Eclipse, It’s FINALLY HERE!!! But first it all begins with a choice!

It all begins with the choice to use this image one more time

Dear LTT-ers

We’re finally here… tonight we will see Eclipse for the first time and we’ll get to see if it’s everything we thought it would be, if the drama was worth it, if the wigs inch down their foreheads during fight scenes, if Jacob really is 108 in that sleeping bag and most importantly we get to find out what the new stuff is we’ll be talking about till the next movie. Who’s the new Buttcrack Santa? Will there be any “little bottles” or “They’re not bears?”

But before we get to all that we have to make some choices… you won’t get it all and we’re remembering to “accept it now” but there are a few things you can control like how much butter you put on your popcorn or whether you wear your LTT/LTR shirt or your Bella costume to the movie… let’s take a look at the choices you can control

It all begins with a choice… what will you choose?

  • To see Eclipse OR not (DUH)
  • Small OR Extra Large Popcorn (with refills?)
  • Scream out loud when Edward makes his 1st appearance OR silently clutch your Eclipse themed popcorn container (you got the Extra Large special edition container, duh) holding on to that last shred of dignity?
  • When the Leghitch scene happens will your leg raise of it’s own volition in a mock leg hitching motion OR will you come prepared with a Team Switzerland sweatshirt you will tie to each armrest to fashion a seat belt or sorts to restrain yourself from making any hitching movements?

After you've finished the popcorn this can be used to relieve your bladder

  • Leave in the middle of the tent scene to hit the potty because in addition to that special edition popcorn container you’re also double fisting Diet Coke (with a splash of rum from your LTT flask) in special edition cupsΒ  OR use your new found bladder control because of the Kegel exercises you’ve been practicing in your office chair for the last 7 months since you had the same problem during the Volturi show down in New Moon?
  • Decide whether you’re going to stay up after the midnight screening to write us a letter begging us to start LTX: Letters to Xavier OR will you compose your own first letter to Xavier on your blackberry/iphone/toilet paper with Eclipse pen while staying for your 2nd screening of Eclipse at 3AM?
  • If your theater does not have assigned seating will you mentally choose which 13 year old Team Jacob fans you’ll be most likely to elbow in the face to get past them and into the theater first OR which Twimoms you can trick by yelling “EDWARD’S HERE!” while pointing to the front door to cause a diversion so you can run into the theater first all in a quest for those coveted middle-of-the-theater seats?

To burn OR use as a device to trip Twihards?

You see getting to the theater is the easy choice, you already bought those tickets months ago, but it’s after you get there that the real decisions need to be made. What WILL you choose when that annoying Radio DJ, sent by his bosses at the station to interview “crazy Twihards,” asks you whether you’re Team Jacob or Team Edward. Will you slap him with your Eclipse handbag from Etsy or will you punch him in the throat and pirate the airwaves playing only Robert Pattinson’s music till someone from the theater comes and drags you away with promises of a free Eclipse in IMAX tshirt in XXXXXXXXL? See these are the things you need to think through before you get to the theater tonight.

Happy Eclipse Day!!!!
Themoonisdown & UnintendedChoice

What choices will you be making tonight? Add your answers and other choices we should be prepared for tonight as we watch Eclipse FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! Ok, so I’m getting really excited now!


Guesstimate Opening Weekend – Just like with New Moon we’re making another guess for opening weekend box office totals. And just like last time whoever loses has to write a special love letter to a person of YOUR choosing…Β  Whoever guesses the closest without going over will win reprieve from writing a love letter and bragging rights till Breaking Dawn 1 (can you believe we’re saying that?) comes out and the LOSER will be shamed in public and forced to gush on the blog to your chosen love letter recipient. WHO will it be this time? Since UC lost lost time and had to write a love letter to Cathy Hardi we’ll take her out of the running…

UC’s Guess- 134 million
Moon’s Guess – 155 million

It all begins with a choice…

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTR, The Forum, Twitter, The Store

  • Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
    Can’t wait!! Still have to plan my outfit though, booo.
    Going shopping tomorrow πŸ˜€
    I know I’m wearing my ‘Alice’ ballet flats and the pretty rose ring I bought the other day… just not sure of the clothes.
    Anywho. SO excited! I do wish I was going with someone who got why the leghitch is so important, though πŸ™
    And we don’t have assigned seating. And it’s all sold out.
    Imma have my bitch glare game face onnnnn tomorrow night!

    P.S. Letter to TwiMoms would be WIN! hahaha
    You should get Janetrigs to write it. THAT would be epic.

    • Stacey

      The Twi moms is a good one! I do wish I could have written in Boo Boo’s mom, but I guess writing to Boo Boo works as well, since I have a feeling that she not only reads his fan letters but writes back to them too.

    • TeamJacobEdward

      πŸ™ Having someone with you who understands the gravity of why the hell leg hitch is so dang important is nearly as critical as the leg hitch itself. I’d tell you to join my best Twi friend and I, but I doubt you live near me.

