a bat to uh, play with, in the background of New Moon?

02. The Kiss

He just wants to try one thing… hold very still. And with those words I don’t think any woman, in movie theaters around the world, moved a muscle.

01. Bella Italia – Port Angeles

From start to finish this sequence is pretty much everything it should be: swoon worthy/magnificent/delectable and heart breaking all at the same time. Right off the bat Anna and Christian nail the giggly high school girliness of Jessica and Angela being dazzled by Edward. Then we move to Bella and Edward’s revealing, funny, frustrating and somewhat sad conversation. Kristen and Rob kill this so hardcore, you can see pain and 2nd guessing going on in Edward as he finally decides to let go and let Bella in. And then these lines: “I don’t have the strength to stay away from you anymore… Then don’t” AH! I die. Everytime. And all to Rob singing “Never Think.” Perfection.

So there we have it, our first top ten for our ten month anniversary outta the way. What do you think? What were your favorite moments in the movie version of Twilight?

Still holding still,

PS Stay tuned all this week to see what other top ten’s we create!
PPS UC- today’s the day, ten months ago we had this crazy idea and here we are still doing it. Sometimes I really can’t believe it. But I can’t imagine doing it with anyone else. And that’s what she said! XO!

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