I saw New Moon and I LOVED it….

I know many of you haven’t seen the movie yet. GO GO GO GOOOOOOOO what are you waiting for!? Of course you know I’m writing about it today, but don’t worry- I’ll warn you before there are spoilers


Did someone bring YOU a goodie bag with knock-off Ray bans inside?

Dear New Moon,

A story to sum up the night: After remaining in our seats until the last credit rolled, singing along to every word of “Meet me on the Equinox,” occasionally letting out a yelp, a squee or an expletive and holding hands with friends and strangers around us, our group of (just) 18 gals ventured into the concession area of the theater continuing with our yelps, squees and expletives along the way. As we gathered around for a group photo in front of the Eclipse poster we decided what that moment needed was a group hug. Hugs were passed around, more squees were heard and then it hit us- just a hug will not suffice. What we needed was a New Moon huddle. So we gathered together, we all put our arms in the middle and on the count of 3 we raised our hands in the air and yelled: JORTS!

It’s 3:46am and I could go on and on about the movie I just saw. But it’s 3:46am and I really want to go to sleep, so I’ll just share a few thoughts. The first being that it’s amazing. So if you haven’t seen it yet, forget the bad reviews, forget any preconceived notions you have based on the badly made last movie (Twilight) and just go. Lower your expectations. Clear your mind of anything you hope to see and just go enjoy the great portrayal of a really great book.

I have a confession, though.  With all that talk I shoved down your throats about managing expectations and ACCEPTING IT NOW that the movie very well may suck, I still hung on to a few expectations myself. Thankfully, Chris Weitz reads my mind (and therefore may now have access to my body) and BROUGHT it with New Moon. After the jump here are a few of my expectations that were met ABOVE and BEYOND! *Spoiler Alert* (see ending for *end of spoiler alert*)

  • Placement of the Bon Iver song: I wasn’t sure where this one would end up. I was hoping for something pretty depressing. But putting it right before Edward leaves? Brilliant. Definitely sticks out in my mind. Bunny & Noreen give this move TWO Thumbs up
  • I wanted to feel loss: I wanted to remember what it was like the first time I read that part in New Moon. I wanted to cry. And I did. I felt sad. I felt loss. I felt Edward’s distance. I felt Bella’s pain.
  • I want the names of the months: I did. I wanted them so badly, but I was resigned that we were NOT going to get them. Because how can you do that in a movie? But it’s Chris Weitz, my future 2nd husband, and he made it happen. And adding in Lykke Li? OMG. I just fangirled all over again thinking about how awful and brilliant that part was. I hurt. I LITERALLY hurt.
  • I didn’t want to miss Rob: And I didn’t (neither did Moon) because this movie was all about the Tay-Tay show.
  • I didn’t want the Tay-Tay show to suck: And I was really worried. You can’t put too much faith in a kid who once starred in Shark Boy and spent the rest of his childhood weaning his dad off the “Super Size” at Micky D’s to carry a movie.  But he did it. I don’t know how. And we have a long time to explore it, but dannnggg, Taylor
  • I wanted Kristen to earn all that acting praise that often surrounds her: And she did. I am definitely on Team Kristen as Bella. She rocked it. And looked gorgeous while rocking it.
  • I wanted the chemistry between Jake & Bella to make me consider switching teams: And I did. I’m still considering it. They were adddddorrrrabbbllleee together. MUCH more than just brother & sister. He was so doting. She was so needing of his doting. She led him on. He wanted her bad, and every time they almost kissed I yelled, “DO IT” really loud in my head and whispered it quietly in Moon’s ear while squeezing her hand. That scene in her bedroom when she touches his abs!? AHH- let’s fangirl together in remembrance of that hottness. I wanted him to push her down on top of that purple comforter and say, “Let’s not wait 80 more days until I’m legal. Let’s do this NOW.”
  • I wanted to love Robward when he returned: And I did. I feel like I’ve seen the scene where he’s shirtless 1,000 times but RIGHT after she runs into him and they close those big doors behind them, THERE? THAT ROB? OMG. Hottest Rob I’ve seen next to the one I saw in person on Ellen this week. I died on the inside. And then I wanted to offer him a werther’s original when he was back in the forest in his full-on tweed.

*End of Spoiler Alert* It’s official- I completely know why Twilight sucked. Let me break it down. New Moon has the same actors as Twilight, but this time they’re good. New Moon has the same screen writer as Twilight but this time it’s good. New Moon had the same catering company as Twilight (oh wait, that doesn’t matter) It’s like that “one of these things is not like the other” show on Sesame Street. ONE thing is very different in this movie. ONE THING. And that thing is named Catherine Hardwicke. She is NO WHERE to be seen in this movie and as a result the movie is AMAAZZZZINGGGGGG.

So Chris Weitz, Marry Me:


Please preface any spoiler comments with *Spoiler* when you write!

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