    • I’m not going to a midnight showing or anything, but I bought my tickets a couple weeks ago. THEN yesterday I get an email from the theater being like… “guess what? we have new theaters with reserved seating!”
      I looked at the seating map though, and it was barely filled at all! I’m hoping my screening will be similar?
      Ha. I know. I’m dreaming.

      For the record, I will not scream when Edward (or Jacob) comes on screen for the first time. Nor will I be doing any sort of leg hitching motion.
      I’m holding on to that dignity with everything I’ve got!

      • Rob’s flaming dashboard

        My local theatre keeps adding screens and keeps selling out! I’m a little scared how crazy it’s gonna be. They have alerted the police for traffic control and cordoned off part of the parking lot.

        • kitkat

          I’m seeing it in a tiny theater with two screens but I asked about when I should get in line and they said to expect “massive” crowds…

          The women I’m going with don’t seem to understand how insane some of the fans are, so I’m a little scared.

          Oh well. Eclipse is here!

    • As Jayde knows I took my own unicorn as my plus 1 to my “fancy” screening last night… I mean there was security to lock up our cameras and phones even! (But like a good LTT gal I kept my phone on and in my hand two minutes to show time…

      The most surprising thing about my audience, 20% unicorns and men who got really lucky later that night!

      But I am totally ready for round 2 tonight at the midnight release for MST!

      Gots to go! Setting up and teaching my unicorn about Twitter and introducing him to ya’ll!

      • Slapping The Beaver (a Unicorn)

        Let’s hear it for the unicorns!

        • snowwhitedrifted
          • What the….

            Still laughing. Thanks.

          • Oh geez! That video is crazier that Charlie!

            ps. Show my unicorn @AdamMayka some love!!! ;-D

          • Rob’s flaming dashboard

            Oh man.
            Every time I hear unicorn I think of Carson Kressley’s awesome children’s book, “You’re Different and That’s Super.” That sounds like it should have a hashtag.

          • alisheeba

            That video reminded me of Southpark! ROFL

  • LauraBee

    Will you deck yourself out in all your eclipse gear OR come in a straigt jacket. Hmmmm.. things to ponder.

  • Nelle

    The day is upon us. Good luck to all!

    • kristen’s bestie

      Nelle: So…. do you really want to know? I saw your post late last night….

      • Nelle

        Hi- just a thumbs up or down. A “win” or a “fail” so I can adjust my expectations! Thanks!

        • kristen’s bestie

          I thought it was great!

          • Nelle

            Squeeeeee! Thanks!

  • chochang

    i believe u 2 have been reunited (β™ͺβ™ͺ and it feels so good).. thus the epic hilarity of today’s post. πŸ™‚

    just dropping by to say.. Happy Eclipse Day everyone!!

    i myself am going to see the movie in about 4 hours so.. squeeee~~

    • StotheP

      Hi. I’m really sorry about Cedric. Would you like a tissue?

      • lilmisscan’tbewrong

        Aww, that’s so sweet! But I’m not so sorry about Cedric, since if he was still alive he’d still be making those wizard movies, and we would have no Robward!

        • chochang


  • tuesdaymidnight

    I’m not going to a midnight showing, so I’ll have to avoid LTT tomorrow. πŸ™ But, Happy Eclipse Day, everyone!

    I’m still annoyed at that tag line, so thank you for mocking it. I can always count on you, Moon & UC!

    • LoveSpelledBackwards

      Yeah, me too. I will be on break from LTT till Saturday, I waited to go for my birthday!!! With my hubby. He is so good to me. I think he may even be excited. I will miss you all. Have fun!!!

      • efam

        Same here! We are closing on our new house today and moving in tomorrow. Too much going on.
        My birthday is on the 5th, so if I don’t get the opportunity to go this weekend, I’ll go on Monday. Happy early birthday!

        • Stacey

          We’re closing on our new house tomorrow and the scary thing is, that I think I am more excited to see Eclipse than actually moving. sigh.

        • Lovespelledbackwards

          Happy Birthday to you too~ Good luck with the moving both of you.

    • snowwhitedrifted

      No midnight showing for me either. Ol lady here needs her rest. I am taking the afternoon off tomorrow and seeing it.

      • Stacey

        You’re lucky that my husband has off all day for the new house stuff. I have a feeling that if he wasn’t around, I would be sending you twitter messages begging for details. Like, “How pretty is Pattinson now?” “How pretty now?” and “Did little Taylor find his shirt yet?”

  • Franci

    Epic day today…going to meet the ladies of LTT/LTR, Sam Bradley Show and see Eclipse…all in one day!?!
    Love Franci and Shirley!!!!

  • Not seeing the movie until next week. Darn responsibility, babysitters and trying to hide some of my Twi-ness by not looking too eager to see it.

    On the bright side, I got a phone call yesterday from a friend who is planning a Twilight-New Moon movie night tomorrow at her house in preparation for seeing the movie next week. I didn’t even realize she was that into it! Yay! A bunch of girls squee with! (Though I do have the feeling I’ll be the biggest fan there, so I’m going to have to KEEP IT DOWN and stay cool.)


    • Stacey

      That sounds like alot of fun! Have a great time!

      • Rob’s flaming dashboard

        You could add a little sparkle to the party TWSS by bringing your laptop and showing them a carefully screened selection of the LTT/ LTR archives. They’ll be ruined just like us and that’s #NORMAL.

        • You don’t know how truly tempted I am to do what you’ve suggested. I don’t know…do I really want to expose myself like that?? What if they don’t get it at all and think I’m a huge loser? Besides, what if they DO get into it and figure out which comments I’m leaving (not all that hard to do)? I sort of like my relative anonymity.
          Am I being selfish keeping LTT to myself?

          • Goodgirl goneplaid


    • StotheP

      I’ve been that girl – the closeted biggest Twilight fan at the Twilight/New Moon party. It’s . . awkward, especially since there was a cougar in attendance who seemed VERY territorial about being the Most Knowledgeable Fan. I had to restrain myself from spewing all the little details that would reveal the depth of my obsession. I even threw a round of the board game and let her little 12-year-old unicorn win.

      Have fun! Good luck BEING COOL.

      • Hah! The Cougar bit was funny stuff! Yeah, I don’t want to be THAT girl, the one who everyone makes comments about (or at least raises their eyebrows) when I leave the room to go to the bathroom or something.
        It seems I have a choice to make…keep the closet door tightly shut or open it just a crack to let the bright, bright light that is LTT burst forth and enlighten all who choose to bask it its warmth.

  • Cam

    LTX! LTX! LTX!

  • TeamJacobEdward

    It does all begin with a choice.

    I chose to refrain from re-reading Eclipse right before the movie release. I should have learned to exercise that choice after my epic disappointment with Twilight in large part to the fresh re-read, but did it again with New Moon (though less disappointed)… But until Eclipse no one ever told me I had a choice.

    Thank you Eclipse movie for letting me know I had a choice.

    • Heidi’sMom

      Oh no! I just reread Eclipse and am now rereading Bree Tanner in preparation for seeing the movie on Friday. I hope it wasn’t a mistake.

    • tuesdaymidnight

      lol Love this! I did the same thing, that is, I didn’t re-read Eclipse for the exact same reason. I’m going in cold with low expectations!

    • Elliebelle

      I re read Eclipse/bree to make an list of essentials to see in the film: leghitch, Jake kiss#1, tent scene, Jake kiss #2. Anything else is gravy. No prior film watching though.

    • lilmisscan’tbewrong

      I re-read Eclipse about 3 months ago. That was my cut-off date for reading it, so as to leave a buffer zone of memory lapse. Don’t want the details to be too clear in my mind!

      But today I am contemplating reading the last few chapters of New Moon, just to set things up. Watched the first two movies again last weekend (again, buffer zone) and I need something to tide me over until tonight. Maybe I’ll just go watch the Hillywood Show parodies instead!

  • Aw, can’t believe it’s finally here!

    Everyone, have fun watching the movie! UC and Moon, you better post a spoiler-ish post about it tomorrow!

  • sonata

    Happy Eclipse Day everyone! I have nothing funny or witty to say (so what else is new), but have to get my chores done so I can get ready for the midnight showing. So far, I’ve crossed off, “Change Facebook Status to a vague Eclipse quote” (I chose the Fire and Ice poem), and “Go lurk at LTT.”

    Now, to mark off, “Finish next chapter of fanfic” and then a slew of non-TW related things such as “Give the cat a bath” and “Open the mail and pretend to know how to make a budget.” Then…it’s Eclipse time, baby!

  • che

    i’m not seeing it tonight but
    i’m not sure about the Leghitch .it may raise of it’s own volition i guess πŸ™‚
    and LTX
    Xavier’s accent just kills me!

  • Xylem108

    “It’s time, it’s time!”

  • celestialchic

    I choose to not show up 2+ hours early to sit on the floor and wait with all the 2nd hand embarrassing peeps. I will get there with enough time to get my x-tra large popcorn and latte, and pee before it starts. Any seat is fine, just glad to be there!.
    I choose to take my 11, 12 & 13 yr olds, plus 16 yr old niece, please don’t elbow any of them in the face, they are my cover for going to the midnight showing! I am not obsessed, just a nice mom/aunt. Any in appropriateness can be explained away by the fact that once they are between 18 and 100 they can have their 1st leg hitch moment too.
    I choose to squeeeeeeee the only the 1st time I see Jacob without a shirt. Well, it’s not actually a choice, it’s involuntary.
    Happy viewing! Thanks for the forcing me to make some very important decisions. ahhhhhhhhh, so excited.

    • I get it. About 10 years ago I took my little sister to a bookstore midnight release party for one of the HP books. For her, you understand. I could have taken it or left it (right).

  • Stacey

    Since the stars are aligned against me and I can’t see it until the 10th. Any spoilers that are thrown my way would be greatly appreciated!

    Does anyone think it would be bad, that after I get the babies to bed (when I say babies I include my husband in this), if I sneak out for a midnight showing? Nah. He would wake up after smelling the Pattison excitement coming off of me.

    I could try to talk him into going after the closing on our new house. I have a feeling he would tell me that we were driving to the theater and drop me off at the nearest mental hospital. Then leave me for one of the nurses. sigh.

    • snowwhitedrifted

      He would wake up after smelling the Pattison excitement coming off of me


      That should be a perfume!

      • Stacey

        1 part desperation
        2 parts hot pocket essence
        a little bit of why the heck am I doing this
        and finally a drop of self loathing

        Trust me, my man can smell it a mile away

  • Athena

    I saw it last night at a special pre-screening… though I am still making use of my Midnight IMAX tickets! SQUEEEE!!!

    Yesterday there were only thirty of us in the theatre.. and the only thing that I can say is: I can not wait to ACTUALLY watch this movie tonight. I think I was too excited to pay attention yesterday… with imagining Edward saying “Farts” like in the EW interview, and Charlie making me crack up in every scene…

    Happy Eclipse Day to all!


  • Rob’s flaming dashboard

    Happy Eclipse day, finally!

    I got up super early and scrubbed the kitchen floor and got all my chores down. Now I am free to surf and chat with my girlfriends as I run on the treadmill and then nap in preparation for the big night. To quote the awesome Cathy HardCougar, “This thing is gonna be WILD!”

    Letters to Xavier: it all starts with our choice. Signs so far are good.

    I picked the Oprah TwiMoms for the love letter because there is just so much potential there!

  • superhumanmoron

    I’m basking in the post-Ecilpse afterglow this morning after seeing it last night. It does not disappoint! I am seeing it again tonight!!

    • Rob’s flaming dashboard

      @superhumanmoron I’m so so envious! Trying to decide whether to beg for details or order you to shut up and stop tormenting us! Squeeeeeee!

    • Stacey

      I will absolutely beg for details and bake you cookies for them. Okay maybe not bake cookies, because after eating those you’ll definitely not want to give me any leg hitch details. I can go BUY the cookies from a bakery. I would buy cookies for you, I am honestly that excited for this movie!

      • superhumanmoron

        Haha! No spoilers from me! Just know that LegHitch is hot. πŸ˜‰

        • LetsBeSimple

          Um, yeah. Like superhot. Like Woah. Like somebody’s-getting-lucky-tonight-hot.

        • Athena

          Though… it wasn’t at all like my own mind imagined it… maybe that’s just because I’m a freaking perv!! *adjusts halo*

        • Rob’s flaming dashboard

          Yay squeeee yay squeeee yay repeat until 11.59pm! (hope we can hold it together it until then)

          • Athena


  • Sue G.

    I made the choice to see it tomorrow….back to back shows with my sister and sister-in-law. Can’t get too much Edward! :o)

    I will make the choice to have my large popcorn at the 2nd showing. Don’t want to risk missing anything while watching the first show!

    And if there are any annoying teenagers screaming every time Edward or Jacob come on the screen, I MAY make the choice to face punch them! ;o)

    Happy Eclipse Day Ladies!

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  • Irrevocably

    Happy Eclipse Day! I actually took the whole week off, not just for this (mostly for this), but it was definitely a huge factor. Last time around, I saw New Moon at midnight, went to work from 6-10am and then saw it again at 11am. And I was BURNED. So, I was smart this time, and fortunately, the 4th of July holiday is coming, and makes me look more patriotic and less obsessed with a franchise aimed at women 10 years younger than me.

    So, my plan: Read the Leghitch, Bella v Jake Facepunch, and Tent scenes again (for the 124879574th time). Laundry (figure I’ll do something domestic since I’m home all day). Put on my new cafepress shirt and dust off my Cullen crest bracelet. Meet my girls (and unicorn) for dinner at 8. Knock over some teenagers for a better spot in line at 9:30. Open laptop and peruse saved Robporn and Tayporn (and possbily fanfic if the conversation gets boring). Educate the women around me about the hip sites to check for news and daily hilarity (LTT/LTR are usually the only places I go). Wait. Wait more. Run to pee at precisely 11:50. Freak the ef out, and turn into a 17 year old when the Summit logo hits the screen.

    Hope everyone has a blast tonight, or if you’re waiting that you don’t get too spoiled. You girls crack me up and truly make my day, each and every day! <3

  • sjaantje

    I was up at 7am this morning and started to finish the laundry and pick up my house. I feel like I am a kid and I have to have all of choirs done before I can go out and play. I am going to meet up with friends and we are watching the Twilight and New Moon movies at a friends house and then walking down to the movie theater for the midnight showing. Then I get to go again on Thursday and see it in IMAX with the DH. I told him that I had other fans that I was going to see it with and that he didn’t have to go with me this time. His answer was, “I’ve heard about this movie for the last 6 months now, I have to see the damn thing.” He is such a good sport.
    Hope everyone has a great time and I can’t wait to read all of the reactions at 3am. Because really, who is going to be tired enough to go to sleep.

    • sjaantje

      Yep, I have been on an “Eclipse” high since I got home at 2am. Finally starting to feel tired, but wanted to quickly come on and comment…THAT WAS TOTALLY WICKED!!! Loving David Slade right now and can’t wait to go and see it again.
      Hope everyone else had a great night tonight as well!

  • NotWutheringHeights

    We have another 24 hours before the midnight premiere Down Under but it’s close. Let’s do this!

    Our theatre is showing the treble feature, starting at 6:45pm for Twilight. Must pace out the popcorn and pepsi.

    It’s time, it’s time.

    Have fun all. πŸ™‚

  • Jerzeylisa

    Thinking of Twi Moms…I saw that website when they first started and I know they are getting loads of attention, but although I’m a mom and I obsess over all things Twilight I have chosen to not ever be a Twi Mom. The declaration is a little creepy in my opinion. But I would look forward to a love letter written to them, especially if you ladies write it!

    Today, I have already chosen to spend 6.5 hours in the movie theater. I bought tickets for me and some other kids to camouflage me for tonight. Twilight/New Moon and then at 12:01 ECPLISE! I have a potential screamer coming with me so I will choose to duct tape her little teenage mouth.

    I chose to re read ECPLISE, I have re read it so many times I have lost count. I read Bree Tanner. And to limit talking during the movie, I have lent my copy of Bree to the girls coming with me tonight, so I won’t have to get the duct tape out more than once.

    Ahhh, the leghitch! It seems so personal to talk about it. I do hope Slade did it justice because that scene could keep my love life revved up for weeks. Maybe he should get the love letter if he did the scene right!

    I still don’t know if I will choose to gain 20lbs during the time I will be at the theater tonight and eat popcorn for the duration of three movies ( not to mention the money I would spend) Or if I will make a wawa run with a big purse.

    With LTT/LTR flask, some redbull and my purse full of goodies(duct tape) I can’t wait for the triolgy tonight!

    PS Here’s some progress…because the trailers are so action packed, my hubby made me promise to go see ECLPSE a second time so he can go…ugh the things I must endure!!!(tee hee)

  • claire’s mommy

    You don’t even understand the jealousy right now of all the people who get to go to a midnight showing. But sadly, midnight showings and 2 children ages 2 and under, do not mesh. So, the hubs and I will be at the 7:10 showing tomorrow. I do wish I had a fan going with me though. He’ll ust make fun of me for the next year just like he did after seeing New Moon with me. Loser.

    • I hear your pain. I have four children, ages five and under. They sure do make some things difficult, don’t they? If they weren’t so darn cute and funny they’d hardly be worth it. πŸ™‚

      And yes, my husband will also make fun of me after he sees the movie, but he won’t see it until it comes out on DVD. I make a point of seeing the movies in the theater with LADIES ONLY. Oh, except for when I saw Twilight with a bunch of girls and one guy pal, who, luckily for the whole vibe of the event, is into dudes and was duly impressed by Rob’s hotness.

      • claire’s mommy

        Oh, the number of times I tell Brennan in a day that he’s lucky he’s so darn cute…

        He is a good kid though. He’s sitting here watching CMT music videos with me, and he just got up off the couch to get his juice and brought me my coffee too. Good kid.

        Oh, and must share! I downloaded the Eclipse soundtrack, and Claire absolutely ADORES “Neutron Star Collision”! Seriously, she can be crying and I turn that song on and she smiles, then resumes crying when it’s over!

        • That’s too funny. I just dropped my 3- and 5-year-old girls off for a playdate and I was playing the Eclipse soundtrack on the way. The 3-year-old kept getting annoyed if I turned the music down to talk to them. “Mom! I want to hear the music!”
          Girl’s got good taste.

          • Stacey

            My three year old daughter likes the soundtrack too! She really likes the Muse song the best. There might be a weird attraction between toddlers and that band.

            I keep trying to get her to the the Bombay Bicycle Club or The Black Keys more, but no such luck yet. At least that Muse song over and over is better than listening to Barney or the Wiggles constantly.

          • claire’s mommy

            Amen Stacy! We’re raising our girls right!

    • TeamJacobEdward

      I’m not going until tomorrow morning either for basically the same reason; I have a 3 and 5 year old at home and my best Twi friends who’s going with me has twins less than a year old (actually born the day New Moon opened, coming way early and making her have to wait to see it—she thinks her kids had a sense of humor from the get-go and came early on purpose to spite her).

      We both took tomorrow off work to see Eclipse. We’re going to drop our kidlets off at their respective daycares and head to the earliest day showing we were able to find.

      There is no way I’d ever get my husband to go with me and I don’t think I’d want that particular torment. Hopefully your husband its kind to you and keeps the teasing to a minimum.

      • snowwhitedrifted

        I’m doing the same thing as you. I am going to be 2nd hand embarassed, when I go pick my daughter up at preschool, with a post coital glow after seeing the leg hitch.

        • claire’s mommy

          Oh, I’m sure hubs will never forgive my 2nd hand embarassment over the leg hitch and the tent scene. It’s gonna be bad, I’m sure. (Me, not the scenes)

          • Stacey

            That’s why my husband may never see Eclipse. He will take great (hopefully) scenes like leghitch and the tent and make them yucky. Then ultimately ruin them for me. He did see Nikki Reed in the commercial and deem her “hot”. He’s definitely not going now.

    • dameironfury

      I’m going tomorrow night at 7:00 with my hubby, bestest pal, and my kids. My kids are a little bit older than yours, and my daughter is totally in love with the saga (at 6.) My son is not into this at all, but my hubby decided he wanted to go and decided we just needed to drag our son too. I gave my husband “the choice,” in the spirit of Eclipse, and I’m shocked he wanted to go. I’m now convinced that his mocking is just a cover. Why would he want to go if he hated it???

      I’m all ready… I have my brand new copy of the illustrated movie companion that I bought at lunch and I’m looking at it under my desk (ehem, I’m working) while listening to the soundtrack.

      Happy Eclipse day to all! And to all a happy LegHitch!

      • Rob’s flaming dashboard

        I got the Eclipse movie companion too – it just went on sale today! I am quivering with excitement to see the movie tonight after looking at all the gorgeous stills.

        • dameironfury

          Those pics were completely tasty. I’m not getting anything done at work today. All my energy is going into trying to appear “normal.”

          My friend and I have perfected looking “normal” in public. We always talk about things loudly when we are at Target looking at the whatever new item is out.
          “Is this that Twi-Moon thing the kids are all talking about?” “Yes, i think so. “Well, we should take a look so we know what our *teenagers* are talking about.”

        • Sj

          Thanks for the reminder RFD, but do I read it before or after watching Eclipse. Decisions, decisions.

      • claire’s mommy

        Ah!I want it! I can’t buy it until next week when I get paid!

  • SarahG

    Midnight tonight baby!!! My pals decided not to bail on my after all. We actually have 8 people in our group! I hope we can all sit together, especially since we aren’t going to the marathon beforehand. I hope our theater will figure out the seating cause I have a feeling I’m gonna get pissed at someone tonight! Happy Eclipse Day!!

  • lieutenant.twilight

    So Im popping my comment cherry, after almost a year of lurking, to share in the excitement!!! I do not get to see it until Thursday night because I promised my hubby Id wait to see it with him, and we wont be in the same state until then!

    I’ll still be seeing what you girls say tomorrow tho bc I kinda like spoilers! hehe

    Happy Eclipse Day!

    • Luludee

      Yay! Welcome!!

      • Ditto! And be warned…you will not be able to stop. I lurked for about a year before finally commenting about a month (or two?) ago. Talk about downward spiral.

        Pull up a chair, honey.

        • sonata


        • dameironfury

          I lurked for probably 6 months before I wrote a letter and sent in into UC. (I’m still geeking out a little that she posted it!) No, I’m totally cool about it, really.

          It’s so nice to find nice, normal people to talk to about Facepunching and hot abs.

          • lieutenant.twilight

            Yes it is nice to find “normal” girls like me! I love reading this site everyday, especially since I read it at work.. its a fun little break from my day, except I have to giggle quietly to myself for the most part or else my office would know I was up to something!

            Thanks for all the welcomes!

  • Stacey

    No midnight showing for me either with a 3 year old and and a almost 4 month old!

    That’s nice that he is going with you even if he is going to make fun of you! My husband will make fun of me without even seeing it!

    • Stacey

      This post was for Claire’s mommy. :0) I swear this computer is going to drive me crazy.

    • claire’s mommy

      That’s true, at least I’m not going alone! He still hasn’t let me live down the reaction to the end of New Moon πŸ™‚

      • Nelle

        Your “reaction to the end of New Moon.”. Share!

        • claire’s mommy

          Hahaha, I won’t disclose entirely, but it did involve the words “ARE YOU F^CKING KIDDING ME??!”

  • StotheP

    I’m watching TWILIGHT (and New Moon) tonight before Eclipse! I’ve never seen the first movie in a theater.

    Will the blueness overwhelm me and all the actors will look like Smurfs? Will the mushroom ravioli waitress’s hair look even MORE ridiculous when it’s ten-feet-tall? Will I nap through most of New Moon?

    • Lovintherain

      I just re-watched New Moon last night. You know, in case I forgot what happened. Wouldn’t want to be confused during Eclipse. Totally increased my excitement for tonight!!! Can’t wait!!!

  • ICanHandleIt

    HAPPY HAPPY ECLIPSE DAY!! I couldn’t even sleep last night! Must take a nap. And then go to Burger King.

    • Other than the Members Only jacket brigade, it was good. So. Much. Fun! Now, let’s go to BK tomorrow and get some Edward wrapping!

  • I’m SOOO jealous. I have to wait until Thursday. Boo. Hiss.

    It’s all in the name of being a good momma though. Can’t postpone her birthday party for a movie… even though she wanted me too.

    • Wow! What an excellent kid! (She must get it from her excellent mom…selflessness all around.)

      • She wants to see it too! I thought about not letting her with all the newborn ravaging and such, but I think she would hate me forever. Can’t have that. πŸ˜‰

    • StotheP

      I concur. Best Non-Twi-Mom who still loves Twi . . Mom . . ever.

      • Oh, I’m a Twimom, trust.

        I’m just not cool enough for Oprah, hate strawberries, never been to a 100 monkeys show, despise shoulder pads and am young enough to be some of the more “mature” Twimoms daughter. πŸ˜‰

        • Stacey

          Happy Birthday to your little girl! Have fun at the party!

  • eatmyjorts

    I’ll see you all after the 9th of July, when my insignificant little island gets the movie….Sadface. Staying away is going to be hard LTT (twss). I may have to resort jumping in your window & watching you sleep…Have fun at the movies everyone!

    Jorts out.

    • Aww… I’ll miss you!

    • DJTanner&theFullHouse

      I will think of you and try to send images of jorts (and accompanying bodies) telepathically your way! Perhaps our bond is so strong that it will work, if we are thinking the same thing at exactly the same time!

      If you hear reports of a girls spontaneously combusting in a Northern California movie theater during the tent scene, you will know it was me, and I really wish we could have met. I will bequeath you my Team Jacob pin and my Jorts Pack mug I just bought at the LTT store. And my Teen Beat Taylor Lautner magazine, with centerfold.

      • eatmyjorts

        Now you’ve put that in writing I’m sure I can make that legally stick. Thanks DeeJ.

        • Sj

          Happy to teleconferencce witness, but only if I get a look at the poster. Teen Beat, oh to live in the USA.

      • Sj

        Teen Beat, oh to live in the USA. Jealous.

  • whyamidoingthis

    Am not going for a couple of weeks. I can’t endure swarms of screeching fangirls at midnight showings. I wanna be able to hear all the ridiculous dialogue, stuttering, and awkward pauses.

    Had originally planned to go by myself, in disguise, like I did for New Poon (never saw Twi in theater), but I am so very tempted to reach out….a little….

    Am going home to Hawaii in a couple of weeks to visit family. Am seriously considering asking my sister, nonchalantly if she’d like to see it with me. You, know, just out of curiosity, to see what all this fuss over vampires and werewolves is about….

    I don’t know. We’ll see how brave I am about creaking open my presently air-tight closet.

  • Obava

    I’m soooo excited for today that I only got 4 hours of sleep last night (even after taking sleeping pills).

    Today I get to go on a road trip to meet MountainLion! (Hi ML! *waves*)

    Midnight I get to watch Eclipse!

    Tomorrow I get to watch Eclipse *again* with a Newbie!

    HAPPY ECLIPSE DAY EVERYONE (in the US and Aus πŸ™‚ )


    xo obava

  • operarose

    Happy Eclipse day! (Can’t believe we’re already saying that!)

    Glad to see I’m not the only LTTer not going at midnight. I strongly considered it, but my sister in law couldn’t go at midnight because of work and she made me promise me to not see it before I see it with her on Wednesday night @ the IMAX. So I am going to try to be patient for about 20 hours and see it for the first time with her. What can I say, she’s a good SIL (and would know if I was lying. And that would be embarrassing to admit I went alone at midnight.) On the bright side, we’re planning on having a few drinks beforehand, so truly we have the whole experience for tomorrow night well planned out and I am not sure I could duplicate it satisfactorily on my own late at night tonight.

    • operarose

      Unbelievable… my mom (not a Twimom, just to be clear) just won tickets to see a special charity screening of Eclipse tonight at 8pm! It’s proceeded by dinner and activities and elaborate sets. And to think, she refused to read the books until I practically forced her to! And is now “Normal.” I told her she has to go in costume.

      Since she’s 1,000 miles away I’d need to board a plane right now to go with her.

      I have, however, thus decided to change my plan. I’m not letting my mom see Eclipse a full 24 hours than I will be, so I shall be seeing it tonight at midnight. Alone. That’s Normal, too, right?!

      • Rob’s flaming dashboard

        #Normal going alone tonight
        #EvenMoreNormal jumping on that plane!

      • Stacey

        You should go, have fun, write a full report for those of us who can’t go and be reassured that you are COMPLETELY normal. :0)

  • JustGoWithIt

    I haven’t bought tickets, since I still don’t quite know who I am going with and which day. I am getting really paranoid that I’ll go to buy tickets and they’ll all the sold out for the showings I am able to get to in the next few days. What if that happened?!

  • Vera

    Looking forward to read spoilers from you all.

    I think tastes better understand the reaction of all obsessed. Your criticisms are also welcomed.

    But please, give me details from the kissing scene, leghitching and final scene

  • snowwhitedrifted

    Happy Eclipse Day! Have fun #leghitch2010!

    As for that letter to the twi-moms, please do it. I suggest we do an LTT “women who have children” vs. the twi-moms (we do not wear Taycob’s face across our chest, we wear Robward’s silhouette on our ass… where it belongs).

    We need to school those bitches in snark.

    • lilmisscan’tbewrong

      I’m pretty sure they don’t know the meaning of the word snark, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s not Normal!

    • Stacey

      They really don’t realize the snark do they?

      I think there needs to be a special support group. Thanks to that very “special” group of ladies on Oprah, I can’t even utter a word about Twilight without someone asking me about chocolate covered berries, red carpets and if I have an inflatable Edward. I am sure they exist and it reminds me of the 30 Rock episode with James Franco and the woman pillow. Which is weird and creepy. Just like the idea of an inflatable Edward.

    • claire’s mommy

      TwiMILFs vs. TwiMoms FTW!!!!!

  • Elliebelle

    I am still laughing about double fisting the Diet Coke. I have been wrestling with the “What to drink/ eat during the Twi movie marathon tonight?” question and others all week. Should I sit on the aisle (for refills and quick trips to loo)? Will the BK lounge still be open after the movie tonight? Do I want use all my points on Twizzlers, & dark chocolate Raisinets? Or should I remain pure and fast during the experience?
    I’m going alone this time, only about an hour early with my collection of Rob articles. I went with flamboyant superfans to NM last time three hours early and it was weird because I wasn’t expecting their ultra public display. They had decked themselves out in the best second hand embarrassed way head to toe: handpainted, embroidered, baddazzled, & beribboned. Plus they were the screamers. Maybe I’ll go with them tomorrow if I like the film. They’ll be back in normal clothes, maybe.
    I think the opening is going to be higher than the numbers you predict. I think 189 is closer.

    • Oh dear. Yep, I’m pretty sure I’d be avoiding the Bedazzled Ones too.

      BTW, your movie snack list is mine exactly – Twizzlers and Raisinets. GOOD STUFF. (And yes, points…trying to decide whether to just ignore WW that day and enjoy myself…only 5 pounds away from goal…should this make me more or less strict??)

  • lapushbaby


    So excited. The only choice I’ve made so far is to have Thai food beforehand. BFF and I are going to midnight show, but she hated New Moon, so I hold no high hopes for what she thinks of this one.


  • TheRedHead

    I join the others suffering who can’t see the movie tonight…my sis is driving down from NYC to see it with me this weekend so I’m not the creepy old lady alone in the theater. As for my choices – I choose to put the Eclipse soundtrack on repeat this week so I can sing along in the movie and reread Eclipse (probably a mistake) and watch my Twilight and New Moon dvds in preparation. I also choose a giant muffin and fish fry over the standard issue tub-o-popcorn!

    Happy Eclipse day and catch you on the BD side:o)

    • Elliebelle

      Muffin, Fish fry, pop tarts, fish fry, when’s the cookbook coming out?

  • DJTanner&theFullHouse

    BACK BOW 2010, people! I have to wait until tomorrow morning to catch all the jortsy/tentsy goodness! As is tradition, I see the movie on opening day with my dear friend who started this whole ball rolling by giving me Twilight (book) on my birthday a couple years ago.

    I Quil Clout Lay this week!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lilmisscan’tbewrong

    Oh, I can’t be trusted to make any kind of decisions today. I’m to excited and a little nervous (what’s that about?) and my stomach is in knots! Thank God our theater has reserved seating, or I would get there and be paralyzed with indecision!

  • teamjacobsfatherinlaw

    my choice is made- seeing the movie at midnight, praying to the twi-gods that I am not seated next to a teenage mom who brings her baby in a carseat (as with NM), and getting the large popcorn (we’re talking Olympic size…)

  • igoogleit

    I’m so jealous!! I still have to wait until july 16th to see this epicness #hatethiscountry. but I’m looking forward the most for UC & Moon’s reviews. Enjoy the movie!!!

  • natashadushi

    I am very exited to watch Eclipse. I don’t think they have the Eclipse popcorncup here in Holland (BIG FAIL)
    And btw I L O L ” After you’ve finished the popcorn this can be used to relieve your bladder”

  • Nelle
  • OK the #1 choice is: do I go for the 4th margarita I’ll really want tonight at dinner even though it’ll make me have to pee at an inopportune time and also make me sleepy or do I hold at 3?

    A: I’m going to go with 4!

    Choice #2 is: do I just ignore the pointed elbow jabs & smirks from my Robsten-babbling friend whenever Stewie is on screen or do I elbow HER everytime Stewie bites her lip, stutters and blinks?

    A: my Robsten shipper friend is going to have a shitload of bruises tomorrow:-)

    Choice #3: stay on diet or say eff it & buy the giant Heath bar I’ll want once the 4th margarita wears off?

    A: ????

  • Rachell

    I saw Eclipse at a special showing last night, and it was border line awful. Really. No joke, ladies. It was all fighting and not enough making out. I was hard core dissapointed and officially hate David Slade.

  • TeamJorts

    They make tiny juice box size wines here and they sell them in six packs, tiny bendy straws included, I’ll be stashing some of those in my purse. I can’t wait.

    I pray to whomever is out there that I don’t get trampled by Twi-Mom’s. For New Moon we were literally pushed and shoved into the wall by said crazy ladies. I had to forcefully shove one and tell her to compose herself in front of the plethora of kids. It’s madness.

    Depsite all that I’m still SQUEEEEEEE-ing hardcore!

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